What Is SEO Content Writing And Do I Need It?

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Many things lead to higher SEO

Learn The Basics

If you’ve ever considered making money online, then you should most definitely be asking yourself or should have asked yourself at least once:

“What Is SEO Content Writing?”

When I first started off with the idea of making money online, all I was worried about or wondered about, was how do I create a website, how long will it take to make money and how much money can I make.SEO image

Although these are valuable questions that need answers, they shouldn’t have been number one on my list.

Very early on, it became clear that one of the three most important factors to making money online are:

  1. Ranking on Google (and other search engines)
  2. Provide valuable content on your website
  3. Generate as much organic traffic as you can

Now these three points pretty much, all go hand in hand. In order to rank highly, you need to provide valuable content. The following result of that, will be people landing on your pages naturally which means you’re generating organic traffic.

Once you’ve understood that, you can repeat the process with different articles, different sites and different products to promote and sell.

Since you now know the secret, it’s pretty simple to make money online right? Well… it’s not always that simple to rank on the top spot of any searched term in Google.

This is where SEO comes into play.

What Is SEO Writing?

To explain what SEO writing is, firstly let me explain what SEO stands for. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means that whatever you are producing online, should be optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Therefor SEO writing simply means, that you want to optimize your writing in your posts and articles, to be more attractive for these search engines.

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Do your research before you write your next post

This way you will make your way to the top when people search for certain terms and your chances are a lot higher to be seen by people. If you land on the second page or further in Google for instance, your chances are very slim, to actually get seen by anyone.

But don’t drive yourself insane with this either. In order to write SEO related articles, you should have a few keywords  that you can strategically fill your post with.

If you don’t know what keywords are, I highly suggest you go have a look at my review for my personal top free SEO keyword tool. I’ve explained how to use it and how to use your keywords smartly.

What you don’t want to do, is use thousands of keywords and write a post solely based on keywords. This will lead to a terrible unreadable article and even if it does make sense, Google will notice that you’ve just written a post, simply to rank on the number one spot.

Now you might be thinking, so what? It matters because you will fall into a frowned upon habit called keyword stuffing. So instead of ranking on a top position, you will either be ranked far beyond the first page, you might even get your website seriously damaged.

Some Tips

I’m guessing that by now you are wondering how to improve your sites SEO.

Although I am no expert and there are far more tricks out there than I know of, I still have some knowledge in it. Here’s a small list of things you should know if you want to learn how to become an SEO master:

  • Update your blog regularly – You want Googles spiders to see that you are putting in a lot of effort to ensure quality on your site. Try to update your posts regularly and make some improvements. Trust me there is always room to improve, so review your work.
  • Write related content to your links – If you add links into your posts, make sure that the text is related to the link. Instead of having a bunch of “click here’s” and “read here”, try to have it related to what you’re linking to. For instance if you want to link to a page related to T-shirts you could say “here’s my favorite T-shirt which I’ve bought at….”
  • Simplify your site – Definitely have a user friendly website. Don’t make it complicated to make it look professional. Often a simple, basic and boring website is all you need!

    seo tips image
    Many things lead to higher SEO
  • Don’t Copy – You should never copy content that already exists. Hopefully you are aware of that. Everything you write should be unique. Of course you can use ideas previously written from others, but you should change it so that it is your words telling the story from your side.
  • Reach out to pros – If you have experts linking to your site, that is a great way to push your rank up. It will also lead to more external links and visitors. Try guest blogging for instance.
  • Keep writing – Maybe this is something you don’t like to hear but if you want to outrank the competition, you have to keep writing and adding new content. The more content you add, the better chances you have of becoming an authority site!

For more tips, I suggest you go and read one of my previous posts on SEO improvement. It includes a small video how to improve individual posts and their SEO as well and it is very easy to use for beginners especially.

The Importance Of SEO

I wish that I would have put more effort to SEO, in the beginning of my website. To be honest I only realized recently how badly all of my posts were ranking, which is why I did more research on SEO.

