A Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018

Product name: Wealthy Affililate

Link: www.WealthyAffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Level of Experience Needed: None. Site is for complete beginners and experts!

Price: 0$ (free membership) $47/month or $359/yearly for premium membership

Overall Rank: 9.5 / 10



Why should anyone listen to me about this product? Easy answer, I’ve not only signed up and taken part of the community, I’ve also upgraded and I’m testing it firsthand.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was doing my research about affiliate marketing and was tempted to buy course after course out there.

Every course seemed to promote the same business but made it sound like they offer the best value for it.Wealthy Affiliate Review 2015

When I first heard about wealthy affiliate, I was reading a review about it. What caught my attention immediately is that the course was for free!

You can sign up and start taking part in the lessons for free (please note that I will offer a bonus in the end if you do sign up).

I don’t think there is any other course or product out there in terms of affiliate marketing that is for free and adds so much content and value to it.

I will be updating everyone, as I progress my journey with wealthy affiliate in case I change my mind.

There is a premium account you can pay for which offers a ton of things I’ll be going into below in the wealthy affiliate review you’re about to read.


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

As I wrote at the top, this course can be for anyone. It covers everything from beginning to end.

For absolute new comers of affiliate marketing, as well as Experts, that already have a deep understanding within the topic.

Really this course or community is for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing.

If you really are interested in generating passive income and would like to have this stream of money then this is a great tool to aid you.

If you believe any of the get rich quick schemes out there you should think twice. Most likely it will leave you empty handed and a little bit more broke than you started with.

At WA you can see for yourself with your free account what a great community it is.

When I signed up, I tested everything from creating my website (which I had no clue how to do before), to communicating to other users, using the lessons and even testing if the owners are active on their own community.

I quickly got a response from Kyle (one of the owners) himself and am far into the ‘Bootcamp’ course by now.


Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp course


What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Unlike most programs out there, WA is more of a community, if not university for Affiliate marketing. When I went on forums about online businesses I was overwhelmed with the information that was just thrown at you.

Here at Wealthy affiliate you have a structured course you can start off with from the beginning.

If at any point you struggle you can ask the community to help you or simply look at other peoples questions or blogs, posted on the site and most likely find your answers there.

It covers courses, classrooms, website hosting, all sorts of tools and much more.

At any point people will be online and you can get instant access to help and communication.That’s what makes this site so unique compared to others out there.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, I was so impressed by the site, that after a week of signing up, I upgraded to the premium membership to get full access to all the tools and resources and I haven’t regretted it yet!


Trainings And Tools

As I mentioned above there are several tools and trainings available to members on that site.

As a free account member you will only have access to these for a week, but it’s well worth trying them out and getting a taste for what the premium membership offers.

Have a look at the below video to see inside the community itself.

Some tools and trainings will be available for ever as a non premium member, so don’t feel forced to upgrade. Feel free to go and try the bootcamp example: click here!

You will see this is available for free and it is amazingly structured and organized.

If you don’t have a structure you will be running around like a headless chicken and it will take you years before seeing any results.

Thanks to the availability of the blogs, chats and courses you can avoid other peoples mistakes and take a shortcut to success.Checklist Wealthy Affiliate

My favorite bits so far, are the courses provided at WA. After each lesson you will have a checklist that lets you tick off the tasks you’re supposed to complete.

That way you can track your records and see where you left off. On your left side you will have a menu that follows you around each page and you can easily click on the course you left off at, at any give point.

Pros vs. Cons

Let me list my pros and cons here to get a bit of a summary:


  • Structured trainings for all levels
  • University type of environment
  • Keyword tool
  • Website hosting (including 2 free websites for non premium members)
  • Live video classes (that get recorded in case you miss any)
  • Affiliate program so that you can earn money from their site
  • Constant support
  • Huge library of resources, articles and blogs
  • Active owners to ask questions too and get help from
  • Constant support from community keeping you motivated
  • Free membership sign up 🙂


  • Possibly get a feeling of being overwhelmed with the overload of information

I honestly struggled with finding cons so far but this is the main one I could think of. I will update my list in future in case I see any other negatives or positives I feel are worth mentioning.


