Monthly Income Report – June 2017

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A Good Month

Straight of the bat you’re probably wondering why it’s been a good month when my earnings aren’t even close to what they were last month?

Well quite simple.. I got to go on a nice holiday and finally felt what it would feel like being wealthy which gives me a nice boost to my personal life.

I went on a sweet trip to Greece with my girlfriend one of my best friends and his girlfriend.

Needless to say him and myself are on the same level when it comes to reaching a certain status and besides the amazing cigars, the wonderful weather and the impeccable service we had, we also had a great time just having fun together.


What was quite interesting, was the flight over to Greece. I usually keep to myself and very rarely have a conversation with a complete stranger (which really I shouldn’t because every time I do it turns into an interesting one).

However on that flight I somehow ended up talking to a guy from Holland, who also has an online store, lives off it and seeks opportunities in every corner.

We had a good long chat and shared ideas which got me launching a little side project (I won’t go too much into detail about it but it’s really a very passive thing I’m currently trying).

I was more shocked to find someone with the knowledge of affiliate marketing and so on as usually it’s quite rare to bump into people that know of this business.

Once I got back from holidays, my shifts have been moved and tossed around and I ended up having an additional week off from work which is always great and even better, I got a nice pay for the month!

When I say nice pay I mean very, generous! I still can’t believe it to be honest.

And finally, I’m currently selling my original side project which will be good because my partner and I couldn’t continue working together due to several circumstances.

With the site being neglected and all, it was just dropping in earnings and therefore it was a good decision.

Although I wish it would have been sold by now, at least next month’s income report will be nice and large (if it’s sold by then).

And finally I also have to confess, I’ve bought something I’ve been dying to get my hands on but didn’t because I knew this would end my productivity.


It is the infamous video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

I’ve been waiting for one of my best friends to get it so that we can game simultaneously and I have to admit it’s everything and more I imagined it to be.

Comparing Statistics

Before I go into too much detail about how great the game is and what a good month I’ve had, let me break down the cold, hard statistics.

june traffic stats

Pretty dead graph if you ask me.

You can tell the summer spirit has taken off and people are less interested in making money online and focusing on getting that tan.

To be honest I can’t blame them and I wish I was in a sunny destination (3 more years and I’m packing my bags).

In terms of online progress, besides the sale of the website I’m trying to get sorted, there hasn’t been much else going on.

Just before I left on holiday I tried a side project, which I can reveal now was going to be a dropshipping store.

However after setting up a website and putting all the wheels in motion, I gave Facebook ads another go.

I figured if I could set up 2-3 good Facebook ads whilst being on holiday, I could easily set up a few more and reach my $1,000 goal I set myself for the month.

However, I am so inexperienced in that field that I gave up after spending about €70.

I guess I will just stick to affiliate marketing as my prime objective. The link has enough reasons why I would and should stick to it for now.

As for the figures of this blog, they’re quite terrible as we discovered above but for a full breakdown see the screenshot here.

stats breakdown june 2017When you compare this to last months figures it almost looks like I should be panicking.

But again, it’s summer and people tend to Google terms such as “making money online” or “affiliate marketing” much less in these periods.

This should explain the drop hopefully.

However, my main focus hasn’t been my blog for a very long time now and it’s the side gigs I do that bring in most of my income online.

437 fewer sessions, 346 fewer users and 657 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate surprisingly went down by 1.12%

So pretty bad but don’t really care.

I’ve also had a lot of guest post requests once again and once again most of them ended up not sending me their final drafts or gave up after I asked for certain improvements.

One person did submit a pretty good one. A lot of people make excuses or believe they can’t do this whilst having a job, although many affiliates do and so do I.

This guest post is a bit of a eye opener for those who believe they can’t make it work. You can read it here!

June Thoughts

Before I went on my trip I planned to set a goal of making $1,000 from a new project. Pretty over the top right?

But with ecommerce you could easily make that in a month if you set up the right ads and have the right funds.

I quickly gave that up because I don’t like to risk a lot of money to try and find the right algorithms for ads.

So I’m back to the usual stuff. Affiliate marketing has the smallest risks for me and you can really outsource every piece or save money and do everything yourself without having to be a genius.

I had a good month in terms of life in general. And I feel very optimistic about the coming few months, once the side projects site has been sold off.

Because the site is currently for sale and I cannot enclose the details anymore like I did in the past.

I might violate some regulations and rules if I do so. If you want to know more details or are interested in buying it yourself I’d happily give you the link to the broker that’s listing and selling it.

As for the great news from my corporate job, I managed to save a lot of money as well as invest quite a bit because of it which I’m very happy about.

I was finally able to purchase two shares off a giant company we all know. As usual the day I buy them they started to drop and I made a loss of about $100!

However I don’t care about short term losses as my investments are all for the future and I look at them as my retirement payoff.

Rather than having to live off a pension scheme where I get $1,300 every month I’ll be looking at a nice pot of $5.5 million instead.

Every extra cash I usually get I either stick into some funds, shares or savings account.

I stopped buying things (except recently Zelda) that slow me down or add no purpose.

Rarely do I even go out anymore these days but I did so last weekend to reconnect with some friends.


After boring you down with a lot of uneventful happenings in my life I might as well give you the bit you’re all probably waiting for.

Again not the best month in terms of earnings and objectives but it felt like one of the best months for me personally.

These were the objectives I set myself at the end of May and their outcomes:

  • Have my new project set up and running before my holiday (Did so and quit it after my trial period ran out. However got a new one running)
  • Save at least €500 (Saved way more than that)
  • Boost old website with 3 more articles (2 articles down)
  • Make at least $10 with old website (made about 10% of that haha)
  • Read at least 1 book (done)
  • Make $1,000 with new side project! (failed)

Actually a lot better than I imagined. I do wish some things would speed up but I guess patience and continuous work efforts pay off in the long run.

I got a lot of small gigs going on that I work on part time whenever I have a free moment and they literally don’t cost a penny or any time.

But I know some people that make ridiculous amounts of money with it. I obviously would love to be at that stage but again, time…

And now let’s look at the earnings:

WA meaning



My costs as usual remain:


Here’s the summary:

Total Earnings Of June 2017 – $721.36!

Not too bad right? I mean yea quite a bit less than last month but I think I can live with an extra 700 bucks for virtually nothing.

I am so glad to have had this holiday because it really gives me a taste of the better things in life.

There’s nothing more that I want than being treated good, having good food around me and the sun on my skin every day.

Once you have all these things you’re automatically in a better mood and it just changes you slightly.

Only difference being when you’re on a holiday, is that you have to go back to the grind once it’s over.

If you’re wealthy you can enjoy this all year round. But my ultimate goal is to help out those in need. I would love to go on vacations to nice exotic places, get the full king treatment and then help out villages, kids etc.

Wouldn’t that be the ultimate satisfactory feeling?

Objectives For July

July will be a very strange month! Hopefully the site will be sold. IF it will I can move forward with these objectives:

  • Continue building old site with 5 more articles
  • Buy 2 more shares of certain company
  • Use sales earnings for site boost
  • Find 2 new writers
  • Read at least 1 book
  • Make a comeback to the gym

The holiday did fatten me up a little bit and now I need to get back in shape 😀

Crazy how a small week of binge drinking and eating can have such an effect on me. I swear age is creeping up!

Soon it’s my 29th birthday and that only leaves me with 1 more year to get the millionaire status!

Scary but I’m positive it will happen.

Thanks for reading!

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