Ways To Make Money With Instagram – It’s Possible

ways to make money with instagram title image

ways to make money with instagram title image

The Instagram Myth

Day in and day out I see people spending time on their smartphones just scrolling and ‘double tapping’ images for hours.

Trying to have a conversation with some people is near impossible because they’re too busy checking out the newest Kim Kardashian images.

This zombie like behavior has been created through the sensation of the Instagram application.

Most of you probably have an account yourselves and if you don’t you should seriously consider creating one.

Why? Because whether or not you have a blog, there are many ways to make money with Instagram and it’s not as hard as you might think!

Here’s what you will learn in this post:

  • How to setup your own account
  • How to get thousand followers in no time
  • Different ways to make money with instagram
  • What could happen in future

Of course I’ll be focusing on the affiliate marketing perspective, since I’ve been trying to specialize in that field for several months now.

Nevertheless I will include other options which don’t even require for you to own a website!

I have to say from the beginning that it only crossed my mind about 2 months ago, to create my own account.

As the whole blogging phenomenon is still quite fascinating and new to me, I constantly see the opportunities and try to ride the wave when I can.

Why Instagram?

Of course there are other apps and social media sites which have huge potential and probably make more money, but I just started Instagram.

It all began around October 2015 when I was last in London, to visit one of my friends.

He introduced me to one of his colleagues and we all got started discussing affiliate marketing and what I’m currently doing.

It was around the time I created my first micro niche site. The colleague asked me if I had an Instagram account to boost my sales.

I had just created one the day before and asked him if he knew a bit more about the application.

To my surprise he showed me that he had around 4,000 followers. When I asked him what he does, he said nothing special. He just posted regularly.

This really impressed me and I needed to find a way to get that reach of audience.

People started drawing pictures for him and even sending him clothes. To top it all off, his account was private.

This means only people he allows to follow him, can actually view his pictures.

If an average Joe can get 4,000 followers, without even trying, surely I can reach that with an aim and purpose.

Easy Setup

Here’s how you can get involved and have your own personal account. It takes about 3 steps if not less.

The easiest way to do it would be with a smartphone or tablet in my opinion, but you can also use your laptop or PC if you download the app.

  1. Go to your app store, search for Instagram and download the app.ways to make money with instagram downloading the app
  2. Next thing you want to do is to sign up. You can either login with your Facebook or create an account. I suggest you create an account if you want to make it a brand rather than using your private profile.ways to make money with instagram account creation
  3. Write a nice short bio. Try to use some emojis as they attract people. (Below you can see what I’ve done so far)ways to make money with instagram bio description

It’s really as simple as that. If you want, get started by following people who have the application and are your friends on Facebook.

For those of you that want to do it over the Laptop or PC, as I said above, you have to download and install the application before you can use it.

If you go through a browser you may only login to an already existing account.

Even if you have an account and login on your desktop, I find it a bit limited to the things you can do.

Yes you are still able to follow people and like images, however you’re a lot slower and everything is a bit more complicated compared to smartphone.

So just for the simplicity and efficiency, try to use your phone I’m sure you have a smartphone.

Introducing Yourself

Now that you’ve set up your account and wrote an interesting enough profile description (also known as ‘bio’) it’s time to get to know people.

If you haven’t connected with your Facebook friends that’s no problem at all.

In a previous tutorial I pretty much outlined how I managed to get 1,000’s of followers within no time.

It’s pretty simple and takes about 2 minutes a day. I’m sure you could speed up the process by repeating this more than once during the day.

Technically you can add 120 people every hour. However I like to play it save and add 120 a day not more.

I don’t know the exact ration but once you hit a limit, you have to start unfollowing people to follow more.

So basically when I reached around 7,000 people I was following and only had about 2,100 following me back, I wasn’t allowed to follow more.

What I then started doing is unfollow people.

Now obviously you’d only want to unfollow those who aren’t following you back.
ways to make money with instagram using crowdfireWhat’s the most efficient way of doing that? Using Crowdfire.

This little tool enables you to unfollow 100 people an hour (with the free account) and it filters out the ones that don’t follow you!

Within a day you can easily get rid of 500+ people that aren’t interested in you or your content, with little effort.

Ok so now that you know how to get your followers, it’s time to keep them entertained and make your account interesting.

In order to do that, you want to post images regularly and make sure to use a bunch of relevant hashtags!

Every hashtag can get you another couple of additional people following you, because you have something in common.

I recommend to have at least 2 hashtags and post a minimum of 1 image a week.

