Monthly Income Report March 2017

March income report 2017

Another Hit To The Face

If you’re in the Affiliate Marketing game, you are probably aware that Google constantly sends out new updates.

Their algorithms become smarter and sooner or later we’re going to fight robots like in the Terminator franchise.

That being said, their latest update named “Fred” literally knocked out a bunch of websites and a lot of affiliates are feeling the burn.

(You can read up about it here! Worth the read if you ask me.)

Some lucky website owners somehow managed to be pushed up in their website quality but obviously this doesn’t include me.

Before I go into too much detail, I’ve basically been hit in the face more times than I can stand and it’s really driving me insane. First the new changed with Amazons commission and now this.

It’s hard to stay motivated but at the same time once you start making money online it’s almost like a drug and you just want it to continue. I just really wish it could be stable for once.

But having issues with my websites isn’t the only problem. March was particularly annoying because trying to buy an apartment is a lot more complicated than it should be.

I had to go through countless meetings with my banks and notaries (because in Luxembourg you HAVE to go through a notary to make a purchase of land of property) and insurances etc.

But let’s not stop there… my car also decided to break down so I had to buy a new one.

I would love to live without a car and take public transport but my working shifts make it impossible for me to actually use public transport so I was forced to buy a new car, the same month I’m investing in a property.

Pretty ideal moment right?

I was actually getting over all these annoying issues but writing about them reminds me how much of an unlucky month I had and now I’m raging haha!

Anyway let’s jump into the figures.

Comparing Statistics

Similar to the last few months, I’ve actually completely ignored the stats of this blog. I’m more focused on my side project (which I should be calling my main project) as well as all the events happening in life.

March 2017 stats

Last month I had the pleasure to inform you how one of my main traffic sources decided to stop his roundup which usually gave me a nice boost beginning and end of month.

Therefore you won’t see any nice spikes anymore on my traffic updates.

Besides that, the entire thing looks pretty normal compared to the previous months. Last month and beginning of this month I was so motivated and to be honest, I still am.

I’ve reached milestones, that two years ago I could never have imagined. Even if my intro sounded a bit whiney, it’s just things you have to go through.

I could easily give up and just live a normal life, and be miserable forever. But I have a vision of myself at a nice mansion, infinity pool and 2-3 nice cars…

Maybe many people would love that lifestyle and others would prefer a more humble life. The difference if, I won’t give up until I reach that goal.

traffic stats march 2017More about this later… As for the stats, I’m not sure how relevant they are anymore but I might as well continue the same layout for now.

In the future I might leave out these stats as I don’t even really look at these anymore.

But the truth is if I don’t include them here I wouldn’t look at them ever.

So to give a quick comparison from the previous month, these are the changes:

28 fewer sessions, 46 fewer users and 84 more pageviews. The bounce rate went down by 2.83%

Honestly these changes are always so minor it really doesn’t even make me think twice. Lately however it’s always been a minor decrease in traffic.

March Thoughts

As previously mentioned, money issues were hitting me left and right and just showed up constantly. I did however forget to mention that another major pain happened during the month which actually makes me want to laugh thinking about it now.

I decided to cash out some of my online earnings to buy a new SSD drive for my laptop. I’m currently working on a Macbook that I’ve bought back in 2009 or something.

Needless to say it was incredibly slow and every single post I would write, would take me forever. It was so getting so annoying that at one point it would literally take me 5 minutes to open a tab and wait for everything to load.

As I used to be able to build PC’s together and my friend swore to me that and SSD would change my life, I decided to purchase it. Additionally he sent me a couple of links for clear instructions and told me to get certain tools specified for this procedure.

Once everything arrived, I was over the moon. I followed all the steps perfectly but the first issue arrived almost immediately.

The toolkit he told me to get was a piece of $h1t to say the least, as almost none of the screwdrivers would fit in the actual screws. One screwdriver was badly cut so that the top was uneven and just scratched my screws.

I ended up using the bloody screws I already owned and they were fine.

Once everything was changed and put in place, all I had to do was plug in a USB, on which I installed the latest version of MacOS  Sierra, hold a few buttons while starting up the laptop and let the instalment do the rest.

Of course this wouldn’t work and of course my friend who swore it would be a piece of cake didn’t know what to do. Anyway long story short, luckily I used my external hard drive earlier to backup everything through time machine and managed to get everything the way it was.

my macbook

This entire procedure took about 3 days because I was trying to do it before and after work etc.

After all this pain and suffering my laptop now works like a gem just like the first day I bought it. Instead of buying a new Macbook I invested something around $200 and it feels brand new. Plus I find the white Macbook to look a lot sexier than the new metallic ones.

If you are wondering what SSD drive I used you can browse through this link. Definitely worth the investment.

There were some good moments in March such as meeting old friends and having nice weather.

BBQ time with the boys

And believe it or not, I’m actually incredibly happy with the new car I got. Technically I didn’t buy it myself but together with my girlfriend so it’s not just my car.

