Monthly Income Report – November 2017

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Not What I Expected!

Welcome back to one of my monthly income reports! We are nearing the end of the year and my progress is still ongoing.

As always I would firstly like to say, if you’re new to my blog, I post my monthly income reports every month to show you people how I try to make money online.

The ultimate goal of course is to be able to live off these earnings and simultaneously be able to teach you how to do it.

Most of my earnings are generated through affiliate marketing. So if you want to get involved, I highly advise you to read these reports and make sure to understand that there is legitimate money to be made online and not everything is a scam.

However you need to be careful and make sure you don’t fall for these traps as there are many out there.

Therefore I like to share my insights as well as struggles, so you can avoid and learn through the quick way. At least quicker than me!

Of course it’s hard to dig through tons of previous months and figure out how I started what I did etc. and avoid my mistakes. But it’s doable, and even better, I’m sharing my knowledge for free.

In case you’re just as lazy as me and get demotivated after digging through the first few posts, you can also sign up to the same course I first signed up to for free!

You never have to pay a penny and you can create your own website in a matter of seconds. Yes this is all for free and there are video guidelines to make it as simple as possible.

As for the month of November! There have been a lot of new struggles and unpredicted annoyances that I couldn’t avoid.

I mentioned that I would have a full week off and be able to triple my efforts by fully dedicating hours on my lil monster (the lil monster is my current website I’m building to earn money) but then this happened…

My poor girlfriend had to get a minor surgery, which needed my full assistance for many basic human daily activities like walking or even sitting.

Of course I didn’t mind helping her one bit but it is tiring. Additionally I’m having the worst sleep I’ve had in years and have you ever tried being productive when you haven’t slept more than 4 hours?

Pretty tough right…

Nevertheless, I love the idea of financial freedom and I still did some work 😉 so let’s get down to the details below!

Comparing Statistics

When you look at this month’s graph it is surprisingly nice looking and a sharp incline in traffic.

But don’t let this beauty below fool you! I was aiming for at least double of that if not three times as much.

november 2017 graph

I’m just having some issues landing more keywords on the first spot on Google to get the nice traffic I’m hoping for.

Of course I’m grateful for any additional view on my site and it does help to see progress like this. But you need to understand that my site is heavily based on consumer products and November is one of the best months for this type of site.

The reason being black Friday and cyber Monday!

The previous site which I sold for a good $40K had around 9200 views at the end of November! Therefore I wasn’t surprised to see earnings in the thousands.

Maybe that’s why I get so angry when I compare my current stats.

Now the exact figures can be seen on the left and yes the bounce rate is higher than I’d like it to be, but what can you do.

People get less patient these days and my site is structured in a way that you can find exactly what you want within a few seconds.

However, I would like it more if people would stay and read the actual articles as they’re very informative and can help the buying process of anyone much more thorough.

The exact changes from the previous months are:

  • Sessions: +1,121
  • Users: +998
  • Pageviews: +1,274
  • Bounce rate: -0.55

All in the green zone which is cool!

Below we can see where the traffic is coming from, and if you know me by now, you know that I like to have organic sources mostly.

My social media game is pretty much non existing at this time and even in the past it was a bit on and off.

However I am considering to put a bit more effort into it because at one point the previous site was getting around 1000+ views from Pinterest alone. It did take a lot of time though!

traffic sources november 2017I’m always curious about the direct traffic and it turns out a big portion is coming from the infographic I created a while back.

I haven’t been as successful as I hoped with it but I may try to create another one in the future.

All I need is a great idea and a bit of cash to get someone to create it for me. The outreach will be fairly simple if the idea is catchy and visuals are good!

But again looking at the breakdown, it’s good to see that the majority traffic comes from search engines!

So now let’s look at the most interesting part and see how much I made through the site:

lil monster affiliate earnings november 2017

Tada!!! The first $100 breakthrough finally!

I’m happy but gutted at the same time haha! My objective was to hit the first $1,000 so I’m basically $800 short…

But hey money is money. I think it will be very difficult to reach the $10k benchmark by the end of this year if there aren’t any major uptrends.

My mentor did say anything is possible and he’s right. And a small part in me still believes I could reach it. But realistically it will be a little closer to the first $1,000 I think.

November Thoughts

I mentioned in the introduction that I was very tired and busy helping out my girlfriend. I also mentioned that I don’t mind helping her out.

The faster she gets better the happier I am as well obviously.

What did make my month so tough and tiring was the work life I have and the lack of sleep.

