Monthly Income Report October 2016

Getting Colder!

October is where it always hits me. Summer seems like 20 years ago and the weathers just getting colder, darker and just the way I don’t want it to be.

Work has been tough as usual and it won’t be getting any easier anytime soon. But as long as I got other things going on I feel like there’s still some hope!

As my partner was on a business trip I tried to help him out a little to get his part of the work done and I tried to keep up with working on our project.

In terms of keeping active with being sporty, that sadly also failed massively. Not so much because I’m too exhausted to do so, more because of money reasons.

On average a gym membership here costs around $50-$100. That would be ok to pay if the gym were nearby and empty when I would join.

However they’re quite a drive away and driving for an hour back and forth added with a workout of an hour just seems like a massive waste of time to me.

Additionally the gym I was going to was half the price but twice as packed and just as far away.

The MMA class I wanted to join was also incredibly tough for me to make it on time because there were 2 different types of classes.

The ones I joined were more of a fitness class and the one I wanted to join is the actual class which was a bit tougher.

However, being able to only join 2 out of 4 a week and with the coach canceling some of them and merging them with the kids class seemed like a waste of my time.

The last lesson I went to I was paired up with a 10 year old girl. Clearly I’m not going to learn anything from that and I don’t want to harm an innocent girl.

The course would cost about $1,000 per year which just didn’t seem worth it at all and I decided to drop it completely.

Overall I’m trying to focus on money goals now and see what I can do about my physical goals in the near future.

Comparing Statistics

Traffic has been very steady the last two months but not on an incredibly positive way.

To be honest the stats have been decreasing for the past couple of months due to my extremely low activity on the blog itself.

As you may have noticed I’ve only been updating my monthly reports and not conducted any research posts which are valuable to newbies.

Therefore I’m stuck with traffic charts such as the one below:

october 2016 traffic chart

One thing I have noticed and I’m not quite entirely sure why that is, is that my DA (domain authority) has gone up again.

Last month I was still on 22 and now I’m back up on 25. That’s obviously a great achievement although I’m not sure how that happened.

Taking a closer look at the breakdown we can see the slight change but almost identical stats to last months review.
traffic stats october 2016There is a slight increase in overall sessions, which comes to a minor surprise.

Therefore all of the rest will be increased as well logically.

This can be explained to the shift from summer vibes to entering fall while moving towards winter.

I’ve also gotten some more requests for guest post but they weren’t too serious as they never responded when I hit them back with some changes.

Furthermore there’s been an interesting blogger that’s asked to feature me on a roundup and to help him promote this. I think he’s still working on it but asked me recently if I’m still interested, which can be quite a boost.

So coming month should be quite positive!

Overall here are the detailed changes: 165 more sessions, 185 more users and 277 more pageviews. The bounce rate went down a total of 3.07% ! Quite the change!

Looking at these figures I can be quite pleased for not lifting a single finger here!

October Thoughts

October has been quite uneventful really. I’ve been fairly good with money! I figured out that I’m about €1,000 short for my mortgage but by now it’s more around €800 and I can easily make sacrifices to get that by next month.

I wasn’t able to get my mortgage just yet as I still need to wait a month for my 6-month trial period to be over at work.

After that I’m gonna get a sweet deal which should give me a massive boost towards my goal of becoming a millionaire by the age of 30 (or August 2018).

I got some insurance money back for my phone and hopefully still get some back for my laser surgery.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected costs come up which is always annoying but when you plan your months ahead you’re almost always good to go.

Having said that, let’s move on to my traffic sources:

traffic breakdown october 2016Always loving the organic search being on top these days.

Direct as well as referral are almost unchanged just as social.

But it does look a bit sad when you look at the social effort I’ve been putting in.

It seems like others are making more of an effort on my social profiles for me than I am!

I just don’t feel the need for it currently, but I can guarantee you in a few months I will have a massive marketing comeback!

Here are the complete changes compared to last month:

  • Organic search increased by 197
  • Referral decreased by 47
  • Direct traffic increased by 18
  • Social decreased by 4

And now let’s have a look at what I’m most excited about. My side project which I’ve been working day and night on!

The countless efforts and sleepless nights (due to having too many thoughts) are starting to pay off a little:

stats project october 2016




The graph is starting to look like a giant home run, but quite frankly I’m getting annoyed it’s not 10 times what I’m seeing yet!

Fair enough it’s surpassed my actual blog by incredible milestones but I’ve expected a lot more!

We’ve gotten a few more backlinks and some keywords are ranking on first page of Google, therefore the sharp increase.

However much I’m disappointed in it, I’m also quite excited to see it grow, and of course with increasing traffic, there’s increasing profit!

october earnings 2016 project

As you can see, we’ve finally hit the $100 benchmark which is kind of cool, but I honestly thought it would have been in the $1,000’s!

Christmas is just around the corner so I want to really give it all before the rush kicks in!

Stay tuned for this because I can guarantee it will not stop anytime soon. Considering the age and income of the site already, I’m sure it’s worth something around $10k by now if we did decide to sell it now.


Clearly I couldn’t do a great job in terms of my objectives because as I explained above, some issues which were out of my hand kind of held me back.

  • Earn $1,000 with side project (failed)
  • Get a mortgage and buy my flat (will have to be next month)
  • Fully commit to MMA class (failed)

Probably a bit overly optimistic for the money goals but I believe in my project and so far the increase has been fairly strong especially the last two months.

I didn’t even manage to get half of the earnings I planned but at least it’s about 5 times more than the previous month.

Because this income report has been taking quite a while already, I’m going to cut to the chase from here and go on with my monthly earnings for this blog.

WA meaningWA earnings october 2016

This is almost identical to last month but I can feel it slowly growing again. My spidey senses are tingling!

As for the costs, I currently still only hold the single one:

Total Earnings Of September 2016 – $81,38!

Yet again under the $100 but what’s cool is that I keep getting batches of money sent to my accounts that are accumulated by over the months.

So sometimes I receive $250 from one affiliate program and sometimes $150 from another.

Therefore I’m not too bothered at the moment. Clearly receiving a couple of grands would be more desirable 😛

Objectives For November

I’m not too sure what I have planned for the month of November but I know it goes a little something like this:

  • Get a mortgage, buy the flat
  • Make $1,000+ on project
  • Start figuring out how to get movement in my life! A.k.a start exercising

There’s not much more I want right now as they are all dependant on long term goals.

Within the next month I should have a fixed contract and should be able to have more stability in life. This opens new doors and also clears my head a little bit.

That shall be all for now 😀

Thanks for reading,



    • Hey Matt,
      Thanks for the positive comment! Yea xmas will be a great boost. Already seeing some xmas spirit coming my way. First I want to have some positivity for black Friday 😉

  1. Don’t give up and stay strong! In a competitive world, its better to fail faster to recognise your mistakes, learn and move on. I believe in you 🙂

    • Hey Sophie,
      Very true. I’ve learnt a lot in the last year when it comes to the affiliate world. It’s been a tough time but it’s paying off month by month. If it were easy we’d all be doing it right 😉

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