Roundup – 33 Super Affiliates Share Their Opinion And Advice!

roundup 33 super affiliates share their opinion and advice

One of the most common questions newbies have, including myself, when jumping into the exciting world of affiliate marketing is almost impossible to answer.

The question being, how long it takes to earn something online. This is usually followed by how to be able to maintain that income.

Although it is hard to give an exact time frame, we still like an estimate, which gives us a goal to look forward to.

This is why I thought I’d find out how it felt for the those who’ve been living off their online income for several years!

I asked 33 super affiliates: “How long did it take you to make your first online dollar and what was your biggest obstacle to stabilize your income?”

Here are their answers:

david schnieder“It took me 4 months to earn my first online dollar, which I did through advertising. The biggest obstacle to stabilizing income has been about finding reliable sources which can provide income every month without large variations.”


Dave Schnieder from Ninja Outreach

“I started making money online back in the mid-90s. One of the very first ways I made money online was by creating 468×60 banner ads for people in the AOL Web Diner chat room. This was way before online payment systems like PayPal were around, so people would actually send me aZac Johnson physical dollar in the mail. I soon found better ways to make money online through affiliate marketing, Amazon and Google Adsense. You can see screenshots and more stories in my first affiliate checks article. Once I started focusing on creating my own sites and scaling out with content, then my affiliate earnings continued to grow month over month — first with Amazon, then with CPA affiliate marketing.” – Zac Johnson from and

“My first dollar online came from a website about 8 years ago that helped unemployed people find jobs. At that time I barely knew about all of the different monetization strategies, so I just launched the website and after a few months, I gave up and worked a regular job.

Since then, I’ve taken the whole idea of making money online more serious and really studied to understand how I can continue to make a living from it.

In terms of my biggest obstacle to stabilize my income, it’s mostly been reducing all of the ron stefanskispending I do with freelancers and making sure I’m working on the right projects. There have been a handful of websites/projects that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on, only to abandon and move to the next idea. I think the key to stabilizing income is research a LOT before jumping into a new project to make sure it’s perfect, then only spending resources on that one project.”

– Ron Stefanski from

“This all depends on the way you approach blog monetization. In theory to make a dollar you just need one visitor. In practice it can be a bit more difficult. The main obstacle really is that youMarko Saric need a way to spread the word about the value you provide. You need to do this consistently in order to grow your fan base. You need a fan base of people that trust you and see you as an expert in your field in order to monetize a blog. And this is where we come back to the monetization methods (I’ve collected the best here). If you for example sell a book or a service just that first purchase will be a great starting point.” – Marko Saric from

“It took me around 6 months to make my first online dollar. I didn’t start my blog in order to make money blogging, it was purely just a hobby. However, after earning that first dollar online, I was hooked!

My biggest obstacle to stabilizing my income was probably finding ways to better use my time. Before, I thought that doing anything and everything to increase my income was key, and this Michelleled to me being very scatterbrained and too diversified. I was staff writing, managing multiple websites for others, I start multiple websites for myself, managing my own blog, and more. However, I decided to cut all of the extra out of my life and I now spend around 90% of my time on my own blog, Making Sense of Cents. Since that time, my income has grown significantly.” – Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from

“I actually made my first dollar online quite quickly, probably within the first month, but it took Dom Wellsme nearly two years to turn that into $1,000 in a single month.

The hardest thing for me in stabilising my income, was focusing on one thing and maintaining growth.
It’s very easy to chase after something new, especially when you don’t see immediate results.” – Dom Wells from
(Dom is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

Hilary“I guess I was nervous to put myself out there.

Stability is an issue because you are always at the mercy of the organizations you affiliate with.

They can change the program whenever they want.  Now that I have my own product,  I hope to have less of that!” – Hilary from

“I made my first dollar online the same day I managed to get myself to get a website up with some content and an affiliate offer. If I recall correctly, the first month I made $49 dollars, one dollar short of that particular networks payout minimum. The main obstacle was always simply getting started – information overload. It was too difficult to “take the risk” (a non-existent risk) and decide upon a niche, monetization method etc.
The main obstacle for stabilizing it was similar – a lack of focus. Trying too many different things and getting only 20% of the results from everything, due to spreading out too much.
I’m passionate about helping people getting started so I’ve interviewed dozens of people who are active in the field and communities, yet have not gotten started. I know what fears these people have, I know their motivations behind making money online and that’s what our site’s homepage is now covering. It’s worth a look for every beginner and will definitely lead you down the same path.”
 karl Kangur
I’m actually writing a massive article called “How to create a blog and make money online” which covers all of the reasons you should start a blog, the fears people have from starting a blog, how to choose a host, niche, domain name, how to set everything up including themes, settings, plugins and then the actual marketing of your site. – Karl Kangur from

