Top 20 Reasons For Affiliate Marketing To Be Your Career

Top 20 Reasons For Affiliate Marketing Title

Top 20 Reasons For Affiliate Marketing Title

This Needs To Be Said

As the days go on into my adventure, I keep thinking of how great it is to actually be working in this field.

I always wanted to be my own boss and imagined a job like this. Although I am still miles away from my actual goal, I am very pleased so far.

The progress I’m making is much more than I imagined it to be at this stage. Hopefully I’ll continue to grow at this pace if not faster!

Today I wanted to outline the top 20 reasons for affiliate marketing, and why it should at least cross your mind, as an option for your career.

What you will learn:

  • Reasons why affiliate marketing is great
  • Why you should consider to choose working within it
  • Show you the options you have
  • How it’s worked for me

I’m not saying everyone must do this, I’m just trying to share my opinion on this subject.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own path. However if there are any (and I know there are tons) individuals like me, you’ll appreciate it.

At least I hope you can value some of the things that I’ll be covering in this post.

The List!

  1. It Doesn’t Cost Much To Get Started – Unlike most start-ups, if you want to get started with affiliate marketing, all you need is a few bucks to buy a domain (optional, click here to see how you can start a website for free) and host it. The rest is pretty much free!
  2. You’re Always Free – Whether you want to spend more time at  home with your family or travel more, you’re always flexible. You are free to choose your hours of work whenever because the internet never sleeps and money is pretty much automated through affiliate marketing!
  3. You Don’t Have To Create The New iPhone – Since you’re an affiliate, you don’t need to worry about inventing something revolutionary. Instead you promote it.
  4. No Inventory, Manufacturing, Customer Service etc. – Besides not having to re-invent the wheel, you also don’t have to take care of any other product creation hassle. Everything will be taken care of by the company you’re affiliating for. You just have to worry about sending them customers!
  5. No Limitations – Technically you could make over 3 billion customers. The number of people joining the internet grows daily. There are more than enough customers in any niche you can think of so there are hardly any limitations to how much you can make online.
  6. Minimal Office Equipment – All you technically need is a Laptop or any other form of device that can connect to the internet. If i’d want to, I could run my business off my smartphone. Yes it would be a bit annoying to type out such long texts but it’s possible!
  7. Effort Pays Off – As I mentioned several times, the more work you put in the more you get out of it! The last 3 days I was pretty much bedridden and I was still making sales. I didn’t even open my laptop and I was still making money. How great is that? It’s the same reason I’m working like crazy at the moment, so that I can reach a complete passive income lifestyle as soon as possible! Additionally I didn’t have to call in sick, get a doctors note and all the other hassle a job usually needs you to do.
  8. Unlimited Advice – To be the best at something, you need to know it inside out! There are tons of super affiliates ready to help out. Mentors are all around, whether on blogs or on forums. You can learn so much and improve your business by just seeking them out and chatting to them.
  9. You’re The Boss – Not everyone likes this. I definitely do. I always had issues with authority figures. Whether it was my teacher, my football/soccer coach, driving instructor or manager. I just don’t like being told to do things in a rude way. This doesn’t mean I hated them, I just always thought that I was doing my best and I don’t need to be shouted at for it. Now the only person I can get angry at is myself!
  10. You Don’t Have To Be An Internet Wizard – People always assume that working online and making money on the net, requires you to be an internet master. Knowing a PC like the back of your hand and being able to speak in numbers and program your way through. Trust me that I’m no where near or a PC specialist. Whenever I get stuck I just ask someone or Google my answer. Simple as that!
  11. Easy To Scale – Affiliate marketing is the perfect example for a snowball effect. Once you know what works, you can scale it! Repeat it and move on to discover new angles. When I tried creating a micro site, it worked so well I recently created a second one. It’s slowly picking up pace and you can virtually see how the traffic grows day by day and so do the sales!
  12. Different Methods – There are so many different ways you can get paid with affiliate marketing. Besides being able to sell physical or virtual goods, you can also get paid per item sold or reoccurring sales! There are many other ways but these are just a few examples.
  13. Don’t Have To Waste Your Life – You don’t have to sit on your desk for 8 or more hours a day. As mentioned in point 7, the more you work the more it pays off. But if you still have a job in an office, you may want to start off by working 30 minutes on your business a day. Eventually, as your business picks up, you can quit your job and work as much as you want, until you don’t have to work anymore at all!
  14. Huge Marketplace – As well as having no limits to making money, there is no real competition! Yes of course there are harder markets to enter than others, but think about it this way. There are millions of people promoting the exact same products and still make a nice living. That’s because any new competitor is like a drop in the ocean. It is very unlikely two people will cross paths with their customers or business.
  15. No Risk! – With such little money invested, no product or any real duties, your choosing of time and no boss or employees, what do you have to risk really?
  16. Easy To Track – There are numerous tools you can use to track everything from traffic on your website to affiliate links being clicked. This is great because then you can tell which areas need more work and which you can ease up on. Check out my resource page to see which tools I use.
  17. Nice Introduction – With affiliate marketing you are exposed to so many other ways of making money online. Since I started, I have been introduced to so many and I will definitely test out a few once I get a more stable income. Drop-shipping, PPC and product creation are just a few to mention.
  18. Don’t Need To Be Online – Some of my earnings and referrals came from word of mouth. I merely told people about what I’m doing and they went to find my site and signed up to my affiliate links. This shows that you don’t have to be online to promote your content all the time. Sometimes it can be done through networking offline too!
  19. Work With Your Passion – You can finally do something you love. Whether it’s animals, children or video games, anything can be monetized in affiliate marketing. When I say anything, there really is no limit! Amazon sells over 200 million different items, so I’m sure one of these will fit in a passion of yours (just to give you an idea)!
  20. You’re Helping People – This point is debatable but if you’re an honest person and you are providing valuable information, not only will you have a successful and long lasting business, but you will also be able to help people. My main aim is to help people achieve creating an online business and making money online so that they can have a source of passive income and be their own boss. This is why I blog on this website and show how I’m achieving it. Whenever someone asks me something and I email them back it feels amazing to have helped them out and knowing they will get closer to their goal.

