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Not everything has to be Expensive

We All Do It

We all have a tendency to spend money on things that make us happy. Or things that we like to purchase for comfort. Little treats and gifts that we give ourselves to get through the week.

Sadly these unnecessary treats usually only last for a short while and don’t make us any wealthier than before. In fact we actually become slightly poorer by doing so.Beer going out

So if you want to know how to spend money to make money, going out on a Friday night is definitely not the right way.

When I go out on a weekend, I usually do so on a Friday. I spend more than I intend to without giving it a second thought. The day after is usually followed by a slow hungover Saturday, where I like to get some quick and easy food. This usually leads to some sort of take away or frozen pizza. Not only does it further damage my health, but also my wallet.

So I can easily burn a weeks worth of spending, in less than 24 hours, just in one weekend. Over the course of the year this actually turns out to be an insane amount of money.

If I consider the investment that I made in that year on “treating myself”, it’s almost depressing how much better I could have used that money.

Hard To Resist

Of course we have to enjoy ourselves every now and then to not become a robot, which is why we go to social gatherings, such as the cinema or on nights out. The truth is, that I think we actually need to have this break to evade the reality of life a little.

But this expensive habit needs to be done occasionally. Not only will you end up having more money, but the times when you do go out to eat or drink, become more enjoyable.

If you ask me, the best way to spend your money on, is on things that make you more money. That way we don’t need to escape the reality, but instead change our current situation.

exit sign, escape
Don’t try to escape reality, instead try to change your situation

It’s not always easy to determine what exactly you can spend it on, that will generate more, but there are quite a few:

  • Investments related to the stock market
  • Real estate
  • Collectable items
  • Start ups

(I discuss these in more detail here!)

There are of course far more options, but this is just to give you an example. All of the above don’t have a guarantee of a successful return of your initial investment. You do have more chances getting something back, than ordering a beer though.

My personal favorite thing to spend money on is by far, quite plain and simply, education!

You can’t expect to make money without having the right tools and the proper education to know how to effectively use these tools. This is why I constantly do my research and look for useful information

But don’t be too impatient either. If you get too greedy and want to make money quickly, you can end up spending a lot of money on scam programs, that basically just rob your money with no return.

So be sure to watch out for scams. I have listed a few programs which you should definitely stay away from. There are however trustworthy ones with proven success and results such as this one here.

What If I Don’t Have Money

A lot of times the programs that teach you a true and proven way to make money online, or how to make money writing articles for example, can be very pricey. So not everyone can afford to pay for the right education.

The truth is, everything you need to know can be found online for free, but this can be slightly overwhelming. You will need to devote hours of your time, in doing research and taking notes etc.

That’s why we fall into those scams and traps so easily. We just want answers and we want them quick. It is the main reason why I highly encourage you to be patient.

There are other alternatives. There are forums and even communities, like Wealthy Affiliate, which let you join for free. They are somewhat of a goldmine, as you can actually learn a lot very quickly.

For instance, I managed to learn how to create a website in a few seconds, after a day or two of being a member with them. There are also other necessary skills you are being taught and all for free.

After about two months, I managed to create my own logo for my website and also create tutorials for people to learn how to do the same and believe it or not, all of the things I now pass on to teach others, are also for free.

So as you can see not everything has to be bought. You just have to find the right pages and sources.

Once you do find a valuable source, it might require you to give in eventually and spend a few dollars. Often we outweigh that investment very wrongly. We tend to have a natural defense mechanism, that prevents us from spending any type of money for a course that promises you to make money online.

Not everything has to be Expensive

We have heard of too many scams and phony products, that we now try to avoid these by all means.

The truth is, those courses that do teach valuable content, usually are very affordable and the money you’ve invested can be a major turnover in your life. Think about it this way, wouldn’t you invest around $400 to be able to know how to make a potential $2,000 a month?

Whenever I think about the ROI or return of investment that these programs could lead to, I give it a serious thought to at least consider joining them.

So now that you know that there are programs teaching you how to make money from home without spending money, consider those which do cost a little and how much more value you get for them.

Don’t Be Afraid

When it comes to investing money, most people are afraid to make the move. You shouldn’t. You can’t expect your life to change from doing nothing. If you are currently putting money away in a savings account every month, that’s maybe a good start and you are being careful with money, but the truth is, it won’t grow and certainly won’t free you from your current day job.

In order to make serious changes and serious money, you will most likely have to invest your money wisely into something a lot more efficient than a savings account.

Have you ever joined programs and just got ripped off? Not every program is made for everyone. I’ve joined some before and although they do teach you valuable stuff, it wasn’t for me. Sadly I only found out after a few months.

Regardless, I learned a lot of useful information I still apply today, so it wasn’t a total waste of money.

Don’t be afraid to change your financial situation

Maybe you’ve joined a program before and are now making some nice earnings? If so feel free to share it below so I can also have a look at it.

It all comes down to knowing how to spend money to make money. If you just spend money on every new course you see out there, or the next stock which apparently will skyrocket through the roof, chances are you will loose a lot.

Do your research, talk to people who have gone through the process you are about to join and finally make a decision. Don’t just join something hoping to see a change in the next day or two. If there’s anything you should keep in mind when making a decision, it ‘s that 1) if it’s too good to be true, it probably is and 2) it takes time and effort to make money online.




  1. Hi Esteban,

    I like the way you have crafted this article. Many of us overindulge at times on entertainment or trivial shopping habits, only to regret it later. However, as you rightly point out, there is nothing more rewarding than investing in ones education. Getting a good online training is worth its weight in gold, and WA certainly offers that training in bucket-loads!


    • Hey Rob,

      It’s true that we all tend to forget what really matters at times. Luckily I come to my senses most of the time. But when I am on a night out and have fun with my friends I don’t seem to know my limits. I’m still working on that. Wealthy Affiliate definitely offers a lot and much more for those that have the right idea about making a living online.
      Thanks for reading,

  2. Looking forward to learning amore in the future with the WA program. I found a lot of helpful information here that I will add to my work.

    • Hey Ken,

      WA definitely has a lot to offer doesn’t it. I’m glad that you found a lot of helpful information here. If you want, go and check out how to create your own logo people tend to like that post of mine when they’re just starting out.
      Good luck,

  3. Hi Esteban:

    This is an excellent post on spending your money wisely. Instead of wasting your money on materialistic things like many people do, spend your money on something that will create more money for you.

    You can also use your money to help others grow in their financial freedom. Use your money to make something else prosper – give back to your community by giving funds to a start up company or a charitable organization and they in turn will help you by promoting your business.

    Great post with some great insight!


    • Hey Steph,

      I completely agree. I have long passed the stage where I want to buy materialistic things that don’t serve me any purpose. And quite honestly it feels good.
      All I want right now is to generate more money so whatever I’m spending money on will be related to that. Once I generate enough money I will definitely give back to those in need. I wrote a post here about donating if you are interested in reading it.

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