TooDamnEasy Review 2015 – Is It A Pure Scam?

too damn easy scam

My Too Damn Easy Review 2015toodamneasy postcard

Product name: Too Damn Easy


Owner: ¨

Level of Experience Needed: None.

Price: $2,000 + additional prices ranging from $6,000 up to $18,000

Overall Rank: 0/10


The Too Damn Easy course has been around for a while, but has a very nerve wrecking ring to it. I say this because unlike any other normal course, you will earn money by selling nothing. And if you do that, you tend to question why exactly you are making money and how legal it is.

In other words, there are more than one alarming reasons to stay away from this course. To begin with, you may only join the course through private invitations (so they say).

You are then trained to perform a cash gifting method, which works through tax related methods, claiming that everything stays in legal boundaries. But in reality all you do is give away money in return for other peoples money.

MLM - Pyramid scheme
MLM – Pyramid scheme

In other words, toodamneasy com, is a pure pyramid scheme where the business relies on constant recruits to donate more money upon each other with no real end in sight. For those of you that are familiar with pyramid schemes, you should know that they are almost always illegal or unethical to say the least

The multi-level marketing (or in short MLM) businesses don’t work. They work for those who created them and are at the top of the chain. But other than promoting a false dream, it doesn’t do anything but make the top of the pyramid richer and this is exactly what is doing.

Find out how to make an honest living online and create your sustainable business for free!

Who Is Too Damn Easy For?

Unless you are lazy and want to risk committing a crime and living in fear, I don’t think this course is for you. Only crooks would want to sign up to this and believe that this will be a suitable way of making a sustainable income.

The only reason this course isn’t illegal, is because you are provided with newsletters (daily and weekly ones) as well as a marketing system, which is supposedly automated. Therefore you are technically getting a service for what you pay, which makes it legal.handcuffs

Other people who might be interested in joining this course, might be people who have more than enough cash to throw away. Essentially you are just giving away your money and not getting anything back for it.

If you want to make money passively and rest your feet on a desk, you should consider something that offers a value to others. I am working my way up that road through affiliate marketing and it is a proven road to success. If you are interested feel free read more about it here.

Trainings And Tools

The whole concept of the program is to target people wealthy enough to spend over $6,000 but don’t have enough time to work on anything part time. So in order to make their money grow, they invest in participants of the Too Damn Easy course.

You are able to target these people through advertising techniques and

Postcard example
Postcard example

material provided by your subscription. Most of your lessons will be taught through a minuscule manual/ e-book of 25 pages and a few audio files.

The debt of the book itself just shows how much effort one has to put to make this scheme work.

No matter which fee you pay for the course, whether it is the lowest of $2,000 the medium ranged of $6,000 or the highest one of $18,000 you will essentially end up receiving the same training and material.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Marketing material is very well structured and lures a lot of people into their scheme (which really is a negative thing as this course is horrible and barely legal)


  • Incredibly expensive to join
  • By sending all your leads and referrals to “Q’s” website, you won’t be able to find out which conversions work best for you
  • Definitely a scam
  • You will create crooks and become one

Final Verdict

A business which relies on recruiting random people to join a course that costs a minimum of $2,000 to then learn how to recruit more people for $2,000, isn’t a business. I don’t see how so many people fall for such an obvious trap.

Fair enough maybe one or the other person gets to see a nice penny every so often but then again I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that my money comes from scamming people!jail

Additionally I wouldn’t feel comfortable to join a course taught by someone that calls themselves “Q” and no other information can be found about this person.

One word of advice, if you haven’t noticed it yet, please be aware that most courses or products that promise you a “get-rich-quick” strategy, is most likely to be a scam and you will actually lose more money!Avoid Scams

If you want to become wealthy, you have to put work into it. And there are so many good valuable courses out there. My top recommended course isn’t just free it also teaches you how to avoid scams like these. Want to know more about it? Click here!

I hope I helped some of you avoid a trap and stay far away from this product by reading my Too Damn Easy review! Please let me know if this was insightful and helpful in any way.

Feel free to leave comments if you have any thoughts!





  1. Aye yi yi!
    This scam that you have revealed makes my blood boil! The same shite was spreading around my neighborhood 10 years ago. I’m shocked to see that it is still alive.
    $2000 bucks and what do you get? .a 25 page ebook!
    I hope plenty of people see your review buddy.
    This kind of rort is what gives internet marketing a bad name.
    What is your best tip to avoid online scams?

    • Doesn’t it make you really angry as well!!!
      Yea I cannot believe this still happens and there are so many hopeless people that fall for it and don’t know better. I’m sure they do! Otherwise this business wouldn’t be alive anymore.
      I hope people fall on my review before they fall into the trap also!
      Thanks for confirming this scam and to answer your question, I would do a thorough research before committing so much money into one persons pocket. Try to seek out people who actually made an income with the product you are researching and ask them how long they’ve been doing it.
      Other than that just research research research.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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