Monthly Income Report – June 2016

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Where’s The Time?

A month has passed in my new job and although I’m learning fairly quick, it is extremely exhausting.

Since they need me to be on top of things as fast as possible they are giving me the busiest hours of shifts and therefore it requires my full attention for about 6.5 straight.

It may not sound exhausting but it is. Additionally I can’t leave my desk much unless another colleague is present (which only happens occasionally).

But I’m still not complaining too much because it’s actually an alright job and it pays the bills.

When it comes to my blog though it makes it very hard to work on it on the side. I may have to result into outsourcing my reviews soon.

I am working a good 4 hours a week on my side project so there’s almost no time to work on my blog at the same time.

Next month however I’ll go on holiday for a week so maybe I can gain back some lost energy and get back on the blogging front.

The effects of blogging less frequent can be seen by the drop in my Domain Authority, which went down from 29 to 22!!!

Massive shock to me but then again it’s not a disaster. I know I can get this back up eventually.

Comparing Statistics

Funny thing about not working on your blog and promoting it as much, is that your views start to drop naturally.

However this didn’t impact me as much as I thought it would, but I think the effects will hit me soon if I keep up my current efficiency of the blog.

Traffic chart june 2016

Although a drop is never a great thing and my stats are still no where near I thought they’d be a few months ago, I’m ok with it.

Now it’s truly starting to feel a bit more passive than it was in the beginning. All the posts and articles I’ve written are getting views without me doing anything.

Another major factor and reason I haven’t been publishing as much is that the European Cup is on right now and it’s one of the few major sports events I religiously follow!

Luckily the Euro and World cup only appear every 2 years.

traffic stats for june 2016So looking a bit closer at the stats we can see the slight drop in views are exactly 171 less from last month.

I guess it isn’t a disaster and given that I barely touched my site it’s actually quite impressive.

Bounce rate slightly dropped which always puts a smile on my face but again nothing significant that I could brag about!

To summarize the entire stats, I got 171 fewer sessions, 109 fewer users and 788 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went down a little over 0.5%!

June Thoughts

As mentioned in the introduction, devoting my entire attention and energy for an 8 hour shift at work literally drains me.

Usually I wake up around 10am these days and try to do as much work as I can before eating and packing my lunch and racing to work.

Then it’s full on for 8 hours and then I get home late (either 10pm or 12) so I just want to get to bed by that time.

Now I may not have posted as much as I wanted to but I still managed to get some out (including this monthly update).

I currently barely find the time to go to the gym but with the Euro cup, national day and work it was very hard to get anything done properly.

I’ve finally found a bit of sense again and started being a bit more sensible with my money! As I now have a fixed salary I went and got a lot of take outs etc which is very unlike me.

June 2016 traffic sourcesThe traffic sources for this blog are mainly organic these days which is awesome! I barely did anything socially which is a shame.

It also really shows when you take a closer look as a lot of the “missing” views this month came from the social aspects.

Although I’ve been saying for months that I need to be socially more active, I might actually listen to myself for the next month.

I was also informed by someone who subscribed to my email list that most of my links didn’t work which explained the missing email sources.

I honestly am so grateful someone told me because I would have never found this issue as my links would always open on my laptop but they only did as the IP was recognized so it automtically redirected me to the right page of my blog.

But basically I had to change a setting on my WordPress so that all my links ended with a “/” to close the URL which somehow wasn’t present before.

It really is a shame and comes across unprofessional but I guess I can’t change the past now! All my recent subscribers will be able to get the right links now.

Here’s to complete breakdown:

  • Organic search increased by 29
  • Referral decreased by 23
  • Direct traffic decreased by 152
  • Social decreased by 25

Last month I mentioned a new project I’m working on to get popped off by December.

I’m happy to share with you one small information which is, that it’s already getting consistent traffic and several clicks on the affiliate links.

Compared to my first niche site it seems to not only perform more consistent and stronger but a lot more prominent.

