Monthly Income Report – March 2016

title image income report march 2016

title image income report march 2016

Let’s March On

March has been a very tough month for me I have to say straight from the top!

Besides having worked on way too many different things and being fairly disorganized due to all the stress, I also published only two posts!

If you’re wondering what stress I mean, it’s basically a combination of being fairly broke right now and having to go to some job interviews.

The only problem with job interviews is that I have a hard time coming across motivated for a position I’m not interested in at all.

I did however find one great position I applied for last week, so hopefully I can get hired for that whilst working on my blog.

The only reason I considered this position is because it’s actually related to affiliate marketing and within a niche that I personally have a passion for.

Of course I’d ideally prefer to be my own boss and make a living through it.

But when I can get a corporate job in the meantime, (while I’m struggling) that I like, I can’t complain too much.

Compared to my old job at an investment bank, it will be heaven I tell you that!

So apart from this position I would like to have, I am also forced to go to job interviews the state sends me, which are terribly paid and horribly dull.

Even if I come across incredibly unprofessional they are likely to hire me, which is why I’m desperately hoping to get the job I applied for!

I’ve also been considering to move to a cheap and sunny place for a few months, by using my savings and continue working on my project.

Now the ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle seems a bit risky and scary but I would certainly be a lot happier living near the beach, with the sun on my skin.

I’ll keep you posted on that if I do decide to take the leap (been thinking about it for a few months now).

Comparing Statistics

Now that I’ve covered the feelings of the previous month, let’s look at some hard statistics!

To be honest this was another month, I barely even bothered looking at my statistics so as I type this out I’ll be interested to see what happened.

march traffic

Interestingly this wasn’t too bad of a month looking at the chart!

As always the beginning and end of the month is fairly strong due to my monthly roundup feature.

However the strong spike around the 20th is thanks to the awesome roundup post I wrote myself, which you can read here!

I will probably write a long post about how I went through this to create the post and what results it got me, but looking at the chart you can see it was well worth the effort!

It took around 3 weeks to create, but really I could have managed it within less time. If I’d have waited a bit longer I would have had more answers though!

Besides great results, I also made new connections, learned valuable lessons and feel slight motivation boosts when I read it.

However creating this left me a bit empty handed on creating several other posts.

I did create a total of 4 blog posts though, which is the same I usually produce.

  1. Roundup as mentioned above
  2. Post at the beginning of the month about keyword research tools
  3. Guest post published on (post about 6 best free apps for bloggers).
  4. Another guest post I haven’t published yet.

The guest posts take a lot more time because I want them to be perfect, match the blog and usually a few rounds of editing go back and forth.

The benefits of guest blogging have all been described previously,  so I encourage you to consider writing some.

my guest post shares
The Results From One Guest Post (Plus 70 comments)

Basically you get a lot more traffic, a lot more outreach and a lot more link building for your blog!

As you  know I have several projects going on and I think that’s one of the reasons I’m not getting the results I expect.

I should be focusing more on one thing rather than 6 different things at once.

Having said that, this also means that I don’t include all the online earnings I make.

Some websites are still under construction and I do go through several courses I don’t mention here.

I keep those hidden because I don’t think it’s worth mentioning as of this stage and would prefer to write a thorough review or tutorial once I’m done with it.

But as for now, let’s look at the stats for March.

traffic breakdown marchClearly the effort showed improvements compared to February.

February was really a low month and after reaching out to a lot of super affiliates, they reminded me to promote my existing content more.

Hence the few posts and the great outreach through guest posts.

Traffic definitely increased but so did the bounce rate!

Overall I got 489 more sessions, 452 more users and 800 more pageviews.

Someday I need to start making these figures on a daily basis 😉 .

March Thoughts

So as already mentioned, currently I’m in a bit of a rough patch and reality is, that I have to get a job (or move to a cheaper place and extend my trial period).

Therefore, I highly advise to not quit your job unless you have enough funds to keep you going for more than a year.

I know it’s possible to make a living online (there are numerous examples and I’ve witnessed a sweet taste of success in December) but it comes with a lot of effort.

Hopefully the trial and error period can be cut down dramatically for you by seeing what I’m doing wrong and what I’m doing right.

But if I were employed right now, I’d have a good amount of extra cash from my online earnings as well as a stable salary!

The earnings could easily be reinvested into memberships, outsourcing and whatever else you might need to use to get your online business going.

Then again, I would have a lot less time and energy to do what I’m currently doing.

Therefore results may need longer to happen!

traffic sourcesAs for the traffic sources, they are very similar except for the direct and referral sources.

They almost doubled!

I’ve noticed that my Aweber email views are only tracked when I broadcast emails.

The rest must come under referrals for some reason.

Overall here’s the change:

  • Organic search decreased by 1
  • Direct increased by 234
  • Referral traffic increased by 188
  • Social increased by 69
  • Email decreased by 1

Can’t complain and actually quite happy with the current results.

You may have realized that I will now stop posting my social media accounts! I do this because I feel like the change isn’t significant enough.

Also I have been quite inactive within these for the last 2-3 months so there’s not much point in showing the increase.

I do send out the occasional tweet, connect with other bloggers and reach out to people within them, but besides that there’s no other activity.


These were the objectives I set myself for the month of March and the results of whether or not I managed to complete them:

  • Get traffic back on track (Completed)
  • Guest post at least once (Completed)
  • Make an affiliate sale for my first micro site (Completed)
  • $500 profit! (Failed)

I’m happy with the results but the last two still need strong improvements.

Every affiliate sale I make reminds me that this business is real and I still find it hard to grasp that I can actually make a single cent online.

I said it a million times before, but I didn’t have any experience whatsoever in building websites etc. never even heard of affiliate marketing!

