Monthly Income Report – May 2016

Back To Work

Almost a whole year of unemployment and online marketing and here I am. Right back at the start..

Well not exactly but what I’m trying to say is I’ve finally gotten a job again and although it’s not the happiest of moments of my life, it still is good!

Especially in the last 3-4 months when my income dropped from the thousands back to the 10’s and 100’s I was getting incredibly stressed.

Worrying at night not knowing what my future would look like etc.

Now that I’ve got a job I may have to go back to having a boss, fixed hours and basically wasting my time in a building when I could be living life!

But having said that, I actually quite enjoy my job as it’s related to a passion of mine (media and television to be more specific) plus I got flexible hours.

Another huge bonus is that it’s a much higher salary than my previous job (which I hated beyond imagination) which not only helps stability and to put bread on the table, but also helps me pursue another passive income strategy!

I’m talking about real estate!

Once my trial period has passed the next big move will be to get a mortgage and get the ball rolling into that direction.

Without a job this would be pretty hard to get. Additionally I have to admit that although I have flexible times I find it hard to manage blogging, working and going to the gym in a day but I’m sure once the routine settles it’ll work.

Now that you’re updated with my personal life, lets get down to the nitty gritty of the affiliate marketing world!

Maybe more of you can relate with my blog now since I expect most of you to be working or studying!

Comparing Statistics

Surprisingly not much has changed (as the last few months) but a slight increase nevertheless.

I guess if you continuously blog you’re continuously going to rank for different keywords, thus generating more traffic.

graph for may 2016

This is more of a choppy kind of chart, and I’m definitely not a fan of them but if the end result is nice then who cares right?

Apart from the second spike, all the others were peaks from when I published an article in case you were wondering why there are abnormalities.

Therefore I need to keep up my publishing skills.

I did try to get out at least 2 more guest posts but for some reason one is still pending and has been for a while with no feedback from the owner of the website, while the other needs some more editing which I have to do over the weekend.

Hopefully you’ll get to read them soon enough. I’m sure in the next couple of days at least one will be posted.

So let’s move on to have a look at the statistics in a bit more detail.traffic stats details

As mentioned above the overall sessions are pretty good (almost 300 more than last month).

Bounce rate however did have a minor increase which isn’t optimal.

I always like seeing new people come and find my blog though so the increase in new sessions is always more than welcome!

Overall I got 297 more sessions, 255 more users and 632 more pageviews. The bounce rate went up a little over 3%!

May Thoughts

With the new job I honestly have to say that I feel a bit more secure. But then again I feel like I’m wasting so much valuable time that I could use to work on my blog.

Additionally my new position requires me to be at my desk at all times so I don’t have much time to even have a read on blogs during work.

The great thing though is that I work shifts so somtimes I finish at 3pm and I can still comfortably work at home for 2-3 hours and then hit the gym.

Alternatively like today for instance I start at 1pm so I don’t have that much time but it still gives me enough to blog in the mornings and work a bit on my side projects in the evenings.

As my office has a gym, I may have to start using that and just walk in a bit earlier.

It saves the commute to my regular gym which is a good hour just driving.

So with that in mind and losing 8 hours a day during the week, it may be harder to be as consistent as I used to but here are the hard facts:

traffic for may 2016Last month I mentioned that referral traffic was the first one to catch my attention and are most likely due to guest posts.

This month they’ve grown even more.

Always love to see my organic reaching new highs as well and I guess I really do need to put some more focus on social presence!

The emailing traffic completely dropped off but it was never that high to begin with.

Here’s to complete breakdown:

  • Organic search increased by 228
  • Referral increased by 192
  • Direct traffic decreased by 121
  • Social increased by 2
  • Email decreased by 4

Minor drops in unimportant areas and good increase in the more significant ones!

With the new lifestyle change and the tons of projects going on, I’ve decided to mainly focus on this blog and another one which will hopefully be a sweet reward in December.

Stay tuned for that 😉


The objectives I’ve set for this month were the following:

  • Publish yet another 1-2 guest posts! (succeeded-ish)
  • Post 4-6 new blog posts. (succeeded)
  • Scale up to $500 (Not sure will check below)
  • Seriously get a job to or book a flight to a cheap destination and work from there for a few months! (got a job and great salary!)

I still wish I would have had the courage to move to Thailand instead. Hopefully soon this could be reality!

Pretty great and successful month though in terms of reaching my goals. I feel like I’m getting closer to my end goal although it’s still a long way.

If you didn’t know, I want to have the millionaire title by the age of 30.

All I need is about € 960,ooo more and I’m there… Ok so still a lot more needed but it’s not impossible is it?

If I purchase the desired property (which I’ve been waiting for almost 2 years now to get the papers ready) I’ll have something worth around 500,000.

Then I’m only 460k away from my title! Let alone the investments and passive as well as active income generated in the meantime I’m estimating only 400k away.

Have a look at the graph which shows my progression for only one affiliate program I promote but the most relatable one since it’s for this blog mostly:

wealthy affiliate progression

The red and blue line pretty much indicates how much traffic I’m getting and the user interaction.

The green line is the money line! It’s almost been constantly growing and it almost took me a year to make my first $100 month.

I can assure you that this time next year this will be in the $1,000 frame because I’ve devoted myself to this and I know it works.