Final Verdict + Bonus

Overall I think we can all agree this is a magnificent page. It gives so much valuable content and resources to its members, it’s hard to complain about.

As I’ve only joined for a short while at this point I cannot give a bulletproof review. But my advice to you is to just sign up and give it a go.

As it’s free you don’t have anything to lose really and you can see what it feels like to be premium for the first 7 days. If you’ve missed the link please click here!

As for the up sells, you will find that in order to join the premium membership you can either pay a monthly fee of $47 or a yearly fee of $359.

Compared to other programs out there that offer a tenth of what Wealthy Affiliate offers, I think this is a pretty good value for the membership.


If you upgrade your membership to premium within the first week, I can offer you the first month for 59% discount!

I can’t guarantee this will be forever but it certainly works for those of you that decide to sign up and go Premium within 7 days of signing up.

I will also stand by your side for any questions you may have!

But as I said please feel free to check out the free membership as you get 500 training modules, social networking features, 2 free websites which you can manage from that account, access to the keyword tool and many more benefits which are included in the premium membership.

WA Graph Visualization

If I can change my life around for such a small fee I think it is beyond worth it.

I’ve signed up for courses before that offer similar amount of content but it was just all thrown at you in one go, no structure and it cost me over $4,000.

All in all I give this site a ranking of 9.5 out of 10.


If you feel like this article was useful or that some content is missing, please feel free to comment and I will be more than glad to help you out.

As I mentioned above, I am personally taking part in this community, so this will be one of the few wealthy affiliate reviews you can trust and I will be updating it occasionally.

I do believe that this is the best possible course for beginners, however you have to be patient and willing to work hard to see success.

WA is trying to encourage people to create authority sites, rather than meaningless small niche sites for a quick profit.

I also appreciate positive comments or criticisms so that I can improve my site. So don’t be shy and leave a comment behind 🙂




  1. Great information for any considering starting their own business online. The best part is joining for free and being able to get your feet wet without worrying about spending any upfront money. Then once you’re ready and feel comfortable about what you’re doing you can join as a premium member and there is no upsells like so many other platforms/programs.

    • Hey Veronica,

      I completely agree and this is actually what I’ve done myself. I tested the platform and there was no need for me to go premium really. I just upgraded because I knew the additional content will be extremely useful. And as you said, unlike other platforms or programs there aren’t any hidden upsells. That’s what’s annoying about most fake programs out there. They promise you something for a ‘low’ price and then once you’ve joined you’re basically paralyzed and left empty handed because they teach you about 10% and make you pay huge fees to get the rest.

      • Hey Glenda,

        Of course you can cancel your membership if you don’t wish to continue. Your free account will always be active though. So in case you ever decide to continue, your free account should still be working. For Premium memberships you can cancel anytime you wish!
        As for the ‘not working’ part I have to say that this is a proven method so it will work eventually if you pull through 🙂 if you ever struggle just shout out and myself or someone else will try to identify where you’re struggling until you succeed!
        Hope that helps 🙂

  2. Hey,

    Yea the fee to begin with is so high so I expected a lot more in terms of structure and organization!

    I mean if you are passionate about becoming a trader then I highly suggest you go for this course but again the silver subscription rather than the millionaires course!

    Thanks for your comment!

  3. Hi,

    I just go thru the site and liked the Wealthly Affiliate and want to explore more on it but some of the countries this is not an free to sign up.

    I am log-in from India and not able to do the free account.


    • Hi Thomas,
      I think certain countries have that issue. I think the only way to get around it is to change your IP address.
      I don’t personally know how to do that but I know of others that were able to join for free by doing so!
      I hope that helps,

  4. Good morning Esteban,
    I found your review on millionaire challenge. I followed your info link and seamlessly ended up on this site. Smooth move. However, my question is:
    1. The other site was about penny stocks. Is this also,or something different?

