What Is Guaranteed Outcome – Is It A Scam?

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My Guaranteed Outcome Review

Product name: Guaranteed Outcome

Link: www.GuaranteedOutcome.netWhat Is Guaranteed Outcome company logo

Owners: Victor Lambert

Level of Experience Needed: None although it’s Binary Trading

Price: $0

Overall Rank: 1/10



Once a crook always a crook! At least in the case of Victor Lambert. This genius of scams has done it again with Guaranteed Outcome.

The beautiful thing about scams is that once they maxed out their scams, they try and repeat the same process yet again.

Sadly new customers always fall into their hands and therefore they succeed a lot of the times.

If you’ve heard of Guaranteed Wealth System before, this is pretty much a clone of it. And yes it’s by the same guy…

What Is Guaranteed Outcome previous company logo

As you can see from the logo, they don’t even bother changing their image so it’s easier for people like me to expose them!

From the tone of my writing, you may already notice that this won’t be a very positive review.

However if you’re still considering to possibly join this binary option nonsense, feel free to find out the details below.

Although it is a scam, because you cannot really guarantee an outcome of the stock market itself, I will try to review it neutrally solely coming to a conclusion by the facts.


Who Is Guaranteed Outcome For?

If you are interested in trading within the stock market, particularly in the binary options trading market, you may come across this software.

So what is Guaranteed Outcome exactly?

It’s a software that is supposed to make you succeed or win more trades through their ‘proven’ formula.

What Is Guaranteed Outcome false promises

Although it is a completely free program, you will soon realize that you and your savings, will suffer greatly.

Of course it sounds weird that something that is free can cost you money. But think about it this way, why would anything that is free make you rich?

Yes there are free courses you can take and free information out there to help you succeed or make you a better trader.

But if you really want to be successful, you are most likely going to pay for something that offers you valuable information, trains you and sends you into the right direction.

If you’re wondering how they are making money although you’re not sending them any money, this is how it works:

  1. You sign up to Guaranteed Outcome or whatever name it will have in the future.
  2. You listen to all their fluff and other fairy tale stories of making “$10,000 every week”
  3. You sign up to one of their recommended brokers and deposit a minimum of $250

By signing up to one of the recommended brokers, you are giving them a nice piece of the pie.

Every signup gets them a commission.

If you keep seeing their ads and people recommending you this sort of program, this doesn’t mean that it must be somewhat legitimate.

This just means they’re really good at promoting their scam and that they have a nice payout for affiliates.


Trainings And Tools:

If you have the same thought process as me, you’d be thinking: “Well hold on, if they make money through recommended brokers, why not choose your own?”

Fair point right?

The only problem with that is, that Guaranteed Outcome only works with a few brokers surprisingly.

The way the software works, is that the creator somehow managed to find a ‘glitch’ in todays technology.

This is basically a delay of a tiny, microscopic, fraction of a second, letting information from one PC to another be a little slower than instant transmission.

Obviously that small delay can then tell us which way the binary option is moving into, thus letting us make bulletproof bets.

Please listen to me and do not try out this software.

What Is Guaranteed Outcome system screenshot

You may want to figure out for yourself how it works and put in the minimal fee of $250.

But once you do put in that minor investment, it will be gone!

If you do want a very legitimate course that teaches you how to trade penny stocks, I recommend trying Tim Sykes Course.

It is a lot of work and you will be exhausted after going through his material. But at the same time you see why he’s been hitting home runs for years!

On the other hand you will see that the stock market will always be rather stressful and a bit of a guessing game if you can put it that way.

Sure there are certain predictions and indications that can let you estimate where the stock is heading.

But if you want to have a stable, comfortable and stress free way of making money, you may be looking for something like Wealthy Affiliate.


Pros VS. Cons


  • You will learn what to stay away from


  • Blatant scam
  • Hidden costs
  • Can’t redeem money once you realized it’s a scam
  • Same product as Guaranteed Wealth
  • Lies after lies ($10,000 per week, guaranteed, glitch in the system etc.)


Final Verdict

Stay away from it.

Just don’t even bother… I’m serious!

I think there are enough reasons not to trust this or even bother trying it. Don’t waste your efforts, time and hard earned money.

You’re more likely to win some cash by buying some scratch cards as the odds are probably better since there is a guaranteed number of winners.

Using this software is just making a scammer rich and hoping for the best.

As I mentioned above, if you are truly considering a career from the comfort of your laptop, you may want to look into something more legitimate.

It doesn’t “guarantee success” but it definitely teaches you the fundamentals that could actually make you successful.

Click Here To Read The Review

It all comes down to hard work and following a proven strategy.

The blueprint has been repeated by millions of people before, those who stick to it and invest time usually come out with nice returns.

Those who give up because they had better things to do, remain in their old routine. 

As for Guaranteed Outcome you will have only one guarantee…

This guarantee is that you will lose money if you invest in that system!

I hope I could catch some of you before falling into this scam.

Thanks for reading,


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