Pure Leverage Review – Should You Avoid This Product?

Pure Leverage

My Pure Leverage ReviewPure Leverage

Product name: Pure Leverage

Link: www.pureleverage.com

Owner: Joel Therien

Level of Experience Needed: None apparently.

Price: $24.95 per month

Overall Rank: 2/10



My Pure Leverage Review will get straight to the point, by saying, stay away from this product!

Pure Leverage is a product, like most scams, promising you to make you rich, quickly and easy. It offers a program that does all the hard work for you and you just have to sit back and watch the money pile up.

Crossed fingers, false promise
Just another false promise

Because of it’s unusually cheap prices, their competitors can clearly not compete. Maybe that is why a lot of people fall for it.

If you are wondering how this product aims to make you rich, just think of Egypt and you’ll know what the plan is. This is your typical pyramid (MLM) scheme!

Their main sales pitch is that you can get 100% commission (for the first month) and an additional 50% commission from your referrals who further promote their product.

But like most scams, the demand for this product is just created by their sellers. What you are initially selling is a “all-in-one” tool, which offers services such as auto responder, video: email and streaming, live coaching and more of which I will go into detail below.

 If you want to learn how to make an honest living online read this review instead

Who Is Pure Leverage For?

So what Pure Leverage claims to do, is leverage your freedom and grow your business, no matter what business you are currently in. But what it really offers, is something you can easily use for cheaper or free with either Wealthy Affiliate or WordPress.

The products you won’t have (such as live coaching etc.) aren’t a necessity for every business in my opinion.

Having outlined that, pure leverage tends to lean more to people that already own a business, but it is not telling those who don’t own one, that they can’t make money through it either.no clue

Even though they don’t outline complete beginners, I still have to say, it will be pretty hard to use their software without any basic knowledge. This means that the only way a beginner could benefit from this package, is to promote it as an affiliate marketer and get the commission of 100% or 50%.

But hold on! If you want to be an affiliate and make money by reselling the product, you have to upgrade with them. Meaning you will be thrown over with an upsell of an additional $19.95/ month. There is also a VIP package which offers you even more “training” for $97/ month.

Basically the higher you upgrade, the higher product you can promote and earn a commission of the more expensive product.

Very sneaky and very unethical I find. Especially because it isn’t very clear when you first sign up and because the upgrades don’t really provide you anything in addition really.


Trainings And Tools

As for the tools you will have several in the package such as:

  • Web presence and site – This is essentially a ‘superior’ part of the package which lets you create your own website and host it. It promises you to chose from a wide variety of themes and it is as easy as ever to create your own website. Personally I can tell you that I can easily teach you how to do the same for free right now, if you click here!
  • Lead capture system – Similar to email listing, this basically creates a button for your website where your readers or customers can fill out their personal details such as email and name.

    pure leverage products
    so many products such little value
  • Auto Responder – As the name describes, you can create and send email templates which are then automatically sent to your list of subscribers. But complaints have been flooding the support team of pure leverage, as most of the automated emails have just been sent straight to the spam folder. So although they let you have up to 10,000 contacts, what good is that number if most mails don’t reach them?
  • Video Email and Streaming – Really? I don’t even know where to begin with this “feature”. We all have smartphones, webcams attached to our laptops or know how to attach a link off YouTube into an email. I don’t know how this is a feature, that you can attach and send videos with your email. But there you go that’s another one of their features.
  • Live conference room – The conference room feature seems like a decent package. Since I haven’t been able to host a conference yet myself with 100 people and powerpoint presentations, I cannot guarantee the quality of the streaming. For the average user I think Skype could easily handle a one-on-one streaming conversation I suppose.
  • Elite coaching – The fancy name is just a cover up for brainwash and manipulation. What they actually train you, through their weekly coaching, is the skill to further promote their product.

    cheaper products
    You can get these for cheaper

So as you can see most of their tools are either pointless or can be found elsewhere for free. The only valuable tool is the conference room. But if you want to make money online, it is definitely not a necessity to have.

But like I said if you do want to use it for personal contact with single clients, Skype is a trustworthy free software you could use. If however you want to use it for a larger audience, then Google Hangouts can be used, yes you’ve guessed it, for free. All you need is a Google account. This is also a much more trustworthy source.

One of the most important features for me, in an online product, is definitely the support offered by the creators. Unfortunately I can’t tell you that Pure Leverage has a great support system or team.

Most contact is through email. This is fair enough, but when the response time is an average wait of 48 hours, this can be quite frustrating. Additionally there have been reports in the past that there have been name callings and worse, if you complain.

Your personal email tends to get spammed with tons of email in the first month of signing up as well, which personally would give me a headache.


