Monthly Progress Report With Wealthy Affiliate June 2015

1 month progress wealthy affiliate

Success Or Failure

So, it’s been about a month that I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate and as I mentioned before, I would be completely transparent about my journey and let everyone know how far I come, wether I succeed or fail during this time.good vs bad

I am planning on making a living off affiliate marketing and momentarily I will do so with the help of the WA community.

In my month, I have come quite far but I did have a small holiday of 5 days in which I didn’t access my website nor my account at all.

I could give you a giant list of the things I’ve learnt so far, but I’d rather keep it short and interesting, because I myself hate long articles which state the obvious.

Here’s my month progress report for the first month so far!


Where I’ve Arrived So Far

Other than building my website further and further, I have:

  • Written several new reviewsIncome
  • Created a beautiful drop down menu for my reviews
  • Learnt how to use my side panel
  • Found more confidence to achieve my goal
  • Almost made my first Dollar!

So as you can see the list isn’t huge, but again, I don’t want to state the obvious points which I find rather dull to dwell on just to add more words on my site.

Please do bare in mind, that almost exactly a month ago, I had no clue how to create a website. So small achievements like adding a drop down menu can be really exciting.


Future Plans For Now

As you can see from the above list, I found more confidence that I will succeed in the affiliate world. I don’t know where it came from, maybe it’s because I had days with over 165 visitors on my site already (after barely 3 weeks). Or maybe it’s because when I wrote a post about making money while sleeping (read it here) and had a nap after, I got my first subscription which almost turned into my first dollar!

There you have it. It’s not even been a month and I almost received my first valuable success. I am not annoyed or frustrated that the person didn’t turn out to make me money because, I know there are enough people out there who could be the potential next customer.

I also know that if you want to work on your own, you will try hard to do so. I was also motivated by the fact that, as I went on holiday, I’ve still been getting a couple of visitors on my site, without promoting it on social networks which is really exciting (for me at least).

I have only just set up my account with Google Analytics, so next months update will be more detailed with stats, but for now I’m using a plugin for my screenshot to show you last months statistics.

first month
First months stats with Plugin


So I hope you enjoy reading my progress and stay tuned because I feel that next months will be a whole lot more exciting.


Thanks for reading and please do share and leave comments behind. I love hearing your thoughts and getting back at you.




  1. I like your transparency with the WA Program. I’m excited to hear that a month in, you are still finding it to be valuable. I am a week into WA and my experience has been wonderful so far!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Always glad to see a fellow member of WA 🙂 trust me in my first week I was bombarded with information and I was sucking it all up like a sponge.
      Not much has changed since 😀 so yea there is so much information out there and I love that everything is being taught step by step and you can see the progression slowly.
      I wish you all the best of luck and hopefully we can profit from it soon 😉


  2. You keep it simple and brief yet very transparent indeed! I can feel your honesty there =) Nway, you mentioned a plugin, may I know the name of that plugin? I haven’t set up an account with Google Analytics yet. I think I should do it asap. Thanks for sharing your progress. Looking forward to hearing your success with WA.

    • Hey,

      Yes of course, the plugin I’m currently using is called StatPressV I believe. It’s fairly accurate but I can tell there’s a bug when it comes to the searched terms people used. For some reason that won’t update. Once I get more familiar with Google Analytics I will start posting those graphs.
      Don’t forget that in the beginning the stats don’t mean much actually so don’t worry too much about them 😉
      Thanks for your comment by the way 🙂

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