Monthly Income Report – November 2015

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Another Month Gone!

Yet another month has passed and it’s finally time for my favorite posts. The monthly income report!

As you might know, I write about my income not to brag (as the numbers aren’t high at all) but merely to show you how my progress is going.

I do this so that you can copy my success (or failure) for your own benefit and generate a nice passive income on the side.

In the month of November, I focused a lot more on social exposure and kept a tight schedule of posting a new article every Monday and Thursday!

This was kept perfectly except for yesterday because I didn’t want to write out my income report a day early!

Comparing Statistics:

In my previous month, the chart was rather consistent. It had a strong beginning, a bit of a calm middle and a strong end.

Again this is mostly due to my technique explained here. This technique is still helping me out a lot every month, including this one!

This months chart was a bit messy as you can see below:

income report traffic chart november 2015

The first two weeks were very strong!

But on Friday the 13th everything started going crazy. I do believe this is due to the unfortunate and tragic events that happened in Paris.

Personally I even lost track of time and followed the news more than my work. I guess most people around the world did the same.

In the last weekend I worked almost 20 hours on my new project!

I’m still trying to recover from the headache this marathon caused me but hopefully it will be worth it.

I won’t be giving out any details on this yet as it’s not directly related to  my website. However it definitely shows in my chart that I was neglecting it a bit.

For those who are wondering why there are such huge slumps in weekends, read this report on periodical traffic movements.

But once again this has been the best month so far in traffic!

Besides putting even more focus on promoting my already existing content, I’ve also edited a few older posts and put my main attention towards social media!

Octobers average visitors were 63. Novembers average daily visitor went up to 83!

income report november stats 2015I love seeing that the hard work I put in clearly shines through.

Unlike my previous job, where I could work harder than you can imagine, with countless hours of overtime and I would still get the same salary and no recognition!

The overall analysis of this month is yet again a bit unsatisfactory.

I say this mainly because the bounce rate has increased yet again, whereas I thought it had gone down a bit at first.

I will have to look into that and try to solve this issue eventually. Compared to last month I got:

527 more sessions, 298 more users and 1,096 more pageviews!

Last months increase was stronger but nevertheless an increase is still positive news for me so overall this is very pleasant to look at!

Hopefully I can pick up a bit more momentum in the coming months, but December will be tricky as it’s the most festive month I believe.

November Thoughts:

Again I can’t really complain as it has been quite a good month for me, but I am very critical when I look at the statistics.

I feel like I could have done better and I don’t like the fact that my bounce rate has gone up as well as the overall increase having dropped slightly from last month.

income report november traffic source 2015Maybe this is because I have two side projects going on at the moment which do take a lot of my energy.

On a daily basis I have enough time but it is more of a mental challenge, when juggling three things at the same time I suppose.

If you look at the traffic chart, you can immediately see that I’ve got very different results compared to last months:

  • Referral increased by 231
  • Direct increased by 82
  • Organic traffic decreased by 23!
  • Social increased by 201!
  • Email decreased by 19

In this you can clearly see how my social media efforts paid off massively which is a great sign. The Email drop might be explained through the change of procedure.

Not only did I change provider, I also decided to not email my subscribers every time I write a new post.

(You can check out my resource page here to find out which provider I use)

The reason being, that I don’t want them to feel like I’m spamming them. The organic traffic decrease is slightly disappointing though!

Social Media

Let’s take a look how my social media efforts have paid off in details. Facebook is probably the only exception which comes purely organic and natural.

I did not use any type of promotion except for the widget on this very site you can see on the right.

Although I could pay for likes I don’t want to use ads anymore in any way for this blog.