They basically go hand in hand with each other because I work shifts. So sometimes I wake up at 5am and end the week by working on a weekend.

Then the next week I will have to completely shift my cycle and work from 4pm to midnight and then there might be a night shift from midnight to 8 am.

Please tell me how any human person can live through this cycle which is completely random and no one can adapt to?

I’ve even been prescribed several sleeping aids, but the problem is not even those are helping. I also don’t want to be addicted to sleeping pills and never be able to fall asleep naturally anymore.

This also demotivates me to work out and worst of all, the work volume is increasing ridiculously.

I’m not sure how this will continue but I will have to stick it out at least another year and a half.

Last month someone commented and asked how I was making progress on my site. I do understand that I’m basically just sharing statistics and not giving away much.

But the reason behind this is:

  1. I can’t share the URL for several reasons but mainly because I will sell this site eventually.
  2. I noticed how SEO has become a lot harder and I’m not sure this site will make the $10k per month that I’m hoping for so I don’t want to waste your time and efforts
  3. I want to create a course once I did sell the site and made the $10k

All I can say for now is, my daily work consists on keyword research, posting new articles and creating backlinks.

There really isn’t much more to it. Of course I know what I’m looking for and have certain ways of creating links but these details will explained in future (hopefully in my course).

affiliate online course
Online course possibly coming soon?

I also wanted to refer to my Bitcoin article I posted. I know there’s a massive hype around the Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies in general.

Many people want to get involved and many don’t know how. I also see a ton of very scary and dangerous youtube channels and posts, that promote such obvious pyramid schemes.

I highly suggest you read my post if you want to get involved and invest in a safe way!

I’m not saying it’s a guaranteed win and you will make profits. I’m just saying this is the real/ traditional and secure way to buy and store cryptocurrencies if that interests you.

On another note, I started my investment about 3 months ago and I already doubled my investment.

I’m a strong believer in this futuristic movement and I will hold my coins for another 2 years at least. I wish I was making more money to invest more but as it is an INVESTMENT I want to be careful and only use money I can afford to lose.

That should always be your mentality and I encourage you not to get too greedy. Of course with higher risk comes higher rewards but also a lot more pain if it goes the wrong way!


As every month I always set myself objectives and report what the turnout was in the following month.

These were my goals for November:

  • Feed the little monster with another 20 new posts! (posted 16)
  • Hit 50 sessions a day on average! (succeeded)
  • Make the first $1000 month with site! (failed)
  • Finish the book that takes forever to read! (still reading believe it or not)
  • Invest 2k in cryptocurrencies! (succeeded)

Almost turned out as expected so that’s ok. It’s quite hard to keep up sometimes but it’s not impossible.

I feel like I could do more and all it needs is a week of good night sleeps. December is the worst month for being productive as all my buddies come back to my country.

Plus all the festivities and my ridiculous working hours make it even harder!

Anyway, let’s see how much November put in my pocket shall we?

WA meaning

november earnings wa 2017

Costs as usual remain:

Aweber – $19.00

Total Earnings Of November 2017 – $333.77!

Ah well. The slow growth can drive one mental. I seriously need to get some new techniques going or at least improve my current ones.

But that’s pretty much it for November! Next stop is end of the year so you know what that means.

New resolutions and all that mess, a lot of festivities and a lot of potential for great sales!

Objectives For December

I will again be more optimistic than I should (for my own good) but I feel like if I set the bar low, I will perform below average.

Having said that, here are my goals for December:

  • Feed the little monster with yet another 20 new posts!
  • Hit 1000 sessions a day on average! (got a long way to go)
  • Make the first $5,000 month with site! (again, a long way to go!)
  • Finish the book (yawn)!
  • Update little monster with new/forgotten SEO techniques

I hope this shines a great insight on what it feels like, coming from no where and suddenly getting addicted to making money online!

Remember I started from the bottom and taught pretty much everything myself through online resources, especially my #1 recommended one.

A whole lot came through communicating, engaging and sharing ideas with people in the same field.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Essi,

    You’re doing great and although the earnings are a bit low, it is far better than what most bloggers make.

    Given that you’ve provious experience, it wouldn’t be surprising to see you cross $1000/month mark pretty soon.

    Keep growing.

    Best regards,

    Shafi Khan

    • Hey Shafi,

      Thanks for your comment. I think I will cross the $1000 mark soon but not the 10,000 as I would like to!
      I know it’s more than most but when you’ve tasted the honey before you want the whole pot 😛
      I will definitely keep on going 😉


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