Now I’m currently held back drastically, because not only am I trying to keep up with my routine schedule, but I am now also going back through all my posts and trying to optimize them.

The good thins is, that it’s never too late to improve and regardless of how badly their ranked, each post is still one post closer to becoming an authority site.

I have to thank Wealthy Affiliate for teaching me almost everything there is to know so far, about making money online. I do have other sources I tend to learn from and do some research at, because you can never learn enough.

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There’s a lot of information out there. Learn as much as you can

So now that you have a vague understanding and some insight how to tackle your future content, you should 1) keep up the training for SEO, because search engines change very frequently and if you don’t keep up with time it will be a lot harder to compete. And 2) try to include as many things you can remember about SEO in your posts.

Of course your website doesn’t only depend on the perfect search engine optimization, there obviously needs to be a demand for whatever you’re producing and offering, so don’t drive yourself insane.

But it’s better to know more tricks and tips than less.

I hope that you enjoyed this article and that I could help you with answering the question what is SEO writing, for those who didn’t know.

I will continuously come up with more tips once I get to learn more. So be sure to come back and visit my site in the future. I won’t disappoint you.

If you have any additional tricks I haven’t mentioned, feel free to leave comments behind. If however you want to ask me a question or simply leave some thoughts behind, be my guest and comment below.

I’m always more than happy to help and it’s always nice to see what you think of my posts.

Thanks for reading,




  1. SEO is very important if a website is going to be ranked well by search engines along with regular and meaningful content.

    I have been writing for websites for many years and certainly I have found that when you add content everyday it really does boost the ranking of the website.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for agreeing with me and my post. I definitely think you could never learn enough about SEO and I try to do so on a daily basis. If I’m not learning anything new, I am writing a post for my blog. I have been trying to write daily as well since the creation of my site.

      It’s good to hear that you have been in this industry for many years and tell me that daily content writing boosts the website rank 🙂

      Thanks for the comment,


  2. Hi Esteban, this is an interesting title, and without going further I can say yes you do need SEO for sure.

    There are things in the text where I would disagree with you. For example about writing regularly, this is explicitly said bu Matt Cutts, they do not care about it. But perhaps some other search engines do. All other tips given there are surely correct and valuable. One comment about Jaaxy, you say that it is a free tool, this is only for 30 searches.

    • Hey Jovo,

      Thanks for your comment. Indeed SEO is a must for any website and especially for any article you write about.

      As for the regular content, I am a bit split minded the further I go on my journey of online marketing. I keep reading about experts telling me regular content is a must and others saying occasional is more than fine as well.

      However I don’t think it can harm your site if you continuously create valuable content.

      Jaaxy is free to use but as you say there is a 30 search per month limit!



  3. Dear Esteban,

    I thought I knew everything there was to know about SEO, but you also brought up stuff that I never thought to consider. 🙂 Thank you so much. 🙂 Especially the part on being consistent to write Content more and more, valuable Content which should be intended to help someone moreso than try to sell something right off the bat.
    Wow! Another great Blog Post Article, can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


    • Hey Angel,

      I keep seeing and learning new things about SEO. I’m glad that my knowledge could be passed onto you and be of some use. As for adding consistently to your website with valuable content, apparently this is a debatable point. I’ve had people tell me that it isn’t all that important and others that say it’s number one on their SEO checklist.

      However I don’t think it would harm to add consistently. The more valuable information you share the more people can find that’s useful on your side wouldn’t you agree?

      Hope to have more interesting articles for you in the future!

      Thanks and all the success to you too!


  4. Hey there! Thanks for posting this information. Search engine optimization is crucial to the success of any online business but then there is also the risk of over thinking things.

    I think its really good that people are focusing on getting SEO right on their page but they should also be aware that focusing too much on creating a perfectly optimized page will also create a negative impact.

