Monthly Income Report – September 2015

Monthly income report september 2015

Another Month Done!

Yes I am still here and I have some exciting stuff to share this month! As usual, the end of the month is really exciting for me!

I love sharing my failures and successes here for you to see.

The reason I am sharing my monthly income is obviously not to brag, since my current earnings are no where near as impressive as other affiliates.

I’m sharing them so that you too hopefully start creating a new stream of income and possibly live off it and quit your 9-5 job!

If I can do it anyone can!

I had no prior experience or IT skills which is why I share everything, to encourage you with my transparency!

This monthly progress report will be a bit of a disappointment in terms of my goals.

If you remember last month’s report, I barely succeeded in any of the goals I set myself.

You will see that not only did I fail in most points again, I’ve also intentionally made a few changes.

As you might know, I learned almost everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, through Wealthy Affiliate.

However, I spent a good chunk this month, learning from other sources as well.

I came to a point where I realized that although WA teaches a lot, I need to think outside the box and see how I can expand.

I might still be in very early stages but I’m hungry for success so as I learn from my primary source, I will start to take on some side projects.

My second website, about a personal passion I have, has been neglected for a while now.

I’m still hesitant about how to get motivated to continue working on it.

As for now my primary work is still focused on this website entirely!

Previous Objectives

Just like in last months report, I guess I will show my monthly Google Analytics chart, to see how my traffic has been treating me.

In my previous month I was very proud of not having a single 0 views day!

Here’s how my September month went along:

september traffic 2015

Pretty impressive isn’t it!

No, I did not invest in some scammy traffic source either!

I’ve actually done a lot of research and found out how to bump up my traffic significantly.

As you can see I didn’t have a single 0 visitors day. I guess that these days are over now!

The lowest points were again on Saturday or Sundays and we all know that these tend to be the lowest points of the week.

If you’re wondering how I managed to go from an average of 20-30 views to 100-200 in the last 3 days, feel free to read my detailed training on it!

september stats 2015Unlike the previous month, I strongly improved since August.

Almost 300 more sessions and 200 more users compares to last month!

Those figures bring smiles to my face.

About 500 more page views and overall better statistics to the remaining 3 points as well.

Maybe my readers are finally getting more interested in what I have to share.

I think a good reason for that, is that I’ve learned how to write in a more enticing and capturing way, as well as sharing more important stuff.

Again I will try to write everything down in the upcoming months with different posts, so that you too can use these techniques of course!

Now that we’ve had a look at the Google Analytics stats, I will continue to show my plugin statistics.

I’ve created a small training on how and why I use the plugin, on the community of WA if you care to see it.

A lot of people were quite happy about the training so maybe you wish to see it too if you’ve already gotten a site.

statpress september 2015

As I’ve often previously mentioned, I will probably stop including these figures as they seem to be a bit unnecessary the more data I get.

Google Analytics is a lot more accurate and I think that it will suffice to show these figures only.

Anyway, as you can see, here it also shows that I’ve gotten:

  • Around 500 more visitors since last month
  • Same amount of visitors RSS feeds
  • Roughly 1,200 more page views
  • 270 more Pageviews RSS feeds
  • And a whooping 2,000 more spiders on my site!

I need to get rid of all these spiderwebs lying around…

Again all these stats are a lot better except the second and last point.

I think we can say goodbye to these stats from now on because they just don’t seem to be important anymore.

If you want me to keep these, feel free to comment below and I will think about it.

Honestly it doesn’t make a huge difference for me to include them so I’m happy to keep them.

September Feelings

Am I satisfied with my achievement this month?

In a way yes but not entirely.

The reason being, I always expect a lot more from myself.

Of course I measure my performance mostly on how much I generated throughout the month (figures are below but be patient).

And yes I repeatedly get told by other successful affiliate marketers that it takes time yet I want to increase the rate I am succeeding at.

I guess it’s just the natural spirit of my inner entrepreneur.

After all, I’m in this for the money and freedom it creates for my lifestyle!

So let’s take a look at the traffic progression and where my sources are coming from:

traffic split of september 2015So not quite what I wanted to see in a grand total but let’s let this sink in for a moment.

Overall sessions increased by a total of 266!

That is a lot better than last months increase from 109!

As for the individual sources:

  • Direct increased by 87
  • Referral increased by 63
  • Social increased by minor of 6
  • Organic (my favorite) went up by 110!!

What can we learn from this? Not only do we learn that hard work pays off, we also learn that I need to work a lot harder in social aspects!

I love writing these reports because they make me realize where my defaults lie and where I can improve!

Normally I would share where I’ve made some tweaks and changes, but as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, I want to be more thorough about it.

If I share my changes here, it would be too much in one post, plus it wouldn’t relate to the topic anymore.

However I can tell you that it has a lot to do with visual improvisation and putting myself out there and building relationships!

Before I go into the most exciting part, I wanted to share in what other areas I’ve grown at.

My Facebook page which I’ve only started on the first of September, went from 0 likes to 98!!

facebook page likesI’m not sure if you’re trying to tease me by having just under 100 views but I am still very happy with these results! (PLEASE KEEP LIKING AND SHARING!)

Do note that I post daily on my Facebook page to keep you motivated and interested!

I’ve also slowly started to grow my email list, which I will write about in the coming days as well.

For those of you that haven’t signed up yet, you get a free guide on creating your own online business in 25 minutes by doing so, so it’s a win-win situation.


Let’s see how my objectives have been taken care of.