I mean above is the physical proof that it works…

Here are the full details of my monthly progress:

WA meaningWA stats and earnings

I’ve decided to spend a few months just posting or writing reviews on online products that promise to help you generate money.

The reason being, that I’ve constantly fell trap into these shiny objects and I wish I could go back and save the money I spent on these.

My progress would have been much stronger and I know that a lot of people get sucked into these as well and waste hours and a lot of money.

Hopefully I can warn a few, generate tons more traffic and get new referrals through these.

As for now, let’s move onto the interesting part and see how much I managed to make online this month:

tim sykes earnings may 2016

Now it is very surprising to see someone go yearly for the Tim Sykes course because although I keep telling people to go for that option as they’d save a lot of money, they tend to go monthly.

I highly advise to take the first month as a monthly to see if this is what you want and want to stick through and if you do, go yearly!

You’ll save a lot of money and it is a commitment you’ve made keeping you focused to pull it through and succeed in the course!

All together I made $737.81 before expenses! That’s a lot more than I thought I made 😀

Here are my typical expenses:

To get to an end of this income report, here is the result of this month:

Total Earnings Of May 2016 – $718.81!

That’s a whooping increase of $479,27 from the previous month.

Pretty darn cool right? I have to admit I’m am feeling pretty happy right now looking at these figures because I haven’t been able to focus that much lately.

It also shows that no matter hard hard you fall, you always gotta get back up and keep fighting (no I’m not trying to quote Stalone here).

I never doubted the online wealth and yes I made a massive drop in January but I’m coming back up.

By the way if you’re wondering how I made the $250 freelancing, here’s the blueprint!

Objectives For June

As for the next month I know I’ll have to invest at least $300 to renew my membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s well worth my investment and I haven’t thought about it twice. Having said that, these are the objectives I set myself and want to accomplish:

  • Publish 4-6 reviews!
  • Get my guest posts published.
  • Earn at least $100 profit
  • Make my first sale on new site!

This is my current state and optimism. I hope I can really reflect my thoughts and emotions in these income reports to show you that it does require hard work.

However, the hard work I’ve put in almost a year ago is now paying itself off. All the earnings are coming from posts I’ve written a while ago.

They continuously drive traffic to this site and yes I do update them occasionally to keep it up to date!

Start building your online wealth now and enjoy the profits that come in. Imagine you would make an additional $700 bucks at the end of the month.

Wouldn’t that be a sweet bonus for you? What are you waiting for? If you have any questions just ask me I’ll be happy to explain.

Thanks for reading,



  1. “All I need is about € 960,ooo more and I’m there… Ok so still a lot more needed but it’s not impossible is it?”

    Awesome attitude, man!
    Keep up the great work!

    Greetings from Italy

    • Ciao Filippo,

      Glad you like my style 😀 but I’m not giving up that easily right?

      Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

      Take care,


  2. I’m in the same boat. All I need is to kill the $150K debt and then build assets of $900,000. Easy peasy. Just one day at a time.

    • Wow can I ask how you managed to get a debt that high? Or is it a mortgage? But I like that you’re not backing down either. As you said it just takes one day at a time. Hope you make it work !

  3. Hi Essi,

    Very glad to see that both work life and entrepreneurship are going well! Congratulations! You beat me in May – I had a gross income of $718 and a net of $665. I agree, this level of income has made me seriously consider what else I should be doing to optimise my earning potential.

    I am really late with my May income report though, but I am already excited for how June is shaping up – potentially my best month working online so far! Hope I can keep up with you hehe (some friendly competition cant hurt eh!).


    • Hey PiiGirl!

      Nice to hear from you again!
      I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance my current situation a bit more (work and all) because I can barely find the time to work on my blog these days. I guess I’m still trying to get into the routine. Now that I’ve got a job and a stable salary again though I can finally get things done that were on my list (laser surgery for my eyes and more).
      Having said that, I think you’ll beat me easily this month as I only posted twice in June or something and mainly focused on my side project.

      Therefore I’ll try and keep up with you 😉


    • You think that they are huge for such a small traffic amount? That kind of makes me happy 😀 I’ve been trying to increase my traffic but seem a bit stuck currently. Thanks though!

  4. Echoing what Satish says, it’s great to see what you can generate with your traffic. Gives the rest of us hope!
    I’ve just begun my extra income journey and it’s started rather poorly. Both the ad network and affiliate links scheme I was hoping to join refused my application. Totally my naive fault, but now I have no income streams and a couple expenses!
    Posts like this give me great ideas for alternatives.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Matt,

      Thanks that’s encouraging to hear. Did you have to pay to join these income streams? I’m not sure how legitimate they are if you did! Have you tried looking at the obvious ones like Google adsense and Amazon maybe? They’re quite easy to join.

      • That’s the two that denied me. My site is very new, so I’ll just have to keep chipping away. Reading about your success helps keep me motivated though, so please keep sharing.

        • Thats strange. I understand google maybe refusing but not amazon. Maybe wait another few weeks and reapply with a new email address. No point joining if you don’t have any traffic yet because the accounts might get shut down if theres no activity.
          But everyone starts at the bottom so don’t be discouraged 🙂 and feel free to ask for help!

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