I will type out a massive “how-to” guide once it’s out (unless it’s a major flop of course). In that case I don’t want to waste your time 😉


As for the objectives I did ok I’d say. Here’s how they went:

  • Publish 4-6 reviews! (failed)
  • Get my guest posts published (got one published)
  • Earn at least $100 profit (exceeded)
  • Make my first sale on new site! (failed)

That’s 50% success rate which is acceptable! Really wished the new project would have picked up by now but sadly it didn’t.

Still proud to say we’re getting an average of 10 views a day and at least 1 click on Amazon! So it’s just a matter of time.

As always I like to share the graph of major earnings by this blog alone and as always focus on the green line as that’s the income earning line.wealthy affiliate 2016 june graph

Don’t be fooled by it looking slightly less than last month because in reality it is a lot higher.

The reason they haven’t put it higher yet is because one of my signups went yearly and when someone does go yearly, the affiliate earnings are suspended for 30 days.

So although it is below the 100 line it should be above the 200’s once the suspension is released.

This is very common for affiliate programs with subscriptions by the way.

For those of you interested in joining the program, I highly encourage going yearly if you like what you see.

Not only because I would earn a bigger lump at once (I would actually make more if you went monthly) It’s because it makes the most sense.

  1. You’re making a commitment for year so you’re more likely to stick with it
  2. You’re paying around $1/ day for something that could change your life
  3. I went yearly and I will do again next week for the above two reasons 🙂

For a closer look at the above graph here are the details:

WA meaningjune stats 2016 wa

Again there’s $165.00 in suspension which I will include in this income report as it’s pretty much going to be released in a day.

suspension proof

Just to prove that I’m not lying I took a screenshot which you can see above!

As for the above mentioned objectives, I got another guest post out which I really liked but found hard to get published for some reason and you can read it here!

For those curious about the project or new site, here’s a sneak peak of its progression in the first two months.

sneak peak of project

Still a little choppy but definitely growing! Quite excited!

And finally let’s come to the bit everyone scrolls down to anyway, the earnings of this month:

Tim sykes earnings for june 2016

I got two additional subscription for the Tim Sykes program but they we’re free as there is currently a 2-week free trial membership going if you’re interested.

Always look out for these deals as they are quite frequent, just saying…

Now although I predicted a drop this month and probably will do so for next month, I still love getting money for doing virtually nothing!

All together I made $396.54 and I worked about 4 hours for it this month.

How much have you made online? When will you get started? What more do you need to convince you?

The earlier you start the faster you’ll see returns. I have a friend who keeps talking about how he will get started. He’s been telling me this since I started…

And every month I try to convince him with my earning reports.

Again my only expenses were:

So where does this leave me with at the end of the month?

Total Earnings Of June 2016 – $377,54!

Will I be able to retire of this type of income? Not yet! But again… Wouldn’t you love to have that extra cash at the end of each month?

Think about it and don’t give me the excuse of not knowing how anything works online. I didn’t have a clue and look at me.

I still consider myself very inexperienced and slow at this whole thing. Yet I’m making money in the triple digits consistently!

Soon I’ll have been doing this for a year and I will write a nice post about how much effort, money and everything else I’ve made and gone through.

Hopefully that will be a wake up call for some!

Objectives For July

I didn’t have to renew my membership yet as I thought I would because I actualyl only went premium on July 6th so I have another week!

But this means my next income report might even be a negative one! We’ll have to see.

As mentioned earlier, the whole thing is starting to feel a lot more passively. Making a few hundred bucks on the side without really doing much is a great feeling.

However I think I won’t cash out any of this and use it to fund my new project. Once it starts to pick up massively I will share everything here!

Here are my objectives for next month:

  • Make a first sale on the new site!
  • Try to publish my eBook (long overdue)
  • 4 posts on my blog!
  • Positive income!

This pretty much wraps it up for me! I hope you enjoy reading this progression and always feel free to browse around the blog and look at older posts.

Everything I document online is for you to learn faster than me and make more than I do online.