    Respectfully ‘


    • Hey Sheelah,

      I’m not entirely sure which info link you are referring to but the only links that send you over to the WA review page are the ones mentioning an alternative source to create passive income. This is my current personal source and my preferred and most recommended one for complete beginners.

      The Millionaire Challenge of Timothy Sykes is about penny stock trading. Wealthy Affiliate is a more secure and slower way of generating passive income. Less stress, you choose your hours etc.

      Basically it teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing but you also learn a lot of skills which you can monetize.

      The course itself has nothing to do with stock trading.

      I hope this answers your question Sheelah.

      Feel free to get back at me if you have more questions 🙂


  5. I also have a blog. but i have no income. Because i have no adesnse or other affiliate. Can suggest me about an affiliation for a software blog??

    • Well for adsense you can always sign up to Googles adesense program or bing I guess. As for affiliate programs with softwares, I’d just do some research.
      Think about the softwares you personally use and think are good. Then think about some you’ve used in the past and hate. Find out if they have affiliate programs and sign up to them 🙂
      Hope that helps.

  6. Hey, just wanted to say thank you for pointing me to WA. I have been a member now for a few weeks and upgraded to premium. It is exactly as you said it would be. Supportive community, excellent training.

    • Hey,

      Have you signed up through me? I’m glad you found it useful 😀 to me it was like a gift and something I’ve been missing and looking for in my life for a very long time. Although the internet has all the answers to make millions in your lifetime it’s hard to filter through all the spam, fakes and lies so stumbling across something like WA was truly the best thing for me!
      Glad you agree 😉 ,

  7. Hi Esteban,

    I initially read your review about Tim Sykes millionaire challenge… I already had my interview and immediately knew it wasn’t for me (I actually have a finance background and know a lot of the ins and outs of trading).

    I now read your review about WA, I literally haven’t ever heard of this website/process before. I’m just wondering what would you suggest as the first 3-5 beginning steps for me to do to see if this is something I’d be interested in trying to attempt to get into?

    Please let me know. I love your openness and honesty about everything. Such a refresher to see from all the bullshit we come across daily in this crazy world.


    • Hey Stacey,

      Quite interesting you did the interview etc and saw through it straight away 🙂
      As for the WA and what I’d suggest is to probably sign up to their free membership. You get a week of premium to see what it would be if you did sign up for a premium account. You also get to do the first few lessons of both of the main courses they offer.
      I think if you make use of that week, explore around, talk to people, do the lessons, read some posts, you will quickly see if you can imagine yourself making some extra cash through affiliate marketing.
      I guess what scares people away the most is the fact that they have to learn how to create a website etc. but if you go through the first few lessons you’ll see how easy it is.
      If it really isn’t for you you’d know straight away and since you didn’t pay anything nor give any credit card details, there’s really nothing to lose except some time 🙂

      Hope this answers your questions.

      Feel free to ask me anything else if you need more advice. Glad you like my honesty and yea there’s a lot of bull going on just for a few bucks (sadly)


  8. I am curious as I have never heard of any of this. I stumbled on this website actually researching something else. I would like to know more information. Are you still active what this? If so, what are the results? I have tons more questions but this is what I have for now. Thanks.

  9. Hi Essi,
    WA sounds like it is the real deal. How many people are actually applying what they say to do and making money? It seems like it may be difficult for an older 50’s guy like me. How challenging is it really?

    • Hey Horace,
      It’s pretty impossible for me to tell you how many people actually do as they’re taught and make money 😀 but I know that the ones who do and ask the community for help when they’re lost or stuck end up making money very soon.
      I wouldn’t let age be an excuse because the lessons are mostly taught through video which shows you exactly where to click what to look for etc. so it’s very simple to follow. My dad actually started a site a few months ago and within his first 3 months made a few dollars. (He’s 60 btw) So anyone can do it really. The real challenge is sticking to it and putting consistent work behind it and not chasing the next golden ticket. For anyone who’s curious to try I can only recommend trying to 7 day free trial of the premium membership. After you’re still allowed to use the free account but if you want to go back to premium you need to pay monthly or yearly fees.
      Anyway 7 days is a good amount to see what’s in it I guess (it convinced me at least 😉 )

  10. Hello Essi
    I followed this link while I was reading your review on Tim sykes. My question to you is after I read all the comments here, what is WA exactly? Do they just teach you howto create a website and you sell in it like Amazon or eBay? How you create your income? I will D defiantly visit the site but I just wanted to know what is it exactly. If you can explain in simple words that will be appreciative.

