What Is Social Media For Business? Should You Use It?

so many platforms

The Media World

Almost everyone that has access to the internet owns at least one account on a social media platform. Facebook alone has about 1.44 billion user online each month.

Celebrities use Twitter all the time and we can personally connect with them by sending out a tweet with their name attached to it. Never before have we been so directly connected with people all across the world.

But how does it translate to business? What is social media to social media and businessbusiness? And most importantly do you need it for business?

With so many different platforms and so many users online constantly, it would be a bit irresponsible not to integrate social media for any type of business.

Weather you just started out and have a small, one man business, or a massive organization. A website, as well as social media interaction and exposure, can never damage your business. Or are there negative sides to it as well?

What Type Of Social Media Is There?

Before we go into details on the positive and the negatives of social media for businesses, let’s look at what type of social media platforms there are:

  1. Facebook – The big dog in the market is of course Facebook. With over 800 million active users each month, there is no question about how powerful this utility could be. There have been massive changes since the creation in 2004 within Facebook. You can now create Pages and advertisements within the platform, write updates, posts and many more, all of which is super user friendly. Additionally you can promote your pages and pay to boost your posts and target a specific group of people. So if you have a shop that sells toys for dogs, you can target your page to be seen by dog owners specifically.
  2. Twitter – The 140 character master is perfect for short messages. Whether you are tweeting a short greeting to a friend or an update on upcoming news, this tool gets the message out there quickly. The phenomenon of hash tags, received birth here. By using the # associated with a word, people can create trends and reach a greater audience. Unlike Facebook, you can only follow each other on Twitter, which makes it faster to get a greater audience. The micro blogger definitely makes it easy to keep your messages short and straight to the point.
  3. Pinterest – Pinterest has been growing extremely fast since its creation in 2009. What differentiates it from the other social medias, is that it’s mainly a visual type of engagement. As a user you get to choose your interests an pin pictures you like, onto your boards which you can organize into different genres. Other members can pin your boards or single images you’ve pinned. Of course this is especially great for visually appealing businesses.so many platforms
  4. Google+ (Google Plus) – The master of search engines, joined the social media game in 2011 and is very similar, yet very different from Facebook. It is probably a good idea to have one of their accounts though as it helps your websites get more exposure to the search engine itself.
  5. YouTube – Everyone loves to pass some time on YouTube. Having a YouTube channel definitely saves a lot of time if you are more of a speaker than a writer. It also helps to present products quicker and demonstrate your services as a business. You can get very personal and connect with your audience through video creation. Uploading your video on the platform instantly grants you the potential of being seen by millions of users.
  6. LinkedIn – With more than 230 million active users this social media monster doesn’t need more explaining. As more of a professional type of social media, this is definitely the “go to” for businesses. If you are looking for recruits, jobs or business partners, then LinkedIn is definitely the right spot.

Of course there are many more platforms which are mention worthy, (Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit etc.) but for me these are the top 6 I would recommend for any business to use.

How You Can Benefit From It

So how exactly can one business benefit from taking part in the social media game? There are many quite simple answers.

By joining several social media sites, you have multiplied your reach by millions. Of course you won’t reach every single user on each platform, but over time you may reach a giant amount of them.

Having interaction with people online, grants you the potential for them to share your story and therefore reach more people. Interaction is the key for exposure.

If you have no audience, no matter how great your E-book might be or your technique of creating online wealth, your business will

connecting through interenet
We are all connected somehow

crumble. Social media definitely helps putting the word out there.

Another reason social media is great for your business, is that when you’re starting out, it might be very tough for you to stay motivated. Platforms like Wealthy Affiliate puts you in direct contact with people that are making a living online and you can interact with them directly.

This means that not only can you now ask them for advice, you can also get inspired by how they made it. Motivation is very important when starting out with any type of business. Self doubt and struggles can be discussed and eliminated through like minded people.

Don’t Spam

One thing you may wish to avoid is overposting. If you have access to several social media accounts, you may want to watch out how you post your articles, products etc.

If you post several messages of the same kind on one account, in a few hours or even one day, this may result into you losing your account. It might get banned, blocked or deleted.

spamming leads to negative results
Don’t overpost!