Do note that I made changes in the last week or two, which is why most of these probably won’t have been reached:

  1. Reach 2,500 sessions on Google Analytics – Failed (Why is it so hard?!)
  2. Get 150 organic traffic! Reached and exceeded by almost 100!
  3. Getting 6 referrals and 2 of which turning to Premium – Failed
  4. Increase my total posts/pages from 77 to 107! – Failed (explanation below)
  5. Complete phase 7 of the bootcamp! Failed (explanation below)
  6. Increase my other site in size by writing at least a post a week. – Failed (again see below)

As you can see, by my objectives, I am a total failure, which is why I’m shutting this business down…

Just kidding! Here’s why I failed 5 out of 6 points (I feel like I’m back in school).

There is no excuse for the first point. I will push harder than I did so far. It’s really tough to increase your traffic but not impossible.

I love that my organic traffic went over the roof though!

Even though I expected not to reach my referral point, I almost got half of the objective done.

Overall I got 5 new referrals.

WA meaningseptember wa stats 2015

Most of them joined near the end of the month so it’s a bit unlikely they’ve realized the potential of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Therefore no premium memberships yet!

As for the posts, I did not mean to reach that objective anymore! If you’ve read my last few posts, you might have realized something.

The quality and information inside, is a lot more informative and a lot more valuable than my other posts (which are still informative by the way).

I have read from various sources that posting every day is not necessary at all to increase my traffic. Although it helps, it isn’t a must!

Therefore I will have to change this point in future!

As for the bootcamp, I do not plan on continuing the course as of now, because it involves PPC (pay per click).

I do not want to start PPC before reaching a second premium member, so hopefully it will be soon.

My second site, as mentioned previously, has been neglected a bit because I have been focusing like a hawk on this site! Another point that needs changing!

Let’s get down to the money bit! After all the excuses and nonsense I’ve been writing about, here we go with the money breakdown:

  • Recurring sales – $22.5
  • Training revenues – $5
  • Referral credit – $1
  • Google Ads – $6,32

Total earnings of September 2015 – $34,82

This is an increase of $12,32 from last months earnings!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. I hope you are as excited as I am!

These figures might seem tiny to you and yes they aren’t huge, but it is quite a big increase from last months earnings.

Here are my objectives for October 2015:

  1. Reach 2,500 sessions on Google Analytics! It better get done this month!
  2. After such a successful month I’m heading for 500 Organic traffic!
  3. 6 Referrals with 2 premiums. Time to make it happen!
  4. Post more Epic content rather than daily! Mainly I want to get more shares on social media for my content!
  5. Finish the course!
  6. Still to be figured out but I am trying to plan a project. So this point will be a secret for now!

And that’s it for Septembers monthly income report!

Thanks for reading and do leave comments below! I would love to see some more comments guys so don’t be shy and let me think what’s on your mind.

Do you have any suggestions, any improvements I should make?

Will I ever reach the $100/ month benchmark or higher?

Find out next month and don’t forget to subscribe to my mailing list.

Thanks for reading,




    • Thanks Davide,

      Glad you enjoy my posts! Every month is a new challenge but so far it’s been a steady improving business 🙂
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. I see what you mean about the value in creating reports like this – sometimes it can be so easy to think you’re doing great in one area or poorly in another, until you actually sit down and look at the numbers and stats.

    Personally, I get frustrated with how it seems so difficult to actually track things like hits and pageviews. In addition to Google Analytics, I use a plugin called Statcounter which I’ve used on websites for years, but often it doesn’t agree with what GA tells me. Do you have any tips on how to deal with things like this? Or do you think GA is the best?

    Congratulations on your earnings increase!

    • Hey Samantha,

      Always happy to see you returning!
      It does help to analyze your defaults when you create something like this! I had no idea how bad my social media presence was 🙂 I will try to grow in that area this month.
      I’m not sure if you saw my link to the training I created on WA in this post but that’s one plugin I use to track my visitors. It’s a plugin called statpress and it also shows what people typed into their search engines to land on your site. It can be quite handy.
      I guess your statcounter usually tracks every click so if someone lands twice on your site it counts it double?
      Personally I think Google Analytics must be the most accurate one.
      Thanks for congratulating me 🙂
      Hope I could help!

    • Hey again,
      Thanks! Next month will be my most successful yet again 🙂 hope to make a couple of more sales before the end of the month though 😀 quite exciting adventure!
      Thank you!

    • Hey Sheikh,

      Thanks 🙂 comments like these really make my day! New income report will be coming soon so stick around 🙂 It will be another best I think :D!

  2. Well, 1st of all Congratulation on your improvements. and i can say you are doing great for a beginner. Kuddos to you.

    The road you’re going is great and i can see you’re heading there where you are dreaming to reach. In reality blogging is not an easy task, and some people out there may think that it’s a get rich fast scheme.. But what they don’t know is the hurdles and sleepless nights people struggle to make their business strive and reach to success.

    Wish you all the best, and you have added another subscriber of your site thanks to Matthew Woodward who made me know your blog.

    With Love
    Ally M

    • Hey Ally,

      Thanks a lot for the kind words. Really encouraging to hear words like these.
      I’ve had several smaller, less successful months since December though so I’m in a bit of a rough patch at the moment.
      I have many sleepless nights that’s true! But I will love thinking back to those nights once I made it 😉
      Thanks for subscribing and yea Matthew really helps out to what I’m doing.

      Thanks again,

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