Monthly Income Report October 2017

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to another episode of my monthly income reports !

Yes I’ve been on full speed and it feels like I’ve never worked harder, even though I’m outsourcing a lot of my work.

(I wonder how that works).

For those of you who are new to my income reports, here’s a quick summary of what exactly they are and what I achieve to do with them.

So basically I just love to show off and I want you to be jealous of how rich I am and how impossible it is for you to achieve the same…

JOKING OF COURSE. My goal is to be as transparent as possible, without jeopardizing my work in progress, in order for you to learn from my mistakes.

Of course my primary objective is reaching my goals, which include financial freedom and escaping the 9-5 etc. but if I can help others achieve this and from my blog posts, it would be a very satisfying feeling.

I plan to achieve this through affiliate marketing mainly, but I also have investments going on such as real estate and financial ones.

In this report I will talk about finance a bit more for the first time because I’ve been getting slightly obsessed with a specific subject that’s growing substantially, especially in the news.

I’m sure some of you already know what I’m talking about.

My current goal is to get a monthly revenue of $10,000 with a website I’ve recently started working on. This site is called my lil monster and it’s where most of my work, efforts and finances are being poured into.

Enough for this recap for now.

As for the month itself nothing too exciting happened as far as I can remember. But before I go into details about the month, let’s have a look at the statistics shall we!

Comparing Statistics

Believe it or not, but I stare at my stats daily, about every 10-25 minutes. It’s like an addiction to me at this point.

But by doing so much checking it feels like my site is stagnant and nothing is moving up. That’s why these monthly income reports are really useful.

Why you ask? Well… have a look at the below:

october 2017 traffic generation lil monster

Do you understand what I mean now? Last month the graph only had a minor tilt to the upside. Now this month I poured so much work in to this site and you can see there’s almost a 300 more sessions!

By next month this better double if not triple because I’m getting slightly angry.

Anyway coming back to why I love writing these monthly reports, basically by staring at my stats all day it looks like every day is the exact same with slight changes.

But looking at a monthly change shows how many more hundred people visited the site.

I always like to compare to my previous site which I SOLD FOR 40K to see if it follows a similar trend. And yes it is.

But since the early days were exactly a year ago it’s hard for me to remember how the progression was.

With the previous site I had about double the figures and double the earnings by then. But I’m hoping to catch up by the end of November (8,027 sessions).

traffic breakdown october 2017

So the increase from 810 up to 1,182 sessions is a nice milestone. Finally over the thousands. Users also increased from 716 to 1,056.

That’s a nice uptrend and trust me it will be a lot sharper in the next month. The only bad thing is that the average duration on the site has dropped by 4 seconds.

The lower the bounce rate the better, which actually surprises me since my articles are very informative actually.

Hopefully people will start reading more and going into the research I make my writers do, before jumping into a conclusion and buying the item.

After all you want to own the most valuable product for your money right?

So looking at the breakdown where my traffics coming from, it’s always awesome to see the organic traffic to be so powerful and strong. More and more keywords are being crawled and appearing and I’ve finally managed to rank in the top 3 for one keyword.

october traffic sources 2017Sadly it’s not the strongest, but soon enough more will be on that top list!

Since I put no efforts at all into social, maybe I should give it another try. I remember having a few hundred if not at least a thousand views from social traffic with my old site.

For those of you who don’t know, the previous site I built together with a friend so the work was very much divided and here I’m doing it all alone.

So last month I made an almost embarrassing amount of $11.80 whereas the first site made $45.91 by that month.

But the first site also had full speed and 100% dedication starting from April, whereas my lil monster only got attention in July!

I may have created it in February, but it was only in July when I started adding content regularly and doing outreach for backlinks etc.

So technically it’s actually moving a lot faster than the previous site.

october earnings for lil monster 2017

This month I made the most annoying amount possible!

Yes moving up from $11.80 to $97.37 is amazing and I am more than grateful for every cent I make online trust me… but come on 😀 just under $100?

As we can see it’s growing and xmas is just around the corner. I need to make the best of the seasonal holidays because that’s when the big cash usually pours in.

I worked a lot on interlinking and making sure my posts are all accessible from every page. I still have about 20 to update and improve as well as make some changes to add more links.

Since I’ve done this a lot more sales have popped up so I guess it’s a good move to make.

I love how hard work pays off though so I can’t wait for a sweet payout and finally breathe a little. I’m currently using limited resources and time is also very limited somehow.

October Thoughts

Although I really don’t mind my job at all, it’s been getting on my nerves lately. Mainly because we’ve moved to a new building, systems aren’t working properly yet and people are incompetent to tell my team what to do when they should.

But worst of all there are also some internal issues within the team which makes my life a lot harder.

I’m currently pretty much working for two people but luckily I will have 2 full weeks off because I barely took any holidays and did a lot of overtime.

In those two weeks off I will go beyond crazy to work my sweet behind off and make the lil monster grow to a giant beast!

In terms of excitement and changes, I haven’t done much in October except start a new diet.

But here’s my newest obsession…


Yes the hype has caught me too for very good reasons.

In 2013 a friend of mine started mentioning Bitcoins to me and it felt like someone was talking Chinese to me.

That friend was always fairly clever and had some programming skills I wish I’d have had a strong enough interest for as well, because then I’d probably have listened a bit closer.

