What Makes Someone An Entrepreneur By Nature?

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The Drive To Entrepreneurialism

I’ve often written about how starting this new business of mine seems like the only option for me.

Working in a corporate environment, has made me realize that there is more to life than sitting in an office for 40 years, to perform repetitive tasks I don’t enjoy doing.bentley and owner

In the past, I’ve frequently enjoyed watching documentaries of the super rich and how they managed to get their empires started.

Many have proven to have similar habits.

I couldn’t help but feel like I would be having a lot of these habits in myself.

I’ve come across a great article that summarized similar habits of entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily mean you will succeed.

It does however create more routes and chances to success because of that drive that follows with those habits.

Below I will list a few of these habits, that I found the most relevant to myself and to successful entrepreneurs in general.

Find out if you’ve been having these qualities of what makes an entrepreneur hiding within your daily habits.

If you can’t relate to any of these, don’t get upset because I believe that with a bit of interest and motivation, anything can be taught.


Most of the points pretty much summarize someone that finds it hard to sit still and be quiet.

If you were that type of child in school that constantly got bored and therefore did something to interrupt the class, then you might fall into that category.

A born entrepreneur can’t sit still for simple reasons:

  • He wants to be proactive
  • He feels useless wasting time when he could be doing something to make money or generally something productive
  • His mind is filled with ideas that he wants to create and see in action

When I reached my university years, I kept trying to create small businesses with a friend.

There wasn’t and still isn’t one day where we don’t discuss future projects together.

The only issue was, that we never actually made it happen.

I think it only hit us when we got our first jobs and both of us got let go for different reasons.

He now owns his own company with 6 employees and I’m running my home business.small business

What I’m trying to say with this is, that we always knew we would end up being self employed one way or another.

We always got into trouble in class for discussing opportunities.

And if we wouldn’t complain in the library, how we’re wasting our time with worthless information, we would be sitting in my room writing down creative plots to build our first business.

I think it’s that restlessness and urge to succeed which most entrepreneurs share in common.

The other chunk of similarities which can be found in entrepreneurs is that they love progress and success.

This doesn’t have to be within themselves either.

They get inspired by seeing other people reach new highs!

Even though I hated my last job, I was fascinated by the incredible sums of money that were going in and out of this company.

I loved seeing the millions and I hated the fact that they weren’t mine.

Regardless, I still wanted to improve the tasks I had to complete to be more efficient.

Business owners frequently love to share ideas for new businesses and how to improve them.

Whenever they do, they see the big picture, but they also point out the flaws and difficulties instantly!

This is not meant to demotivate one another from their ideas, it’s to help them perfect it before even starting them.

Authority Problems

One documentary tried to identify all common traits by young millionaires, through several activities.

They grouped up something around 5 ordinary people and 5 millionaires all of which were relatively young.

It turned out that whenever they were told what to do, most of them didn’t like that idea.

This kind of relates to getting a bad reputation in school.

It turns out that authority is not one of the preferred qualities in entrepreneurs either.

Entrepreneurs like being in charge and like having the control of their actions.

I used to play football (soccer) from the age of 7 up until I was 14.

I loved the sport and still do. What I couldn’t stand was my coach screaming at me and telling me where to go and what to do.

The same things annoyed me at school and at work.coach yelling at kids

I guess it’s part of entrepreneurs’ nature to break the rules.

If you tell them they have to work hard and complete their 40 hours a week in order to live comfortably they want to prove society wrong and live more than comfortably by creating their own business and choosing their own hours!


Curiosity is another major entrepreneurial trait.

Entrepreneurs are big dreamers. They constantly wonder what if and how things work.

Take Steve Jobs and the iPhone for instance.

Who would have ever dreamt of a product like this a few years ago?

It would seem impossible and almost a bit crazy to think of something like that.

Now it’s one of the most popular gadgets held by almost every second person on the street.

It’s a form of competitiveness and wanting to succeed, no matter what cost it takes.

No champion made it without being knocked to the ground before.

It takes:

  • A dream and a vision to chase
  • A routine and disciplin to perform
  • Analysis of the core in that business and how it runs
  • Resiliency and fearlessness to get back up and keep fighting

As I’ve mentioned before, most millionaires went bankrupt at least once in their lives.

It takes trial and error to make dreams come true.

Once the dream has been reached, you wonder what you can create beyond that.