But it works…

I just really want to speed things up but sometimes you can’t expect miracles and you just need to consistently keep building and working towards goals.

My stats for my favorite course are below and as you may see, the income (green line) is slightly lower than last months.WA march developement

This is because a friend of mine couldn’t afford the course anymore but I am happy that he continues to pursue an online lifestyle as well.

For a closer look at my stats and the breakdown of March look at these figures:

WA meaningwa march figures

Overall you can tell this has been growing steadily and it just shows once again that continuously building towards something eventually pays off.

Each referral makes me happy though as I know someone else is passionate about creating a side income!

After all it is advised to hang out with like minded people to reach like minded goals.

So what better place to do that when wanting to make money online than a massive community of like minded entrepreneurs?

And without further delay, let’s get into the figures:

Please note that there are currently incredible offers in case you’re interested in the stock market and making money through Tim Sykes’ method.

The discount is mainly due to his birthday being in March. Highly encourage you to test his course or at least read my review to see if you’re interested!

Those are pretty much all the income sources I like to talk about here.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have several other projects in which I don’t enclose details until I feel like it’s worth it.

Having said that, there are other expenses and profits in my life that are very passive but will include at a later stage.

For instance, investing in the stock market plays a huge role in my life and it’s made a decent amount in the last two years!

But once I reach 100k with it I might mention closer details.

I always feel uncomfortable talking about stock markets too much because I don’t want to get into trouble with the SEC.

But if we look at the combined earnings of my affiliate sales, I made a total of $218,04 that month!

The costs have not changed since and it’s still only regarding my Aweber subscription which I’m more than happy to pay for:

So once again, to conclude the money making and money spending habits of March these are the final results:

Total Earnings Of March 2016 – $199.04!

That’s an increase of $41.59 compared to February.

The total number is really annoying because it almost seems like the internet doesn’t want me to reach the $200 benchmark haha!

Objectives For April

I’m happy I got back up again and that my profits have risen slightly.

Obviously no where near why I want to be earning, but wouldn’t you like to have an extra $200 in your wallet at the end of the month?

The reason I haven’t released my ebook yet is due to 2 main problems. Firstly, theres a course I’m going through to get the most outreach I can get.

Once I release the book I want to make sure people hear about it and get their hands on it.

If I simply throw it out into the kindle store, maybe a few hundred see it and that’s that.

However there are obviously better ways to promote and market an ebook. This is very important for me because I want to inspire people.

The second reason is that it doesn’t seem to be the right moment to release it. My credibility may have sunk since December as my earnings are in the low 100’s.

If I talk about making money online and you can’t see high earnings, you can get discouraged very quickly.

Although this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to reach success 100x faster than me, I know people would prefer to hear from a super affiliate instead.

So there you have it!

What I’d like to achieve in April:

  • Publish another 1-2 guest posts!
  • Post a guest post from a guest blogger on my website!
  • Make $500
  • Get a job to keep me going or book a flight to a cheap destination!

This explains my situation, my figures, my earnings, my goals and my thoughts. I want to remain completely transparent and I hope you enjoy my reports!

Have you started working online yet? Or do you prefer living the office lifestyle?

Throw down your thoughts in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading,



  1. Hey Essi,

    Pretty solid month dude!

    I agree with you about the job/no job thing.

    One one hand it’s easier to put in time into this online thing if you don’t have a job, but on the other hand a job gives you a safe cushion of income to spend on your living expenses (and maybe even invest into your online businesses to help them grow faster.)

    I’m in high school so I don’t have a job yet, but I have to spend a ton of time in school and other stuff where I can’t work on my online business.

    I hope your income steadily increases!

    Good luck!

    • Hey Ilya,

      That’s a good point you highlighted. Investing into the online business could definitely speed up processes. For instance I stay away from PPC ads and other expenses that I could easily fund with a steady income.

      But then again the time restriction is also a bummer on the other hand…

      I wish I was still in school to be honest 😀 I had so much time to think about ideas and silly things. It’s good you’re already thinking about building online business at your age.

      By the time it comes to getting a job you’ll maybe have a steady income already! Highly encourage you to stick to it and make that happen.

      Good luck and thanks for your comment 🙂

    • Hey Dave,

      That’s really nice of you! I feel honoured 🙂
      I’ll be sure to visit your blog frequently in that case!


  2. Hello Esteban!

    Great month for you and congrtulations for another income report. In case if you want to write on my blog or in case if i can write on your blog, do let me know. 🙂

    • Hey Ali,

      Thanks for your compliment and nice wishes. I’ll send you an email about guest blogging on each others sites 🙂

  3. Hey, just wanted to drop a note to say that I think your site is awesome. I’m new to the world of blogging and you have some very informative posts and a well laid out site. I wish you lots of success. Cheers!

    • Hey GeoStevo,

      Always happy to hear when someone enjoys and learns from my content. Feel free to ask me questions personally if you’re unsure about anything I’ve written or need some more debt on other stuff I haven’t covered fully yet.

  4. Awesome Esteban!!

    Congrats for your success, keep working hard with that energy I wish you the best for the next income
    I’m doing the same as well 🙂


    • Hey Marco,
      I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work and projects lately so it’s hard to keep up the intensity and energy, but I’m definitely trying to keep the pace I’m working at right now 🙂
      Thanks for the good wishes and I wish you all the same back! I’ll have a look at your work as well 🙂

  5. What is up? I wanted to know if you would be interested in a link exchange to help improve our search engine rankings

    I will insert your homepage link naturally in one of my existing articles and you can do the same for me.

    It would be like guest posting without having to do any writing. You can email me at

    • Hey Thomas,

      I think I’ll pass on your offer. Thanks for asking me but I prefer doing guest posts so that people can see my name and story etc.
      Good luck with your website!

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