You want to come across natural and show that you aren’t just promoting for the benefit of sale. You’re just putting out a message in order to give people what they want.

If for instance you have a Pinterest account, make sure to pin a few images first and upload some of your own. Have a few pins a day before you post something off your business. This shows user engagement and interaction.

Another thing you should definitely avoid, is paying for followers or likes. These type of businesses may look great to your pages on Facebook but the truth is, they are worthless. If you have 1000 likes on your page but no one actually looks at your posts, it is completely pointless.

If however you have 10 actual likes and 5 of these people read your content daily and comment on it, share your posts etc. then you have much more valuable user interaction.

The benefit of having people sharing your content is that they will probably have a few friends that will be interested in the same type of content and they too start following and sharing your site and pages.


Overall I think it becomes pretty obvious that social media becomes an essential to a business. Whether you are a local shop in a small village or an online blogger sitting at home.

News often travels faster through Facebook than newspapers and TV stations. So your news might be the next thing to travel just as fast and reach millions of people.

Once you’ve established a great audience you can sit back and work half as hard. Your business will run itself eventually.

I hope you understood the potential you are missing out on if you don’t join the social online world. Being part of several different platforms also grants you the ability to show Google how your online activity is actually very productive and this helps your website rank as well.

Feel free to leave comments below and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be more than happy to help you find and answer.

Thanks for reading,



  1. I think a lot of newbies sort of get stuck in the whole social gig when first starting off online. I know I was confused by all the noise and activity going on there – I thought ‘how am I gonna stand out from all these crowds?’.
    This guide is a great way to help newcommers to the subject – bookmarked it!

    • Hey Chris,

      I can understand that it’s confusing at first and to be honest it’s always a little confusing. There are so many different social medias out there and they all seem to do the same thing, yet they are completely different from each other.

      But it’s never too late to join and make a name for yourself either. I’m glad you found the information useful enough to bookmark it. I hope it helped you out and that you can benefit from it when coming back to my site.



  2. Hello Esteban,
    Your article was of particular interest to me because at some stage or another I simply have to also go that route.
    Up to now, I have put it on the back burner, but I realize I am missing out on a great source of potential visitors.
    Like so many others, I still have to make the mindswitch and accept that social media is (or should be) an integral part of running a successful online business.
    Thanks to guys like you, the message will eventually reach everyone and we can all reap the benefit from it.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.

    • Hey Theuns,

      Definitely don’t hesitate to join. I would say the earlier you join the better it is for your business. As I wrote in this article there are millions of potential visitors to your site on each of the social media platforms.

      I’m glad you realized the potential though, I guess that’s the real first step! You’ve come further than most people that think they can pass on the opportunity.

      Thanks for your kind words. Feel free to contact me on any social media platform you choose to join. Always happy to connect with people 🙂


  3. Social media marketing can get quite complex, especially for beginners. I think it’s best to start with one social network at a time and get to know it before moving onto the next. I agree that you should never pay for likes, but paying Facebook for official likes is fine as long as you make sure to exclude certain countries. There’s so much potential in social media. I’ll have to eventually add social networks to my own website.

    • Hey,

      I find that a good way of coping with social media when you’re first starting out as well. Having too many accounts on too many different platforms will just feel overwhelming.

      I haven’t tried paying for official likes. Do you mean Facebook ads by that?

      There definitely is a huge potential in social media. After all, one share of a post could expose an article to another 3-400 new potential readers.

      You should most definitely include social media shares on your site I highly encourage you to do so 🙂

      Let me know if you need any advice or help with any plugins or so.



  4. Well, I’ll be honest, the whole social media thing creeps me out. I tend to be reclusive by nature anyway and plastering myself all over the social media digital universe is not my idea of a good time.

    That said, I truly appreciate your concise article. It helped me better understand the dos and don’t of the media world.

    • I agree that social media can make people rather anti social.

      But for marketing purposes it is almost a must to have some type of social media connected to your business. When I was running a coffee van business, the social media helped us incredibly much to get customers and that was an offline business. So imagine what it can do for online businesses 🙂

      Glad you found my article somewhat useful!


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