Personal Thoughts

As you can see this is a pretty decent list! I have to say that there are probably a lot more reasons I couldn’t come up with at this point…

However, making the choice to enter affiliate marketing was the best thing I’ve made in 2015. I hope to achieve giant success soon.

I’m pretty sure I will because I’ve never felt better about something before. In a previous post, I wrote out a few things I wish I knew before I started.

I highly encourage you to have a look at it. My main ‘regret’, if you can call it that, is that I didn’t know about this business earlier.

Fact is, that the older we get, the more responsibilities and liabilities we have. So the sooner you start working with affiliate marketing the better.

You will have so much more freedom and once you reach the age where you have to find a job and become a corporate puppet, you can avoid it.

I’m glad I did make that experience, because it just gives me more motivation never to go back to that horrible lifestyle.

People sometimes tell me I exaggerate, the way I look at corporate jobs. I’m sure some of them aren’t that bad.

But all I can say is, that this is how I personally feel about them. I don’t like being in a suit all day to impress my colleagues and a bunch of computers.

The work I did was so meaningless and when I tried to improve things, people would shut me up because it would either mean more work or less jobs.

If I can improve a business isn’t that a good thing?

Long story short, I love my new job and I love seeing ever dollar I make online.

2016 will be amazing. I can feel it already and if you’re interested in joining this trip have a look at my number 1 rated product.

I’m always ready to help you out if you’ve got questions about this lifestyle or work so don’t be to shy to ask questions.

Drop a comment below and I’ll get back to you within a few hours! I hope you enjoyed this list.

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi, these are great instructions you give here and the list of 20 reasons for affiliate marketing is such that I could not add anything really. Truly valuable text. But after some 14 months in this activity I cannot agree that it is easy and it is definitely not easy to scale. It is hard. It is very hard to get a decent traffic, and without traffic there is no online affiliate business. I am sure you will disagree but I am speaking from my own experience just like you from your own. I do not think that many people are successful in this.

    • Hey Jovo,

      Thanks for enjoying the list.

      You’re right when you said that I’ll disagree with your view on it being easy 🙂 what I meant by saying it is easy, is that it doesn’t take much to get started. Although you might not be seeing much traffic on your own site, there is some traffic and you have a site!

      I’m sure you learned how to do both these things within a few days.

      As for having low traffic I think there is never enough! If you need help let me know. What’s your site maybe I could have a look at it and give you some tips?

      Have a look at some of my traffic generating articles, maybe they will come in handy, like this one!

      Good luck and thanks for your comment,


  2. You’ll probably want to give people a few “cons”, meaning things to make aware of when practicing affiliate marketing. At WA, there is no “simplicity” and you’ll end up signing and joining other programs as tools. Also, they might mistake your post and get lured into thinkin it’s a “get rich quick” scheme.

    • Hey,

      This isn’t a pro and cons list so I decided just to make a list of 20 points why affiliate marketing is great (in my opinion).

      I do not mean to give out the false idea saying that this is a get rich quick scheme. But in relation to other things I’ve tried there certainly is more money in this and a lot faster and safer than working in an office for example where you’re more likely to sit on the same salary for years.

      I don’t agree with you saying that you need to join more than WA and other programs. I personally didn’t join any other program to get my business off the ground. All my earnings are thanks to WA.

      Yes of course I use other tools outside the course but that’s voluntary.

      Thanks for your comment :),


  3. Hi Esteban,

    Now this is a truly great list of reasons to pursue affiliate marketing/blogging as a career path.

    I think Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go when it comes to affiliate marketing. I’ve checked out many others but nothing comes close to the amount of resources you get for a low monthly fee.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for liking my list. I definitely would encourage anyone looking to make a living from home or anywhere else for that part, to look into affiliate marketing.