Basically back then he kept going on about virtual coins and being able to mine them from home and they’re worth money etc.

But since I couldn’t understand a word I kind of just let him talk without putting much thought or interest to it.


Well… Imagine I would have actually started mining back then and had about 1000 coins.

I’d be writing this post on my yacht right about now!

Now that there’s a serious interest around the world and it’s growing like crazy, I actually invested into them about a month ago and I will continue to do so.

A lot of people and big names say it’s a bubble, but funnily enough, every time I try to find a genuine reason why it’s a bubble, I can’t seem to find anything that sticks. It’s usually the same people saying it and a lot of the idiots who do claim the currency to be a fraud and whatnot end up investing themselves.

Take Jamie Dimon for example, in September he claimed that Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies are a fraud and for criminals only.

He also said he would fire anyone in his company that would trade or invest into them!

Fair enough, one of the biggest bankers should know what he’s talking about. But explain to me why at the same time his company was holding a conference in a different state (in San Francisco) to explain so the higher ups how best to invest into cryptocurrencies?

Even worse, here you have a screenshot of which institutions have bought the most bitcoins 3 days after!!!

Do you see JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley in the top 5?

Now let me say this does not come to a surprise to me at all! First they bash the currency so that the value drops nice and low, then they invest millions and make it rise again.

Have you ever heard anyone complaining about the government and blaming bankers for a lot of the bad things happening in the world… well this is a perfect example.

In 2008 when literally the entire world was going bankrupt because of bankers, guess who suffered the most and who got Xmas payouts in the hundred millions?

Yes it’s still the big names such as Mr. Jamie Dimon.

And why do you think cryptocurrency began and is growing in population? Because of events like the crash and these big names.

Bankers know they will die out if this currency replaces them. There are minor fees and minimal transaction waiting time unlike a normal bank transfer!

I will probably write a separate post on this topic very soon to go more into detail.

But that’s the main reason I invested into the currency.


I’m sad to announce that I forgot to include objectives last month but in my head I had some laid out.

They were pretty similar if not identical to last months objectives so I will just include these here now:

  • Feed the little monster 20 new posts – 21 posted!
  • Hit 50 sessions a day with the site – highest was 100 but average still 40!
  • Make the first $100 month with site – just under… Annoyingly!
  • Read at least 1 book – still haven’t finished this book but it’s a tough one hard to get me motivated.
  • Invest at least 3k in cryptocurrencies – I put in another 1.5k instead. Funds are running low!

So overall it was a pretty successful month. The way things are going it’s looking promising but I do get frustrated that it’s still slower than I’d like it to be.

I just have to keep up the momentum and continue to get the ball rolling.

And now let’s get to the exciting part which is how much I’ve generated throughout the month:

WA meaning

september 2017 earnings wa

Costs as usual remain:

Aweber – $19.00

Total Earnings Of October 2017 – $222.21!

It’s slightly less than previous month and I’m not too bothered. I should catch up a ton in the next month and especially during xmas!

There’s still a lot of work to be done and even more than I like to admit. But the payoff is so sweet!

Again please do let this motivate you and get started with something similar. There are endless options online and we live in a digital world.

It’s never been easier to make money on the side if you ask me. I’ve literally generated thousands of dollars from the comfort of my home. I didn’t produce, manufacture or ship out anything.

All I did was tap around on a keyboard and click a button on a mouse several times.

Objectives For November

The objectives will again be fairly similar but obviously scaled a little higher:

  • Feed the little monster with another 20 new posts!
  • Hit 50 sessions a day on average!
  • Make the first $1000 month with site! (Seems almost impossible at the current stage)
  • Finish the book that takes forever to read!
  • Invest 2k in cryptocurrencies!

As mentioned several times, my main focus is the little monster and I need it to be on peak by the end of the year.

I would love to have other objectives written on top of these but I know I’d overdo it!

So that concludes this months summary. If you have any questions, leave comments below or write me personally.

Happy to help out.


  1. Essi,
    You should have written about what all efforts you have done to move the needle of this site.
    How many articles – of what length?
    What kind of link building etc.
    It will give readers bit more value.

    Thanks for the post by the away. Keep up your motivation.

    • Hey John,
      I do get your frustration about the limiting details I give on how I improve the quality of the site itself. But I’m being rather discreet about it because I want to write a massive post one day when it’s kicked off again. Right now I’m not even sure this will kick off (even though I’m going to work on it until it does).
      But once it does and makes the desired 10k/month I will write down every detail, possibly even make a course for others to replicate it step by step.
      I don’t want people to start doing what I’m doing and then suddenly realize it doesn’t work.
      As for link building and articles, some of the methods can be found here!
      And articles, I’m trying to hit 100 articles by X-mas. Currently I’m at around 70 so I still got a lot of work ahead of me!
      Hope this helps a little.

      • Hey Essi,
        No frustrations 🙂
        I thought it would be nice to have those info.
        There is a value in learning what the journey of the peers is than the destination itself.

        Good luck with you.

        • Hey,

          Yea don’t worry John, I will definitely write out a thorough and detailed post very soon explaining how I did every single step 🙂
          I really want to create a course or a free guide. I see a lot of these guides but a lot of the time they leave out important details or how to continue once you’ve finished building your site (which in my opinion is the most important part).
          But before I do so I want my technique to be flawless and working 🙂

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