Monthly Income Report – September 2016

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Back At It Again With The Income Reports

Well, well, well…

I can’t say I haven’t been busy! After a nice holiday and some recovery time as well as inspiration of the lifestyle I want to have, I came back with 110%!

My eyes are now pretty much fully healed and I have 20/20 vision which is by far one of the most amazing feelings ever.

My niche site has been growing and I’ve been working like crazy at my job!

There hasn’t been a da where I haven’t worked for at least an hour on the site. As you may know I’m working on it together with a friend who’s actually really busy himself.

I’ve offered to do a little bit more work because he’s on a business trip etc. but it does drain my batteries out quite vividly.

Since I joined my job I found it harder to stay physically active and I noticed that certain bad habits started arising again, such as eating out more often, moving less and being slightly less productive.

Therefore I decided to take up a sport.

I haven’t fully committed to it because I’m quite shy and it’s a bit of an extreme sport. But I did go to two trial lessons and I have to admit I’ve never had such a sweaty body after just an hour.

In case you’re interested what I started picking up, it’s MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

I’ve always been interested in joining a martial art but I’ve always been a bit timid but after my first class I noticed that people are really friendly and helpful and the second one had more beginners like myself.

The only annoying thing was that I got teamed up with a little 10 year old girl so I couldn’t even use the things I was taught properly because I didn’t want to hurt her obviously!

But I believe this was because the gym is brand new and he still has to sort out the classes and see how many people will sign up etc.

Having said all that I have also made an appointment for a mortgage and next month I might be the first home owner in my family simultaneously with my dad!

We’re both buying off a an apartment each, that belongs to my grandmother! This is by far the scariest but most exciting thing in terms of investments.

I’ve been dying to get my feet wet in real estate but Luxembourg is one of the most expensive places in terms of property.

Comparing Statistics

Although summer’s coming to an end, I can’t say that my stats have grown any more from the previous month.

Unless of course we’re talking about my secret project’s site I’ve been going on about for the past few months.

But before I get to that let’s quickly take a look at the declining figures of the blog itself:

monthly traffic stats september 2016

Although it’s still fairly steady, you can already tell the daily trend is no where near where it used to be. Don’t be discouraged because if you’re steadily working on your blog or niche site or business in general, you wouldn’t see similar trends.

I have to admit that summer does play a bit of an influence but summer is now over so I can’t use it as an excuse this time!

Here is the breakdown of the above graph in a bit more detail:

traffic stats september 2016

I was lucky to have two people approach me online and ask me if I could give a quote for their roundup.

This of course is not only a very huge honour for me but also a delightful pleasure.

I love it when people find my work useful enough to see me as somewhat of an authority figure.

It shows that I’m helping someone somewhere at least !

You can read both roundups here:

I’ve also had a few people ask me if they could write guest posts on my blog and although I replied and said I’d be happy to, I haven’t heard from them since.

Still pending I guess. Otherwise I also got people wanting me to feature their infographics and business on my site which had nothing to do with my blog really so I’m not sure if that was just a spammy outreach to tons of people or a genuine request.

As for the stats let’s compare last month with this one:

210 fewer sessions, 248 fewer users and 395 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate however went down a few % which is at least one positive!

September Thoughts

Last month I spoke about my eye surgery and I’m still so thrilled I went through with it. They’re not dry at all like most people said they would be and I love looking out the window now and randomly into the sky (especially at night).

The only issue since that operation is that I am rather low on funds. I still consistently put away €600 a month into 4 different funds and try to save as much as possible.

However I also had to buy a new phone recently due to unfortunate events and I’ve been waiting to get a refund from my insurance which would help me live a bit more comfortably.

The reason I need to save at least 1k by next month is to get my mortgage for the flat! It will all work out though because it’s part of my goal and I always reach my goals eventually!

Let’s have a quick look at the traffic sources:

september 2016 traffic source

I mean you already knew it was going to be rather low but the individual breakdown is always an interesting aspect to look at.

You can learn a lot when you look at your statistics and breakdowns thoroughly.

Once you do, you can improve in the areas step by step until you reach the desired results.

Having said that these are mine:

  • Organic search decreased by 127
  • Referral decreased by 69
  • Direct traffic decreased by 10
  • Social decreased by 4

And now let’s take a look at my main focus and the project I will hopefully release sometime next year. I have to admit I will never reveal the actual site URL because I am planning on selling the site once it generates enough income.

Look at the perfect steady increase:


I still don’t know what to think of this but many people argue that the google sandbox is a real thing and many give very valid input to suggest it isn’t.

All I can say is that I’ve been using a Google Sandbox Checker almost daily to see if we we’re out of it yet. The day we got out, our traffic doubled, hence the pretty sharp increase near the end of September.

Last month I mentioned that we got around 70 backlinks, but since we’ve been working our sweet behinds off, we’ve managed to grow to about 140 backlinks now!

All the details will be described once I’m done with this project! I guarantee you can all do the exact same! All it requires is to be working on it daily!

Have a look at our Amazon stats for the site:


Can you see the sharp increase in clicks on the second half! I honestly can’t tell if the Sandbox is real or not but I’m loving the increase either way.

niche site earnings

Well, we’re still far away from making 10k or even 1k but I can tell you that it is growing daily! Be prepared for next month because we went in hard near the end!