    • Hey Zeko,
      So if I’d try to clarify exactly what WA is, I’d say, firstly it’s a giant community and platform. Within this you have several courses but 2 main courses.
      The two courses essentially teach you the same thing, which is how to make money online through affiliate marketing.
      First you’ll learn the concept and how it actually works. This includes how to create a website and promote products (or services) that are being sold on other websites such as Amazon and eBay as you said!
      Every time someone buys a product through your website but from Amazon or eBay, you then get a commission.
      Basically you didn’t create the product, you didn’t manufacture, store, order, deliver, or do anything with the product, you simply make sure people click on your link to get redirected to the place where they can purchase it. For that service you get a commission.
      I always like to think of it as a modern days salesman. Instead of walking from house to house and try to sell something you try to get them to come to your house (or website) and sell something.
      I hope this clears it up a bit. You should definitely sign up, as you can sign up for free and see for yourself.

      • Last but not least do you think this is something can be a whole job for you? For examole. Can it really be like a full-time job or create a fortune from it if you quit your daily job working with a company just to pay bills.

        • Hey Zeko,

          If you mean whether or not affiliate marketing can replace your job and help you make enough money to live off, then yes absolutely.
          I may still not have reached that point myself, but you can see that I’ve had months where I made a lot more than in my corporate job. (you can see my track record on my monthly reports here)
          I have seen and spoken to many affiliates that make more money than most people can even imagine. Have a look at this roundup for instance. Most, if not every person featured on this makes more than 2k monthly (usually more in the range of 10k).
          Additionally, once you do replace your job with affiliate marketing, you’ll probably work a lot less than 8 hours a day glued to a desk!
          I mean if I speak for myself alone, I do this on the side and I’m already doing ok. I don’t usually spend more than 2 hours a day.

  11. Hi Essi, thanks for all the info! I have some quick questions:

    – Is that traffic generation that WA teaches us mainly SEO?

    – If so, does WA teach us how to write good, compelling content that actually HELPS people, as opposed to phony “product reviews”? The search engines seem to love this type of content, not to mention the relationship-building that takes place (more sales).


    • Hey Mike,

      So the main objective is SEO with WA. They have a very traditional approach but what they keep mentioning and I kept ignoring, is that their way has passed all of Googles updates and never have they been downgraded or penalized by doing so.
      A lot of new SEO “experts” try to give you shortcuts etc but then they suddenly see a massive drop in traffic once a new update comes out.
      They do teach you how to write useful/helpful reviews. I think they actually make a strong case of it by enforcing that you should be passionate about the website you create because the passion automatically translates in your articles. I know what you mean with phoney reviews. They don’t teach you how to do these. Besides those reviews are usually “loved” by search engines because of the PBN’s and other black hat methods they use. But again they don’t last very long!

      Hope this helps out a little. Don’t forget you can try the community/course out for free and never have to upgrade if you don’t like the way WA is structured. I always encourage people to at least sign up for free as it doesn’t hurt anyone 🙂

  12. Hey man I really appreciate your work on this blog. I am starting my own blog on personal finance. I want to only focus on creating content for the first few months and will start PPC later. Do you think this course is for me?

    • Hey, Glad to see you’re jumping on board as well 🙂
      Honestly I can only advise to sign up for the free membership. You will see what it’s like and you can experiment a little with the course, interact with the community and judge for yourself.
      Basically you have nothing to lose and you can only learn from the experience!

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