What Is Niche Profit Full Control And Who Is It For?

ready made asm websites npfc review

Niche Profit Full Control Review

Product name: Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC)

Link: www.NicheProfitFullControl.comnpfc review image

Owners: Adam Short + Bobby McLees

Level of Experience Needed: Beginner – Intermediate

Price: $1,497 one time payment (saves you $300) or $597 x 3

Overall Rank: 7/10


As with many online marketing products, Niche Profit Full Control offers amazing and incredibly attractive ways to generate enough money to be financially independent and free from any stressful jobs etc.

Unlike most of the products you see around, Adam short didn’t pitch his product by showing a bunch of exotic cars and lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Instead he promotes Niche Profit Full Control or NPFC, by showing the freedom he’s had since implementing and perfecting his strategy since his first product launch (Niche Profit Classroom).niche profit full control members area

Adam is making well over $1 Million a year now with that strategy and he really put a lot of work, effort and money into NPFC.

The way I learned about this program was through an online connection I made and that person was actually part of Adam’s first course.

Having had many success stories with this first product launch, some of these became mentors to help the new students in NPFC out.

After attending two webinars before the product launch I was more than convinced that I needed to join this product. This was around November 2015!

But exactly what is Niche Profit Full Control and what has it done for me since?

Continue reading below to find out more. Make up your own mind if you think this is worth your time and money!

Since I’ve joined this program I will give my complete honest feedback and this will be my honest opinion of the niche profit full control review.

Who Is NPFC For?

So when I joined this course, I was about 6 months into my affiliate marketing and passive income lifestyle journey.

If you’ve been following my progress, you can tell that I was actually doing Ok for a complete newbie and beginner at that time.

Nothing remarkable yet and not financially stable to live that “laptop-lifestyle” dream yet but still better than I could ever have imagined.

As mentioned above, I was in touch with someone making well over $10k online and to me that is a figure I can’t possibly imagine yet on a monthly basis.

Adam Short hosted two webinars before his product launch for people to get a thorough inside view of the product and also learn about exactly what you’d receive if you were to purchase your membership for this course.

Like most of the online products that promise you online wealth, NPFC is pretty much for anyone.

But by anyone I think it is more targeted towards those of us who want to make their first $1 to our first $10,000 as taught in the first phase of the course.

squeeze page templates
Choose several optimized templates and customize them as you please.

The course helps you set up that very first site in a profitable niche and then teaches us how to get targeted traffic towards it without having to worry about it in future, so that it becomes fully automated.

Eventually you end up having a sustainable business that you barely touch and you can live and do what you please to do.

But more about the details of the course below.

What was a bit unusual about the course in my opinion, was that firstly, anything that promises a completely automated income stream seems very dodgy and unlikely to me.

Secondly, the price was incredibly high compared to any other product I’ve seen or tried before. Usually products vary from around $47 to $500.

Thirdly, I had a reliable source I trusted (and still do) that told me it would be worth my time and money.

So overall, my scepticism has been overruled by the shiny object syndrome, a great sales pitch and insider information.

Trainings And Tools:

When it comes to programs and the promised tools you get with them, I ususally find myself very disappointed. Typically the tools and training you get is quite cheap.

Most of the times they just throw a bunch of ebooks they’ve written within a few hours and expect you to become an internet guru within days through it, but secretly they know they’ve just unloaded a bunch of fluff towards your direction.

Adam short’s NPFC however is really nicely structured, and I have to honestly say, a greatly organized course.

The course itself is divided into 8 modules! Each module has several video lessons and under each video lesson there’s a link to the relevant sources, PDF’s or tools you’re supposed to use and engage with.

After each module (usually one module lasts one Month) you’re invited to a monthly roundup or seminar/ video conference to wrap up and ask questions about the module if you have any.

These are held by Adam Short himself.

The way the course works is the following:

  1. You create a website around a profitable niche
  2. You create a squeeze page and send traffic towards it
  3. You give away a free eBook in return for emails and send out your email sequence with a bunch of products
  4. People that opted in further send traffic to your squeeze page and process 2 and 3 are thus automated

By sending emails with products directly to people, you’re hoping for them to buy your product and getting some income.

Once you’ve automated your ASM or Automatic Selling Machine, you then jump to the next stage of the course.

The next stage is creating your own product. As Adam puts it, creating your own product separates people from generating a few 1000’s to making several 10’s of thousands.

As a matter of fact I know this is very true and this is why I most of the mentors were so excited for this product.

Personally I was more excited of having an ASM making a few thousands, repeating the process a few times and then scale up from there.

Another great convincing factor is that he shows examples of each stage with two of his own websites with one in more debt.niche profit full control badges

That way you can see what exactly you can expect a successful running website to look like from the first all the way to the last step of the NPFC model.

Another great tool of the course is the badges you can unlock and show off once unlocked.

Basically there are several badged you can unlock by completing certain tasks. These are great for several reasons.

Most obviously, it will make the whole thing feel like a game and you need to complete the next phase to unlock the next level.

