Are Small Business Websites Necessary?

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Business Cards

As a small business, owners don’t typically think of having a website.

Their essential form of contacting their customers, usually rely on having a business card instead or some flyers that can be handed out or lie around on the counter.

This is not only a very ancient form of advertising, it is also a lot more expensive and requires a lot more effort to organize.

Street store
Any business can benefit from a website

As a small business, websites can be a lot more effective in many ways. You don’t have to have hundreds of employees and huge management before considering a website.

Quite the contrary. As a small business you can easily have a small website to attract customers.

If you live in a small city or village like me, a small business can either be spoken about widely or can be completely hidden from the rest of the competition.

Sending out flyers to each house can easily cost you a few hundred dollars.

If you have no idea how to design and distribute them, the costs will rise even more. Having business cards can only help you so much as well.

Besides some local shops that might agree to let you place your cards on their desk, with the chance of the odd customer picking one up, you won’t reach many more people besides the ones that already come to your shop.

Reach Out

If you’re thinking of reaching out more people by investing more money, you have other options such as:

  • Local radio station advertisement
  • Local magazine advertisement
  • T.V. commercial
  • Or you can go crazy and have an airplane with a banner attached flying across the sky

Besides the obvious that these are incredibly expensive, meaning that you will have to pay several thousands unless you want to be on the last page, have a short radio appearance or an ad on the T.V. that shows up past midnight when no one’s awake.

Let me tell you how the annoying facts about each one.

First of all, those people who do get to hear or see one of these ads obviously might not even be interested in your business.

The ones that have successfully been reached and attended your shop, won’t tell you through which source they heard about you and therefore you will have to guess which ad pays off the most.

We are thrown with millions of ads on a daily basis that we tend to ignore them passively quite a lot, which creates another issue.

street advertisement
Advertisement everyhwere

Additionally if your city or village is anything like mine, a lot of mailboxes have a “no advertisements please”- sticker on them, so over half of the residents won’t even be contacted.

So the easiest and simplest solution would be to create your own website. I know a lot of small business owners might think that it is impossible to understand technology and at first the thought of being able to build my own website was also a bit of a skeptical one.

The truth is though, it only takes a few seconds these days to create a basic website.

As a small business especially, you don’t need much to fulfill your needs, besides needing the essentials which are:

  1. Contact details
  2. Email address
  3. Logo (which you can create easily for free as well, as seen on my how to video)
  4. What you offer and possibly add your prices
  5. Few Images

You won’t need much more. Additionally you can now add the link of your website including your email, to your business cards.

Too Complicated

If you want your business to grow, you shouldn’t be lazy and throw out all your money trying to make things work by outsourcing everything.

Don’t get me wrong, you can easily let someone else create you an amazing website for under $1000 and possibly have someone else manage it if necessary.

The truth is though, it takes very basic computer skills to be able to create your own website.

Nearly every business has access to the internet yet less then half will have a website.

If you really find it too complicated (which I doubt you will if you’ve watched my video) you can always go for option #2 which is to create your own Facebook page.

I’m sure most of you have a Facebook account and everyone that does, can easily set up a business page on that.

You can ask your friends to like and share it, post it on local pages for other nearby residents to see etc.

Exposure of social media is very widely reached as well!

I think the main fear of being a small business owner and wanting a website is that it is either too complicated to get going or too much too handle and maintain.

You shouldn’t doubt yourself. It is natural for humans to dislike or put off new things.

It takes a lot of effort to get familiar with it, hours of training  needed and we simply dislike change because we like having the same routine.

But think of it this way, has your routine made you any wealthier lately or have you gained more customers through your classic routine?

I’m guessing not if you’re still reading this article.

Creating small business websites is half as hard as you think and it doesn’t require any maintenance.

You probably check your Emails on a regular basis anyway so having a new email won’t kill you.

Besides you can redirect Emails from one account to another, so you would only have to check one Email like you are doing currently.

Watch this video on how to easily do these, once you’ve set up your website like shown in the above link I provided you:

email creation and redirecting


As you see, this is incredibly simple and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist. The video shows it step-by-step and I’m sure we can all follow these.

If you want to be able to host your website and email on Wealthy Affiliate, you would have to sign up to it first.

Don’t worry about any costs or fees, because you can sign up for free and create 2 websites for free as well, which you can keep on there forever!

To read more about the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate, simple click on my review and find out what else it offers and what the upgrade gives you too.

What Next?

Now that you’ve read some of the benefits and some of the simplicities owning and creating a website, I would strongly encourage you to get started.

I’m sure that more profits would make you happier since that is the goal of being an entrepreneur after all I’m guessing.

Let’s summarize the pros and cons of sticking to old habits and routines and having a website and move forward with time as it progresses:

  1. Sticking to your current routine probably hasn’t changed much to your business in the last few years
  2. Using flyers and other methods are damaging to nature and cost a lot of money
  3. You need designers, printers, post offices and more to get your flyers from production to reception of customer
  4. None of the methods guarantee more business
  5. Half of them will probably not even reach people
  6. All of these methods require a lot of work from your part (contacting different people, making sure there aren’t any spelling mistakes, dates of delivery etc.)

Having a website however only requires you to –

  1. Create it and maintain it
  2. You get your own free small business Email which you can redirect to your current email
  3. Don’t need any outside help and be in total control
  4. Have exposure to literally trillions of people
  5. It is incredibly easy to creator

So having summarized the obvious benefits of being a business owner and having your own website, clearly speak for themselves.

As it is all for free, you have nothing to lose really? All you can gain is more customers. Any news and upcoming products can also easily be advertised there.

You can get creative and print the website URL on your own car and have free advertisement every time you drive around as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you’re a small local street shop I hope that I can reach you and open your eyes 🙂

Please share your thoughts and ideas and let me know how you feel about this new adventure you could be taking!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Good take on small business and websites. Having your own personal website for your small business can help you tremendously market your product / service for relatively cheap. I also agree that being lazy and outsourcing everything is not always the best way. If you didn’t create and maintain your own website it will be harder for you to make small changes when you want. Great article, I will definitely use this as a resource in the future.

    • Hey Kyle,

      I definitely agree with your point of course. A website can come in so handy in so many ways and I don’t see why people aren’t using it more to their benefit. It’s so easy to maintain a website these days and it really doesn’t require a lot of work.

      The benefits outweigh the negatives by far! That’s for sure.

      Outsourcing is a great feature of our day and age but it has to be used with care and it is definitely not for everyone. Especially not for beginners. You should know some basics.

      Thanks for enjoying my site so much Kyle,

      Hope to see more of you here!


  2. Hi Esteban,
    You make some really great points here. I especially liked how you discuss the antiquated methods of getting business with what will work today. You are right that things like fliers and business cards and even TV ads are no longer going to help people build a successful business. I think they say there are 8 new users to the internet every hour around the world so having a website is really going to reach more people.

    • Hey Jessica,

      Very glad to see you reading my post and giving some feedback. I think that 8 new users an hour is a very underestimated figure. It’s more like 10 new users per second actually 🙂

      However both figures are insanely huge and speak for themselves. Not connecting a business online is just begging to lose out on potential.

      Thanks for your comment,


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