Screw 95 Review 2015

screw95 Program Review 2015

Product name: Screw 9-5jay wessman


Owner: Jay Wessman

Level of Experience Needed: Mostly suited for beginners but due to constantly updated content useful for intermediaries!

Price: $97

Overall Rank: 9/10



Screw95 is an affiliate marketing course created by a so called Jay Wessman. He is kind of the ‘badass’ of affiliate marketing and has been making a lot of money through his techniques. The name “screw95” is supposed to be a wordplay on saying good bye to your boring job that lasts from 9 am to 5 pm.

Unlike most programs, Jay has a very personal approach, which in my opinion makes him more credible, and openly admits to being a stoner and how he made his first few bucks by choosing a product he really had a passion for (a bong) and creating a website around that.

Unlike the other courses and websites I’ve written a review about, this will be one I haven’t had personal experience with and it will be a summary of other people’s screw 95 reviews I’ve seen and read about, combined with my opinion.

On the other hand I have tried to sign up to his course, but he is currently reforming his website and therefor no one can sign up at this current stage. If you try to visit his website you will get the below message:



If on the other hand you are interested in joining this course, I recommend to sign up for the early bird list, as he will be notifying you once the product goes live.


Who Is Screw95 For?

Screw95 covers every term and phrase of the affiliate world. This is why it is definitely for beginners. For the intermediary or slightly advanced affiliate marketer, I do recommend joining as well, as education never comes to an end. Especially if the website will be reformed to add newer techniques I think this will provide a lot of valuable content for the more advanced affiliate. 

What I really like about the ‘lazy ass stoner‘, is how easy and simple he makes everything. If you’ve never heard of the term keyword, you won’t have to stop his video’s where he is currently explaining how to create a website for example, he will stop for a moment and take the time to explain what a keyword means. Additionally he will find a relevant example as he explains and once you’ve understood, he continues the lesson.

LASTherefore I highly recommend this course for beginners. Not only is he very patient and thorough with his explanations, but he also goes into detail from the beginning until the end. He always gives relevant examples with sites he’s created in the past so that you have a small reference guide.

Unlike the Google Sniper course 3.0 (click here to read my review) where there are no websites to look up on as a reference guide and even worse, if you type out the websites you see on his videos into your browser, you will find that nearly all of them don’t exist anymore. With Jay’s course he not only gives you one of his websites but he also creates two from scratch within the course so you can follow him on every stage.

I think that this is a huge advantage, especially for beginners as we always feel unsure of what we’re doing is right. I personally feel more secure if I can have a prototype to reference to and reassure myself. This also avoids going through the hassle to write out a lengthy email to the support team and ask for guidance, which will take days if not weeks to get answered, given that the course provide this service.

Trainings and Tools

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning the course is currently under maintenance for upgrades. But before that the course was split into a few main key principles. Firstly you would find a niche market. So instead of going into a very competitive one such as “how to lose weight” he would teach you to identify the difference between a highly competitive market to a reasonably easy market to compete in.

Once you’ve learned the difference and understood the importance of it, he would move on to explain what product to choose. Of course as a beginner it’s not always easy to find a good product. The affiliate product should have certain criteria to match before choosing it. Jay goes into detail which characteristics this product should have. If you have a good niche and a convincing website with a lot of traffic but the product is bad, then you will find yourself with no sales. Simple as that.

The third part is another key component of the course. In this part you will learn how to conquer search engines to your site. With these and other methods he teaches you to make your website get a lot of valuable traffic. Because there are two types of traffic. Good traffic results into sales and bad traffic results into people just stumbling across your site and leaving shortly after.screw95 program

Not only does he teach you to get these he also integrates the importance of social media. Through social media he not only grants you the knowledge of of having followers but also the mastery of sharing your content and spreading it further.

Most of his course is taught by videos, which I guess most people prefer but I do like to have some reading content to avoid loading videos and searching for the minute where I left off or if I have to go back and review something, I’d rather go back to the page where I left off instead of looking for the right minute of the video. Nevertheless from the way I understood it, the videos are quite nicely organized.

Having a nice structure to the course is probably the most important part. Imagine going to school and every teacher is in the same room telling you what to learn. That’s how a lot of the courses out there seem to be.

With Jay, you will start from the beginning and he will guide you step by step through to the end. Very similar to Wealthy Affiliate which you can read about here!

