What You Need To Know From The Start – Things I Wish I Was Told From Day 1

What you need to know from the start title

What you need to know from the start title

Getting Started

Whenever you start something new, something you haven’t had experience with before, there is a certain fear that holds us back a little.

However, if we know what can happen if we pull it all the way through, we sense experience a sense of joy which adds motivation to get going.

With the right form of training or education, this fear can almost be completely eliminated.

The more I advance in my journey to passive income and wealth, the more I learn.

I often wish someone could have told me these things beforehand so that I could have avoided wasting precious time and effort.

Luckily you stumbled across this blog so that you can actually avoid my mistakes and hopefully repeat what I did in half the time!

Here’s what you can learn from this article:

  • How to learn to make money online faster than I did
  • What to expect when you enter the internet marketing world
  • How to be successful with your business
  • The rewards you get from working online

Basically you will learn a bunch of things I wish I knew from day one, which would probably have helped me to make money within my first month.

If you have a look at my income report you can see how it’s steadily growing but you can also see that it takes a while to make something significant.

What you need to know from the start will all be described here, to help you speed up your own progress.

Initially you could pretty much be making money within your first month after reading this!

Listen To What They Have To Say

First of all it is very important to get your sources sorted. There’s this issue most of us newbies have called the “shiny-object-syndrome”.

We stumble across one source to generate our online income and it promises the world in a short period of time.

After a few tries, you start to get frustrated and stumble across the next amazing product telling you that you’ve been doing everything wrong until now.

So you start chasing that products dream etc.

Trust me when I tell you, that you should just explore your options, research each option and choose one!

Stick to that one no matter how hard and tough the journey will be. There will be moments of laughter and moments of anger. Blood, sweat and tears may occur.

The only important factor is that you stick to your commitment! Only the few that do get to see results!

Here’s another tip I only discovered in my third month or so: Follow people that already succeeded.

Sounds obvious but sometimes the stubborn brain takes over and thinks we can do it better.

I follow about 10-15 blogs daily and read their new posts. I learn from each of them and apply it to my own.

You should be doing the same! Why wouldn’t you repeat a proven formula?

What you need to know from the start
Listen to already successful entrepreneurs!

Having said that, you should also never stop learning. I’ve said it multiple times, but especially in the online world, there is no room for ignorance.

The web expands incredibly every second and new softwares, updates and methods are invented every day.

You don’t want to jump in after a trend has passed. You want to join the wave and ride along!

So far it sounds like making money online is a pretty tough battlefield from what I’ve written, but trust me it isn’t all that bad.

After all you’re reading this, which is already going to ease and shorten your journey by miles.

Another important lesson I learned is that you should always be quite critical with your work but more importantly you should celebrate small achievements.

Just the other day I cracked open a bottle of wine because I reached 1000 followers on my Instagram and Twitter accounts (here’s how I did it).

Recognition from other people, comments, new sign ups etc. all these are great reasons to celebrate.

One of the most important lessons I could teach here is to really understand the basics.

Things such as:

All these have to be your bread and butter before becoming an expert.

When I started off I thought keywords and SEO were half as important as everyone makes it seem.

Needless to say I was terribly wrong.

Only after you can expand and become a pro of WordPress and other technical things.

Yes the look and style of your blog is important but your content is more important. You want people to land on your page through SEO and keywords.

Your style and look of your website can always be changed in hindsight.

Take Your Time:

Success doesn’t happen over night. Most of us know that but a lot of us expect it to happen in a few weeks or even months.

There are always exceptions and yes you too can probably succeed within a month if you follow my guidance and avoid my mistakes, but on average it takes a lot of time.

Some people blog consistently and do everything right and only get to see their first dollar after half a year or longer.

I am very confident that a lot of these people would have reached this a lot earlier by adding simple things such as setting goals for example.

Others might not have worked as hard as they could.

Even on days where I am completely powered out or braindead (or hungover) I do a minimal of 30 minutes work.

By doing a little something every day, you will have conquered one more step closer to your dream.

Therefore it is important to be consistent and keeping at it (again stay away from the shiny object).

Another really hard lesson I learned, is knowing what you’re good at. Only the other day I read a few posts by Elna Cain and she opened my eyes!

