10 Reasons Why Setting Goals Is Important

10 reasons why setting goals is important title

10 reasons why setting goals is important title

How I Set My Goals Every Month

If you aren’t new to my blog, you are most likely familiar with my monthly income report page and the way I structure these monthly posts.

I usually go into very much detail about traffic sources and overall techniques I’ve used to scale them up and show how much I managed to earn.

By the end of the article I usually write down my goals for the coming month.

These goals are only targeted for this blog and my online business. After all I want to achieve passive income and forget about the 9-5 days once and for all.

Besides my monthly goals towards this business, I also set goals in my personal life. I try to have daily, weekly and monthly ones.

Throughout this article, you will understand why setting goals is important and hopefully start setting some for yourself.

Below you will find:

  • A list of 10 points and very good reasons, what a set of goals can do for you and your business.
  • How it will impact every day life
  • How to set your goals

So without further ado, let’s jump right into the list. Feel free to share this list with your friends and family!

The List

#1 You Will Have More Focus – 

When you dive into a project or want to launch something, it will be very hard for you to know what exactly to do.

When I started my blog, I knew more or less what I wanted to do with it, but I wasn’t entirely sure how I would accomplish it.

The ultimate goal was to track my progress, show my techniques and report my struggles as well as successes for you to copy.

But not knowing what exactly I had to do each day, week or month made it quite hard for me in the beginning.

I just started off by blogging about interesting things I’ve learned and read throughout the years.

When I set my first goal (which was to write a post a day) I slowly got into the right track.

Now that I set monthly goals I know what to do. I know when to research what, how to plan it out and when to publish or finish something.

I also have my daily objectives I want to complete which further helps me.

#2 Your Progress Is Documented – 

Because of setting goals, you will automatically have some sort of checklist. This checklist will be very valuable for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you can see where you’ve been performing well, meaning you’ll know where your strongpoint is and what you’re good at.

Secondly, it will guide as a very valuable reference to look back at. Not only will you identify what struggles there were, you will also know how to avoid them.

For instance when looking back on my previous months, I realized that my social presence was rather weak.

Therefore I decided to be a lot more active on my social media accounts and can track how this will be performing at the end of the month.

Without my documented progress I would probably have overlooked that problem, which is actually a major flaw in my business.

#3 Your Goals Keep You Away From Distractions –

When it comes to distractions, I am the king.

When I was in school, a leaf falling from a tree would have distracted me for a good hour.

I haven’t changed much since. One vibration off my smartphone and I’ll spend the next 20 minutes on Facebook.

It’s thanks to the goals that I set, that I quickly catch myself drifting off and tell myself to get back to work and get done with it.

If I aim to be at the gym by a certain time and finish my next post by lunch, I know when to stop fooling around on my phone and continue working!

With no real timeline I just let the day drift along until it becomes to late to get any quality work done.

This is especially hard when working from home with no supervision!…why a set of goals is important

#4 You Will Be More Motivated –

…simultaneously you will have a lot more motivation to get on with your work.

Not only do I lock out distractions to get back to achieving my goals, I also have this new found motivation to get it done.

I know that if I achieve my goals, everything I do after is just a bonus and technically I could just sit back and relax for the rest of the day.

Usually you should try to accomplish at least 70% of your checklist, by achieving just one goal it gives you enough motivation to get more than half done anyway!

A good tip is to add certain smaller tasks in your daily routine such as emptying the dishwasher or putting on a wash.

By completing these quick tasks, you can tick of certain points off your checklist and feel more productive!

#5 You Have An End Vision –

Similar to having the first point, not having and end in sight can get you working harder than you should and a lot more aimless than you should.

When you know what the end goal is, you know how much harder you have to work to achieve it.

If you are working to generate $1,000 in a month, you know when you’ve reached it. But if you just want to make money, how much is enough?

You have a higher chance to give up when you don’t reach what you feel is satisfactory and you are more likely to get a burnout from overworking.

#6 You Become Accountable –

You don’t talk the talk anymore you walk the walk.

By having a goal you are bound to a commitment you made to yourself. This commitment makes you feel obliged to achieve that goal.

Additionally you can now not blame anyone else but yourself if you fail to do so. You have your goals and priorities so it’s up to you to make it happen.

#7 Through Goals You’ll Be Achieving Your Potential –

If you set yourself a target and you manage to reach it, you know you can scale up from there.

