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The Importance Of Checklists

Checklists have often been and still are highly undervalued by a lot of people. I have heard comments from former colleagues that my morning checklists were pointless, a waste of time etc.Checklist to maintain

I was also told, that I should just simply remember things in my head and do them when I get off from work.

On the other hand I know that if I have several things I want to take care of and thousands of things go on during the day, I can easily forget one or two objectives I planned on achieving by the end of the day.

To this day I still create checklists, whether they are daily routine checklists or weekly ones.

In this post I will discuss the benefits of a checklist and provide you with a weekly checklist template you can use for your own benefit. I do these specifically for my online business, so feel free to switch them up to match them for your tasks.

What Are Checklists Good For?

There are many benefits of a checklist and I will outline some of them and hopefully convince you to start some yourselves.

Firstly, it doesn’t take long to create one. I’m sure we all have a spare 5 minutes to take a pen and paper, to write down at least 5 – 10 things we would like to accomplish on a daily if not weekly basis.

The positives of these are:

  • Your productivity levels rise significantly
  • You will feel less stressed as you don’t carry as many tasks with you to remember
  • You may sleep better at night
  • You will achieve more
  • You will save more time

And there are plenty more benefits. All coming from a simple checklist you created in a few minutes.

clear conscience through checklists
Clear state of mind

This clarity that you outline through checklists is so valuable but often overlooked. You won’t be running around through the day doing one thing and remembering another by the time it’s too late, to accomplish it.

The key of these checklists are to complete at least 70% of the things you’ve written down. That way not only do you see results, but you will feel a lot more productive.

In terms of results, it is very important to actually see them. If for instance you are planning to work out and have a goal in mind, you may find it hard to maintain your motivation after a month or two. If however you keep a checklist where you write down weekly goals and you match or even exceed them, you will feel more motivated to exceed next weeks goals.

The same goes for any other checklist related tasks you might have.

Not Sure What To Write?

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with things you actually want to take care of. I too face that issue every now and then. A good exercise you could do, is to walk around your flat or house and look at things you’ve been meaning to take care of but always found an excuse not to.

The door that needs to be fixed, that lightbulb that needs to be changed, groceries to buy, etc. there is always something that needs to be done in a household. I’ve learned that very early on.

There's always space for improvement
There’s always space for improvement

Those are all things you can write down in your list. Even smaller tasks such as making the bed or cleaning a room. It all adds up and they are all pushed away for a ‘better moment’.

By clearing these tasks your mind will be freed from clutter. It helps you think better.

Since I’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been working on my online business, I’ve started creating daily as well as weekly checklists more frequently.

Without my checklist, I sometimes feel like I am procrastinating too much and I tend to do things that aren’t as productive as I think they are. With my daily and weekly checklist, I know what I have to accomplish and everything outside of it, is a bonus.

My Template:

So without further ado, here is my typical weekly checklist. Feel free to copy the same tasks if you own a website and plan on monetizing it through affiliate marketing:

  1. Clean up Website
  2. Add at least post a day
  3. Add at least 1 Review a week
  4. Backup New content on Hard drive as well as on Desktop (end of the week)
  5. Receive comments from WA members
  6. Write comments for WA members (minimum 10)
  7. Proof read latest posts and update when necessary (end of the week)
  8. Check statistics and try to solve issues or improve the stats
  9. Come up with new subjects to write about in the following days
  10. Read at least one motivational post from successful member.

Those are 10 tasks I find are necessary to succeed, within my online business. I’ve been adding and changing points weekly but for now, these seem to be quite good points for my personal use.

The last point is for extra motivation. I tend to get negative thoughts throughout my process (even though I have been consistently making progress) and therefor I like to read success stories from other Wealthy Affiliate members and connect with them and boost my confidence again.

How WA Helps Me Maintain Checklists

Sometimes I get a little carried away with my laziness and I forget to keep checklists. I mentioned the great community of WA several times already but I have to reinforce how valuable the community is.

If you’ve ever been to school, you might remember the annoying tasks you were asked to do at the end of the day, when you were sent home called “homework”. These daunting tasks you had to complete at home are a very powerful way of learning.

After being stuck in school for the entire day, filled with information, it is highly unlikely you’re going to remember everything by the end of that day. Through the completion of tasks at home, your brain is reactivated to remember what you went through in school. This helps you to remember such information, as repetition is the father of learning.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you pretty much learn in a similar, yet more fun, way.

Tweak on work until it's done
Complete the task no matter how hard it is

You can start one of the 2 main courses, and each of these has several phases with 10 lessons each. After each lesson, you are meant to complete certain tasks, which you can then tick off at the bottom.

The tasks that you tick off, remind me of the homework I had to do during school. So once I complete the task I can move onto the next lesson.

However at the end of each phase, you are supposed to take a break and complete tasks you are meant to give yourself! This is where my personalized checklist comes in handy.

The combination of learning by reading and watching video lessons combined with “learning by doing” is probably the most effective form of learning (for me at least).

Skipping Tasks

Just as in your schooldays, if you skip a homework or a task, it will reflect on your performance.

Countless times I see people skipping tasks and trying to achieve results as fast as possible.

The sad truth is, that most goals whether they are related to exercising or making money online, take time and effort. Have you ever skipped your homework, so long that when you received an exam, you had no clue what the answers were?

Well it is pretty much the same with an online business. If you skip ahead and just complete the tasks you want to do, then you will not see any organic traffic or any conversions.

No shortcuts to success
Every success started at the bottom

Some things in life just take time and determination. The effort you put in now will be rewarded with success later! There’s no shortcut to this.

So there you have the benefits of a checklist. I hope this was a useful post for some. Do you have daily or weekly checklists? Do you think they are useful? What are your thoughts on them?

Would you change my list or do you think they are pointless to keep? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this subject and as usual if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me!



    • Hey Liam,
      I think keeping lists is so useful it keeps me pushing forward and it keeps me organized! I know that a lot of people think it’s pointless but it really isn’t! I can vouch for it 😉
      Thanks for reading!

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