What Do Successful People Do Everyday?

lucky foresight
Stop looking at quotes and make them happen

Certain Habits

As you should know, success doesn’t come by chance or luck. Those people who made it and who are living the way you wish you were living, have been working hard and still do today, which is why they are at the top.

It’s not a secret what their habits are and most people know what these

Roll of dice
Success Isn’ a matter of luck

success habits are. It’s more within ourselves to just start including these habits in our routines.

But for those of you who still wonder what do successful people do everyday, I will outline some of the most common habits and rituals of the elite.

Some might surprise you and others might bore you. Maybe you have more in common with your favorite idols and celebrities then you ever imagined. Only one thing is clear though, in order to be successful you need to start making a change.

Whatever you’ve been doing now clearly didn’t change anything in your life within the past few years so maybe picking up certain habits might give you the push you need to move forward.

This is not to criticize anyone. I’m sure a lot of you are really pleased with your current situation. But for those of you who want to excel and improve in life, this might be the right article to read.

Personally I like to read motivating posts and articles on a regular basis and see which new ideas can pop into my head. It gives me motivation to improve and become better at what I am doing and trying to achieve. Having role models can be the solution. But without getting too far off the track, let’s not delay this any further.

4 Morning Wake Up Call

There are a few morning habits that separate the successful from the average.

I used to watch a lot of documentaries about billionaires and the super rich. When I was younger I always thought that they were super intelligent and had a natural gift to achieve this wealth, because they knew something that we didn’t. Well they might know a few things better in terms of business and marketing, but that’s not necessarily the reason for their success.

#1 – One crucial factor these people have in common is that they get up extremely early.

Waking up before everyone else does, gives them enough time to handle the things before they get in the way. Think about it this way, if you had one extra hour a day, how much more could you get done?

Shortening your sleep habit could easily give you this extra hour! Time to reset your alarm!

#2 – Working out is also one of the most important things to do, if you want to be successful. Keep your body healthy and your mind energized through exercise.

But then we have so many calls, emails and chores that get in our way that we move the workout to the next day. The following day the same problem occurs and so on…

In order to avoid this, do as the successful people do and work out in the morning. Not only will it be empty in the gym, you will have more energy throughout the day and more than 30% of what you wanted to accomplish during your day has now been done. You’ve now completed a lot of the annoying tasks in the morning and worked out. The rest of the day can be tackled for the important tasks.

morning shower
Waking up early can be hard

#3 – With all the important tasks that are still ahead of us, it can be a bit overwhelming and we quickly get flustered when trying to process everything in our mind.

This is why it’s good to just take a moment to relax. A really bad habit of mine (and probably many of you do the same) is to go on my smartphone first thing when I wake up. I go through my emails, check my notifications, reply to certain things and before I know it I’m already in work mode.

Successful people take their time in the morning to reflect and think about things. We shouldn’t stress ourselves first thing in the morning.

#4 – The last great habit we should copy of the morning rituals successful people have is to tackle the most annoying task first. Why would we bother doing that first? Well, if you complete whatever bothers you the most first, the rest of the day will be more joyful and the remaining tasks will be much easier to handle.

If you take the easy ones first, all day you will have that dreading feeling, knowing there is still the major burden lying ahead of you. This creates a passive negative feeling in the back of your head.

Time For Lunch

Now that the morning routines are covered, we can focus on how successes live the rest of the day. As for the midday period, I won’t go into detail how you should nourish yourselves with vitamins and healthy diets etc. because honestly most of us should be aware of this already and it is quite a common thing to know.

Instead let us focus on the other habits on how to be more efficient with the work after the morning routine has been completed. Now that we got our workout done, most of the tedious tasks and half our work done and had some time to reflect and organize the rest of the day, here’s a small list of things we should do to effectively continue the day:

  1. Follow your checklist – Don’t let yourself get off track and always remember what you’ve written down on your checklist. If you don’t have a checklist,  you should definitely start writing one from now on. See my example of a checklist template. It will help you to stay focused and complete your work more efficiently.
  2. Don’t be negative – Work isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do of course but having a negative attitude will only make it worse. Try to stay positive and look at the positive aspects in life. Whatever you’re doing should be done for a purpose. Don’t live to work, work to live!
  3. endless route
    Don’t follow an endless road. Keep your goals in mind

    No burnouts – No matter how much you want to succeed and how badly you want to make it, don’t forget to take breaks. Stare out the window for a few seconds and give your eyes a rest from the unnatural light of the computer screen. Stand up from your chair and stretch or go for a small walk so get the blood flowing through your body.

  4. Don’t be a yes-man – Try not to take everything on yourself. It’s good to be an expert in everything but it doesn’t mean you have to complete every task all the time. Divide your work smartly and give certain tasks to those that can help.
  5. Keep your goal in mind – Remember the first point? Well make sure you know what all your effort is working towards. If you don’t have a goal you will be working yourself to death. Your work tasks will seem endless if you don’t know what you are working towards! If you haven’t done so yet, write down your goals and have a glance at the occasionally.