“I made my first online dollar back in 2005 from Google Adsense and my goal every year has been to build a larger business while also trying new and more challenging things. A lot has chris guthriechanged since 2005 and the main thing I’ve been focused on lately is on building businesses selling digital and physical products. When you really focus in on solving a pain point that you currently face it’s a lot easier to build a business to solve the needs of others that have that pain point. Beyond that I also run multiple businesses and they all help collectively drive revenue from multiple diverse locations.” – Chris Guthrie from

“Like the most successful sources of online revenue I made money on the back of a self built blogMarcus Miller that was based on a hobby and true passion. It was this that turned me on to online marketing some 17 years or so ago. Stabilizing this was somewhat more difficult though and that is only done through great content and hard work. Ultimately, you have to answer a need. Whether that need is entertainment, expert commentary or helping others meet their goals – you must put in to get out.” – Marcus Miller from

 “I basically made my first online dollar as soon as I started trying although it helped that I already had a travel blog with an audience. I had been working on the blog for about six months at that point, but it had been like an online journal for me for years.
The biggest obstacle in my way of both starting to make money and to stabilizing my income was my focus on growing my number of page views.  Once I shifted this focus to thinking in terms of how to maximize this traffic to make money and to ensuring that I was attracting the right sharon gourlayaudience that fit my goals, my income went up dramatically.
I was a blogger before I was an affiliate marketer and I find this problem common among other bloggers. They are too focused on getting hits, like that will somehow magically lead to a big pay day, rather than actually making money. Everything changed for me once I shifted this change of focus.” – Sharon Gourlay from

 “I made my first dollar fairly quickly. I don’t remember exactly how long it took, but it was weeks after I launched my first niche site.

Making your first dollar is easy if you’re building niche sites and monetizing them with Adsense. All you need is a little bit of traffic.
With Adsense you get paid per click, and the amount you make varies – but $1 is usually just 1-4 clicks to an ad.
The biggest challenge is scaling that. Continuing to grow the site, ranking for high search volume keywords, and driving consistent organic traffic each month.
 chris lee
It’s actually not that difficult to grow your first niche site to $5-$10/day, which is a nice $300/month in passive income.

If anybody’s been in IM for a long time now, and have had trouble making their first dollar, I have a free mini course you can take to learn how you can get started with niche sites.” – Chris Lee from

“It took about five months to have my first real online income report – and it was for $61.83! I am still incredibly proud of that first report. This income came entirely from affiliate sales. Like many other bloggers, I slapped up some ads on my site when I first started blogging and it took me forever to get my first paycheck this way. Once I realized this wasn’t a great way to earn income, I quickly started exploring affiliate programs where I could write about products and services I believed in and share that information with my readers!” – Kristin from

“It took about a month to make my first dollar online. It was on an Adsense based niche site and the keyword research was terrible! I had no idea what I was doing. Later I moved on to Amazon Affiliate Sites which is more my style.

The biggest obstacle in stabilizing my income was protecting my portfolio of sites from Googledoug cunnington penalties. Your income can go from $10k per month to $10 per month overnight.

You should know your risk tolerance and don’t do things that exceed your risk. Let me give you an example – If you use PBNs, then you might face a Google penalty. If you can’t handle losing the income from that site, then don’t use PBNs.” – Doug Cunnington from

“I made money online with almost every way possible now, but my favorite and most consistent income came from blogging. It took me about 3 month to get my first affiliate sale, but after that it all went much smoother and the sales started coming more often.

drazen prastaloThe biggest obstacle for everyone (including me) is consistency and hard work. You need to keep pushing if you want to succeed. Even when you are feeling lazy and not motivated, go and work on your business, you’ll be glad you did later on. Also, make sure to have a plan and goals set up (long term and short term, write them). That way you have a clear path to follow and it becomes much harder to slip and give up.” – Drazen Prastalo from

“I’ve been blogging for over 10 years but never had any idea how to monetize my blog or make more than $100 with affiliate marketing. Two years ago, I stopped trying to find offers, and started just openly and honestly talking about what I personally use myself, regardless if there was an affiliate program for it or not. Now with the Travel Like a Boss Podcast, and my personal johnny jenblog I make on average $10,000 a month or more each and every month with affiliate income.

