My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Is It Worth It?

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My Coffee Shop Millionaire Review

Product name: Coffee Shop MillionaireCoffee shop millionaire logo


Owner: Anthony Trister

Level of Experience Needed: None – intermediate.

Price: $37 per month + with $297 of upsells for ‘real’ success

Overall Rank: 2/10



Although The Coffee Shop Millionaire has been around for a pretty long time, there still seems to be quite a strong demand for it, so I decided to do my own Coffee Shop Millionaire Review.

Basically this is a product that allegedly teaches you, how to make money on the internet market. This is primarily done by teaching you how to sell the service to other people.

Outsource all your services to succeed

The be more specific, you are meant to get local businesses (they don’t necessarily have to be local) and tell them you will provide them with services such as email marketing and search engine optimization etc.

Once you get a local shop to accept your business, you outsource everything to someone that can take care of these services. You can find such outsourcing services on websites like oDesk for example.

So after doing this a couple of times, you will become a millionaire in no time and all thanks to The Coffee Shop Millionaire. Sounds pretty scammy doesn’t it?

There are several issues with this product and I will go into detail and more debt below.

Who Is Coffee Shop Millionaire For?

This product is basically best for affiliate marketers to sell this product to complete newbies that have no idea about online businesses. The best way to make money trough this program is for others to promote and get commission for.

In the actual program you are told to get local shops and businesses as your clients, but there is no explanation on how to get these clients. It’s easier said than done.

Things like video marketing and SEO are hard to sell to businesses and it requires the level of a good salesman to pitch the idea to other local businesses.

That is where The Coffee Shop Millionaire really let down their people.

If however you have experience or a passion for cold calling, then this product might still be for you.

cold calling
Your new office could look like this

As you will discover, this product suggests to go through the yellow pages for local businesses and call them up to try and pitch your idea. They also encourage you to buy leads.

I mean, the reason we look at products like these, is to get out of the 9-5 lifestyle and be able to have a job we enjoy, which we can do from anywhere in the world. Cold calling however is probably one of the worst and toughest jobs to be in. The constant rejection isn’t easy on anyone.

Trainings and Tools

They ‘teach’ you to sell services to local businesses (or should I say tell you), but they don’t provide you with detailed trainings or even approaches on how to get started.

As I mentioned earlier, this requires a lot of sales experience normally.

You are provided with a total of 12 video lessons. These vary from 5-30 minutes in length.

If you ever joined a legitimate course that teaches you how to do anything related to making money (especially online) you will find that 12 videos could easily be an introduction on one subject.

Additionally your training continues as follows: Once you have your clients, you simply outsource the entire job.

I speak from experience that outsourcing sounds a lot easier than it is. You can’t expect to just simply post a job, pick your first applicant and wait for him to complete the task.

You have to go through several interviews and write up a detailed description before you can even consider the right person for it. Once you’ve found the right person, you have to constantly check up on them to make sure they’re doing the right thing.

Now imagine trying to do this with several jobs at the same time. Don’t forget that, this will not be cheap either!

Another training you will get, is an introduction to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. I mean unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past few years, I don’t think this is actually a necessity.

video lesson
A few short video lessons will be enough to get you up and running

The worst of all is the cheat sheet you get. With this ‘blueprint’ you are supposedly able to make $21k in just a few weeks.

I don’t know anyone that can make that kind of money online, especially anyone that just starts out and has no clue at all about what they are doing, unless there is a scam involved.

Pros vs. Cons


  • The system could actually work
  • You get an idea of what the internet has to offer



  • No proper training
  • Hides a lot of the hard work that comes with this program
  • Too many promotional offers that you should buy to enhance your sales
  • Way to expensive
  • No support after purchase
  • Cheat sheet is completely unrealistic

Final Verdict

This product is very expensive for what it promises and I find that a shame. They lure in gullible people with a smart sales pitch and adding words like ‘millionaire’ in the product name.

Of course you’ll be intrigued to try out the program, especially if it only costs $37 for a month. The only catch is, once you’ve bought in for a minor fee, the upsell promises you the world and you easily cave in.

The problem with this product is, that although in theory this could work, the truth is that it is an extremely tough way to make money online.

Additionally they don’t really show you how to host and buy domains, let alone create a proper website.

You are supposed to sell services you haven’t even learned before? Assuming you’re a complete newbie and have no prior experience, how are you meant to sell something you don’t even understand yourself?

I guess the introduction videos and tutorials expect you to do your own research after you’ve watched them. If I pay for a product though, I’d expect it to teach me more than just vague introductions of a business I want to get involved in.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. There are far better products out there and if you really want to find a course to teach you something valuable, you should look into my favorite product named Wealthy Affiliate.

No start up costs, tons of videos and a community that supports you when you need help or have questions.

If you have any other thoughts about The Coffee Shop Millionaire please share them with me I would actually like to know if anyones made any money with this.

If there are any questions or general comments, I would also like to invite you to drop some below.

Thanks for reading,



  1. I completely concur with this review of Coffee Shop Millionaire! I have reviewed this program as well and have written a lot of the same things you have written here. This program is definitely a scam and tries to lure people in with it’s name. Thank you for helping me expose this scam! I know these type of reviews will save people a lot of time and money and will help them stay clear of falling victim to more scams! 🙂

    • Hey Johnathan,
      I’m glad to hear that someone else has reviewed the same scam as me and come to the same conclusion. I can only say that what you wrote is absolutely true.
      Good to see you ‘re also exposing scams 🙂 I’m sure I’ll bump into your site as well soon enough!


  2. Dear Essi,

    Thanks for your informative review on Coffee Shop Millionaire. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment. It’s been a while since I did a product review actually but I’m currently testing another course. Glad you found this one of use 🙂
      Feel free to come back any time 😉

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