Pros vs. Cons


  • Very thorough explanations
  • Easy to follow course
  • Members Forum to discuss between one another
  • One time fee of $95
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Only video courses

Final Verdict

Unlike most courses, I think the screw95 has had only positive reviews including mine now. Again this is the only product which I have researched and reviewed without actually having purchased and used the product myself. This is due to the website maintenance they are currently going through.

What I love about this is that the cost is a one time fee. Unlike Google Sniper 3.0 for instance where you are tricked into a monthly fee of $47, Thumbs uphave to fight around the constant upsells and still purchase an outdated product.

As you can see above, I actually struggled to name some negative aspects about this course. A lot of the negative comments were about backlinking techniques he used for his websites and how these are now out of date and can actually damage the ranking of your site by Google.

I am pretty certain that Jay will have come around this technique in his new reformed screw95 product, so it felt irrelevant to name it above. I will probably update this review once I get my hands on it, but if you want to purchase this product, I highly suggest you go onto his website and sign up for the early bird list. Additionally you will receive some beginners training.

For those of you who would like to get involved in affiliate marketing already for free, I encourage you to read my review for this free course right here.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you felt like anything was particularly good or bad please leave a comment.




  1. I like the sound of Screw95. That guy sounds like he knows what he’s talking about – good training -except for the backlinks. I haven’t heard of this until I read your post, so will look into it and see what it has to offer. Thanks for the information!

    • I definitely think he knows what he’s doing 😉 if you’re interested I encourage you to sign up to his early bird newsletter.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Essi, this is another way of looking at how to build an Online business. Sounds a lot like WA, but perhaps a different following? I ‘m sure Jay’s perspective is well received and helpful. The one time fee is attractive, but I have to say I find the interaction between the members of the community at WA to be very helpful to Newbies and Seasoned members too, and I don’t see the overhead as being high for the “The Cost of Doing Business Online!” I like getting the additional education by just following their lead and eventually you become a leader too:) Hopefully you also chose a Niche that will pay you a consistent income. LOL I like videos they serve another purpose when I create interesting and engaging content. It only helps to back up my subject content and people like the visual aid as well, but I believe that Content plays a big part in pleasing your readers . This makes for a more interesting and a fun site that people will want to return to, to see what’s new and exciting. Most of all this is a great way to pay it forward in a world that really needs to practice this today. Thanks for the interesting alternative. Let us know how you find Jay’s site once you’ve been there for a while. I’m interested in all methods of online businesses as apposed to WAs! So far I have no complaints and I look down the road to my success at WA. Keep in touch, Sharon:)

    • Hello again Sharon,
      I think Jay is just being himself when he openly admits to smoking a lot and being high, which I kind of like to be honest, as it shows that he’s real and not some guy wearing a fake suit pretending to be a huge business entrepreneur.
      I definitely think WA has a huge plus with it’s community and maybe Jay took care of that on his program. The one time fee is definitely attractive and a huge plus from his side.
      Let’s see. I think I will stick with WA for the moment as I’ve been seeing a slow but steady growth so far and I don’t want to spread my work out with other programs.
      Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  3. Hi Esteban, thanks for your review. This Screw 95 affiliate marketing course sounds interesting. Just one question for you, with the one time payment fee, how many video courses can we get? Is there any other support system available if we face problems during the process?


    • I’m not entirely sure how many video courses there are but there are 5 main stages in the course you can learn about. These are: choosing a niche, setting up a website, adding products, dominating search engines and dominating social websites. I guess there are several videos for each and then I’m sure there are a bunch of videos explaining other small terms that might be useful.
      There is a support system but from what I’ve read it wasn’t the greatest. But I am quite confident that this is one of the major things that will be changed in the upcoming screw95 program and one of the main reasons he’s reforming it.
      Hope this helped 🙂

  4. I had never heard of this online marketing course before but I must say I do like the guys attitude. In some ways it reminds me of the original Rich Jerk. The onetime fee certainly is appealing but then begs the question how often would it be updated? With all the online marketing courses available out there it is good to have a person like you take the time and review these products. Thank-you for providing us with all this good info!

    • Hey Maureen,
      I do like the sound of the course as well and if I wouldn’t have joined WA I would probably still be waiting for this to go live! I’m not sure how frequent the updates are but I’ve heard a lot of positive things from the course itself. I’m glad you enjoy my reviews!

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