Monthly Progress Report With Wealthy Affiliate August 2015

august traffic

Still Standing

It’s finally the end of the month and although it seemed like this month would never end, it also felt like it went ridiculously fast for some reason.

As usual I will update you with my monthly progress and we can see if I made any progress at all, if my work online pays off at all and if I achieved my previous monthly objectives that I set myself.

For those of you that are landing on my site for the first time, I am learning most of my material from Weatlhy Affiliate and I’ve been documenting my progress from day one on this website.

So before I go into detail about my monthly progress report, let me explain some of the difficulties I was facing and why this might have influenced my performance.

August is a very special month for me because not only is it the month of my mothers birthday, it is also the month of my birthday. When I celebrate my birthday I usually spend the entire day to get ready for the night.

  • I have to have at least 3 big meals
  • I have to have worked out the same day (because I know I will be drinking alcohol and alcohol is full of dead calories πŸ˜‰ )
  • I usually have a big dinner with my family or friends which takes up a lot of time
  • I tend to go to the hairdresser on the day which also takes a good amount of time
  • And finally I have a long night out!

Having listed these things, it is safe to assume that there is no time to write a long and quality rich post on my birthday. I should have prepared these,Β the days before but for some reason I was caught up on things as well.Birthday

Not only do I lose a day of posting an article, I usually feel way too tired the following day, so I lose a total of 2 days where I could have written a post. To top it all off, the third day was the day I had to catch up on completing house chores. I had to wash clothes, iron some, clean a little etc.

Long story short, I lost 3 days in one week alone of writing posts.

I think besides that weekend I might have been too tired to write a post on one following weekend but that was just for a days. So I am short of 4 posts total this month.

Pretty disappointing but we have to move forward and not dwell on things as we’ve learned!

Previous Objectives

In my previous progress report, I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve for this month. You can go back to review the entire report if you like.

Before we go into the objectives I’ve set, let’s have a look at the Google Analytics screenshot:

monthly stats august

As you can see, I haven’t had one single day with 0 viewers on my site. I am very happy with that and it means that, although I didn’t have any days with 100 sessions, I am making progress.

So we are heading off with a good start by this screenshot. In the previous moth we couldn’t see a pattern at all. It was a bit of a random chart. This month however, there seems to be more of a flow.

I also didn’t add the figures of my Google Analytics in the previous month but I’ve included both months here so that we can compare them now:

google analytics stats july
Statistics from July
google analytics stats august
Statistics from August


These figures are a bit confusing because apparently I’ve had a lot of returning visitors but the overall stats have decreased. The decreasing of the bounce rate however is a good thing!

I think that by next month we might be able to collect enough data to make certain assumptions.

One thing I’ve noticed, which I’ve also read about frequently, is that the traffic generally tends to slow down on weekends. Saturday is the worst day for websites apparently.

4 out of the 5 saturdays in the month of August, were the lowest points of the week and now we know why.

Let’s continue with the analysis of my plugin statistics. I know that I could stick with using Google Analytics alone, but I’ve started using this plugin, at the very first week of the creation of my website, so I feel like I might as well keep it. Plus it’s nice to compare several different sources for my progression.

statpress august stats

Compared to last month, this isn’t at all what I expected. I am quite disappointed with my effort, but at least they are still higher than previous the previous month.

So let’s get into details here:

  • Visitors went up by 276
  • Visitors RSS Feeds only increased by 9
  • Pageviews increased by 394
  • Pageviews RSS Feeds increased by 31
  • Spiders were crawling quite a bit this month and they increased by a whopping 3,994

There you have my figures compared to last months. Still not a bad effort I suppose but I expected a lot more.

Mixed Feelings Or Not?

I started writing this review with a bit of a negative attitude because I expected a lot more from myself. Especially now that I’ve learned a lot more about SEO writing and included a lot more how to videos and overall better content.

But overall I have clearly improved according to my plugins analysis.

The real proof however can be seen in this screenshot and it is the one that really opened my eyes that the work is starting to pay off slowly:
august traffic

Compared to last months review, my organic traffic has improved a total of 109 sessions!

All I really want is that number to keep growing. Of course I want my overall number of viewers to increase as well, but having organic traffic seems to be the most important one.

It means people are finding my site randomly on search engines and not through my engagement via social networks or directly passing my link to someone.