My suggestion, look to see how others are successful instead of figuring it out on your own. Create value first with your visitors before trying to monetize them. Never sacrifice long term trust for short term profits.” – Johnny Jen from

“It didn’t take me very long to earn money online because I started with the path of least resistance which was reward sites that would pay me for things like reading emails and taking surveys. So I made my first dollar online pretty quickly from that respect. In terms of making money online from my sites as a business, I don’t remember because it was so long ago. Like anything in life it took time. I was just very patient to see it through.

eddy salomonMy biggest obstacle to stabilizing my income online was understanding how to get consistent traffic. But that problem was resolved when i learned about SEO and email marketing. Once I learned how to rank my content it became pretty simple. But I took it one step further by capturing email addresses so I could re-market to the people that may have left my site and never came back.” – Eddy Salomon from

(Eddy is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“I didn’t make my first dollar online until about three years after I started researching internet marketing. I was 19 at the time. I’ll never forget it – I had setup a website a few weeks before and was working on my content. I laid down for a nap because I was tired (I’ve always loved naps way more than I should) and when I woke up, I had made a commission of over $70.

I was hooked. And that’s where I finally “broke through”, with a site that eventually grew to make $2,000 to $3,000 per month. I used that as a platform to build other sites as well, and although that was close to ten years ago and internet marketing has changed dramatically, I’ll never forget it.

My biggest obstacle has always been… me. I struggle with the same things that every aspiring internet entrepreneur struggles with: focus, doubt, shiny objects, consistency, discipline, etc.ian pribyl

It’s a journey, and every year I get a little bit more focused, a little more confident, a little less distracted by new projects, a little more consistent, and a little more disciplined.

I just take it a step at a time, like I recommend everyone else to do, and eventually it all adds up to a better “me” that’s not as “in the way” of success as he was last year.” – Ian Pribyl from

(Ian is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“I made my first $2.35 by the end of my first month and is was a commission from a dog hair colton jamesclipper, it wasn’t even a product that I was actively promoting!

My biggest obstacle was all of the distractions that are around… It wasn’t until I stopped partying, put down the phone for social media and stopped watching TV/playing games – THEN I started seeing the results because my focus was more on content creation rather than content consumption.” – Colton James from

(Colton is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“I started online in 2000 and for the 3 years I struggled trying to figure things out and getting scammed more than once. I then met my mentor in 2003 and within 2 months of his guidance Ileo made my first dollar online – $319.11 to be exact. And 18 months after that I was making a full-time income online, and that was back in 2005.

I know what prevented me from making money sooner online. Chasing one shiny object after another. As soon as I found the right training and left all the false promises and scams behind, then and only then did I start making money online.” – Leo from
(Leo is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

brendan-mace“The first dollar came relatively quickly. It took me years, however, to make consistent “good money.” The game changer for me was following the advice of a mentor. He gave me an action plan that worked.

Which is really the main challenge of making money online: being able to cut through all the BS and find the stuff that actually makes a difference. Do that, and making dollars online is easy.” – Brendan Mace from

“It took around 4-6 months. Can’t remember exactly as it was a while ago now.

There were a few challenges I faced a long the way:
1) Consistent traffic – At the time I was too focused on SEO and what I really needed to do was diversify my traffic. I started reading all of the wrong things so my mindset was focused on the short term.adam connell
2) Staying focused – Before earning my first $1 I had doubts to whether I could make it happen, despite knowing that other people were earning boat loads of cash on the web.

3) Not giving people a reason to come back – I was building a social following at the time, but what I really needed to do was to build an email list.” – Adam Connell from

 “It took me around 3 and a half months before I made my first $1 online and it has really grown from there. I also had many obstacles that I was faced with as I tried to stabilize my income.

Just to name a few, being consistent with writing content and finding a balance scott newkirkbetween work and everyday activities going on in my life.

Working from home has been a dream come true for me, but I find it can be really challenging at times. I hope this helps you out and for more details on my success feel free to check out my blogs here at WA.” – Scott Newkirk from

(Scott is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“My first earnings came from Google Adsense. I don’t remember exactly when I reached a dollar, but it was an exciting process.Sydney

The biggest challenge for me was juggling so many things at once, but that’s also what has brought me good fortune. I advise everyone to diversify their income streams and hustle while they can.

We just don’t know what could happen tomorrow.” – Sydney from

“There are multiple scenarios for my first online dollar so I’m not sure if the first 2 I mention below will count. LOL.

I kinda flirted with online money making in different situations.

– It was 1 month into my AdSense account. I got an invite to AdSense when it first started back in the early 2000. I created a blogger blog, put in a local TV ad that had a cool song then added the lyrics. It was a loooooong time ago. Never did anything with it. I just thought it was “cool” back then. I got the first dollar there basically from my content. It was a wow moment.

