Monthly Income Report – September 2017

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Yet Another Exhausting But Fun Month

Once again you find yourself on one of my monthly income reports and once again it’s out a little bit later than I wanted it to be.

I already have to admit that I completely ignored most of my objectives and just thought about producing as much content as I possibly could and get more backlinks for my lil monster.

If this all sounds confusing to you, let me bring you up to speed.

Recently I sold a site for a good amount (see here) and I am now trying to replicate this success but obviously scale it at a much, much larger rate.

The site I created at the beginning of the year is names my “Lil Monster” since I don’t want to share the actual domain name for several reasons.

With the Lil Monster I will aim to make $10,000/ month revenue.

How I plan to generate money and how most of my online earnings are generated, are through affiliate marketing. For more information on that simply click here.

For those who regularly read my blog, as mentioned above, I’ve been focusing a lot on research and trying to get as many backlinks as I can.

Before I dive into the details, I have also booked myself a mini holiday of 4 days in London, which was amazing.

(The image you see in the title is a real Salvador Dali painting I saw while I was strolling around London on my own. Salvador Dali is my favorite painter in case you were wondering).

London has kind of become my second home away from home because I used to live and study there for 3 years.

So besides seeing some of my best friends from home and from London, I also had a great time just strolling around the city and enjoying the vibe.

Due to some genius planning, the week I booked off from work, turned into almost 2.5 weeks due to strategic open slots in my working schedule.

The second week, I pretty much just slept in (much needed sleep) worked a ton on my site and had some quality time with my girlfriend.

Comparing Statistics

Last month there was a pretty sharp incline and almost double the traffic from the month before that on the little monster.

This was a bit stronger than expected due to an infographic I created and posted on reddit. Besides the 2 days of sweet traffic it had an average of around 20-25 views a day.

september 2017 traffic generation lil monster

As you can see from the graph now, although there was a slight increase, it isn’t as sharp as I hoped it would be.

This may be explained due to the amount of posts I managed to post (most were near the end of the month) and none of my keywords have ranked on the first spot on Google yet!

I’m trying my best to change this!

I also struggled hard to find better keywords for future posts. Most of my first few were fairly competitive and I overestimated my SEO skills.

So most of my month went into keyword research and outreach.

traffic breakdown september 2017

If you have a look at August where I had 787 sessions and in September only increased to 810 it’s almost demotivating.

I guess I shouldn’t complain since I’m getting an increase after all. But honestly I hoped this would be almost double from previous months amount.

Obviously the rest of the figures won’t have a relatively big impact either considering the sessions weren’t ridiculously different.

The only positive change is that the bounce rate decreased by almost 1%. Yes I know not amazing either but still good.

september traffic sources 2017Once the Google spiders crawl through all the new content it should spark up the site like a firecracker!

I tried really hard to do as much outreach as I possibly could for my infographic and the aim was to get 5 backlinks total, but believe it or not I only managed to get 1!

Again the vast majority of my backlinks came from organic traffic which means that keywords are ranking, even if they’re not on the first place yet.

Clearly I will continue to work and put blood, sweat and tears into this site, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that effort does pay off eventually.

Another disappointing message from the month was that my earnings weren’t anywhere near of what I hoped they would be.

september earnings for lil monster 2017

As you can see I only got 5 order and of those 5 only 4 have been shipped and given me some revenue.

What’s interesting to see though, is that per 100 clicks I seem to get 1 order (almost exactly every 100 = 1 click).

I need to get those up to 5-10%. I have a suspicion where this issue may lay and I’ve already made the changes to the new posts but now I have to go back and update the old ones.

Easy objective (but tedious work) for next month.

Overall I only managed to make $11.80 L !

That’s actually less than the month before! How frustrating is that! But I’m not too bothered. The previous site had almost the same pattern but looking back at the stats, in September it made $31.93 and in October $219.07, November $1683.07.

I seriously need to get going and reach similar goals. As I’m working on this completely alone it’s a bit harder to manage everything but I do have a bit of a financial backup thanks to the sale.

Due to that I’m outsourcing quite a bit of the written part. I may have to look into getting a VA eventually who can possibly manage it all for me while I focus on other things.

That will be the true passive income lifestyle.

September Thoughts

Throughout the month I remember moaning to my girlfriend that I’m annoyed the little monster hasn’t picked up to what I expected it to.

She reminded me that I always feel that way and that I never seem to be happy with my results.

But I look at hard data and I also know that I can do more.

That’s why when I just sit at home and watch TV, I actually get annoyed at myself that I’m not working. The same goes for when I go out or do anything else for pleasure.

But sometimes it’s necessary to just lay back and relax a little.

Especially if you’re doing this whilst having a job that drains your life and energy on the side.

When I went to London it gave me the opportunity to relax and think of other things. One day I walked around London for an entire day, went to see the Tate modern (art gallery) and just enjoyed people watching.

people watching in london

I love watching people in busy cities for some reason.

One thing that annoyed me, was the amount of money I spent for such a short time, but when you see a different city and have a big appetite for drinks and food, it’s hard to not spend a lot.

I think I will soon book another few days off and hopefully manage to get a full week, to just focus on the site once again.

It was such a great feeling to sleep in, wake up around 11am and start working after a nice breakfast.


One thing I’m very annoyed about, is that I barely managed to read and get my other goals sorted.

Here are the results:

  • Feed the little monster 20 new posts – 16 posted (could have done better)
  • Promote infographic and get 5 backlinks – only one achieved
  • Hit 50 sessions a day with the site – highest was last day with 37
  • Make the first $100 month with site – very heart brokenly only made $11.80
  • Read at least 1 book – only read about half a book
  • Invest at least 3k in cryptocurrencies – decided to invest half but will do the same amount for the next few months.

I’ve also started seriously considering my job again and will probably look internally for a different position. I kind of love the fact that I have shifts, but currently nothing is working as it should.

My entire team and myself are running after things trying to work with a half working program and systems that keep crashing and it’s just really annoying.

On the other hand, having a regular working schedule would give me the liberty to have a normal sleeping routine and I could consider joining an MMA course or something.

Anyway let’s take a look at how much I managed to make this month:

WA meaning

september 2017 earnings wa

Costs as usual remain:

Aweber – $19.00

Total Earnings Of September 2017 – $314.83!

So looking at that result I should be ashamed of myself and I’m throwing in the towel. Clearly affiliate marketing isn’t working…

Joking! When I fail I get up and try harder! I know it works and July was awesome so time to repeat this right?

I’ve not had my best month and I won’t have it next month either but I’m climbing back up.

Never forget that the amount of work I put in is less than a normal 9-5. In fact I don’t typically work more than an hour and half on my projects. On a very good day I might work 2-4 hours but mostly it’s not more than one.

There are some days where I put about 30 minutes of work into it. So consider this and look at what I get out of it.

I don’t have to rent a store, produce any materials, deal with customers or anything. I learned most of my knowledge online and type a few words and click a few buttons.

Love that concept! Make sure to read this review if you want to get involved and read these points why I consider affiliate marketing the best option to make legal money online.

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