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google ranking

Why Am I Not Ranking?

google ranking
What page rank do you have?

For anyone considering to make money online, you should ideally have a website, ranking on the top of Google and other search engines. The first 4 places are probably the most important ones.

If you rank past the first page, you can pretty much forget any organic traffic. In order to help you rank easier, I will share my SEO how to guide, that I’ve been using for the past couple of months.

I am still learning and continuously improving my posts, so don’t expect me to be an expert, but there is always time for improvement. I will continuously update this article whenever I learn new tricks.

As I am continuously learning new skills and tricks with the help of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s community, I will be happy to share everything I do with you.

This will be a very basic guide so for those of you who are more advanced you might not find anything new, but then again the internet and its search engines constantly constantly get updated, so you might find a trick or two that you haven’t heard about yet.

Keywords Are Number 1

Before posting any article or even typing them out, I like to have a list of keywords (not a huge list, just 3-5 main ones) that I like to incorporate in my text.

The way I find my keywords is through Jaaxy. I don’t want to write too much about them because I’ve written a more thorough post which you can read separately.

This SEO optimization guide will focus more on the little tweaks you can add, after you’ve added all your keywords, written your text and published it.

There are obviously tons more tips that I don’t know about yet, but since this is only my third month (as I’m writing this text), I can only share as much as I know.

Feel free to visit this page in future, as I will be adding more details the more I learn.

Here’s a little video I made that shows how to improve your posts:

Other things you might want to do to boost your posts are the following:

  • Get backlinks
  • Increase traffic
  • Include videos
  • Social media

Those are the main points I can share, if you want to rank and know more on how to get first page on Google.

What To Avoid

There are a lot of tricks that people recommend to boost your ranking quickly. But if you do these, this can damage your site incredibly, so I advise to stay away from these!

There are many ways to find shortcuts, but I’ve read and learned from various sources that these are very risky. I’m not saying they don’t work, I’m sure that in some cases they do, but mostly you would want to stay away form them.

Here’s a list of things I would not recommend doing, as tempting as they sound:no entry

Paying for backlinks could work for some people but what you naturally find is that your site goes from having no backlinks at all, to suddenly having a ton of them.

Googles algorithms are a lot smarter than you think and pick up on these unusual trends. Therefore they will not position you in the front of their searches.

Additionally these backlinks are usually very bad links that you don’t want leading to your site. You want to have similarly related web pages and websites to your content.

As for keyword stuffing, Google doesn’t tolerate these either. It seems to forced and as I mentioned above the algorithms don’t appreciate that forced behavior.

For the last point, paid articles doesn’t necessarily mean that it will lead to bad ranking. As a matter of fact, I am planning to outsource my blogging eventually. I just added this point, because in the beginning you should create your site manually.

Get comfortable knowing how to blog and create content regularly. Once you discover your style and the direction you want to be heading in, you can outsource your articles.

That way you will know what exactly you want your ghostwriter to talk about.

Final Word

For more tips and tricks, feel free to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned everything to do with making money online. If you are serious about making money online, you should definitely give it a look.

As for the SEO beginner guide that I’ve just provided you with, all and more can be found at WA. It certainly helps pushing you in the right engine optimization

For instance, when I first wanted to include images to my posts, I wasn’t sure which images I can use. Of course there are pictures with copyright laws on them, that prevent you from using these.

With the WA community people provided me several sources where I can now get my free images and have been, since I’ve gotten my answer.

So if you have any questions or thoughts about my SEO optimization guide, feel free to drop a comment below. I would be more than happy to help you out. If you have any other tips feel free to leave them behind as well and I will update my article and include these!

Thanks for reading and I hope I helped some of you with this post!



  1. Hi Esteban! If there’s one thing I’ve been hearing over and over again, it’s the fact that there are no shortcuts. People wanting to take the easy way need to step back and think about what they are doing. If there was an easy way, everybody would be doing it, then most people would fail, because of overcrowding. It takes dedication and work. Not really hard work, but you have to stay on top of things. Great post.
    Good luck,
    ~ Melinda

    • Hey Melinda,

      What you say is completely true. I guess what I’m trying to achieve with my post is that SEO knowledge helps getting that “shortcut” that people are looking for. It still takes dedication and hard work but with the right tools you can get there eventually.
      Thanks for liking my post,

      • Ohh, yes, I see what you are saying. The SEO plugin is a little bit of a shortcut, isn’t it? Sneaky little thing, lol. Ok, I take back what I said about no shortcuts at all. Maybe there are a few exceptions to the rule. 😉
        Thanks for pointing that out!
        ~ Melinda

        • Haha yea there’s always a way but to be honest it still takes research and a lot of time devoted to make this shortcut actually work 😉
          You’re welcome!


  2. Hi Esteban:

    Another great article on a very important topic that is critical for getting traffic to your website and getting ranked in Google. In your opinion, do you think traffic from organic searches gets more attention or social media posting? I like your ideas on staying away from paid back linking because I agree that Google’s algorithms will punish you for trying cheap tricks like that. What do you think about people commenting on your articles? Do you think Google ranks sites in which people need to comment more often on? Look forward to reading more soon.

    • Hey Steph,

      I think organic traffic is more important. It shows that your site is being seen from search engines and people stumble on it without your input (except that you wrote good posts and managed to rank highly on search engines of course).
      Direct traffic from social media tends to be less effective in my eyes. People rarely share stuff on facebook and twitter but maybe that’s just because my site is still quite young.
      I am sure that Google appreciates comments on websites. It shows activity and interaction, meaning your site is worth staying on and interest shows in people to comment on it.
      I definitely discourage payed backlinking such as these programs here! They are just causing trouble.
      Thanks for finding an interest in my site Steph 🙂

  3. Wow, great post… I’ve really learnt a lot here and even made a few notes to remind myself of some things before I post my blogs in future!! 🙂
    You’ve mentioned backlinks in this a few times… what exactly are these?
    Thank you for sharing!! 🙂

    • Hey Zoe,
      Happy to help you out for future blog posts 🙂
      As for backlinks, it’s basically having other sites linking to your website. This is really good for your SEO because it shows that you have content valuable enough to be referenced from different sources!
      Glad you enjoyed it!

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