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It’s Finally Out!

Ladies and gents, my long awaited book has finally come out and been released! You can get your own copy from Amazon or by clicking on this link here! (it redirects you straight to Amazon)

The name of the book is “Stop Being Average – A Motivational Guide To Get You From 9-5 (Like Most People), To Living Your Life”

As the book title suggests, this is a guide to get you going and start making a change in your routine life.

As most of us have a pretty expected life, those of us who are sick of it need some sort of guide to help us break free from the rat race.

I should enforce that you don’t have to be working class. If I could rewind 5 years from today and get my hands on this book when I was still studying, I probably would have gotten started with affiliate marketing at that very second I finished the last page of the book.

Just so you know, all the words written in the book are mine, except for quotes I may have inserted!

If you’re interested on how this degenerate managed to get 115 pages together that actually make sense with a nice cover and all the legal mumbo jumbo, let me know and I will write a full guide so you can replicate this process.

I already had two small posts on the process back in 2015 which you can find here and here.

Why It Took So Long

Why does anything that is quality rich take long? I’m not bragging when I say it’s quality rich. I actually wanted to make it perfect and even after going through the book several times and letting people read it and telling me to improve certain bits and bobs, I still believe it could be better.

I didn’t want to make any mistakes that could get me banned.

That’s why I asked around a lot with experts and people who’ve published before, to make sure I’m not breaking any rules.

For instance, I wasn’t allowed to insert any affiliate links. I didn’t really want to anyway because I’m not trying to sell anything with the guide.

Secondly I was trying to be as personal as possible, because if you’ve read pieces of my blog before, you can see that I really try to be as honest as possible and gain trust with my readers.

Too many times have I fallen for BS programs and listened to wrong advice, which is why my income report dropped from a 4 figure salary to a 2 figure one  between December 2015 – January 2016.

Another reason why it took me so long is because I tried to insert all the information that got me pumped up and going, but trying to limit it in word count.

I usually hate reading bulky books which repeat the same thing 50 times in different words. Most books like this one, start with a large heading that pretty much explains the entire chapter you’re about to read.

After the first 10 lines you’ve already got the point, but you have to force your way through 20 more pages reading the same header in a prolonged way.

Since I already have issues concentrating in general, I really wanted to get rid of as much fluff as possible.

Finally, I have to admit, I was very skeptical and almost didn’t publish it at all.

It’s hard to share a passion when most people that you’re surrounded with don’t actually believe in what you can do.

But if you don’t dream big enough then you’re not made for this to be honest.

When my income dropped so harshly, it was such a low point for me. I was unemployed, my hopes were almost crushed to zero and I was almost doubting myself that I could actually live off the internet and have that laptop lifestyle.

A friend of mine even told me that he read somewhere that someone commented something along the lines of: “why would I buy this guys book if he can’t even make a decent income”

It was like a stab in the heart and I pretty much tucked the book under the carpet since I heard that.

I concentrated fully on bringing my income back up and if you haven’t seen December 2016’s report yet I encourage you to check it out.

But why am I so confident this time?

Because I learned from my mistakes! I went back to the start, drafted out a gameplan, recruited a partner and got some massive help from an SEO expert!

I’m still surprised this guy helped me out and contacted me out of no where. I have to repay him somehow but not sure how and when yet.

Anyway having said that, I already earned more than my fixed salary and it’s only a matter of time.

I’m more focused than ever and I hope this comes across in the book.

What You Can Expect From It

In the grand scheme of things, I try to help ignite the fire I feel within myself daily. That fire that drives me to succeed and pursue the passive income.

When I first discovered the possibilities and limitless potential of affiliate marketing, it was too good to be true.

I know there are so many of you out there that probably feel the way I felt when I started my fist job. You want to create a second income stream and somehow make money on the side but you don’t know how.

Often people will tell you to just do what you’re good at and it’ll come naturally. But I was never really good or exceptionally good at anything.

I didn’t have any coding skills, I can’t draw amazing art, I’m not a great poet etc. but I know how to use the internet ….

That’s exactly all the skills you need. Basic computing skills.

Although the book is mainly based and aimed to help you get started and interested in affiliate marketing, it doesn’t mean that’s the only option for you.

I just want to help you to start moving into the right direction of creating a better life for yourself.

Of course I’m not saying your life is terrible and if you don’t choose a second income stream you’re an idiot. Clearly you may be completely happy and love your current situation.

However I believe you can never earn enough money. With more money, you can buy the things you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

You can put your kids through the best education and insure a good healthcare.

You can help others in need, like so many out there really do need our help.

And there are tons of other valuable reasons why more money can improve your personal life.

When I reflect and think back to the time I was desperately trying to find a way to make money, it was like I was a pro athlete, in the best shape of my life, but no one would let me out on the field.

I knew I had the drive and energy to work on something but I wasn’t sure on what. I always thought to myself and said it numerous times: “I need something I can work on after work”

I just wanted to put some hard work into something but ‘something’ that would return some revenue. When you don’t have any skills this can be incredibly frustrating.

Some of my friends have crafting skills and build exceptional things, incredibly talented part time musicians, while others are really good at programming.

Although neither of these actually use their skills to make money, I didn’t have any of these.

But when I got my hands on some books that opened my eyes, I finally understood there are other ways.

This is exactly what I want my book to do to you.

I want to open your eyes and show you the options there are. You don’t need a lot of money or a lot of time. All you do need is drive and motivation.

Why I Wrote It?

The book is priced so cheap and affordable because I don’t aim to make a living off it. Of course I wouldn’t mind making a few bucks but honestly, my main aim is affiliate marketing as you probably guessed.

Because I am so generous and kind (just kidding) I am even going to give away 10 copies for free if you sign up to my newsletter (on the right side) and reply to any of the emails I send you.

All you need to do in return is reference the code: FREE MY AVERAGE LIFE

I will send you the book personally with the two bonus guides! This also goes for my already subscribed folks!

Once these 10 people have gotten their books, I do hope you guys will leave a review (I don’t care if it’s a bad one or good one) in order to see whether or not it was worth writing this piece.

But in order to answer the question why I actually wrote the book, I guess would be for more than one reason.

Obviously the first was to help others who feel the way I do, to help and break the cycle. That was and is the main objective.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was so frustrated and really didn’t know how to solve this issue until some books helped me out.

I can only imagine how satisfying it would feel if just one of you would come back to me to thank me. It would be such a great feeling.

I’m already amazed whenever someone writes me an email or a comment to say thank you about a review or blog post I’ve written.

Finally I guess the process of publishing a book was also a bit of a challenge to myself. I like to set goals if you haven’t noticed yet.

Publishing a book seemed like the most impossible thing ever. I don’t even know what the longest piece I’ve ever written is but it must be some educational crap I didn’t really want to write about for school.

Having written a book does not only break a new milestone for me but it’s also another approval, telling myself, “right, I did that what’s the next objective?” 

The first day I broke more than 10 views on a website a day was insane, the day I made my first $100 felt like a dream… I honestly can’t describe what it felt like when it was over $1,000 but imagine that now, I’m not even bothered when I make $1,000 because it seems normal.

Writing this book is almost a similar feeling than my first 10 views.

The first $10,000 won’t be a biggie either because my side project will probably generate that in the next few months.

It will still take a while but I know it will happen because I won’t give up until it’s there. Just like I didn’t give up with the book until it’s done.

Anyway… if a nobody like myself can do these things, (which some of you will probably look at and think… “so what?”) then anyone can do the same and more!

Read the book, let me know what you think and hopefully get pumped up like I did to achieve milestones!

In case you missed the link, here it is again: Stop Being Average

Thanks for reading,


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