Self Review Work You Created

Aim for perfection
Always Aim for Perfection

The Importance Of Reviewing Your Content

Today I devoted myself to reviewing my own website. You might wonder why I would bother doing that but theres a very clear answer to it which will make a huge difference in the long run.

If you want to get targeted traffic to your website, you should consider

There's always space for improvement
There’s always space for improvement

writing valuable content. You might start off, by simply writing something that came to your mind and posting it. I encourage you to self review work you created, so that same post a few days later. Try to keep organizing your work to avoid a lot of effort and hassle later on as you review your work.

On this website I try to stay as personal as possible so that you can understand my thought process. Simultaneously I try to make it the best possible blog I can produce. So last night I was thinking, I should improve my content.

How To Spot Defaults

So when do we know that our blog or website needs improvement? If you ask me there is always place and time for improvements in whatever we do. No one is perfect and no one will ever be.

WA helpThat’s why it is always good to go back to your content and looking at it from an outside point of view. You might want to ask friends and family to have a read through and ask for advice.

Personally I like to ask the people on Wealthy affiliate to have a read through my website when I feel helpless. There’s always someone to help or a relevant article, blog, training or course dedicated to my questions there.

Tips To Improve Your Content

Here are some of the main things I’ve been taught and figured out myself, to make a website more readable and interesting.

  1. Try to have small paragraphs
  2. Include Headers to give an overview
  3. Stay relevant within your topic
  4. Don’t use odd coloring (black on white usually works easiest on the eyes)
  5. Use imagery – Everyone loves a good picture
  6. Be yourself and don’t use hard language

    Always Aim for Perfection
    Always Aim for Perfection

The last point is quite important I find. If I read an analytical text using big formal words I have to research on a dictionary in order to make sense of the text, I quickly lose interest.

I’d rather read a text that comes across as if someone would be talking to me personally.

It’s Never Too Late

My advice is to always review your content. I know I’ve said it in the beginning but it is truly an important task. I hate going back on things myself but the truth is, the hardest bit is done the first time where you write out your content.

You’ve done your research, you’ve filled the page with words and you’ve posted your content. All you have to do now is go back to your post and read it again.Timewarp

The beauty of going back to older posts is that you won’t remember the details you’ve written so you can see it from a different perspective and possibly find a lot of errors to remove. Add a few visuals here and there, maybe a nice keyword and you’re done.

I hope you found this article useful and if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom, please leave a comment and share your thoughts with me 🙂




  1. You make a lot of good points. It is very important to review your content right after you finish it and a few days later and then even later on. Many people are in such as rush to put up content that they do not take the time to research out their topic. Instead of understanding the material and then putting it in their own words and adding their own spin they often copy and paste from various places. Often when doing this their content does not make sense and does not read well.
    Also with times come changes and by reviewing your older content you may find it needs to be updated.

    Thanks for posting this good info!

    • Glad you found this useful Maureen! I’ve reviewed my content twice at least and it definitely helped. I found a lot of mistakes and things I’ve changed. Copy and pasting from other places is probably the worst thing someone could do these days to try and create valuable content for readers. They will just harm their SEO ranking and damage their site.
      Thanks again for your comment!

  2. Hi Esteban, I really enjoyed this post about Self Review You Created. I have done just what you recommended (going back to older posts) and have found many things to change or correct. Excellent advise. I have also had my daughter proof read some of my stuff before posting it to the website. I know it is done and am highly against coping and pasting someone’s work. Not only doesn’t it hurt your SEO, it is just plain wrong to do!

    • Hey Suzette,
      Trust me I’ve gone through my work twice and had to change a bunch of stuff. I should really ask someone to proof read it for me also I guess. Copy paste is a big no no when it comes to creating websites haha definitely stay away from that 😉
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I’m new to writing content (only a few months) and it’s great to have someone else’s perspective. I also find that writing in a formal way can be boring for the reader. After reading your advice about it, I want to write smaller paragraphs. I tend to write big chunks of text and it’s hard to keep concentrated or interested in the subject. Thanks!

    • I completely agree that writing in a formal manner is boring and reminds one too much of school work to be done instead of pleasure to read something you’re interested in.
      Smaller paragraphs definitely help the reader but also helps you to get to the point quicker I think. Big chunks can be hard to dig through in my opinion. Not always necessarily a bad thing I guess!
      Glad my article was useful to you 🙂

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