This number is the one that made me really happy!

Let’s review what types of changes I’ve made and how I progressed personally:

  1. As you can see on the right of my website there is now a newsletter you can sign up to. I still have to find out how to properly use this newsletter effectively but I know the basics for now.
  2. I’ve created a Facebook page in the last two weeks and I’ve managed to get 61 likes for it.
  3. I have also included the Facebook page box on the right of my site as you can see (for my new visitors, feel free to follow!)
  4. I have finally started a second site (still under construction) to try out a different niche, and also learn from the other course. Hopefully I can combine some things from both courses. (if you want to visit the site you can click on this link:

Those are just a few of the things I’ve been learning and doing for my business. There’s probably a lot more which I can’t remember right now but it’s hard to remember everything that’s happened in a month. I barely remember what I do the day before!


For the last part, I wanted to talk about my objectives and show which ones I’ve reached and which ones I’ve failed.

What I wanted to achieve:

  1. 2,500 sessions on Google Analytics – Failed
  2. 150 organic traffic – Failed
  3. 6 referrals 2 of which going premium – Failed
  4. 100 posts/pages with the total being 50 previously – Failed
  5. Complete the 6th phase of the bootcamp course – Failed

Before I continue for next months objectives, I wanted to explain why I failed these.

As for the first point, I read that traffic usually get’s a lot slower in the summer. I have started writing a post about this for tomorrow, you will be able to read it once it’s done and I will include the link here.

Although it isn’t an excuse, it does make a significant difference. I almost achieved my goal for point 2 but sadly I didn’t!

Getting 6 referrals was a bit overly enthusiastic, especially when expecting to get 2 premium memberships as well, but I did receive one referral at least! It’s still something.wa meaning

wa july stats
July Stats

My fourth point was probably the most unrealistic one. I was standing at 50 posts/ pages total when I wrote that. I plan on writing a post a day. The month of August has 31 days so naturally, the most I could have reached was 81 total and not 100!

Therefore I should have aimed for 81 instead. I only managed to reach 77! So pretty close.

For the last point, I also have a valid excuse. After I managed to reach the end of phase 6, it requires me to complete several tasks within 6 weeks. I don’t want to jump ahead of the training, so currently I am technically still in phase 6.

I will only be able to continue to phase 7 on the 21st of September.

Having said that, please find my new objectives for the month of September:

  1. Reach 2,500 sessions on Google Analytics (summer is coming to an end πŸ˜‰ )
  2. Get 150 organic traffic! I should start ranking higher by now!
  3. I will aim for another 6 referrals and 2 Premium memberships although it is a bit unrealistic.
  4. I was considering to tame it down a little with this point but I won’t, meaning I want to increase my total posts/pages from 77 to 107!
  5. Complete phase 7 of the bootcamp!
  6. My added point will be to increase my other site in size. I want to be able to write at least a post a week.

As long as I don’t hit my targets, I will include these every month until they are reached. Failure is not an option anymore and therefore I will work even harder on my sites.

I hope you enjoy seeing my progress as much as I do and hopefully I am finally inspiring some of you to get involved in affiliate marketing.

I almost forgot to mention, that I made another $22.5 of reoccurring sales! Meaning it was my financially most successful month as of yet! Let’s hope it will continue to grow from there.

Here’s the proof for those of you who don’t believe me:

wa meaningwa august stats

Technically speaking I made a massive increase of a bit more thanΒ 100% ! But obviously the amount isn’t that massive.

Either way, if I continue this way I will be blogging off a beach resort in no time!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to ask me any questions or leave behind comments if you want to share thoughts.

Thanks for reading,



    • Thanks Martha,

      All the tools you need to create passive income can be found on my website really πŸ™‚
      Have a look at my Get Started page.
      Go through each post and you will have the basis of an online business!
      Or download my free guide to create your own business for a more direct and detailed way to get started!

  1. Congrats to pushing it hard. It may not have done as well as you had hoped but the key is you kept at it. Consistency is what wins in the end!

    • Hey,

      Yea I don’t think I will ever reach all of my goals (at least not in the early stages) but without goals there’s nothing to aim for. It’s better to aim higher than lower as well I guess πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your kind comment by the way. It’s true that consistency is the only way to make real success happen!


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