What Is A Keyword Research Tool? And Do You Need One?

title for what is a keyword research tool

title for what is a keyword research tool

Back To Basics

The other day I realized something vital that I’ve kind of been ignoring for a while and it really effected my general online business dramatically.

I was going through several blogposts as usual and reading all sorts of blogs of influential super affiliates, trying to learn bits and pieces from each one.

After all, if you haven’t figured it out by now, if you want to be successful quickly, you have to imitate what other successful people have done in your business.

Although I knew this already and kind of tried to follow that advice, I’ve still been neglecting certain things.

It is for that reason, I’m going to show you the following…

I will go back to the basics and the first few things I learned when I first joined the affiliate world and I will tell you where I went wrong and why you need to pay attention to.

This can drastically improve your success and speed up the process in no time, given that you are trying to work online.

What I’m referring to is quite simply, keyword research and the use of keyword tools.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why keywords are important
  • How keywords cover more than half of my traffic
  • Which tools exist and which I use
  • How to properly research keywords

Without a keyword research tool, you’re pretty much bound to fail online. Having said that, this doesn’t mean you have to invest a ton of money to get the right tool.

You’ll notice that a lot of the free sources available are more than enough.


As mentioned in the introduction, I was casually doing my research and suddenly it struck me.

Looking at my last income report, you can see that I had a terrible month of traffic. Now I could have worked harder and been more active on social media.

But then again having a few hundred more views wouldn’t have changed much. To me the most valuable source of traffic is the organic one and I’ll tell you exactly why…

When you want to find out something, it is very common these days to “Google” a question and within minutes you get your answer.

Obviously you want to provide that answer, but chances are, no one will see your site or page, unless you’ve conducted the right keyword research.

With the right use of your keyword research tool, you can outrank your competitors and be at the top of the list.

Have a look at the below graph:percentage of traffic google ranking. keyword tool usage

As you can see Chitika studies, show that being number 1 get’s around 33% of all traffic! So let’s assume there is around 1000 monthly searches for a keyword you ranked for at the top.

You will get 330 monthly views just from that one article or page you ranked for if you’re at that first rank!

What you’ll also notice if you look closely, is that anything past the first page gets near enough no traffic at all!

This is why you need to be on the first page at least!

Even the 10th place on the first page of Google gets less than 5% of the traffic, but it’s a lot more than what the dead end of the second page provides.

Ideally you want to aim for the top 3 spots.

My Example

After making that realization, I had to investigate my own situation and results. So what I did, was jump straight to my Google analytics and looked at my traffic sources.

As already mentioned in the intro, over half of my traffic was thanks to organic searches only!

See for yourself:what is a keyword research tool? traffic sources

Not only was the Tim Sykes review the most viewed article I posted, but if you have a look at the video in the end, you’ll see at what place it’s ranked.

So what does that mean?

It means that I’ve been lazy or ignorant for not using my keyword research tools properly.

I was under the impression that producing content after content would be enough to gain more organic traffic eventually.

Although this isn’t completely wrong, it does however work less effectively if you don’t make use of all the research tools for keywords that are out there.

Which Tool To Use?

Now if you want me to be completely honest, I would probably recommend Jaaxy as a tool. I will not go into detail about it, as I’ve written previous reviews about it here.

But having said that, I do still think it’s limited as a tool unless you upgrade. However, I never upgraded my free account and I still only use the free account now.

But more recently, I’ve started to make use of the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool, which is completely free and nearly as powerful as Jaaxy.

All you need to do to use it, is become a member (for free no need to upgrade) and start researching.

You’ll see in a second why I like it and how easy it is to use.

Now the alternative which only requires you to have a gmail account, is of course the Google Keyword Planner.what is a keyword research tool. Google keyword planner example

Clearly you have a lot of advantages using that one, such as looking at the competitiveness and prices you’d have to pay for ads.

But you’ll notice it is very manual and you have to go back and forth quite a lot before you can find out what keywords are good to use.

With the Wealthy Affiliate keyword research tool you can quickly find out how popular or searched your keyword is, how easy it is to outrank and much more.

Either way, as you noticed, both of these tools are completely free to use and I use both of them depending on the research I’m doing.

Of course paid research tools have their obvious advantages. Usually they’re faster and very user friendly, as well as incredibly efficient.

But if you’re on a budget like me, you’re probably more likely to use the free option.

How To Do Your Research

Now instead of showing you a bunch of screenshots and explaining how to do a research, I tried to somehow summarize the entire post I’ve written and highlight what a keyword research tool is, how it works and why it’s important in a video.

I know that it isn’t the most exciting topic, because it never really is when it becomes a bit technical when related to online marketing.

However you’ll see how much value this small lesson will bring to your business. Everyone will need to be able to use a keyword research tool.

The earlier you know how to use them effectively, the better!

I hope you enjoyed this small lesson and if you have any comments, let me know! I’m happy to help you out and further explain.


  1. Thanks Esteban for this informative article. This post helps me a lot for my keyword research task for my website and I’ve learned new tools to use when doing keyword research.
    Ps: I hope to see more tutorial videos in the future

    • Hey Mehdi,
      I’m glad it helped you out 🙂 it definitely clicked with me when I realized the importance of keywords!
      I quite enjoy making tutorials so hopefully there will be many more to come.
      Soon I’ll have to invest in a proper video maker to create nice slides etc 🙂
      Thanks for your comment,

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