We’re only getting started and by Christmas, I can guarantee that it will be a few thousands a month.

Why am I so certain? Because I’ve never worked on something so hard and so focused with a proper guidance than this before!


If you remember, I tried a different approach on my objectives this time. Instead of making them solely based around this blog, I switched them up a bit by adding more general life objectives.

Here they are and their results:

  • Get $500 on the new site (failed)
  • Finish reading my real estate book (failed)
  • Save €500 (hard to tell because I get paid the 27th but I know I’ll manage)
  • Get my girlfriend to start a niche site (succeeded)
  • Write down a fresh list of goals (weekly, monthly, yearly) (succeeded)

I think I was a bit optimistic with my $500 objective for the new site but I feel more optimistic now and I will increase it by $1,000 for next month!

What can I say… I have a good feeling about this project!

Saving is a must so I have to succeed in this objective even if I can only share the outcome by next salary technically.

I’m happy my girlfriend finally managed to start her site (we struggled with finding a niche for her) but I had to start from scratch and teach her a bit about the basics as well.

If my teachings work on her, 5 lucky and dedicated people may be next that read this blog 😉 so stay tuned.

I got giant goals written down and I won’t share them with you but know that is is a very important part of success!

And now finally the bit most of you are waiting for… The money figures!

WA meaningwa september 2016 stats

I’ve got a few new referrals and one went premium! Wise choice my friend!

Nothing huge  but still something for basically not moving a finger.

My costs are as usual just one:

I’m not including my earnings or costs of the side project as of yet, because I want to write a massive post about the whole procedure etc. and see what the entire outcome was.

I think it will be more interesting. Besides everything is split by two because I’m doing it with one other person.

Total Earnings Of September 2016 – $81,78!

Quite annoying to be below $100 for the month haha but I can live with it.

Objectives For October

Ok so these are my goals for October and I’m dead serious about them as well so they will happen!

  • Earn $1,000 with side project
  • Get a mortgage and buy my flat (might have to be the month after)
  • Fully commit to MMA class

That’s about it! I can’t come up with any more goals I’d like to achieve currently so this will be it!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it 🙂


  1. Glad to hear your eyes are now almost fully healed. It must be awesome to have 20/20. I can’t remember what it was like to see something that isn’t slightly blurry.

    Either way… MMA! Rather you than me, I prefer chess or maybe Monopoly.

    It’s good to see your numbers continuing to grow. Keep up the excellent work ethic.

    • Hey Matt!
      It truly is an amazing feeling to see perfect again without contacts or glasses. Honestly amazes me daily still!
      MMA haha I don’t know… I’ve been fascinated with the sport for a while now and although I was really really shy and almost didn’t go to the first class, I noticed that it was actually really fun and a tough workout rather than getting your butt kicked.
      I still lack any form of coordination with my legs and arms but I guess it’ll come. Unlike going to the gym I actually sweat a lot and get out of breath which is cool and I need to get rid of energy since I’m sitting on my chair 8 hours a day and barely move at all lately. My daily routine seems to be bed-car-office-car-bed. With a sport like MMA I feel a bit more human again 🙂
      Thanks for the positive comment! Happy to see the numbers grow as well!

  2. Hello Essi,am happy you’re fully regaining your sight.I felt sorry when you made issues about your sight before the surgery as i know what it takes to go through such treatment. Anyways,am happy your getting back to normalcy now and you can fully get back to work.
    The fact that you made a cent increase in income is far better than not taking action. Am happy for the income as am sure it will surely grow in time to come. Concerning your round-up post,did you contact your contributors through there emails or through there twitter. Else,which of the contact medium did you recommend.

    • Hey Ayodeji,

      Haha no need to feel sorry. I was just wearing glasses for years. It wasn’t anything serious but I feel amazing now! Thanks for the confident outlook in the future and yea I fully believe I will make a lot more soon! As for the roundup, personally I made a huge list and only emailed people but some don’t share their emails so you have to use twitter or facebook. I didn’t do anything fancy just emailed them. Have you seen this post of mine where I explain the whole process?

  3. Great Post.

    Don’t Worry about the money. You will eventually end up making it consistently.

    All the best for your side project.

    Thanks for the mention.

    • Thanks buddy!
      Loving your confidence in me and yea I definitely will. I’m positive about it 🙂 no worries for the mention thanks for the feature 😉

  4. I love reading these – congrats on doing so well, especially with your other site too. What have you been doing daily to get good stats on it?
    So jealous…was it laser eye surgery? I really want it done!
    Well done on starting MMA, that’s amazing. I play hockey and as well as being great for exercise, it does wonders for my general happiness and social life too!

    • Hey Francesca,
      I love getting comments like these 😉
      I won’t be sharing any details until the site is making a few thousands. Then I’m probably going to get a few volunteers to repeat the process and later share it by detail with several results on my site for others to copy.
      It was eye laser surgery 🙂 best thing I ever did in my life! it only takes a few seconds per eye and you’re healed!
      As for MMA I only went to 2 classes so far but work is making it hard for me to attend. Never been good on ice so hockey is out of the question for me 😀 I think having a sport is good for a lot of reasons though. Before I used to go to the gym and it get’s a bit lonely and boring alone whereas a sport encourages you to connect with others which is great!
      Thanks for the comment.

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