Monthly Income Report November 2016

november income report 2016

Moving On Up!

Although motivation never really seems to decrease, it feels like I’m not putting so much effort into everything as I could lately.

Personally I believe that my batteries are half as full and with all the stuff going on at the moment I’m very near to a burnout.

However, whenever I look at the statistics, my bank account and my current situation, I get a small smile in my face.

I have to say that with so many bad things and unfortunate people around the world, I shouldn’t be complaining.

I have a rood over my head, savings, and the ability to make money online.

Instead of taking a break after that thought, I get back on it and start working again.

When I look at my colleagues or some of my friends, they are happy working and getting paid a fixed salary. The stability is comfort enough until retirement.

Yes I do enjoy the stability but it kills me inside. It’s motivation enough for me to work my way out and get that passive income lifestyle I desire!

Some sacrifices have to be made for that but they are so minor that I don’t even care anymore. Who needs going out? You’re surrounded by annoying people, loud music you don’t like and overpriced drinks.

Worst of all, I get the worst possible hangovers (and am actually famous for it around my friends circle) it just seems like a win-win situation to avoid going out.

The other sacrifices I have recently made, are not working out. This isn’t because I’m lazy, it’s actually more of a money problem.

Gym memberships in Luxembourg are rather expensive and the one gym that’s cheap is quite far away and overly packed.

I usually waste a good 2-3 hours per workout if I go to the cheaper gym. But more about that later.

Comparing Statistics

The traffic report for this month is almost identical to last months. I will not be going into much detail therefore and just throw out the figures.

It’s actually crazy how steady it has been for the last 3 following months now.

traffic stats november 2016

Honestly no major differences on the graph itself. However I did mention that my DA went up to 25 and surprisingly I am now up at 27.

I really don’t know why as I have only been publishing monthly updates, have pretty low traffic and the activity isn’t major either.

I did feature one guest post the other week which you can read here!

The post features tips on how to improve your business productivity and is very useful if you’re interested.

But in terms of the rank being pushed higher I don’t really understand why. I’ve also lost quite a few backlinks in the past weeks due to low activity.

traffic stats november 2016

The exact breakdown of the traffic stats can be seen on the left here.

So when looking at last months 1,915 and this months 1,918 you can see what I mean when I say this isn’t a massive difference.

Bounce rate has further decreased and that’s always a plus.

Maybe that’s why my DA has gone up… who knows?

Overall here are the detailed changes: 3 more sessions, 63 fewer users and 71 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went down a total of 0.73% !

November Thoughts

I have to admit November has been very tough for me mentally. Going through some family difficulties and trying to stay strong, I’ve shifted a lot of the negative energy into eating quite unhealthy and working a lot.

I think that shifting my negative thoughts and exhaustion into my work is somehow a therapeutic help.

Rather than worrying and thinking about negative stuff, I’m keeping myself busy with productivity.

But some of the family issues are closely linked to some of the goals I want to achieve and set myself for this month and therefore I have to be a little more patient.

Now let’s shift our eyes towards the traffic sources:

2016 traffic sources november

Also not much of a change here and the one source I like being highest is still up there.

It’s also increased a very small amount.

I suppose the guest post has helped the social aspect to rise a tiny bit.

Here are the complete changes compared to last month:

  • Organic search increased by 15
  • Referral increased by 6
  • Direct traffic decreased by 58
  • Social increased by 40

Now onto my favorite part! For those of you that have been following my income report for a while, you must know I’m crazy about this side project.

Last month we finally broke $100! Although it was a new record I was pretty annoyed since I set my objective to break $1,000!

If you remember I was also getting really annoyed at the amount of traffic I was getting.

But look at the beauty of the graph and it’s increase in Noveside project november 2016mber:



It’s making October look like a complete joke!

We almost made 9,200 sessions in November and obviously days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have influenced this massively but still an incredible change!

We are now ranking for several keywords on the first page and it’s just getting better as I’m putting a lot of effort into it!

Look at the beauty below and understand my excitement:

November earnings 2016 side project

Yes, we made $1,698.45 !

Almost $1,700 and believe it or not I was still disappointed because I thought we’d break 2k!

And on top of that we are probably a third into last month’s earnings already so December will be even sweeter!

As I have yet to discuss the exact payout for myself, I am still not including this onto my earnings report for my monthly income. I think it will have to wait until I open a company since I’m doing this project with a friend of mine.

Once that is sorted we can figure out how much is owed to me.


As I mentioned previously that I’ve had some inevitable family issues, some of the objectives couldn’t be reached.


  • Get a mortgage, buy the flat (not possible due to issues)
  • Make $1,000+ on project (exceeded by $698.45)
  • Start exercising (started but got knee issues after running twice)

Again I failed more than half the objectives but I’m still excited about the only one I passed.

Let’s take a quick look at my earnings however and see what happened there.

WA meaning

november WA earning

Pretty sweet increase since the last few months were a bit boring. I was surprised to see a niche site I started and stopped after 22 days exactly suddenly made some sales and earned me $17.30 bucks.

I didn’t continue because I am focusing on the side project.

My old niche site suddenly made a sale which was a black Friday surprise as well.

As for my costs it’s as usual just the one:

Which means that the…

Total Earnings Of November 2016 – $195.36!

At least it’s above $100 for once and almost worth reporting. Once the company is set up or I start to take a payout of the side project, I’ll be including the earnings to my income report!

Objectives For December

Right so I like to move over objectives I haven’t reached in the previous month over to the next, especially when they’re major ones.

Therefore one of the major objectives will be to:

  • Get a mortgage and buy the flat!
  • Make $5,000 with side project
  • Do research on another niche site/ revive old niche site

I hope I could inspire at least a few of you with the latest increase of the side project.

After almost 1.5 years of being in the affiliate industry I’ve learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes but the side project seems to have avoided many of them.

I hope to multiply the earnings by 10 around April latest! If I manage to do so, you will be first to know and eventually I will try to simplify the process and speed it up.

That should wrap it up for now and let’s see what next month brings into the wallet.

Thanks for reading,



    • Hey Zyan,
      Yea I decided to be completely transparent from the get go to make sure people can see all the difficulties and discover if making money online is actually possible.
      When I found out it is I wanted to see how much I Can make and teach what I’ve learned to cut corners with more outcome. The only way of doing so is by being completely transparent I guess 🙂
      Thanks for your comment.

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