Resource Page

Purpose Of The Site

The more posts and pages I create for my website, the harder or longer it will take for you to find what’s most important to create a sustainable business.

I use a few specific programs and tools and often mention these throughout my posts.

However it can get quite hard to find these tools when looking for a specific one which I might not have mentioned for a while.

It is for that purpose, that I have created and devoted this page entirely for all the resources I use and recommend.

Do note that I will never recommend a product I haven’t personally tried.

Do note that most of these will probably have an affiliate link attached to them, so if you do click on them, I will get a commission for it. I hope you don’t mind 🙂

This does not mean that you will get charged extra. If anything you will be more likely to get a discount on the product if there are any!

I am not referring you just for the sake of a commission, I am referring these products because I genuinely think they are helpful and valuable to create a business.

If any of these products are ones you have to pay for, make sure to only do so if you really need it to scale your business!

After all I’m creating this page for you to be more successful and reach the goals I have reached, much quicker and faster than me.

Let’s hope you enjoy this and feel free to recommend some tools so that I could try them out myself and maybe recommend these here too!

The List

As you can see this list is quite short for now, but I will be continuously adding content if I come across something I really think is worth mentioning.

Note that all titles are clickable and will send you directly to the companies website if you’re interested in checking out the product in more detail!

Wealthy Affiliate

 Of course this will be my most recommended. From the day that I joined this WA recommendation logoprogram I knew I found something that will help me reach my goals. I can only say this truly has the biggest potential for anyone interested in making a side income or a full time online income. If you’re interested in possibly quitting your job, to work from home or anywhere else, I highly recommend you to have a look at this. I always advise people to start off as free members, as the first 7 days grant you access to premium level. See how it goes from there!

Online Logo Maker

 This Handy little website makes it possible for anyone to create their business recommendation online logo makerlogo in no time. It doesn’t cost a thing and it’s super user friendly. If you are interested in branding yourself and having a logo, make sure to play around with this tool for a while.


 From the same creators as Wealthy Affiliate, this tool is my personal favorite, recommendation jaaxywhen it comes to keyword research. Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely not a must but it is so powerful and useful, I really enjoy working with it.

The 4 Hour Work Week

recommendation 4 hour work week If you haven’t come across this book yet, I could give no other advice but to read it. I can’t believe it took me so long to get my hands on this. Not only did this book encourage me to start this website it also gave me so many more ideas and opened my eyes to how people could be living their lives! Very inspirational and kind of a must have!


If you’re just starting out and haven’t started building your email list, this is definitely a must. Everyone will tell you this! I started out with using two different recommendation aweberproviders. Now I’m using Aweber and I am very happy with their services. Whether online support or deliverance, I can only advise it for beginners as well as experts. Very easy to use and a lot to offer such as auto response and tons of tracking features!

Pretty Link

This plugin is kind of a must for anyone in the affiliate game. What it does is Recommendation pretty linkbasically shorten your affiliate links to a more attractive link. Not only is it easier to pass on the link, it also looks less scammy to the untrained eye.


This brilliant plugin has more to offer than I thought. The second I installed it I recommendation sumomerealized how much it has to offer. I actually had to get rid of some other plugins it was replacing. Think of it as an App-store for your WordPress site.


If you ever need free images to use for your website or blog, this is definitely my recommendation pixabay logofavorite source. A lot of the other free sources somehow never gave me the results I was looking for. Pixabay may need some creative thinking to find what you’re looking for, but they definitely have a massive library.


For those of you that own an Instagram or Twitter account, this little tool might come in really handy. With Crowdfire you can quickly add or remove crowdfire logo100’s of people onto your account. I use it to remove people that don’t follow me for instance. Personally I’m satisfied and have been using the free version at the moment.