At the same time people will know where you’re at with your journey and it’s easier for them to help you out or help you push further and vice versa you can share your experience and knowledge from what you’ve learned.

The other tools I’m really impressed with are the following as shown below:

Software section in NPFC course

As you can see the value of all of these are seriously high. Each of the softwares given are probably worth quite a bit on their own but you get all of them.

Having said that, I do believe some of these are quite unnecessary if you get access to the ready-made websites, which brings me to my next tool or bonus of the course.

When I was watching the webinar Adam was explaining how you can get access to 8 ready made ASM’s which you just need to install and drive traffic to, if you sign up early enough and are one of the first few to enter the course.

As you can imagine I did and have access to these (see below image):ready made asm websites npfc review

These ready made websites have several pages, an email sequence and all the most profitable products related to the niche from clickbank already in place.

All you do is get a hosting account, buy a relevant domain name and drive traffic to your site.

So if you also get the access to these, the first three softwares are almost irrelevant, especially for the first phase of the course.

But I guess it’s always good to have more than less right?

The course however teaches those of you who want to create everything from scratch how to implement this as well.

The niche profit press also has amazingly relevant themes for you to create your optin page for your ready made ASM. So it really doesn’t require that much work to launch your site.

Finally there is a giant forum within the community which is very active and quite helpful. This was one of the greatest features of the course I have to say.

People are always happy to share insights and offer help and the mentors are providing a tremendous amount of support.

Probably one of my favourite features of Niche Profit Full Control.

Pros VS. Cons:

Now usually I just have a table of Pros and Cons but I wanted to give a bit more insight about the course.

Personally I wasted a bunch of time (and I’m talking about a good few days if not weeks) studying competing websites and programs because that’s what I was taught to do.

Each module or next phase of the course unlocked itself after a month. So the first whole month I was doing analysis, choosing the right niche, learning to use the softwares etc. which was completely irrelevant because the ready made ASM’s already did everything for me.

Now that’s not really a bad thing but I wasted a lot of energy. This part of the program is geared towards people who want to do everything from scratch.

npfc forum and community example
Screenshot Of The Forum

The next thing that really annoyed me, was that in his videos he often refers to his existing website as mentioned above, to compare what yours should or could look like once finishing the next stage.

So once I got to the point where I was ready to drive traffic to my ASM, I followed the program step by step.

Now don’t get me wrong on this bit, Facebook advertising can be incredibly powerful to drive traffic to your site!

The way NPFC teaches you to use it was to create a page on Facebook for your ASM and have an active community on it.

This means you need to come up with relevant posts every day (I’m not scared of hard work).

Then you need to create ads and drive traffic to that page which then is supposed to drive traffic to your site.

This was not working at all and many people complained about it. What also really frustrated me was that in his videos he targets countries like Philippines to like his page.

Naturally since this was my first time using Facebook ads and because I followed the course step by step, I did the same and got about 1000 likes within the first few days.

I spent roughly around $40 to get irrelevant traffic to my page. It was irrelevant because it is highly unlikely that someone from the Philippines will invest in the program I was promoting.

Adam could have easily mentioned that in his videos to think about who to target or even make an entire video on how to optimize the ads.

Another bad thing about the course, is that you don’t actually learn how to create a website from scratch. You’re taught how to load the ready made site thats it!

I think if you really want to make money online this is one of the key things you should learn. I mean it doesn’t require a scientist to put two and two together.

If you just follow the video course you know how to load stuff on the web through niche profit full control.

But then again if you make $10,000/ month by doing that (which I still haven’t seen anyone achieve) then you don’t need to learn it I guess.

So having said that here’s the table:


  • The course covers everything from affiliate marketing to product creation
  • Tons of valuable tools that can be used for other websites as well
  • 8 ready made websites (these ASM’s were only for early birds)
  • 30 day money back guarantee (definitely consider this option)
  • Giant forum and helpful community
  • Previously successful students are now teachers
  • Badge system in place to keep you going
  • Great and easy to follow video course


  • Video course could cover more related topics (see example of Facebook ads)
  • Irrelevant tools for those who get ready made ASMs which also resulted to weeks of lost time
  • Many of the products being promoted on the ready made sites dropped in gravity, meaning very unlikely people will buy any of your products that you send them through your email sequence
  • Hidden costs aren’t ever mentioned
  • Incredibly pricy course
  • Very few success stories
  • You’re told that if you follow the course you can be financially free within very few months and would see first dollar early on


Final Verdict:

Although I speak very highly of the course, there are many things to criticize in my opinion.

Firstly the hidden costs that should have been applied. You’re already investing a ton of money in the course (for someone like me $1,500 is still quite a bit of money).

When you later find out you still need to buy:

  • Hosting account
  • Domain
  • Email provider such as Aweber
  • Facebook Ads

You can easily expect to pay another $100 or so per month. He also encourages you to buy the products you want to compete against so that you can get a close insight from them.

Not everyone’s making $1 million a year yet Adam!

Additionally I have to say that I was incredibly disappointed to not having made a single dollar as of yet.

