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make money with wordpress

What is WordPress?WordPress

WordPress is a tool many people like to use these days, to create their websites, including me. With WordPress a lot of the complicated codings, in order to create a website, are done in the background for the user.

In other words, it is simplifies our tasks and we don’t need to use our brains as much and learn the boring world of coding. Although you may still use the ‘text’ format to enter codes, WordPress simplified the typing for authors, by styling it in a Microsoft Word type of layout.

So this can be incredibly useful if you want to know how to you can be selling products online, through your own website.

If you ever consider creating your own website and don’t have much knowledge, I strongly encourage you to use WordPress as it’s quick easy and free to use. How to make money selling online with WordPress is now easier than you can imagine.

What benefits does WordPress Have?

Besides the easy to write article bit, WordPress offers a lot of free things. For instance:

  • Huge list of free Themes for your website layout
  • Thousands of Plugins
  • Easy management of websiteWork from home
  • Support in case of uncertainty on their website
  • It’s free
  • And many more

So there really are no excuses not to get involved with this software if you’re thinking of creating your own homepage.

How to sell with WordPress

So if you are wondering how this tool can help you to sell items online, there are many options but there is only one direct way it will be done.

If you would like to sell or promote an item to sell on your website with WordPress,  you simply create your site around that specific item.

Once you are done you can add a link on your site that redirects them to the payment of the good your customer would like to purchase. For affiliates for example, you would add your affiliate link, that redirects your visitor to the product creators website.Online shoppin

Millions of these websites have been created by now and they are multiplying by the minute. There are a ton of plugins to use to help selling your items. For instance I like to use the StatPress plugin, which allows me to see how many visitors fall on my website and through what search engine.

Where to learn?

If you are worried about not being very tech savvy and you will be put off by struggling to use this program, I can reassure you there are millions of sources on the internet that can teach you in a few minutes.

Not only does the WordPress website have a huge forum with all sorts of questions in them, but there is also a great support team that will help you out and answer your questions.Education

I mostly learned all my skills by trying out a few things here and there and seeing how that turns out. If worse comes to worst you can always delete a post you’ve created.

I also learned a lot through the community in Wealthy Affiliate. I won’t be going into details of the benefits there but feel free to read my review about it here!

Word of Advice

If I could give you one advice on selling things online through WordPress, is that you should be passionate about your product. The passion will shine through and reflect on the content you publish.

If you promote something you like, you’re more likely to give a good feedback on it. Additionally the review or feedback will be honest and thoughtful, which people tend to notice.colors

Also add a lot of visuals if relevant. I like to read and give my eyes a break occasionally by looking at what I’m reading up about. Make sure the images you use aren’t protected by copyright or something.

I hope you enjoyed this small article and realized the opportunities WordPress can offer if you want to be an online salesman. The beauty of it is, once you generate enough traffic, you could be earning money while you’re asleep.

Please leave a comment if you’ve found this useful in any way or if you would have liked to have a more thorough explanation. If anything wasn’t clear please do let me know as well.




  1. hi Esteban
    Great review of WordPress! What a fantastic program this WordPress. it makes it so easy to have an operational website. The back bones are easy to understand. I really agree with your suggestions to include visuals in posts. So important! I use a lot of pictures in all my posts and small paragraphs

    • Hey Emily,

      Great minds think alike 😀

      No but in all honesty I think visuals and short paragraphs makes it easier for people to concentrate on the content and it gives the eyes a nice break. Thanks for leaving behind such a kind comment!

      Glad you enjoy my post!


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