Work At Home Edu Is A Scam – Read This Review To See Why

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work at home edu bannerMy Work At Home Edu Review

Product name: Work At Home Edu

Link: (.org + .net also work)

Owner: Michelle Robinson

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: $97

Overall Rank: 1/10



This Review will go straight to the point. Work At Home Edu is a scam! The creator of this website not only hides behind a false persona, he or she also created this type of ‘work at home’ business several times before.

Once the scam is exposed from every angle, it seems that they like to retreat and repeat their process with a different name, selling the same scam.

If you really want to learn how to make money from home and skip this review, I encourage you to read my #1 rated product here.

As I just mentioned, there are plenty of other previous companies from the same person that sell the exact same thing. To give you an example, have a look at ‘Online Home Careers University’. ohcu-banner

Doesn’t that look familiar? They didn’t even bother to change their logo and pitch when they switched over to name themselves Work At Home Edu.

I could name a few more if you think that this is just a coincidence. Try looking for WAH Revenue or WAH Ecademy and Institute is another one.

Technically this review goes for all their products as they are essentially the exact same. So hopefully you land on this review if you’ve considered signing up to Online Home Careers University.

Who Is Work At Home EDU For?

Basically this product targets those people that have no idea about making money online. They make it seem very simple and quickly to learn. But in essence they are selling a training that helps beginners to get familiar with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing in itself is a very profitable and functioning method to make money online. I have written several reports on how people make very good salaries through their affiliate websites.

I myself started making small sums already having just started out in this business.

What they fail to mention is that it takes a lot of time and effort to actually succeed. If you want to make money online, there is no easy way. You have to commit yourself to it and work a lot to make it sustainable.quick payment

The main give away of the site itself is the payment method. If you ever come across something telling you that there are only a few positions or limited places left, you can be pretty sure that this is a scam.

Think about it this way, if they have a product to sell (i.e. a course) how can it be limited? Why would there be a shortage to share knowledge?

This is a very popular and common sales method, where they are just pressuring you to make drastic decisions and pay for the product and think about the consequences later.

Trainings And Tools?

The way this Work At Home Emu scam is teaching you their methods, is by video lessons. They have “over 100 HD videos” to teach their course.

This number might sound like a lot to you, but signing up to many courses (including Wealthy Affiliate) have over thousands of video lessons, with weekly webinars added to the library.

Affiliate marketing is a ever evolving business and having a set amount of videos can only teach you so much, until those videos are outdated!

The course is broken down in 5 main steps:

  1. Learning the basics
  2. Researching profitable markets (finding your niche I guess)
  3. Online marketing campaign planning (which is a fancy way of saying searching for keywords and how to use them properly)
  4. More “advanced techniques” such as website creation (almost makes me laugh since this is pretty much standard procedure to succeed in affiliate marketing)
  5. Traffic generation through SEO, social media and more.

And of course they promise to have a lot more to offer after these initial steps.

From an outside point of view and especially for someone who has no real insider knowledge in this business, this sounds pretty great. To be honest it would be great if it were quality stuff.

But when you do sign up to this product, you will quickly realize that all they claim for you to succeed is to copy and paste an affiliate link onto certain places and the rest will happen on it’s own.

There is no way that you will succeed this way.emu software

In order to make the real money, then of course you need to get lured into their other services. To host and create the websites they teach you to create, you need to upgrade your initial purchase, which is a lot more expensive.

They provide 1-on-1 coaching and insights to “additional methods”.

These extras have a price range from $500 to several thousands. I can assure you that creating and hosting a website does not cost you anywhere near that much money.

I have even created a post about how to create a website for free which you can do within 30 seconds right now! So please don’t go and pay anything near that money for stupid promises.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Money back guarantee within 2 months (very hard to get though)


  • Teaches you the wrong idea about affiliate marketing
  • Promises you to make money within days of the program
  • Clearly a scam as it’s changing names over and over again
  • Quite expensive

Final Verdict

I think you already know what my final verdict is, since I mentioned it at the very top. This as well as all the other fluff companies promoting the same nonsense over and over again, is just not worth anyone’s money.

Please don’t be fooled by these ‘easy work at home jobs’ that promise you to make millions in no time.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick scheme with no effort whatsoever. There aren’t any secrets that make people rich that you can buy and repeat over night.

Yes affiliate marketing is no secret and it’s been around for years. It is also a very secure and honest way to make money. But Work At Home Edu simply wants you to learn how to copy and paste affiliate links, and that is not the way you will earn cash.

Most likely you will get banned for spamming from these sites and you will make nothing or a few dollars at best with that strategy.

If you are truly interested in creating an online business, firstly you should see what availabilities there are. Avoid Scams

Find out what attracts you the most and read up on how you can get involved. There are plenty of good programs out there and they will not cost you that much with hidden upsells.

I hope you enjoyed this review and realized you too should stay away from this scam.

If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts, feel free to leave comments behind.

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