Things To Do Over Xmas – How I Push My Earnings Higher!

Things to do over xmas title

Things to do over xmas title

Why This Needs To Be Said

As I predicted months ago and reminded everyone last week, in my post about giving you ideas how to generate blog topics, traffic is incredibly low right now!

Although I try to stay on top of my game, it just seems near impossible right now to even get near last months average traffic.

This is why I will tell you what things to do over xmas, if you want to make more money online even though you’re not hitting your desired targets.

I will almost certainly not achieve my set objectives I’ve outlined in my last income report, however I will have another best month.

Why am I so certain? Because it’s just two weeks in the month and I already exceeded my last month!

Having said that, there are a lot of things I will share with you, to get through December, with a healthy bank account.

Before I made the conscious decision to give up the corporate life, I was getting paid an extra month (13th month) in December.

I usually received a small additional bonus on top of my 13th month as well. But unlike most people, I only needed my regular salary to pay for Xmas gifts.

Before I go into detail about this here’s what you will learn from this post:

  • How to budget over Xmas and New Years
  • How to be more productive and stay motivated
  • Have a relaxing December rather than stressed chaos!
  • Enjoy your holiday seasoning!

When people think of Xmas they always imagine it to be wonderful and joyful. Truth is it’s also very hectic and extremely exhausting.

All the cooking, gift shopping and fighting through crowds and traffic…

Let’s dive in the solutions so that you too can have a nice and successful Xmas!

Productivity At It’s Lowest

In the introduction I mentioned that I would receive additional pay at the end of the year which most people would spend to celebrate and buy presents.

Can you guess what I did? Besides putting it into my savings account, I also invested. Imagine an additional month of salary!

Why would you need to spend more just because you received more? That’s probably the worst choice you can make.

At least that’s how I would see it!

When you learn how to budget, every penny that comes out extra is another penny closer to wealth in my eyes!

As you know (or probably guessed by the name of my blog) I’m all about passive income. Putting that extra cash away into some assets is a lot smarter.

One thing that I kept hearing from people at my old job was that they felt feeling mentally drained.

No one feels like doing any extra chores or go the extra mile during Xmas!

It’s the end of the year and your body feels like it’s actually fought through another year. So when it get’s to Xmas, all you want to do is eat and relax.

But think about it this way. There’s no magic stopwatch on the 31st of December that resets your bodily energy to 0!

When you realize that, you automatically feel more energized. Personally my drive to become wealthy fuels me daily.

Don’t forget what you’re working for. Don’t ignore your dreams and goals. Instead go to that list you wrote down, read your dreams out loud and work.

A little 30 minutes will pay off massively in the long run and future you will thank you for doing so!Things to do over xmas work hard

Temptations All Around

Of course it gets tempting to just go out every week. Here in Luxembourg we have a lovely Xmas market where we like to drink mulled wine.

On top of that we have specialities, music and all around are happy cheerful people.

All my old friends come back home and every day could be an amazing night out.

But doing that would set me back an incredible amount and the day after a night out is always completely wasted to me due to headaches…

It’s for that reason that I will sacrifice a bit more than usual. Yes it’s a bit annoying and you might miss out, but what is there to miss really?

What do I have to celebrate besides seeing my friends again?

When you go out you end up tired and broke the next morning and that is the exact opposite of what I want to be.

A little sacrifice is necessary for those that chase a certain dream!

Billionaire Ryan Graves (former CEO of Uber) had a 30 hour work binge when testing out the companies service during New Years Eve.

Can you imagine sacrificing an event like this? I’m not saying you have to avoid anything fun, just be selective about when and where you celebrate.

The way I see it and what I’ve also noticed lately, the less I go out, the more fun it becomes, rather than a weekly routine.

I also don’t miss out on anything spectacular and I got another step closer to my goal!

Here’s another Xmas tip you should remember for the coming years:

Pre-order all your gifts in a timely manner. Not only will you avoid racing through shopping malls and get stuck in traffic after you’re done.

You’ll also end up having a lot more time focusing on the important things in life.

All my Xmas shopping was done weeks ago (with the exception of getting the last bits today). I really don’t enjoy being stressed.

How To Make Extra Cash During Xmas

So earlier I mentioned I would share my strategy on making money online during this time, even though my traffic is performing terribly.

Here’s something I’ve noticed, the people that actually are on my blog are those that are more inclined to seek online success.

Therefore, their sign ups mean they are serious about making some life changing experience and working for a passive income stream.

However, as people tend to spend less time online during holiday seasons, they do tend to spend more money online as well!

This is why my niche site is performing insanely well at the moment! I’ve started creating another one a few days ago (bit late but hopefully just in time)!

Hopefully I can double my income stream.

I highly encourage you to create at least one niche site like this, because they are the definition of passive income. All it takes is a day of work.

Once it’s created, spend a few minutes a day doing this to boost traffic and after that it’s all set and forget.

Finally, I advise you to work just as hard, if not harder on your normal online business, for one simple reason.

All the effort and hard work you put in now, while others are accepting slow traffic and a bad month, will pay off massively in the next few coming months!

I’ve said it before but it is a very important lesson!

The more articles you create for your blog, the more keywords you are exposing to search engines and will lead to more traffic.

If you create several niche sites now, the traffic will start to kick off later on as well and lead to more conversions!

Long story short, work now and enjoy later. You can enjoy Xmas and New Years Eve with a clear conscious, knowing that you’ve worked hard.

You might even make some sales on autopilot as you’re celebrating! This will be your personal Xmas present.

Most Important Lesson

Having said all that, there is still one important thing you should never reject or forget:

When you’re finding yourself in  a tunnel vision of focus, try to break it occasionally.

Go see your friends or invite them over. Hang out with your family and spend some quality time.

You don’t have to do anything fancy either, just a little catch up chat or enjoying each others company is more than enough.

It will remind them and yourself why you cherish each other. Hopefully you enjoyed this short message and take it into consideration!

Please leave behind your thoughts in the comment section below. Always happy to read your comments!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hi Essi,

    I really enjoyed your part about prioritising your leisure time and managing temptations. It can get especially difficult during the holiday season with friends and family visiting. I think the key aspect you mentioned is keeping in mind your goal at heart. Your goal for the moment is to create passive income, and once that’s more stable, I imagine you will then give in to a few more of those temptations, such as going out or traveling.

    • Hey Shy,

      Holiday seasons definitely make prioritization a lot harder than normally. I’ve had difficulties to far myself. But you definitely understood my message.
      “work hard, play hard” is kind of the motto of this post. I’m not saying money is everything, but a passive income stream will certainly allow you a lot more freedom and therefore be able to “give in to a few more temptations” as you say.
      Thanks for commenting,

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