However it is so comfortable and suits my size, mood and driving style. I don’t like to drive incredibly fast in this country because basically there’s never a real chance to do so.

Also I’m very aware of my surroundings and watch out not to skid, have accidents and I drive very economically. There’s an included app in the car that let’s you drive extra economically profitable so that’s cool.

I can finally sync my music from my phone and again the comfort is just perfect since I’m 6ft3 and have long legs!

our jeep renegade downtown

The car itself is a Jeep Renegade – Downtown edition (only exists in BeNeLux and produced 125 times) and although it looks massive, it’s actually pretty short.

It makes people slow down and respect you a little more though which is funny! Plus it looks badass.

And finally, I’m FINALLY a homeowner. Now I can progress and see how to get a second flat to rent out.

It’s always been a dream of mine to make money through real estate as it’s almost a sure thing. People need places to live in and there’s limited amount of space. Very few people can actually afford to purchase a place (especially in Luxembourg) so they tend to rent.

But enough about personal life, quick update on things revolving around online stuff!

Another great guest post was released earlier this month which is a must read:

6 ways to get more out of social media – really I should take more action with social media myself.

And for the side project here are the stats:

side project traffic

You can clearly see a strong decline which was right when Google Fred kicked in. We’re still trying to recover from it and it’s been very painful to watch.

Nevertheless, even with the stupid Amazon commission change and the Fred mess up, here are the earnings for march from that site:

side project earnings

Very disappointing but kind of out of our hands. I’m a bit worried for next month but if we work hard on performing a bunch of updates and going through old content we might be able to recover a little more.


As you may know I set myself monthly objectives and hope to reach them all. These were the objectives I’ve set and their results:

  • Buy the flat! (Succeeded)
  • Sort out Taxes (Succeeded)
  • Finish off old projects (Still ongoing but been pushing a client to hurry the hell up)
  • Make at least $2.500 with side project! (failed)
  • Finish reading 2 books I’ve started (failed)

I’m quite glad that even after so many annoying boundaries and issues, that I could make it through the month. I’m still recovering and although I should be incredibly careful with money now as I have several debts, I went out the last Friday of the month to see one of my best friends.

It was worth it as I rarely get to see these friends of mine. However I slacked off 3 days off the gym, spent more than I wanted and ate a bunch of junk food (several steps backwards).

Now my head is screwed back on and I can focus again.

And before I go into the complete breakdown of my online earnings, I just wanted to add that in my Job I had my first yearly review and I got exceptional results I couldn’t even believe and hopefully I can get a promotion or salary increase very soon!

So down to the figures:

WA meaning

WA earnings mach 2017

My costs as usual remain:

Total Earnings Of March 2017 – $981.61!

I’ve had better months, but I can’t really complain about this can I? I actually found out a very inspiring story about a friend of mine who’s literally killing it through Instagram and it’s kind of cool to see that I’m not the only one pursuing the online money making dream.

Basically he travels the world, drives fancy cars and wears nice jewellery whilst posting everything on his account and get’s paid for that, as well as everything paid for while he travels. Not bad right?

Objectives For April

As I am now a proud homeowner, it’s time to step up a notch and boost my real estate dream.

These objectives I set really help me realize how much further I’m advancing. I don’t think I would be anywhere near where I’m now without them.

Having said that, these are my next goals:

  • Find out the true value of my flat and see if I can use it for second flat!
  • Make a list of potential flats to buy.
  • Finish off old projects!
  • Make at least $2.000 with side project!
  • Save at least €200-500
  • Invest into a few more shares.

If I do get a promotion, the first thing I’ll buy with my first new salary, will be a few more shares and I’ll put away a nice chunk into my savings account.

I was really struggling last month with money and had to cash out almost 2k from my online earnings for personal use which I didn’t want. I usually reinvest my earnings for my websites.

Anyway I hope this inspires you and hopefully you too get onboard as I really don’t get what you’re reading this for otherwise 😉

I may have made just under 1k this month but it’s always good to have extra income sources (just like for me last month). Without my online earnings I wouldn’t have been able to buy the new car, or my flat!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Essi!

    Quick correction: At the end of your post it says Total Earnings Of February 2017 – $981.61! when it should be March.

    Anyway, seems like it has been a rough month for you, but I’m glad that you’re still focusing on your big goal and not letting the small issues get you down. Way to go! 🙂

    Like many Amazon affiliates I also got hit by Fred, and I’m currently writing a post and investigating the top 10 results for keywords that I used to rank for in order to try and see what happened and how I can improve my site to make it more liked by Google.

    Best of luck next month!

    • Hey Ilya,

      Thanks for heads up of my copy paste errors 😀 I seem to always do that!
      I know it’s been tough for many of us but those of us who keep at it will surely come back up right?
      I’ll make sure to visit your blog to check out the post you mentioned! Sounds like a valuable one!
      Good luck to you too in the coming few weeks!

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