To find out which images convert the best, try using light images and mix it up with the occasional ‘selfie’ or personal image.

(Also make use of their different filters and comment on other pictures.)

Don’t try to sell anything. Be personal and yourself and try to show what you’re passionate about.

People like to follow natural looking accounts.

Ways To Make Money

There are several ways to make money on Instagram, like I mentioned earlier and most of you have been waiting for this part.

So for those of you that don’t have a website and solely want to make money by posting images on their account, there are several apps.

One in particular is called Takumi.

With Takumi you might need at least 1,000 followers (no problem as I’ve shown you how to do that) and post a minimum of 2 times per week.

Each post could get you around £40 which converts to about $58.

Now the more followers you have and the bigger your influence is, the higher the payout.

Once you reach over 100,000 followers you could be earning more than a lawyer. Not too bad for snapping a few pics here and there.

Have a think about that… 2 images a week generating around £3,000. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Have a look at some more interesting figures for this app alone on this article here.ways to make money with instagram takumi example

Sadly Takumi only works for UK based Instagrammers! This shouldn’t scare you off though.

There are plenty more apps that pay out worldwide. I just wanted to give at least one example.

There are other apps which are more ‘photo-selling’ based. Meaning you can sell your images for a small fee such as MobilePrints or Twenty20.

Now these are just a few. There are plenty more apps you could get paid for snapping pictures.

For those of you that own a website, you should definitely include the link your bio.

The more followers you have the more people will click on that link. One of my main traffic sources for my micro site, comes through Instagram.

All I did was post a product image I promote and mentioned the link in my bio.

(Sometimes you’re required to mention where the link can be found when you post images, in order to remind people to have a look at your bio.)

Recently I’ve had more and more people come up and private message me as well.

This brings me to my next money making Instagram method!

They have checked out my profile and wanted to know more about affiliate marketing and making money online.

This of course is a golden opportunity for me to get to know the person a bit better on a personal level.

I then end by sharing how I learned my affiliate knowledge and they go have a look at my review.

Every so often this results in a new sign up which obviously turns into some earnings for me!

I find it important to connect with people because that way I can show that I’m not a machine or promoting fluff.

A final option, is to start promoting other brands exclusively.

Start contacting brands you favor once you have a big enough audience.

If they show an interest in your profile and following it is very likely that you can get some earnings for each post you provide including their brand.

Of course this also requires you to have a solid following.

What Happens Next?

If you continue getting more and more followers and your account eventually blows up, you will have to do less work from your side.

Big brands and promoters will naturally come towards you and ask for small jobs.

Fitness models typically get a nice salary per image posted on their accounts.

(Try maintaining one theme when owning an account. Typical themes are food based accounts, gym and fashion)

I’m sure you’ve heard of fashion bloggers making a couple of bucks through their Instagram account?

Here’s an example of one girl making anything around $5,000-$15,000 per image!

Yes she almost has 1M followers but that can easily be achieved. The more followers have the faster your account grows!

Are you still hesitating whether or not you should start creating an Instagram account?

Honestly you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Look at it like a long term investment.

Once you reach the 100,000th follower you have the ability to make serious money.

Imagine you want to promote your eBook and send out one image to those 100,000 people.

If 0.1% ends up buying your book at the cost of $10 that’s $1,000 in your pocket.

And if they comment or tag friends in that image thats even more exposure, free advertising and more sales for you!

Don’t underestimate your reach and the power you have with one account!

I hope I could enlighten you a little with some new ideas on making money online.

Final Word

Although this post was mainly focused on ways to make money with Instagram, you can get the idea how this can be combined.

Each social media has the same if not more potential. Try combining all of them and you can reach millions of people in no time.

Learn what converts, how to make money through these and combine them.ways to make money with instagram becoming instafamous

Chances are a small portion of one media will follow you on another. That instantly gives you a greater value for your account.

Additionally people will start recognizing and speak about you. Before you know it, you’ll be a social media celebrity or living off those earnings.

If you’re more of a video fan you can try starting your YouTube channel or possibly create a Snapchat account.

There’s a social media platform for everyone’s taste out there.

I hope you enjoyed this post and get started with creating your money making Instagram account.

Feel free to add me! ===> Click Here!

Leave your comments below for any questions or general feedback!



    • Hey Rahul,
      Thanks for passing by on my blog and checking out my post!
      Glad you found it helpful. Honestly this is just scratching the surface of the potential Instagram has!
      As you saw there are models making thousands of dollars per image along.
      I know of other influences who made over several hundred thousand dollars in a few months through Instagram alone.

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