Obstacles/ Burdens

What keeps us from succeeding?

I’ve often wondered why we simply can’t get ourselves to become part of the passive income society. Is it because we don’t know how to? Or do kids and family get in the way?

Whatever it might be, with enough determination we can succeed. Below I’ve listed a couple of reasons and how to overcome these burdens, so that we can succeed in life.


Fear of failure

A lot of us give up before it even gets hard. Sometimes we don’t even start because we over-think the situation and make a conclusion in our minds thinking we won’t succeed anyway therefore there’s no point to try.

Well I honestly believe you should try out anything before Panicmaking conclusions. Before I learned how to drive I was terrified thinking I would never be able to drive such a complex, giant piece of medal.

I put away my driving lessons and found excuses until I couldn’t anymore so I just jumped into the challenge. Now I can’t imagine living without this skill.

I could give you countless examples where I simply tried to give up before actually trying because of my fear of failure. Try to avoid this behavior and you will see fantastic results.

Too much choice

On my search for passive income, I went on a long hike on the internet, looking for solutions. With so many phony courses out there and so many millionaires claiming a unique way of becoming rich, I quickly felt overwhelmed and assumed I need to know everything to make it.

The internet is a magnificent space to look for help but it can also become a bit scary when you are bombarded with choice. Don’t make the same mistake I did and pick several ideas. Find one and stick with it.

For instance, now that I landed on Wealthy Affiliate, I will stay with it until I feel my knowledge has reached its peak and the money flows in nicely without any effort.


Disorganized and no Structure

Try to always keep everything neat and tidy. Too much mess and disorganized papers lying around makes a huge difference in your performance.

Clean your desk up
Clean your desk up

If you have a desk or an office, make sure to keep it neat and clean. I have always lived that way and when I went to study at other peoples places during my academic years, I felt lost and distracted by the mess. This is often a passive decision made in your head.

Subconsciously you won’t be able to last for long if you have mess near you that should be cleaned up. Make sure to have a tidy desk and if you’ve read my post about 10 here habits you should refer to point one. This helps to remain a neat workplace.


No Motivation

Sometimes we can’t seem to get motivated enough to roll up our sleeves and get down to work. I’m not sure how to motivate you, but if you’re on this site it means there’s some pinch of motivation inside of you.

Think about it this way, would you rather work like a corporate zombie for the next 40 years, getting average pay and being exhausted and tired everyday or would you lie on a hammock near a beach with a cold drink or spend time with your family whilst your bank account grows by the hour?

I have this image in my head every day and it keeps me fueled to reach my goals. Don’t wait for the next weekend or vacation to avoid reality. Face your reality and beat it to the ground so that you can live the reality you want to live.


Not enough time

A lot of times we tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time to study or work after our jobs. We make excuses over and over again. I am telling you there’s always enough time.Motivation

The day has 24 hours and all you need to succeed is to take one or two of these hours a day and study your butt off. Do your research, learn the stuff, use it and you will see eventually positive results will fall right in front of your feet. If it helps, try to keep chores like laundry and cleaning the house for one day of the week.

Try to be as efficient as possible and again refer to point 1 of my 10 good habits to have post (click here to read it). There’s always enough time.


No money

If you are broke and have a lot of debt, don’t worry. At wealthy affiliate you can sign up for free

Only got a few pennies left? no problem!
Only got a few pennies left? no problem!

and you won’t have to spend a dime to create your websites, learn  everything you need to know about the affiliate marketing and get support from the community. I’ve mentioned it before that people have this tendency to be terrible with money.

If you have money issues try this: Write a list of all the things you have to pay for in a month. Just note everything down every time you spend money. After you have this list, scratch away everything you don’t REALLY have to pay for. The money you save from that, you can now start paying your debt off. This should ease your mind. Again pay yourself first then the rest.


Keeping focus

I must admit that I have had a lot of issues maintaining focus during school and even at work. It takes a lot of time for me to understand things and be able to work efficiently. I found out why when I watched a documentary about young millionaires.

All of them had the same issues and a lot of them even got kicked out of school and that’s when they became rich. The reason being, I as well as these young millionaires, can’t focus on things that don’t interest us. This is why I highly recommend to only sign up for WA if you want to do this and enjoy doing it. I personally can’t think of a better opportunity to become wealthy through something I enjoy doing.

