Monthly Income Report – July 2016

July income report title image

Still No Time?

I finally made it through the month! So after growing a bit of a belly and going through stressful times at work I only just managed to gather some spare time to type out my income report a week after the usual release date!

I haven’t blogged a single time this month and neither have I stepped a foot in the gym! Terrible effort from my part.

On the other hand I spent at least 20 hours a week (if not 30 hours) on my new project.

I will go into more detail on the new project because the results are rather fascinating and it’s always exciting to share growth.

As for my job, I was going through the toughest shift for almost the entire month and did a lot of midnight shifts which start at midnight and finish at 7 or 8am.

I don’t mind doing them because I get to watch the UFC fights for free which is a new passion of mine and I’m now trying to join an MMA course if my shifts allow it.

Luckily I got a holiday coming up so I’m excited to recharge my batteries.

I have been researching a lot in my spare time for upcoming projects but I think I’ll leave the laptop at home for the holiday because I want to be completely unplugged for once and just read books, enjoy the sun and drink a fresh cold one!

Comparing Statistics

When you combine summer and little to no effort on blogging or productivity in general for a website, you’re most likely not going to see very much improvement.

Quite the contrary actually. You’ll see your numbers dropping like a landing plane.

Luckily my plane isn’t crashing yet! Having said that you can see below how the graph isn’t as strong as in the stronger months.

monthly traffic stats for july 2016

There’s a clear downwards trend and I unless I do something during August (which will be tough) I don’t think it will change much either.

The reason I already see the month going a bit slower, is:

  1. I’ll be on holiday for a week
  2. I will land back home at around 3am and have to be at work at 6am the same day.
  3. That same day or week is when work picks back up!

Meaning I have to be incredibly productive during my shifts and it will drain me to another level.

But I’m staying positive because the morning shift usually is a little more quiet and I’ll try and sort out my book (REALLY LETTING THIS DRAG OUT AREN’T I?)

I believe that my book can help a lot of people start something similar and see that even the average Joe can make a few bucks online.

Luckily there won’t be any football (soccer) on T.V. anymore either and only the olympics which I don’t care about nearly as much.

One distraction less to worry about.

traffic july 2016 statsAs you may have guessed by the graph, the stats won’t be looking too great either but it’s still ok. If I had these figures for my new project, I’d be a happy man by now.

There’s been a heavy drop in numbers in almost all categories.

For some reason I’m ok with it and it doesn’t bother me too much.

I have too much of a good feeling with the new project and I’ll show you the figures later on below.

To summarize the previous months statistics, I got 273 fewer sessions, 198 fewer users and 601 fewer pageviews. The bounce rate went up by 1.34%!

Again not too bothered about the figures and I’ll show you right below…

July Thoughts

So by now I’ve mentioned my newer project and exhaustion several times and I’m sure a lot of you can relate to feeling too tired to start something as massively as an online business right?

Well let me tell you that I spend about 20 – 30 hours a week on one site and it’s starting to pay off.

THIS website is now officially a year old and I will give you a summary of my affiliate earnings. Overall I made just a little over $4,000 in that year.

That may not be much and some people earn that in their jobs monthly, but wouldn’t you like to have an additional 4k just lying around?

Almost all of my earnings for this blog have been completely passively since December and honestly my hardest months where the beginning.

traffic sources for july 2016Although my stats are falling during summer, you’ll soon see how my earnings have actually increased almost every month. (This one being an exception as my costs are exceptionally high).

And yes you may be tired and exhausted, but do you want to feel like that until you retire or do you wanna give it that extra push and work your way out to a passive income lifestyle like I’m trying to do?

So here are the figures for this blog:

  • Organic search decreased by 89
  • Referral decreased by 202
  • Direct traffic surprisingly increased by 36
  • Social decreased by 17

Now let’s look at the new projects stats and graphs:

3 month growth

How good does that look? Going from 0 to above 100 almost every week. No proper outreach has been done yet but a bit of backlinking has started in the month of August.

We have mainly been focusing on social media and posting 4 times a week. Soon the main focus will be link building and outreach.

As for our conversions on Amazon clicks, they are through the roof! And I’m really excited once traffic goes up to 50-100 a day! See for yourself:

amazon clicks for new site july 2016

I’m confident that now we’ll see at least one click a day! And we made our first two sales generating a total of $12.25!

Not much but the first sale is always a sign isn’t it 😉 stay tuned for future growth! With the amount of clicks I’m seeing here it pays off working so much on it!

Although I know it’s a bit optimistic, I’ve put a tiny bit of effort on my first niche site again and I’m planning on getting it back up to $1,000/ month and possibly with my other niche sites.

But again main focus on new project and this blog!


As every month I set myself objectives and as every month I do terrible haha! Here’s what I aimed to achieve:

  • Make a first sale on the new site! (succeeded with 2 sales total)
  • Try to publish my eBook (didn’t even open the PDF)
  • 4 posts on my blog! (lol…)
  • Positive income! (ouch..)