      As for WA, I must agree with your opinion. There are other good ones and I definitely haven’t tried all. But I have tried WA and I’m still a member. So all I can say is that it is still my favorite program so far!


  4. Hi Essi,
    This is a nice list of reasons to get into Affiliate Marketing. Thank you. You say Wealthy Affiliate is your favorite program so far. Have you tried many others and how would compare them? I’m just curious as to why it’s your favorite. Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Kris,

      I haven’t tried many but the ones I did try always left a lot of things out. I don’t like trying to figure out things myself when I pay for a course that’s supposed to teach me.

      Whenever I get stuck with something technical, WA is on top of their game and have an article, video or training explaining how to solve it.

      Additionally there are always people online to help me when the isn’t an answer. Besides the help aspect, WA is also the first program where I’ve actually learned something and made some money.

      There are millions of other reasons why I think it’s better than most programs I’ve tried (price, learning the basics, rewards etc.) but overall I think the help you get is the most valuable reason.

      Hope that answers your question 🙂 thanks for your comment!


  5. Hi Essi,

    Thanks for this post, there really are some great reasons for someone to start affiliate marketing and for those of us already doing so to keep it going.

    I’m going to refer back to this post if there are times when I feel like packing it in, the biggest two for me are you get to work speaking about your passion and helping others, it doesn’t get better than that!

    If you had to recommend a training product for someone new to affiliate marketing, what would it be?

    • Hey Nate,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this and that it can help you get through tough times 🙂 I do enjoy helping people myself and love that I found a new passion that actually pays me as well.

      As for a training product for beginners, I would most definitely guide them in the direction of my favorite and number 1 rated program for obvious reasons.

      I wrote quite a thorough reason to try and explain why that’s my first choice.

      Thanks for your comment,


  6. Hey Esteban! I love every single point you posted. I’m currently a newbie at all this affiliate marketing stuff, but so far I love it. I love that fact that I can “work”(if we want to call it that) whenever I want to. I don’t really call it work, since work usually has a negative connotation to it. I absolutely love progressing on my site and I’m slowly seeing results. I do have a question. If you’re new to affiliate marketing do you think the best approach is through a micro niche site or slowly building up an authority site? Thanks for the great read, have an awesome day.

    • Hey Michael,

      I have to agree with you on that. It doesn’t always feel like work but more like a hobby or an activity. As for your question though, I think you want to find something you really like and build around that.

      Having a micro site is profitable but hard to make it work. In the end you’ll realize that an authority site will only continue growing whereas a micro site will die out if you don’t feed it with content and build backlinks etc.

      So in the end you’ll have to put the same amount of effort into it so it makes sense to just start with an authority site straight away!

      Hope this helps,


  7. Just like you, I wished I had discovered this online opportunity sooner, like when I have a ton of time during my college years. It’s quite a struggle when you have to work day and blog at night to grow your affiliate business.

    I’ve been looking at a few programs to get started and am a little overwhelmed with the choices that I have on the internet. I’ve gotten myself into an affiliate program but not getting a lot of traffic to my site.

    You seem to be doing quite well yourself. Can you offer some tips? Thanks

    • Hey Cathy,

      It is hard but then again I guess if you spare an hour a day or even 30 minutes a day progress will be inevitable 🙂 I’m doing ok but my traffic has dropped significantly since I got a new job and haven’t been working much on my site lately.

      I’ve been mainly focusing on my side project because I have a good feeling about it. I would suggest not to bother with too many programs and just stick to one you feel confident with and that has several good reviews. I myself can only recommend Wealthy Affiliate so far because to this day I’ve made the most progress, money and connections through it and it’s taught me the basics to actually create an affiliate empire.

      As for traffic tips, keep writing content but use 80% of your energy to promote that content. When I was incredibly active on social media I saw massive influx of traffic. Many pro’s told me to promote more and produce less. So use the 80/20 principle.

      Personally I also find that guest posting is quite useful especially to brand yourself!

      Hope this helps,


      • Thanks for all the helpful tips. How do you go about scheduling your posts on social media and how do you get started with guest posting? It would be good to know.

        • Hey Cathy,
          Currently I’m not so active as you might have seen on my social media and I just reply or like and retweet/share things people say about me. But if you have a look at my resource page, there are a couple of great tools I like to use which automate the process quite nicely and gives you free time once it’s all set up.
          As for guest posting try making a list of the blogs you like to be featured on. If you don’t know any blogs do some research first in your niche and write down all the ones that allow guest posts. Next thing you want to do is email them directly and pitch them 3 suggestions. Try to make these pitches similar to some of the posts they have featured so it fits their blog.
          There’s a lot of trial and error when it comes to pitching and often times they don’t even reply.
          But as you go along and have more featured guest posts, you can brand yourself more and show all your examples for the next pitch which will be more likely to be picked up.
          I’m sure there’s some useful tips you could pick up in the post I wrote here!
          Hope this helps 🙂

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