I don’t know about you but I hate sitting on my desk answering the phone about stupid enquiries and getting yelled at, becoming stressed and sweaty on a daily basis. I love typing out these words on my bed (I am literally lying on my bed at the moment) and knowing this will generate money. Write down your goals in front of you to help you stay focused!



Feeling lost of helpless is a daunting thing. There’s not much to write about this point. If you feel that way, reassure yourself that almost everyone has been there. Try to fight that feeling work your way out.

Find out why you feel that way. I’ve felt lost before and helpless thinking “there’s never going to be a shifting point in my life. I was destined to be a corporate slave” but then I slapped myself in the face and did more research, read more articles and stumbled across this niche market.

To further assist you, at wealthy affiliate there is a huge community communicating and helping each other out. You can read about other people having the same sort of struggles and how they overcame them.



Laziness and no motivation are pretty much the same point. Let me share my secret. When people look at me they think I’m a workaholic.

Maybe I am because before and after work I focus on this work. But inside me lies a very fat lazy man that loves to do nothing. I lie around daily but like I mentioned previously, the day only has 24 hours!

RelaxI can lie around 8 hours at night and sleep, I can do all my chores and continue lying around for an hour at least, doing nothing or reading a book. Don’t hate yourself for being lazy. I love it! Just make sure to rationalize your laziness.

Use it wisely and it becomes more precious and you won’t feel guilty. A little tip, when I miss a day of my hour to study/ work, I catch up the next day working twice as much.

Try to avoid this though because you might fall into the trap where you tell yourself you will work twice as hard, then miss a day and you lie to yourself saying you’ll work 4 times as hard etc. eventually you will need a year to catch up on lost work!




Again maintaining focus and avoiding distractions are the same sort of thing. The difference for me is that we often let ourselves get distracted. I’m a bit of an ADD type of person.

If I hear voices outside my window I have to run up and see who’s walking past my house, or if the TV is on I can’t not look at it.

Therefore I find a quiet place in my house and do my work there. I highly recommend you turn your phone on plane mode because as soon as that white ‘f’ with its blue surrounding pops up, you’re going to want to check what new notification you received and you will spend the next hour scrolling down your facebook to see what’s new. Stay focused! Don’t let yourself get distracted!

And now for my final point…

Creating burdens

Look at the entire list. Re-read it if you have to. Have you noticed something? Most of these things (if not all) is our creation. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves about these issues. You can take care of your destiny.

I don’t want to create a motivational speech for a superhero here, but really, be a hero for your life. I hate when people moan at me about how annoying work was etc. I even see people crying hating their job. Why?

Look at the 10 good habit list and use the point where I say you should take risks (Click here)! If you hate your job so much do what I did! Quit and find a new one. Or better yet, quit try affiliate marketing and if you have money issues use my other point of the list, and live off your emergency fund, until you made it! I’m no different than you or these millionaires. We all have the resources and strengths.


If you need any additional advice or help please feel free to contact me. I’d be glad to help you. Or simply leave a comment if you liked my points above. I would love to hear your opinions and receive some feedback. Thanks!


  1. Hey Esteban!

    I’m pretty much with you when you say “we can’t blame anyone but ourselves”.I can say the only obstacle here is ourselves. We are the ones’ responsible of the outcome from our actions. Back then, I used to wish to turn back the time. For what reason? Because if it happens, I should have done this and that….but then I figured out why don’t I cultivate and nurture what I have and what I can do now? So what if I fail? We can’t get something if we don’t do something.

    Thanks for leading me here. These motivations would help polish my journey here at WA.

    Wish you your success and all the best!

    • Hey Dennis,
      Your the first to comment on this page of mine 🙂
      I thought it was one of my best and I can now see that after your comment you really took it to your heart. I agree that we shouldn’t dwell on mistakes we made. Instead we should learn from them and improve to avoid them in future. With hard work we can achieve near enough anything and that’s what’s important!
      I wish you all the best in your WA journey Dennis.
      Thanks for reading,

  2. Great work Esteban, is easy to read and simple to understand. I agree with you if we want to succeed, we need to get our butt off the couch and start working there’s no such thing as effortless success. I hope mine are not too much. Please checkout my pages and tell me what you think.

    • Hey Shung,
      Firstly thanks for leaving behind your generous comment. I’m always happy to hear positive feedback or feedback in general actually. If you want me to check out your website please leave behind your link and I will definitely go and have a look 🙂

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