Thanks for reading,



  1. It is amazing what four hours of work (after months of steady effort) can achieve. I hope you are less tired at your main job soon.

    • Hey Zj,

      It is isn’t it? Sometimes I wish I had more hours in a day to work harder and get more done on my blog! Thanks for the nice words about the job 🙂 it’s really tough at the moment :/ but I booked a holiday soon so maybe I can recover there 🙂

  2. This information is impressive..I am inspired with your post writing style & how continuously you describe this topic. After reading your post,thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feelhappy about it and I love learning more about this topic

    • Hey,

      Thank you very much for your kind words! I can assure you I’ll be posting my progress for as long as I can so that you can keep reading it 🙂 Have you started your website yet?
      Kind regards,

  3. I think it’s a better earnings. Because your website is new, so you have to wait for a big income. thanks for sharing . it will be inspire me.

    • Hey,

      Thanks for your comment, yea the website is fairly new but I know people that make 10X more than me in that time. I guess I should have aimed for an amazon niche site in the beginning and work on that until now but it’s ok I got plans 😉
      I’m not giving up yet!
      Good luck with your project too 🙂

  4. Hi Esteban,

    Glad to see your report and that you have earned triple figures again! The last two months were busy for me too, I spent around 4 hours only as well but had some real nice income – I love this passive income business! My plan is to start working on a second Amazon niche site when I hit $1000/mo on my only niche site – this may happen sooner than I thought though.


    • Hey PiiGirl,
      Nice to hear from you again! I’m sure you’ll reach your target in no time! I’m glad you also made some nice earnings. The passive income really is sweet isn’t it 😀 I need to somehow get a few articles out though but times really not on my side at the moment.
      Good luck with your progress !!!

  5. Hey Essi,
    Just found your site, pretty cool! I’ve already spent way too much time reading some of your posts instead of grinding on my sites 😉 I will have to come back and continue reading them. It’s nice to see someone actually write about the emotional toll website building takes on you, not many share that perspective. It’s a great motivational tool for me because I can relate and know that I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing and keep grinding!

    • Hey Todd,
      I don’t know how I missed your comment as I love it! Always great to hear these type of words 🙂 It’s kind of exactly what I’m trying to do with my blog and slowly shift into a more personal approach to show my struggle so that people can see it’s real. Often I look at these ridiculous income reports and they all started at a couple of thousands which seems unreal. I started at the bottom and documented it all 🙂
      Hope to see you grind away in that case and good luck! Keep at it 🙂

  6. A bit of burnout is a pain, I hope your holiday recharges those batteries.
    Almost $100/hr of income is really impressive and inspiring.
    Relax on your holiday and don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you get back. It looks like you’re doing pretty fantastic from where I’m sitting.

    • Hey Matt,
      Those are some very encouraging words 🙂 I hope so too. I’m planning on not doing anything but lie on the beach and grow a belly while eating some nice food!
      I see some numbers dropping so I need to step it up a bit 😀
      Again thanks for the nice words!

  7. Essi,
    Keep up the good work. It is impressive to see you fight all the odds.
    I have a question. In the blog what is your daily activities to promote your blog? What is the most effective one?

    • Hey Steve,
      Sorry for the late response. I was on holiday for a week so I didn’t have a laptop and of course my phone had to break as well so I couldn’t even reply using that haha.
      As for the promotion of my blog, at first I wasn’t promoting it a lot at all. I literally just wrote blog posts and let google crawl my site. The more I wrote the more I could rank for online and the website looked “under construction” and like a proper site rather than a small 3 paged worthless site. But I realized that this was way too slow so eventually I started using social media (and I by that I mean almost all that i know such as pinterest, instagram, facebook, twitter and google plus) each post I wrote I also posted on social media.
      Then I went and tried to guest post a lot as well. This helped me form certain contacts and useful connections. So my advice to you is to do all three and try to build a lot of backlinks. That would be the best way to promote your site and gain maximum exposure. Hope this helps 🙂

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