If you don’t reach it you know how much further you have to work for it, unless it is unrealistic.

By setting yourself a goal you want to reach at the end of the day or month, you will see what you are capable of.

I usually set goals to reach a number of people, in terms of traffic, on my blog. When I fail to reach it I’m usually not too far off and I know I can reach it next month.

If I do manage to hit the target, I can scale up for the next month etc.

This is how you find out your perfect working pace and true potential to reach the most efficiency of yourself.why setting goals is important scale up

#8 Your Approach Will Be Better Through Planning –

Now that you know what you want to achieve, you will start planning more.

You can’t tackle all your goals at the same time. You have to prioritize and structure your work.

You will learn the importance of time and how quick things can go when you’re keeping yourself busy in a smart manner.

Instead of wasting time on your phone, surfing on the internet or just procrastinating, you’re going to start accomplishing your girls first.

#9 Because Of Planning, You Learn To Become More Organized –

You can’t plan things without organizing them first.

Organization is probably one of the most important skills you could have in order to achieve anything!

Through prioritization you will take care of your tasks logically. Those that will take more effort or more time, will be taken care of when most time is available.

The small tasks can be left either for the end or during moments when you’re less busy.

A clear desk and filed documents makes things clearer and more accessible. This also helps productivity and are related to being organized!

#10 You Become Happier! –

Have you ever realized how good it feels to win in a race or any sport really?

After a long session at the gym, you will like you’ve done something really productive and good for your body.

This same euphoric feeling comes when you’ve completed the goals you wanted to achieve.

Knowing you’ve given the best effort you could and therefore making your dreams happen is priceless.

That’s why setting goals is important and you should really start writing them down somewhere.

When you look back at your list and see that something which seemed slightly unattainable at first is now completed.

Being productive always feels great and having something done you really wanted to achieve feels even better.

After completing your list you will know what you’re capable of in the future and you will start taking on bigger tasks and challenges as well.

How To Set Goals

Now that you know the true potential of setting a list of goals, it’s time to start writing some down.

The best way I was taught to set some goals is the following. You want to set yourself at least 5 for 3 different time periods:

  1. Short Term
  2. Medium Term
  3. Long Term

This could be daily, monthly and yearly or which ever timeframe you choose.

Additionally you want to write these down somewhere physical and ideally hang it up somewhere so you can look at it daily.

The more you’re exposed to it, the more likely you are to get it done because you are reminding yourself what you want to achieve through this effort.

It’s easy to lose track of a goal if you haven’t written it down.

Another thing I really like about the timeframe is that it’s almost like a staircase. Once you achieve your short term goals, the medium ones should be half as hard.Why setting goals is important list

This makes the long term ones a bit more attainable and less impossible. As mentioned previously, you can start by setting yourself really simple tasks.

One of my Medium term goals that I wrote down was to go get my teeth checked at the dentist because I have been forgetting (and slightly neglecting) it for a while.

I wrote that down 6 months ago and when I finally managed to get around it it was done quicker than I imagined and my teeth were in perfect condition.

That was a rather easy task but the other one was to get a lot healthier and more in shape (because I had put on a few extra pounds and lost a lot of muscle).

I’m not exactly where I wanted to be with my body but I did get a lot stronger and lost a lot of body fat like I hoped I would.

This was a harder task but I managed to get it done.

My long term goal is to be financially independent but this still seems a milestone away.

It’s my monthly achievements that make it seem realistic though. Every month I achieve more than I could have imagined at the beginning of my journey.

There’s never a better time to start setting goals and working towards them than yesterday so you should do to!

Start small and scale up from there. That’s probably the best advice I can give.

I hope you enjoyed this post and started writing down a list of short, medium and long term goals you can now start working towards.

As mentioned in the introduction, feel free to share this with anyone you like if you did enjoy reading it!




  1. Hello Essi,
    This is yet another wonderful post and i enjoyed every bit of it.

    In business and in even in our personal lives, goal setting is indeed a very big necessity and should never be taken for granted for any reason whatsoever.

    It is through good goal setting that you will be able to get anything done. You will a have definite aim and a road mad on how to achieve it.

    In fact, the benefits cannot be over estimated at all and all the ones you mentioned here are indeed part of it.

    • Hey Theodore,

      I’m very happy you enjoyed this so much 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more with you when you say that benefits can’t be over estimated.

      I might have added 10 reasons but there are plenty more!

      Thanks for your comment,

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