What Is The Best Affiliate Program For Your Niche?

joining affiliate programmes

Where To Begin?

For those of you that decided to join the affiliate world and try to make some money online with it, these must be some really exciting times for you.

You’ve finally come up with a niche, you’ve just created your website and now you want to go out and promote products relevant to your niche on that site of yours.

But here’s the next problem… What is the best affiliate program for your niche and where do you find affiliate programs?

Do not panic because I will show you how you can find relevant programs to your specific niche. I will also name my 2 favorite programs and show you why I like these so much.joining affiliate programmes

You will see in my below video that finding affiliate programs is probably the easiest task in the affiliate business. Applying and getting accepted however is another story.

There is always a backup plan and with so many programs out there you should never worry about getting rejected, as the next possible site is right around the corner.

Good Websites Matter

Before you apply to an affiliate program, make sure to create a good website.

If you’re still quite new and you don’t know what a good website looks like, try looking at other affiliate websites.

Go to my articles about SEO and see how to implement certain strategies to get better rankings and generally more traffic as well.

Make sure your website has enough content

Once you feel that your site looks good enough, you can start applying. The reason I encourage you to do so, is because if you get rejected early on, it could easily make you feel like this business is way too tough to compete at such an early stage, when in reality it isn’t.

I’ve gotten affiliate rejections before but it didn’t bother me.

A few simple tips and guides to find out whether your site is good enough are the following:

  • Have at least 5 pages
  • Each page should have at least 1000-1500 words written on them
  • Include images on each page with descriptions on them
  • Try to add as much content on a regular basis as possible

That way your website shows that it’s a genuine website, there’s some activity going on there and you know what you’re doing. Obviously the more posts articles and pages you have, the higher your chances are on getting accepted.

Make sure you have a very specific niche as well. If your niche is too broad, the affiliate program might turn you down as well.

For instance if you want to promote baby products, you should be more specific. Instead you should try to go for something like modern baby shoes or baby clothing.

That way the affiliate program feels that you are unique enough to promote a certain category of their brand.

What To Do Once Accepted?

After signing up to your chosen affiliate program and getting accepted, what do you do?

Well now that you’ve gotten accepted, you should be able to get affiliate links for any product you want to promote from the site you just got accepted by.

What you want to do is create a page of a specific product you want to promote.

Maybe you could write a review about that product to present and describe it in detail. Make sure to make it easy to read and attractive to the readers eyes.

Do not try to sell the product, because sales pitches are quite annoying and no one really likes them.

Instead show them why you think it is a good product. Describe the pros and cons of it and definitely add images of whatever you’re promoting.

Try to include different angles for images.

Once your post/page/review is finished, you can add your affiliate links.

pretty link plugin
Screenshot of how to find Pretty Link

The way I would suggest to do it, is to firstly download the plugin ‘Pretty Link’ and install it onto your WordPress dashboard (if you’re using WP to build your website).

To do that, simply go plugins > add new > search for ‘Pretty Link’ and it should be the first result. (see above image)

pretty link dashboard
After installing your dashboard should look somewhat like this

Once you’ve found that you click on Install now and activate. It should then be on your dashboard.

The reason I encourage you to get this plugin, is to cloak your affiliate links, which basically means you can make them look more appealing to your potential customers.

Affiliate links are usually very long and therefore look quite ‘unsafe’ to some. With pretty link you can name them more appropriately (e.g. www.younichesite.com/product-review).

Another great feature of this plugin is that it tracks the clicks on that link. You can see how many people click on it and this might give you an idea where to place your future links for better results.

My final advice for inserting affiliate links, is to limit it to 3-5 per post. You don’t want to insert your affiliate link all over your review or page. This will result to negative results on search engines.

Add one at top with an image maybe, a couple in the body of your text and maybe one at the end. This should be more than enough.

My Top 2 Affiliate Programs

Personally I am only currently subscribed to two different affiliate programs.

The reason being that one niche I just started out and I’m only working on is passively, whilst focusing on this website. As you can tell on here, this website is focused on making money online.

Yes there are thousands of programs and affiliate products that I could be promoting in this niche, but since I am learning most of my stuff from one place only, I am promoting that community.

The community I am speaking of is of course my #1 rated product on this site, also known as Wealthy Affiliate.

WA referral payout

Their commission payout is just fantastic (as you can see in the above image) and the cookies are up to one year, meaning if someone clicks on your affiliate link and decides to sign up 4 months later, you still get the commission.

Not only is the payout and their cookies amazing, you also get to receive a free Las Vegas trip if you manage to get 300 premium subscriptions within one year!

The second affiliate program I personally like a lot, is the one of Amazon.

Although the commission rates are quite low, they tend to increase the more you sell.

They also have a 24h cookies system. This also means that once someone clicks on your affiliate link, but don’t make their purchase straight away, you may still get a commission if they decide to purchase something within 24 hours after clicking on the link.

Additionally, they do not need to buy the product you promoted. As long as they click on your affiliate link and make a purchase on Amazon within 24 hours, you get a commission.

That is why I like these two the most.

How To Find Affiliate Programs

So now that we’ve covered most of the important bits of this topic, have a look at my video below to see how easy it really is to find affiliate programs:

I hope you enjoyed this video and be sure to like my Facebook page if you haven’t done so yet!

Any questions, thoughts, remarks or general comments, just leave them below. I am happy to help you out and answer anything that wasn’t clear.

Thanks for reading,


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