  • Facebook Page – Although the increase is slightly less than last months, I am still quite pleased with an increase of 14 likes. In October I had a total of 118 whereas by the end of November I went up to 132.Monthly Income Report facebook likes 2015
  • Twitter – These figures almost make me laugh when comparing with the previous month! I got so much more done with Twitter it actually feels like I had a whole team behind me. But I do have to say that I might slow it down a bit on the tweeting aspect. I feel like less could often be more.income report twitter stats november 2015Overall I guess it is pretty amazing to see an increase of 1,197 followers, 2,152 more profile visits and 23,000 more tweet impressions!
  • Pinterest – I thought I wasn’t going to manage 1,000 followers on my Pinterest by the end of the month but sure enough I just about made it as you can see:income report november pinterest stats 2015
  • Instagram – Glad to say that my account on Instagram is doing great. 480 new followers within a month. I do believe that soon this will have a much faster increase.income report november 2015

All of my social media accounts (with the exception of my Facebook page) have now reached at least 1,000 followers.

As you can see my method is doing pretty great. If you are trying to reach a similar goal simply copy exactly what I do here.

I will continue doing this as it takes little to no effort and I spend about 10 minutes every morning doing this.


As you should be doing the same, I always set myself goals for the coming month. You can find out how important that is here.

Similar to last month, I slightly forgot what my objectives were. For instance, I thought I was still chasing 2,500 visitors instead of 2,750!

I also forgot that I was supposed to guest post twice but let’s have a look at the complete list and discuss below:

  1. Reach 2,750 sessions on Google Analytics! (Failed)
  2. Get 900 Organic traffic. (Failed)
  3. 8 Referrals with 2 premiums. (Failed)
  4. Guest Post twice for two different blogs! (Kind of succeeded)
  5. 100 Email subscribers! (Failed)
  6. Reach $100 Profit! (Exceeded. See Below)

In terms of goals I did terrible compared to last month…

But let me explain. I kept thinking I was supposed to reach 2,500 visitors so my aim was to have an average of 83 visitors per day, which I actually managed.

Although I reached 2,499 (let’s just pretend it says 2,500) I only checked my goals 3 days before month end to realize I won’t achieve the actual goals I set myself!

I don’t have an excuse for the organic traffic, yet I have to focus harder on keywords I suppose to improve here!

Although I didn’t get the full 8 referrals and 2 premium, I’ve finally gotten a bit of a change in statistics here:

WA meaningIncome Report November 2015

So overall I got 5 new referrals and 1 member upgrading to premium!

It is good to see that over time people do start realizing what you get for upgrading and all my referrals, regardless of their membership get my full support as well.

But as you can see I almost succeeded in that point!

As for guest posting twice, I managed to submit one guest post which will hopefully still be released in this year. The second guest post turned out to be a roudup.

I was told my roundup feature will be posted within a few weeks so I’ll just have to wait and see.

The reason I wrote kind of succeeded, is because a guest post and a roundup is very similar in terms of exposure. So I feel like I deserve a succeeded mark there :)!

Email subscribers is a tough one to crack. I’m not sure how many I had last month but I definitely received a few new ones. Totaling a number of 47 subscribers.

I still have a long way to go!

But let’s finally get to the most exciting part, the one we are all waiting for!

Here’s what I made this month as income:

income report amazon november 2015

This makes a total of $975.12! Needless to say I am more than happy with this!

My niche site is actually performing ridiculously great, especially since I haven’t done anything to it (not even paying for ads) since it’s creation. Complete passive income!

But let’s take a look at my expenses:

  • Adwords outstanding costs from last month – $91,52
  • Aweber – $19

This makes a total of $110,52! Quite painful to look at but I’m happy I don’t have to think about ads anymore from this point on!

Total Earnings Of November 2015 – $864,60!

Honestly I don’t even believe it quite yet. I’m so happy this actually works and I can only encourage others to jump on board.

Last month I barely scraped the $100 benchmark and now I am close to earning $1,000 a month!

Hopefully my success will continuously increase the way it has been so far. My fingers will stay far away from ads.

I can already tell you that once I save up a bit on my bank account, I will upgrade for the yearly membership of Aweber, as I really love their service and functions.

Additionally it is just cheaper and makes more sense.

Another best month! Incredible but also makes it harder for me to compete next month.

Objectives For December:

Although I doubt that December will be a great month due to X-mas and New Years Eve, I will still push for another best of course.