    I sometimes think its better for some people to know that basics of what to do and what not to do, as you have covered in your article and then just write naturally.

    One of the main things that Google looks for now is a natural footprint. Anything unnatural will cause a negative impact.


    • Hey Andrew,

      What you say is very true. I think it is vital to know the basics of SEO at least. Without it you can be a bit lost in the IM world.

      But like you say, too much focus on SEO will get you to write very structured and often hard to read, articles which don’t come across naturally.

      As you build out your articles naturally, other keywords come into play and Googles algorithms or spiders, see that.

      Thanks for your comment,


  5. Hi Esteban, I am relatively new in the blogging world. I have been reading a lot of SEO post as I know the importance of it. After reading through your post, I just realized I thought I knew everything about SEO, but you brought up some useful information that I have never seen before! I am quite lucky to read this article of yours!

    There are articles mentioning that it is not true to keep adding contents regularly but to add a high-quality content is more important. Is regular publishing a myth?

    Thanks for writing and sharing this article. I will be back again!

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m glad you stumbled on my page and more importantly on this post. SEO definitely is a major important part of internet marketing.

      Leaving out some key factors could influence the amount of viewers on your website massively. I always find out new things about SEO as well to be honest.

      As for the regular posting, there is always a split opinion really. Certain super affiliates say it is not as important whereas others swear on it.

      Personally I slowed down on posting regularly, however I do post every Monday and Thursday (or at least I try to).

      All I can say is, every time I do post a new article, I see a massive difference of views on my site 🙂

      Hope this helps,


  6. dude i am writing good and unique content, when i published it is show on the google 3rd to 10 page, within two days but my difficulty is to get rank on first page, i do offpage but didnt get results.. what to do now..:(

    • Hey,
      Let me just start by saying, 3rd page is not terrible! Sometimes it takes time to move up the latter. The more you write the more visitors you get etc the higher search engines will value your websites so that could always be one factor.
      But on the other hand, have you heard of long tail keywords? You should try aiming for these as they are a lot less competitive and easier to rank for. Sometimes it takes a bit more time for the research but it ends up being really useful.
      What keyword tools are you using? Maybe you want to try out different ones?

  7. When I first launched my blog on health issues I thought the sky was the limit…but I didn’t count on the competition already out there!
    This competition only became more fierce due to the fact I am not that clued up in SEO – something I need to rectify!
    I like the sound of this affiliate platform you mention here – do they accept already built blogs?

    • Yea SEO is something that every one needs to know. Even if it’s just the basics but they come in handy and are essential if you want to beat competition. It’s actually less terrifying than it sounds and easy to pick up.

      If you already have built blogs or websites you can easily transfer them onto the hosting within the community or keep your own hosting platform. As you wish 🙂

  8. Thanks for the refreshing on SEO writing. The smarter the search engines get, the easier it is to rank as long as you’re producing quality stuff.

    I appreciate your suggestion to keep writing. Once I had the basic SEO methods down, the one thing that boosted traffic to my website more than anything else was writing a lot!

    • Hey Gary,

      Yea I see a lot of people telling others to pay for this and that or to do other sketchy things. If you force it too much with blackhat SEO methods, you’re going to end up with some penalties.

      Doing your research and writing quality content with a few images, meta description, internal and external relevant links are some of the basics that will never do any harm to your blog or site. It will only improve it and make it stronger.

      Of course there are tons of other methods you can do to increase traffic and SEO than writing. But what I’m trying to say, the basics for a good blog are always well written posts.

  9. Search engines are the key to sharing your posts with the internet world, I thank you for making writing for search engines simple and easier to understand.

    Nice easy to follow tips you have shared, everyone will benefit by saving the tips in your post today to improve their writing and their ranking with search engines

    • Hey,

      SEO is becoming more and more crucial so it is a great skill to have if you plan to get anywhere with your site without paying for ads.

      I’m happy the article helped you out 🙂 good luck!

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