– I did retail and sold wireless landline phones within 1 week using a classified ad site. That can also be counted as my first $.

– When I really got into the online space, I got my first $ after 3 months. I decided dennis seymour leapfroggron going with affiliate marketing and using SEO, which was new to me. It took me a while to find a niche, learn SEO and test my theories and strategies. I got my first commission on a micro niche and the rest was history. I got to learn on the fly and test out all my theories with SEO and digital marketing as a whole.” – Dennis Seymour from

authoritywebsiteincome john haver“It took me 4 months to earn my first dollar. The first 3 months were spent building out something way too big!

The biggest obstacle was me not focusing on something small that added value to a small group of people.”

– Jon Haver from

“I can’t say that it took a long of time to make my first online dollar mostly because I have a person who is much longer in this niche and he helped me to achieve first results very fast. A lot is changed since that time. In the middle of 2000-x we earned very a good income from directories. After Google released Penguin algorithm, directory submission almost dead. I think everyone  Evgeniy Garkaviy - marcheshourremember how it was important for trusty website to get a link from DMOZ but today I’m not even sure that this directory is still live.

If you want to be successful in affiliate market niche, you should be aware of the latest trends and changes.” – Evgeniy Garkaviy from

“It took me around 6 months to make my first $15 dollar and my biggest obstacle was staying focus on one project.

 When we’re new most us us have the shinny object syndrome. We keep jumping tung tran cloudlivingfrom one project to another. This is probably the biggest mistake.

So my best recommendation is focus on one single biz model and try to make it work.”

Tung Tran from

“It took me around 12 years before I made a cent. I was just stumbling around with no direction making random posts here and there. When I finally did start jeremy west - spendbitcoinsmaking money, I was in the right place at the right time.

Getting a stable income is easy–go get a job.Being an entrepreneur means you can often make a lot more than you can at a job, but you have to weather the ups and downs that go along with being an entrepreneur!” – Jeremy West from

(Jeremy is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“It took about 2 months from idea to first dollar. I had signed up to one of the affiliate networks and was promoting “make money online” offers with TERRIBLY written emails to my small list of 50 people. However I continued with no sales, writing emails and building the list (slowly…) each day…

Until one morning I woke up, logged into my portal and saw the glorious number $37.50 dollars commission on my first product sold… It was then that I KNEW this was going to work.virtualvalley tom hunt

Since then I have stabilised my income by focussing on 1 project 100% until I could systemise and outsource BEFORE moving onto the next one, then slowly, over time, your efforts compound… and you become rich (not their yet ;))” – Tom Hunt from

“It took me 3 months to make my first $5 sale, and about 18 months to go full time.

I think the biggest hurdle to having stable income for me was having a high nathaniellenough volume of content.

This allowed me to get small bits of traffic from multiple keywords rather than having one or two “golden goose” keywords that has fluctuating rank, thus inconsistent income.”

– Nathaniell from

(Nathaniell is also a member of Wealthy Affiliate)

“In affiliate marketing, I didn’t make any money for quite a while- I want to say around 6 months. The main challenge at first was getting traffic, then qualified traffic, then conversions. The biggest obstacle was definitely getting sustainable amounts of traffic to the point were the returns were somewhat stable enough to at least know what to expect. The thing about affiliate marketing is that it is a huge up-front investment of time and resources. Rather than getting paid by the hour or by the project, you put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears in order to be optimizepri harris schachterpaid later. In most cases, much later. So besides getting a sustainable amount of traffic, the other challenge was being motivated enough to stick with it. As with anything, the first time is always the hardest because you don’t know what to expect and if it is worth sinking that much time into it. But, like anything in life, if you are motivated enough it will pay off in the end.” – Harris Schachter from

“It took me for 4 weeks to get one content writing project that paid me $50 to $100. My biggest obstacle is actually building my online brand. In our competitive industry (SEO and digital marketing), it takes a lot of hardwork to get to the top of the game and make sure that clients would perceive you as venchito tampon sharprocketsomeone who knows what you’re saying and is good at what you do.

For the past 2 years, building my brand enables me to compete over other companies that offer the same services. Expertise is what builds and keeps trust over time.” – Venchito Tampon from

So there you have it!

As you can see, time is almost irrelevant when it comes to making the first Dollar. Did you find similar traits in these answers? Did these answer your question?

Will you take their advice to make your business kick off? Have you faced similar issues? 

Share your thoughts below in the comment section!




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