  • Reach 2,750 sessions on Google Analytics! This time I won’t forget hopefully!
  • I’ll be aiming for 900 Organic traffic again even if it will be very hard!
  • 8 Referrals with 2 premiums. I’ll stick to this ratio for now.
  • Get 1-2 Guest posts on my blog! Feel free to email me if you’re interested (
  • 100 Email subscribers! If you haven’t signed up to the newsletter yet feel free to do so.
  • Reach $1,000 Profit!


This concludes my November income report!

Thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions, questions or general comments, feel free to leave them below.

I will answer all as usual and hopefully next month will be another best 😀

Thanks again,



  1. Well, what a good month you’ve had Esteban! I most enjoyed seeing clearly how well developed your social media has got over the past few weeks . Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest seem to be going really well for you.
    And congratulations on such an excellent profit at the end of the month. I like that you are still self critical though, and set yourself clear goals.
    Well done. You must be feeling pretty pleased with yourself 🙂

    • Hey Emily,

      Thanks for the nice words, I am pretty satisfied with how my goal to enforce my social media went. I actually achieved exactly what I wanted and now I can scale up from there.
      As for the profit I am ecstatic, since not too long ago I wasn’t even sure affiliate marketing works. I hope to see much more coming my way!
      I am pleased but at the same time I always think I could have done better so there’s still room for a lot of improvement actually 😉
      Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Wow. This is awesome, so inspiring. Just gotta keep plugging away and things will eventually happen.
    I was wondering if you had tried MailChimp as it’s free up to 2000 subscribers or I’d a weber is better? I’ve not tried either so a review would be good.
    Keep up the great work


    • Hey Tom,
      Thank you very much for your comment!
      I did try Mailchimp as my very first provider actually. I was very happy with their services as well. I just wasn’t ready to upgrade for the auto-responder service at the time I was using them. Which is why I ended up using Aweber since they give out a 30-day free trial which was perfect.
      I feel like Aweber offers a lot more quality and I will actually have to write a review in the next few days to share my opinion.
      I’ll let you know once it’s up 🙂
      Thanks for the encouraging words Tom,

  3. Well done Esteban,really fantastic growth!
    I have a question about your amazon affiliate site : did most of the traffic came from Google Adwords? It’s probably still too young to have some serious traffic from search engines,but maybe social networks brought some traffic on them also?
    Cheers, Mike

    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for the compliment! I’m happy myself I reached this point at the moment.
      None of my traffic came from Adwords. I only tried adwords in my very first week of this niche site and I was terrible with it. I pretty much spent way too much and got not nearly as much out of it as I am currently making.
      I was going to write a tutorial on how to use adwords but since I did so badly I just stayed away from it all together.
      My current traffic is all SEO and social media.
      I only created one Instagram account for the website and that’s pretty much it. I used this technique here to scale my account.
      So it’s really a combination of organic traffic and social media. In my google analytics it tells me that 67% comes from organic traffic, direct and referral makes about 25% and the rest is social.
      Hope this clears things up for you 🙂

  4. Congrats on your earnings! Just read through your article on getting thousands of followers on social media. Really solid advice. Thanks

    • Hey Matty,

      Thanks a lot! It’s been a tough month but I’m happy-ish with the results. I hope to best it again this month. We’ll see what happens. As for the social media followers, it’s a very easy method if you’re trying to increase your followers. The more you have the quicker it increases as well I believe.
      Thanks for stopping by,

    • Hey Alex,

      Thanks for passing by on my site.
      Focusing on Social media seriously made a difference in getting more followers as well as sales.
      Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

    • Hey Francisco,

      Thanks for the nice wishes! I went to see your income report and it’s interesting to see how you make most of your money through ads whereas my ads barely bring any cash in.
      Maybe we can learn from each other. I was always quite impressed with your amount of traffic. Well done!
      Also thanks so much for adding me on your site. I will share it on my social media 🙂
      Tomorrow my December report will be up!
      Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

  5. Congrats for making money & Thank you for sharing income reports to keep that in transparency. that inspire me to start a blog

    • Hey,

      Thanks a lot and definitely get involved. I don’t see why people aren’t jumping on this goldmie 🙂 most of us have daily access to the internet!

      Good luck!


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