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My SEO Link Monster Review seo link monster mascot

Product name: SEO Link Monster


Owners: Matt and Brad Callan

Level of Experience Needed: Beginner to intermediate.

Price: $147 + Upsells

Overall Rank: 2/10


Matt and Brad created SEO Link Monster in order for you to save thousands of dollars and hours of painful work so that you can easily be creating the best website you possibly can. This requires link building and consistently ranking higher in search engines like Google, compared to your competitors.

In this SEO Link Monster review I will explain why you should ideally stay away from this product. If you want to learn valuable lessons and want to know how to build your website with a strong standing foundation, you should consider a trustworthy product such as Wealthy Affiliate. I encourage you to read my review on it once you went through this scam review.

SEO Link Monster apparently links your blogs to high authority backlinks from all over the web through acclaimed connections with Link Monster.backlinking strategy

You are also free to keep these links for ever (which already doesn’t sound very trustworthy as no links last forever and you constantly have to update your work and look for new opportunities). It’s vital to get quality links in order to rank. The higher the authority of these links are, the greater the effect.

But supposedly SEO Link monster only has powerful blog networks to get links from. They claim to have a network of around 5000 websites, all of which have a page rank between 1-4.

Who Is SEO Link Monster For?

For those who are just starting off and have learned about back-linking and SEO in general, you might get lured in quite quickly with this scheme. It sounds very attractive if it promises to takes care of all the hard work, you don’t want to put into, when building a website.

If you want to create a website and rank highly and quickly, then this is most definitely, absolutely, 100% not for you!

Please don’t give in to programs and tools or softwares that promise you to make everything easier and disappear and within the next days you’ll be successful.

gold bars stacked up
Get rich quick method

Look for helpful articles and programs that teach you valuable stuff in order for you to create and maintain a website that will last. If you want to make money online, which I’m presuming you do since you’re trying to get ranked highly and quickly, do your research first.

There are ways to beat the competition and there are SEO tricks. But these are controlled tricks that you can learn and utilize within your website on a regular basis and make it a strong authority like website over time.

Quality just isn’t built over night when it comes to internet marketing and website creations.

In other words, SEO Link Monster is for those that want to completely get rid of their chances to create a strong website. Whatever rank your website has before introducing it to SEO link monster, it will most probably lose.

If that’s your goal don’t hesitate to set up your account now.

Trainings And Tools

SEO Link Monster lets you submit up to 14 blog posts a day onto 5000 different websites which are ranked no lower than 1-4. Within those posts you are allowed to add a total of 3 links per post. This is a pretty good if there were only a hand full of subscribers.

If you consider the amount of people that must have signed up to this by now, suddenly the appeal isn’t as remarkable anymore. Let’s put this into perspective with some figures:

  • Let’s assume that we had a number as small as 100 subscribers only (which is extremely under the actual figure of people that have probably signed up to SEO Link monster)
  • Since they are allowed to post 14 posts a day on those 5,000 high ranked websites this makes 1400 posts daily.
  • Each post is allowed to have 3 links so that would end up in 1,400 x 3 = 4,200 links per day!

This is only considering a minimum of 100 subscribers as well. I think we all know that this number can easily be multiplied by a thousand or more.

Any website, no matter how well it is ranked, would have massive increases in content with that rate of subscribers.

Now fair enough, that most of you might think, there is no way anyone can write up to 14 posts a day. I guess it would be hard for most but this means that most people are probably just creating poorly written posts to begin with and submitting them in order to get maximum exposure and backlinks.

There is however a blog spinning functionality as well, which let’s you generate random articles with the help of certain keywords and phrases you add.

This is also strongly discouraged as blog spinning never had a great image to begin with. The content that comes out of these aren’t personal or rich in their messages.

Pros VS. Cons


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • You get familiar with backlinking


  • Too many subscribed people already (most likely) to make a positive impact
  • Could potentially, and most likely, damage your website
  • Could further damage your website by deindexing it from search engines.
  • Quite expensive for such a high risk

Final Verdict

Generally back-linking is a very good way to rank in search engines and it is actually encouraged to do. Through back-linking you are getting lot’s of attention from search engines, showing that your site is interesting enough for other blogs or sites to write about your content and link to your website.

But if you are just starting out with a website and even if you already have one for several months and suddenly there is a huge inflow of backlinks, Google as well as other search engines know that this is not a natural behavior thus causing your site to get punished.

Instead of improving your SEO and site rank, it will drastically decrease it and actually ruin entry

The best way to create backlinks would be to just continue your website the traditional way. Write interesting posts, use keywords, link to other sources occasionally, interlink within your site and use other SEO methods that are Google-friendly.

Soon enough backlinks will appear naturally and your site will start to rank. People will notice your posts eventually and want to link back to your page for references.

I hope that this review was somewhat useful and maybe I could prevent some of you newbies to join this scheme. I really hope that no one falls for this product, as I am almost certain it would only damage your website.

Thanks for reading and any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated. Any questions will be answered as well so don’t shy back to ask away.






  1. Hi Esteban,
    Thanks for this review and warning about SEO Link Monster. This seems to be an outdated product. The importance of links in SEO is diminishing and if you follow the link building steps in this program you will only harm your rankings. Article spinning is another black hat tactic that will only cause long term harm to your website.
    In addition, the price $147 is a hell of a lot to pay for something that will be detrimental to your site. As you say, to get backlinks the best way is by producing outstanding content that people want to link to. This will take time and hard work, don’t be tempted to cut corners, it just won’t work.
    Good job on warning newbies not to join programs like this.

    • Hey Peter,
      I also advise no one to use article spinning ever. It’s just a lazy way to get useless articles on your website and like you said it will only backfire as well.
      The price is seriously way too much for a guaranteed failure for your business. I guess it can easily get frustrating to not see the results you want to see and that you get tempted to use quick promising methods, but the truth is, there aren’t any quick methods usually.
      Thanks for agreeing on my points and exposing this scam.

  2. Hi Essi,

    Although I am still learning my ropes here about online marketing, I was taught from the very beginning at the training at Wealthy Affiliate that unnatural back link will do nothing but destroy your site in the long term.

    As a viewer who likes to read authentic blogs, I will not appreciate articles written from software like this and certainly will not consider it as part of my business tools as well.

    Thanks for highlighting another tool that seems like another scam program to me.

    • Hey Cathy,

      Definitely stay away from these. Anything paid for better SEO can seriously damage it, especially if it’s a sudden spike in backlinks from one day to another.
      I completely agree, that I would rather read something honest and authentic than something a machine came up with.
      SEO Link Monster surely hasn’t got much to offer for those of us that want to make an honest living.
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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