What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Quality Not Quantity

The More The Merrier

I think one of the most asked questions, when people start building their own websites and try to get traffic, is a keyword related question.

Quality Not QuantityIt is quite vital to know the importance of keywords and how much they can affect the ranking of your website and the general SEO ranking. When I first started off I was sure that with time my website would pick up traffic on its own.

Now maybe I would have gotten traffic after some time, but why would I try to achieve it the long way if there is a clear shortcut?

Now that I learned the importance of keywords and know how to use them, traffic seems to be coming my way faster and in bigger quantities, after each new post and article I produce.

In terms of how many keywords one should use, it is a bit of a tricky question. One would think that the more keywords I fill my articles with, the more people fall on my site. The truth is, if you use too many or even poor quality ones, you could actually damage the health of your website.

How To Find Good Keywords?

When you are looking for keywords, the first thing you should do, is find a good keyword tool. Without the right tools you’re going to be searching for an eternity without knowing what is quality and what isn’t.

I have no doubt that my current keyword tool is one of the best out there. If you want more detail about it feel free to check out my thorough and honest review about it here!

The right keyword tool should not only give you numerous keywords per search, but it needs to give you the relevant details, following the results that come up.

In order to get the right search terms, you could look up relevant questions people asked on Yahoo Answers or Ehow for instance and use their questions in your keyword tool, to find related searches.

Guitar Lesson Research

In the above picture I typed in an example of what you might want to search, if you are looking to find keywords related to guitar lessons. I simply typed in the term ‘Guitar lessons’, and I have now got over 44,000 results I could potentially use to find keywords.

‘Online Guitar Lessons’ would be a perfect term to type in your keyword tool. You could  pick out a few terms like these and start searching for relevant keywords. Remember to find ones that make sense and have a high volume of monthly searches (I go into more detail for quality keywords in this post if you’re interested in finding out).

Once you have your list of potential keywords, you can now pick one keyword, that matches all your criteria out, to build your content around it!

Quality Not Quantity

The biggest mistake I see people make, is having a huge list of quality keywords, which they try to stuff in their posts and articles. As mentioned above, if you use too many this could actually have a damaging effect on your site.

Therefore, I say pick out a few keywords and use these and only these, to write out your post and once you’re done, just leave it.

Here’s how I usually pick my keywords:

  1. Main keyword that matches all my criteria to build my content around it – Use it as my main title
  2. My second keyword will be related to it and used early on in my post/ article.
  3. Maybe use one or two more. One in the middle of my post and one at the end of my post.

And that’s it. I don’t usually use more than 2-4 keywords. To be honest I rarely use more than two. Now I know some think this is way too little, but I find that my content has more value and more quality for my readers if I stick to my own words.

For instance if I were to use terms like ‘what is keyword research tool‘ you can see on the image below, that it has the perfect criteria in terms of traffic and competition, but the term itself doesn’t make sense. It should be saying ‘what is a keyword research tool’.

Perfect Keyword Research

And a lot of times you will fall on poor ranking blogs and websites using a lot of these terms to push up their ranking.

In other words people that use a lot of keywords to push up their ranking and include poorly written keywords like the above example, are performing, what is called ‘keyword stuffing’.

I highly encourage you to stay away from this method, because the purpose of your website should not be, to be blacklisted by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

How Many Tools Do I Need?

In essence all you really need is one tool. As I’ve mentioned previously my top recommended one is called Jaaxy, and the review I wrote to it will clearly outline why. I’ve been using it since I’ve discovered it and I can honestly say that no other tool has provided me with such quality content.

It’s not only made my work a lot easier, it’s also saved me a ton of time and all of it for free!

There are other free tools out there but usually they don’t provide the necessary data to compete or even rank properly on search engines.

Don’t be fooled by articles that tell you to buy the newest and best products out there. I can guarantee you that you could easily have a top notch website, with this free tool.

We often fall into these type of traps and pay hundreds of dollars for no good reason, with the promise of the newest and highest technology, giving us the push to rank as number one on Google etc.

Proof And Evidence

If you still don’t believe that I am talking the truth, I have a few last words to say before I leave you.