It’s this education that entrepreneurs soak up like a sponge to set the right path.

Before creating a business, you need to know where to start.

Find out what makes a business run and who you need to help you succeed.

The right mentor helps you in that mission and provides you with the right tools and education.

It’s one thing not liking to be told what to do, but it’s another thing to learn from the right source.

Being Good With People

In order to find the right mentor to guide you, you need to meet them in the first place.

Entrepreneurs love sharing and hearing stories and connecting with people.

When they find themselves in new groups, they love socializing and making new friends.

Although I tend to always hang out with the same friends of course, I find it interesting to meet new groups and seeing what backgrounds they have and generally discussing with them.new connections

Like most entrepreneurs, I also like to try and help these people with their personal projects or businesses.

Again, looking at the greater picture, even when it’s not for yourself.

I guess it’s all about getting inspired by their vision as well and wanting to see it succeed.

Additionally these businesses or connections could turn out to be rather resourceful.

Who knows what the future brings. A business or person from the complete opposite of yourself could be the most important key to your success eventually.

Being Good To Yourself

Not only do successful entrepreneurs like to help others, they also treat themselves very well.

It all comes down to having a positive mentality and right mindset.

Instead of listening to others that tell you how you will never succeed in life and dwelling on mistakes you make, you should embrace failure so that you can only be better next time.

Cut out negative habits and plan everything before you make decisions.

That’s what makes an entrepreneur function properly.

Maybe that’s the reason I wanted to quit smoking.

I didn’t see anything positive in that habit.

Make sure to plan ahead

Simultaneously, because entrepreneurs like helping people, they also want others to reach their full potential.

This might tend to trying to convince them to join you and join your passion.

I guess it is for that reason this website even exists.

I want people to create their own online business, not because I want to get a commission through their signup (although that is a plus), I genuinely want them to be happier and succeed.

The fact that anyone could learn and make money online the way I do is fascinating to me.

It’s so simple yet only a fraction of the people I speak to realize it.

A lot of people think I’m just trying to sell them something when in fact I just want them to do something they enjoy.

If I can travel and see the world because I can work from anywhere, wouldn’t it be more fun to do that with friends?


Time Is Precious

Time is very complex:

  • When I used to sit in an office, the morning would be over so quick because I would constantly chase after deadlines.
  • The break would be even shorter because I was enjoying it so much
  • And the afternoon took an eternity because I would have to complete all the tasks that haven’t been done throughout the morning

I would often do 5-10 hours overtime in a month.

It would drive me insane and felt like three times as much. It’s the long afternoons that made the day endless.

Now however, I am working much more than that. I wake up earlier than I would for my previous job and I work all the way down to 10pm. Sometimes longer.

I often forget to take breaks and work on weekends as well.

The difference is, that it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy what I do and I lose the sense of time.

I read a lot of useful articles that help me progress and I make connections which help one another out!

What makes a successful entrepreneur is someone that cuts things off that waste time.

It’s all about efficiency and losing yourself in the progress.

Before, I would waste hours playing video games or just go out to hang out with friends.

Now I rarely even touch a controller and turn on a console.

I hate being unproductive and I guess it comes back to the first few points of being restless and loving to learn all the time.


As you can see, these habits aren’t supernatural and you probably have some of these yourself.

I tried to summarize all the points but if you want to read the all 50 you can click here.

I truly believe that everyone has a small entrepreneur inside of them.

It all depends how much you want to make dreams come true.

Don’t wait for change to happen, you have to make it happen.time for a change

I hope that this was somewhat enjoyable for you to read and that you get inspired a bit.

If you feel like you could achieve something great you should seek out opportunities that help you get there.

Feel free to share this post on your social media if you enjoyed it.

For any questions or comments, drop them below. I’m more than happy to read and answer them.

Don’t be shy, I don’t bite!

Thanks for reading,



  1. I really enjoyed this post! It is interesting how the majority of people you speak to and explain your work don’t understand and assume you are only trying to sell something – I myself thought the same at first. Very positive read to start my day with, thanks!

    • Hey Emily,

      I guess I come across to sales like when I describe what I am doing. But when people read my website it’s very different. They quite enjoy it and they always talk to me about it when they meet me. In essence I just want to help people create a better life for themselves and the potential on the internet is huge. This is why my website actually exists.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it in the morning 🙂

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