Pros VS. Cons


  • Cheap compared to competitors


  • Useless products which can be found for free
  • No valuable training
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Spamming your email
  • Emails sent out automatically go to spam
  • Terrible support team
  • Sneaky Upsells with no added value

There you have it. The cons are heavily conquering the pros and even if the positive would be an amazing one, it’s easy to conclude that this product is definitely not worth your time.


Final Verdict

As I mentioned in the beginning of my Pure Leverage Review, I do not recommend this product. It is a bunch of fluff and hype for products you can easily attain for free online.

Paid services will probably set you back just as much as the sign up for the whole package of Pure Leverage, but at least you will have top notch quality and great support team. On top of that you will be signed up with a trusted company that doesn’t try to rip you off.

Like most Pyramid schemes, this one is also more of a scam than a valid service, teaching you how to make a living online.Avoid Scams

If you truly want to learn fundamentals to make money online with a sustainable business, then I highly encourage you to read my review of Wealthy Affiliate

If you found this review useful, have any thoughts to share, want to share your experience with this product, please comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say. Any questions are also welcome.

I will be sure to answer them! Thanks for reading and I hope I helped you make a decision to stay away from this product!




  1. Hey Essie! Thank you for exposing this scam and all the other scams you have exposed for what they truly are. People like are critically important when it comes to bringing awareness to all the scams out in the marketing and online business world. You will help many people with what you are doing, thank you. Do you have any tips for people who are trying to avoid scams by looking for certain red flags? What are some signs that a program is most likely a scam? I would love to hear your response. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Hey Johnathan,

      I’m very happy you enjoy my reviews. Sometimes it can be hard to find out whether or not the programs a scam, I agree. But as for tips I can give you to identify these, I would have to say that the best choice is firstly to look out for at least 3-4 different reviews and make sure they all pretty much say the same. If 3 out of 4 say it’s a scam, I would stay away from it. If they all report different things it also sounds a bit fishy.
      Additionally if you find that the products website is overly sales like, I would watch out as well. As usual, I like to recommend one program for all which is Wealthy Affiliate. It just teaches you so much and is proven to work.
      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Every WA affiliate knocks every program out there promoting WA. Before i was a WA member and a Free one at that i was already ranking but thing thing is that ranking takes time and money no matter what way you look at it. I was a member of wealthy affiliate you could get the same information out of the internet free find low competition keywords review and promote your main program which is WA? Not much different then PureLeverage.com your promoting a product. With WA they dont give you an autoresponder or anything really just a community i can get that at Warrior Forum.

    • Hey Ors,
      I don’t fully agree with necessarily having to invest money to rank. Investing time is inevitable that’s true but money is not a must.
      As for getting the information for free what WA teaches is true. You can find any information for free on the internet. I fully support that statement. However I prefer having a course and a community guiding me in a structured course to speed up the process, rather than finding everything out for myself which takes forever and a lot of trial and error.
      Thanks to WA I learned how to create my own website and start promoting products the right way within the first few lessons alone.
      If you read my blog posts, I often encourage people NOT to do the bootcamp course, which encourages people to promote WA. I actually encourage them to do the online certification course which teaches you to promote physical products, digital products or services in a niche you’re passionate about.
      But even if hey decide to promote WA this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.
      There is much more to it than just a community at WA. You get thousands of trainings, weekly webinars, support in several ways, record tracking and much more. Not getting an autoresponder is pretty ok I believe because there’s other free services out there.
      Additionally they let you buy and host domains so you can’t complain too much about everything they offer.
      Again there is everything out there for free but it will take years to be successful that way if you’re completely new to all of this and WA is great at guiding complete newbies in my opinion.
      Thanks for your comment,

  3. I agree with what you are saying. I thought wealthy affiliate was OK but i also felt that they also have up-sells and what not. which is OK i understand they make money. I do see some value in the WA community. Unfortunately, ranking as you know is definitely, if you don’t put a lot of time you wont get rewards. Its hard backlinking and a daunting tasks but many people think that you don’t need an autoresponder, hosting and traffic which you definitely want these things in order to be successful. Free traffic might do you good with 10000 hits a day but whats the conversion ya know? I think im just a paid traffic guy. But good talking. And all the success on your endeveours(<—-spelt wrong but im an awful speller lol) on this crazy internet marketing journey!!!!!!

    • I just wanted to clarify that they only have 1 upsell which is the paid membership which they don’t hide or anything like many other online programs.
      There’s nothing wrong with paid traffic 🙂 I tried it myself but I wasn’t good at it and unless I make some better earnings I won’t be giving it a go for now. I need to be selective with my income at the moment.
      Thanks anyway for sharing your opinion and your point of view 🙂

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