About a month ago I wasn’t using any keywords and thought I could just write and rank automatically. I asked myself ‘what is keyword competition‘ and how can I compete? And once I found out the simplicity of it, I started ranking on Googles first pages.

If you look at the image, you can see that I am on the second rank on the first page of Google for my previous post on how to create a website for free in 30 seconds.

Google Rank First Page

All I did was use my method of inserting the keywords (the 3 points I mentioned earlier) and write away some quality content!

If you would like some more detail on how to find good keywords for free or which keywords are best for your website, check out the review I wrote, or just write me personally and I am more than happy to help you out.

It will only take a second to explain and once you understand the simple procedure to use, I’m sure you will be thankful you’ve learned this valuable skill.

I hope this post was useful to you and again, any open questions can be either found on my review or leave a comment below!




  1. Hi Esteban:

    Every time I visit your website, it gets better and better. I am glad to see this article on keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is basically an unethical way to try and cheat the system. You want your keywords to always be natural and not “stuffed in” there. I have seen this type of behavior in web design and what is often not realize is Google will punish those who do partake in this type of web development.

    Great post and keep up the awesome work!


    • Hey Steph,
      Glad to see you fall back on my website on a regular basis 🙂 and even more glad to see that you find it getting better here 😀
      Keyword stuffing really is an immoral way to boost your ranking. I guess Googles algorithms are smarter than that now. Keyword stuffing might have worked in the past but technology quickly evolves!
      Thanks for reading,

  2. Hi Esteban
    Anyone reading this post should get a better understanding of how to use keywords for better SEO ranking. I also think that using Yahoo Answers is a great place to find ideas for website content.

    Let’s not forget my favorite keyword tool, Jaaxy, which I think as far as keyword tools go, really does get the job done, quickly as well as gives you more ideas if you need them.

    Very useful post and some great reminders of the basic things we need to keep doing to ensure online success.

    • Hey Vanessa,
      I hope people get a better understanding on how to use keywords for better SEO. It’s not always easy to teach what I learned myself 🙂
      Yahoo answers is definitely a great way to get ideas. Jaaxy is just so powerful and unbeatable from what I’ve seen so far. Thanks for enjoying this post. Glad to see you agree with me and find it useful!

  3. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about how to find good keywords, so I learned a lot.
    I will definitely try Jaaxy.

    • Hey Emanuel,
      Glad you found this useful! Jaaxy is definitely a strong and very powerful tool. I definitely suggest to try it out! If you need any help with it let me know!

  4. Very interesting article. It’s true that you can smash your website with keyword stuffing. I usually only pick one good keyword and include it 3-6 times in my content depending on my article length. These are awesome tips and I really like that you share some results !

    • Hi Rolandas,
      The way you use keywords is exactly how it should be done. I hope you don’t always use the same ones either as that can be a bit backfiring as well.
      Very happy you liked my tips 🙂

  5. I have to say that this is the best explanation towards keywords that I have had so far. Excellent job! I am going to keep an eye on this website. It’s pretty complete!

    • Hey Nelly,
      I’m glad that my post was of use to you 🙂 and even more happy you will keep an eye on my website! Hope to hear from you soon.

  6. Hi Esteban,
    Thanks for your useful tips about how to choose and insert keywords into a post. I agree that stuffing an article with too many keywords will only affect the health and quality of the overall content. The best way of doing it is to find a good keyword and writing naturally about it. Great tips! Looking forward to read more from you.

    • Hey Saber,
      You are very welcome 🙂 I would definitely suggest not to stuff an article you plan on writing with thousands of keywords. Keep it natural and keep it personal is my advice 🙂
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Hi Esteban, I like the strategy of only adding 3 to 4 related keywords. It makes the reading more natural than always adding the same keyword 10 times in the same post. I was wondering, what tool do you use to see if your are having more visitors to you website?

    • Hey Carolyn,
      Very true about having only 3-4 relevant keywords in a post and keeping it natural. That’s the way you will get good ranking on search engines.
      I actually use two tools. One tool is Google Analytics, I’m sure you’ve heard of it before and the other one is a plugin called StatPressV. It’s actually quite cool and accurate.
      Hope this helps,

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