I spent a good 2-3 months on building my ASM and trying to drive traffic to it. I spent a lot of money and effort on it and nothing worked.

Of course I was a bit blinded by the illusion that it would actually be that simple. Like I said he really had a great and convincing sales pitch.

But I might have chosen the wrong niche during the wrong period. I also have to be honest and say I have neglected the course for about 3 months now.

I picked it up again and am restarting to drive traffic to my current ASM. I’ve also very rarely seen people write any success stories in the success thread of the community.

Some are quite lame such as making a few cents through ads.

The way the product was sold and pitched to me, was that within the first few months I should be looking at at least $800/month through one ASM.

On the other hand I’ve seen people make some impressive amounts and the mentors are all students from his previous course which makes it quite believable.

Finally I’d like to say that there are many valuable tools in the course such as the traffic advantage for example.

niche profit full control traffic advantage example
Example of traffic advantage with the keyword “dog training”

It basically collects any forum, website, blog, tweet, mention etc. from the keyword you typed in, so that you can actively comment and thus drive traffic to your website.

I believe that this tool could easily be worth a few hundred.

But then again you need to spend a good amount of time to actually use and implement it which I did with no results at all!

Overall I learned a lot of things including how to be more efficient and having the right mindset etc.

But the course just didn’t deliver as of yet. I might update it if I see some success but as of now I am more disappointed than impressed with it.

Given the fact that some people did however make good cash already and that you actually have everything you need to create a great product, I have to say it is great.

Again, I will update this review once I see some success and if I ever manage to unlock the 10k badge I will let you know ASAP.

If you’re looking fora course that has made me consistent money ever since I started and that is actually free to join so you don’t have to make any major investments, have a look at my number 1 recommended course!

I get annoyed at myself a lot because I haven’t fully commit to this program from the start. I distract myself by joining courses like NPFC because I believe success will be faster that way.

But the truth is, since I joined my recommended course, I haven’t just made money online (it is still the only course that actually made me some money) I’ve also been increasingly making more every month and I’ve learned the fundamental necessities of it.

I really do encourage you to sign up for free to have a look what you can expect.

I hope you enjoyed my niche profit full control review. It’s completely honest and you can see the course is not a scam but not for every one either.


  1. Excellent review. In a nutshell we could say that the only one that got rich is Adam Short. All the members struggle to make a miserable commission? Has anybody thought what it takes to do what Adam Short did: convince a good number of people that his method works (when in fact, it doesn’t). Why would people believe him? And if you analyze his method deeply you realize that you can find most of it for free, yes, for free!. The method has nothing new under the sun.
    How can there be so many people that fall prey of these marketers? Unbelievable!

    • Hey Rody,

      Glad you enjoyed the review. Adam and his partner definitely made a pretty penny now that’s for sure. Given the price and the masses of people that signed up. What I forgot to mention in the review was that he said he would cap the sign ups at 100 people or something but the very next day let in another 25 and I think he let in another 50 after that or something.
      Now the second enrolment started and I wasn’t happy with him saying in his new sales pitch that a bunch of the first sign ups were making money already.
      I mean from what I saw there’s about 2-3 people that are making some cash and none of which are using his ASM’s.
      Having said that, his method does work though.
      I had to disagree with you on that subject. It’s just that the products we’re promoting are terrible and maybe it’s the fault of the email sequence or the fact that he teaches you to buy FB likes for traffic. Those two reasons in my opinion are a major flaw and terrible advice.
      Yes most of it (if not all) can be found online for free. But that’s why courses like these exist. They narrow down all the material you need to know and it’s still tons of work. So imagine finding everything online yourself.
      I can tell you why so many people (including myself) fell for the prey:
      His first course actually generated a hand full of successful students, the sales pitch was amazing and he gave out a lot of freebies and information in his presentation which made a lot of sense and sounded like we’d all be rich in a few months if we put the work inside 🙂
      Thanks for your comment Rody!

  2. How about the poor souls that opted for the broken up higher payments thinking the could make enough to cover there next payment and that would be worth it then but it never happens right!

    • Hey Jon,
      Yea I wish I would have used my 30-day money back guarantee when I still had the chance. Unfortunately I didn’t and that money of mine is gone now 🙁
      I could have made a lot more use out of that by investing into something else.

  3. Great review and one of the few times I’ve actually seen one that doesn’t promote the product and then follow it up with an affiliate link 😉

    That’s the problem with most reviews these days is that they are all promoting the product so you never get an objective opinion.

    I’m curios if you managed to find a different program which you actually got results from?

    Damn this shiny object syndrome!!! haha

    • I have realized that a lot of online marketers literally give everything a positive review just to cash in commissions. Honestly I couldn’t live with myself scamming people that way.
      I do add my affiliate links to programs in case people still decide to join the program, however this doesn’t mean I encourage them to join it. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the only program I have personally joined and seen success with. Almost everything I know and most of my earnings came from the program and not by encouraging people to join it but by applying the methods taught and earning affiliate sales.

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