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success through simple habits

Too much information

I’m sure I’m not the only one that I opens their laptop and looks for information to become rich, successful and live a carefree life and suddenly hit the wall of mass information before I get to read my first article.Stack of information

There are so many ways to achieve this goal. I’ve been chasing it since I’m a young kid. But which one is the right one? I have several passions but only a few I see working out to be profitable eventually. Sometimes I wish there was just a button to push and everything would be automated. But the reality is, nothing comes by a push of a magical button and we must work hard to get what we want.

Eventually it can be automated (ideally) and that’s what I have to keep reminding myself of. There are key components to achieve this goal and some of which are as simple as to obtain and to create success habits.


It doesn’t matter what type of business you want to create or work in. In order to be successful, there are some key components we must always pertain. After a recent presentation by Amy Jo Kim, about 7 habits of successful innovators, I once again saw the connection to succeeding with the same habits in any business.

Her 7 key points were as following:

  1. Think like a scientist
  2. Find and delight your early adopterssimilarities
  3. Piggyback on existing habits
  4. Create a culture of iterative learning
  5. Cultivate a customer feedback community
  6. Test and tune the core loop early
  7. Creating a path to mastery

In her presentation she was giving examples of highly successful video games and how they went from development, to releasing the game.

To summarize the 7 points in fewer words, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you should come up with an idea, find a target audience and keep them close. Don’t try to necessarily do something amazing that hasn’t been done before, you can adapt previous inventions and improve them.

Make your product or service somewhat entertaining and informative as well to engage a community like interaction between users. Once there is a stable networking around your product try and test it and possibly release a prototype. Once the feedback seems positive make your clients develop a master of your product.


Do your research – Trial and error

Let’s take the above example and translate it into affiliate marketing, since my website is about me becoming successful in the affiliate world and how I am approaching my success.

  1. I have analyzed my product (affiliate marketing) and my approach in ‘selling’ it is by, firstly not being successful yet and secondly letting people join me on my adventure in becoming so. This way I will create 100% credibility once I am generating a passive income and my audience can simply read my very first blog and continue from there and achieve the same goals. Most products are sold by some millionaire who shares his path but for me, it always seems demotivating as it always seems easier during their time and they are now selling a false dream. But that’s just my perception.
  2. Hopefully I will gain my early adopters early on, so that they can actually witness my progression. I did gain a few already on my Wealthy Affiliate profile, which are supportive and also provide useful feedback, helping me reach my goal. (click here to see my WA profile).
  3. The existing habit I’m piggybacking is the Affiliate marketing niche and more particularly Wealthy Affiliate.
  4. I’m creating my culture by showing every step, every burden I encounter and my entire thinking process. I always encourage everyone reading this to leave comments in order to fill the gaps if you have questions or for simple feedback on things I could improve in future.
  5. Again I love getting E-mails and feedback from others so I try to encourage my visitors to do so.
  6. As I’m still quite new to this, there’s a lot of things I’m still testing. My layout of my website, my writing approach and my research etc. there’s always space and time to improve.
  7. Once my first salary comes out I will find a way to increase it and master it and help my audience achieve the same. In an online market you can’t just sit back and expect wonders, you have to stay active and I will let everyone know what new techniques and approaches I will come across and share them here for everyone to adapt on.

Final note

So as you’ve seen, those 7 habits presented by one person specialized on Video games, suddenly turned highly valuable to affiliate marketing. This is no coincidence. I could write the exact 7 points out for any market and it would be suitable for a successful approach.

Once you’ve opened your eyes and realized that, the feeling of overwhelmingness will soon fade (I hope) and you can start focusing again. Don’t give up is my only advice really, because once you do, you will end up living the same life as most people and continue a 9-5 job where we all know it won’t lead to a passive income lifestyle.

Once again thanks for reading and if you liked this post leave comments below. Share thoughts and feelings and if you’d like me to add things let me know.


For those of you who’d like to see the video, I’ve added it below:



  1. Hi Esteban!

    Boy are you right about being “overwhelmed” when searching for income opportunities online – I remember feeling like I was in the middle of a firing range with shots coming at me from every direction – yikes !!!

    “…in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you should come up with an idea, find a target audience and keep them close.”

    I think that also means putting your readers FIRST ! … and that is huge and at the very foundation of any successful business.
    Find out what your audience is looking for (through research) and give it to them, and in an honest truthful way. If it’s obvious you are trying to help them, and THEY are your primary concern, as the saying goes, “all should be good”, and you’ll obtain a following.

    In affiliate marketing or any type of business online for that matter, it can seem so overwhelming like you mentioned. That’s when I really have to FOCUS on my task at hand, and not led here, there, and everywhere else in between. Sometimes it’s a challenge for sure.

    I think it’s an excellent to “journal” your business progression for everyone to read – I’ve seen this done before and I’m really impressed with the progress other online marketers make, and how they present it with all it’s successes and failures.
    After all, we’re just ordinary people too!

    • Hi Joanne,
      This is probably the first thorough and really honest comment I’ve received since starting my blog. I mean I have a couple I of comments I really took to heart and all, but you just completely hit the spot by agreeing and expanding my post.
      I’m trying to give my audience a possibility to make money outside their jobs and use their passion as a tool for it!
      I am writing every step of my process here and like you I’ve seen it before and I’ve only seen the end result by now how affiliate marketers are making 6 figures online. That amazed me and made me want to be in the same league, which is why I am documenting every step for everyone to join me and follow me from the start!
      Again thanks so much for this comment!

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