She literally has more clients than she can take on. Her service is mainly writing for other people, meaning she’s a freelancer.

She found out that she’s good at writing and could probably make money with it since there are millions of other freelance writers out there.

Only then did I realize I could probably offer my writing services for other people as well. I am now considering to offer that service on my website.

Of course she wasn’t just overthrown with clients from day one.

She put a lot of work in creating a blog, writing for other blogs as guest posts and established a name before she did.

So if you’re confident enough to provide people with something you’re good at, by all means do it.What you need to know from the start work every day

I could never offer advice on how to take care of a cat for instance but I could help you set up your blog and guide you into becoming an affiliate marketer.

Another lesson I learned after my first month, was not to be afraid of what is ahead and to just get started.

Embrace what’s coming and be aware that it won’t be easy at the start. Being afraid will only help you avoid doing actual work.

You will be paralized the second you think of writing your next blog post and never sit down to actually do it.

What No One Told Me

When I first saw blogs pop up on the internet and people posting images of their lifestyle and clothes etc. I always knew there must be money in this.

I always imagined people making a bit of extra change on the side or getting free clothes which is a pretty cool idea.

However I was never told that there are bloggers called super affiliates that make hundreds of thousands on a monthly basis.

Even more bloggers make 5-figure salaries!

If I would have known this 3 years ago, I don’t think I would have ever tried finding a job. I would have started this blog right then and there.

And yes no one told me that the term “laptop lifestyle” exists which basically means you are free from all constraints.

You can work from wherever, travel the world and have minor obligations. All you really need in life is a laptop to do some occasional work on.

Basically it means being free, being your own boss and working on your own terms and conditions.

Why would I not want that? More importantly why did no one tell me this earlier on!

What’s even better is that everything can be automated so that you can focus more on living your life as I’ve explained here.

One of my most valuable advice that I could give, is to really connect with other bloggers.

I repeat this so often because it is crazy how much you can learn from them. And when I say that you should connect I don’t mean go ask them what to do.

I mean that you should read their blogs, contact them, talk to them, comment on their blogs, subscribe to their email lists.

Show that you’re interested and ask questions when you’re interested, confused or generally need advice on a specific topic.

If you don’t do these things you’re missing out on huge potential.

By commenting on other blogs not only do you help them out, but you also help yourself. Every comment I write I usually get an answer and a small advice.

Learn from their posts and implement the things. I know it’s a lot of work but if you want to be successful you have to do these things.

Final Words:

Becoming a super affiliate, successful internet marketer or blogger is more achievable than most can imagine.

Yet it all depends on your efforts. There’s a long route and a short route. I find myself in between both because I am learning from a reliable source but I’m also learning from different bloggers on the side.

But if you think about how some people need a year to see their first dollar, I think I’ve got a good head start already!

Learn from my mistakes and you will be there much quicker I guarantee that!

If you have any advice or other things you would like to share that you wish you would have known earlier, feel free to comment below.

If you have any concerns or thoughts that are holding you back from getting started let me know either below or write me directly.

I’m always happy to help you out.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading,




  1. Thanks for featuring me in your post!

    You’re right, I wasn’t flooded with clients right off the bat. I had to work for it and build up my presence online before clients really sought me out!


    • I’ve learned a lot from you in a short time so it was necessary to mention you sooner or later 🙂

      Your hard work clearly paid off! Very inspiring story you got and any freelancers dream!

      Thanks for commenting Elna,


  2. Just starting on the net myself, and find your blog very helpful in guiding me through the various steps. I was clueless until I read your posts. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Florence,

      It’s nice to hear such words as I love helping people and knowing that my work helped you out is giving me the fuel I need to keep pushing!
      The beginning is always hard but soon enough blogging will become second nature. Trust me on that one 😉


  3. Hi like your site. Also a member of WA. Have been for about 6 months (when I came back after looking at it a couple of years ago.). I’m going to follow your site You have great information and advice.Deanna, much success.

    • Hey Deanna,

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad to see a fellow WA memeber 🙂
      I am about to reach my 6th month as well if I remember correctly. How are things going on your end?
      I won’t be posting a new blog post today due to too much work. Hopefully I can get one out tomorrow!
      Thanks again for stopping by and let me know if I can help with anything specific!

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