End Of The Day

Unlike most of you, I hate the end of the day. I always feel like I could always do a little more and stay up a bit longer to complete a few more tasks. I guess this is a bad habit to have and here is the final list to complete the day of what successful people usually do.

Everyone has some pet peeves and here are some of the things highly successful people avoid doing:

  • Stop looking at motivational quotes and actually take action. There are millions of nice quotes to look at and think, “one day I can reflect and think back at that quote”. Why don’t you get your hands dirty and live the quote now?
  • Don’t think of failure. If you have a project and automatically include the possibility of failure, you will never succeed. Try to have a winning attitude and failure will soon be a myth. If you know your business will work, your confidence will make it work.
  • Interrupting others is a very bad habit to have. Try to listen to whoever might want to give you advice on how to do things. Even if they are completely off track and just chat a lot unnecessary things you don’t want to hear, show them respect and answer once they are done. It helps to build trust and after all communication is a very important skill to have.

    lucky foresight
    Stop looking at quotes and make them happen

Now that you have a good idea of what to avoid to succeed, you should be able to plan a complete day of success for the future.

Like always these habits don’t have to be part of your life as of today, but try including them step by step. Change your alarm now and wake up an hour earlier. I’m sure the first day is hard but eventually it will become second nature, just like the rest of the habits.

If you want to be as successful as your idols, then you too should act the way they do. The question of ‘what do successful people do‘ has now been answered with some of the most powerful habits. It should definitely improve your life at least a little bit (if you are seeking to improve that is).

I hope you had an enjoyable read and if you have any thoughts or comments just leave them below.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Loving your site, I especially enjoy the idea of keeping a list and I think I’m going to put that forth myself. Luckily I’m already an early riser, but I think I’ll start getting up even earlier. I have lots of things that need to get done! And I work, but I think I need to throw a little more of that in there too. Again, great site!

    • Hey,

      Firstly I’d like to thank you for the compliment and that you enjoy my site 🙂

      I need to keep my list making a bit more regular I always make some and forget to make future ones etc.

      As for being an early riser, I kind of don’t sleep past 9:30 am anymore but I set an alarm a good hour earlier. I might set it back another hour to get more done as well.

      It feels like the day doesn’t have enough hours sometimes.

      Again thanks for the compliment and glad you enjoyed it,


  2. Hey, Esteban.

    I like your writings, enjoyed reading your article.

    Quick note about your pics.

    When I click on them they take me to the media file, I believe this is what it is called.

    If this is what you intended then never mind.

    I’ve been told SEO likes this but if your reader is too lazy to arrow back to your website, you may have lost a reader.

    I guess I’ll never be a successful rich person.

    Too lazy to exercise, I like sleeping in late and spend too much time on social media, LOL!!

    Hope this helps and if ya want more info about the pics drop me a line.


    • Hey Larry,

      Thanks for enjoying my article and writing. I made the changes for my images. Starting from now there shouldn’t be any more links unless I intend to 😉

      Don’t be so harsh on yourself. I want to invite you to read a post about self talk and how to boost your productivity with a few simple steps. Maybe this will give you the right mindset 😉

      I’m sure you too will be successful and rich one day!



  3. Love your post here. Indeed we have to live like a successful person starting from now. Mind change is essential and good habits shape up good life! Thanks for the tips and a thorough breakdown on what we should practise in order to be like them! I have trouble with the morning routine and still struggling keeping up the habit. I guess most people do have the same trouble as me.

    • Hey Alex,

      Glad you agree with my post here. I used to struggle quite a bit with the morning routine but I’ve managed to change it now. I’ve written a nice post about benefits of waking up early compared to sleeping in, you can read here if you like.

      As for adapting these habits, I think it is quite essential to repeat success from successful people all the way down to their daily habits.

      That’s the way we can make it too 🙂

      Thanks again for your comment,


  4. What a wonderful post! I’ve been interested in the habits of successful people and I’ve been carefully reconstructing my morning and night routines for about a few weeks as of now! I never go on my laptop and get to work right away, I always take 30 minutes to review my notes and journal and then 20 minutes at least to read. Love your page and love your post!

    • Hey Jose,

      Thanks for the nice feedback. Yea I should get back and follow my routine as well but I just started a new job so I’m still getting used to the whole different shifts and times I have to get up at. Feel like I should read more now!



  5. Great Post, I really do think these traits do make a person successful and remain successful for a long time. Especially waking up early and getting ahead. One of the things I have started doing is getting up at 3:30am and working out. I feel this really gets you energized to run the day. Also planning your day the night before so you know exactly what needs to be done.

    Thank you for the information. A great post and one to read by all.

    • Wow 3.30 really is early! Well done I would collapse if I had to wake up at that time haha. As for getting everything planned the night before, it really helps to clear your mind as well. I tend to think incredibly much at night and it keeps me up because I don’t want to forget tasks I want to take care of the next day. Listing them definitely helps to get rid of those thoughts at night for a good nights sleep.

  6. Many nice tips on this post. If I had to choose the most important one, I would recommend to everyone to avoid the thinking of failure.

    If we have never failed, it means that we never risk anything. If we never risk, we will never win.

    So, we should not want to fail but we should not afraid to fail.

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