This month I won’t be sharing the graph of my Wealthy Affiliate stats because although it shows a growth, it doesn’t show the cost I had to renew my membership.

I paid for another full year because to this day I still believe it’s the best program online and if you’re interested to know more simply read my review here!

However I will share how much I earned in a year with the program.

This is purely the program and no other affiliate programs I’ve joined:

WA meaning

one year earnings with wealthy affiliate

Referral credits are valued at $0.50 which you can choose to get paid out or use within the community for several things. So in total I made $744.00 in a year!

The premium membership costs just under $360 so technically I paid for 2 years with my earnings. Everything coming in now will be pure profit!

So if you look at the rest of the $4,000 it’s pretty ok for a beginner. If you’re thinking that it’s too much effort for such a low ROI, think again.

I made so many mistakes it’s quite embarrassing. I literally joined about 5 courses and tried so many things, have about 8 websites and lost track of my progress.

If you go through my blog read all the useful information I’ve learned through experience and follow the course WA provides, you can easily make what I made within the first 3-6 months!

I’m more than confident that you can. I’m even willing to help you achieve that hence the reason I created a newsletter.

Let’s move onto the earnings of this month then…

WA meaning

income report july 2016

After a member going yearly (smart move) my monthly earnings for WA will be slightly less for this month.

july 2016 tim sykes sales

I had someone else sign up for the Tim Sykes silver subscription with a 2 week free trial. I will try and find out what the promotional code is and if it’s all year round.

I guess that would be a giant bonus for anyone trying to get involved with penny stocks and to try the course before making a commitment.

Free trials obviously don’t get me any commissions but it’s good for you guys!

I might add another few hundred words to the review itself to show you what the interface or platform looks like once you join the course.

All together I made $293.07 and I worked about 2 hours writing this post while listening to music and getting distracted every 15 minutes!

Imagine getting paid that amount every day! All I have to do is work a little harder but don’t worry it’s coming soon.

Now to the depressing part, the costs:

  • Aweber – $19.00
  • Renewal of Yearly membership: – $359

yearly membership wealthy affiliate july 2016

That’s ok because again, most valuable course in my opinion, incredible community and it averages out less than a dollar a day! A DOLLAR A DAY!

Would you pay that price to possibly change your life? If not you’re insane…

So once combining my costs and earnings  here’s the end result for July

Total Earnings Of July 2016 – -$84.93!

My first ever negative month and I’m happy 😀

I’m happy because my earnings are still growing and everything is slowly coming together and paying off for itself.

Objectives For August

I’ll cut this piece short but I definitely want to get these objective done especially because they’re going to expand my knowledge in new areas.

  • Get $500 on the new site
  • Read 4 books (real estate related mostly)
  • Get my book out (I need to sort out this objective…)
  • Get eye laser surgery (I think I might cry if this happens since I’ve been wanting to get rid of my glasses ever since I got them)
  • Get 100 posts for the new site so that I can take it a bit easier

Now some of these are obviously not related to my blog but sometimes it’s important to have goals outside of the world wide web.

I hope you enjoy reading my progress and keep rooting for me or at least get motivated to start your own path to passive income 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next month because I think it’ll be a lot more exciting than this negative income of this month!



  1. Excellent work considering the new project! I can relate. I agree with you not worrying about the negative income for the month, I’ve been negative for awhile but starting the long crawl out of the hole. It’ll pay dividends in the long term. Thanks for sharing and keep grinding!

    • Hey Todd, thanks for the nice message. It’s a yearly cost I can deal with and I barely hit the minus on the month anyway so it’s all good 🙂 looking forward to next months income report already.

  2. Forget the negative month, $4000 in your first year in awesome. And you’re right, I wish I had an extra $4000 lying around!
    From the sites who publish their stats, I think most sites see a dip in the summer months. I guess a lot of people are away, so I wouldn’t worry too much.
    Good luck with the new project. It looks like it’s off to a great start.
    p.s. your featured image is June 2016 not July and you have objectives for July, not August

    • Hey Matt,
      Yea summer is usually one of those periods where it becomes more quiet. But really for us it should be the time where we work the hardest so that it pays off in winter time when everyone goes shopping crazy 😀 (good for niche sites).
      The main reason for my dip is because I renewed my membership so that’s ok 🙂
      Thanks for letting me know about the image and month confusion. I always forget to change it haha!

  3. You’re doing a great job!
    Building an online business isn’t easy, but it’s worthwhile. I’m glad we conducted an interview few months ago for my site. Just keep going and keep publishing quality content.

    • Hey Mudrem,
      Thanks for your encouraging words! It definitely isn’t easy and I’m looking forward to your post on your site! My entire focus is currently on the new project and it’s looking great. I think the summer vibes are slowing down the business from growing but it’ll be very good in winter! I’m pretty confident 🙂

  4. Glad to see I am not the only one ignoring my blog 😉

    I have just got through the backlog of income reports – I have found that if I leave them too long, it takes even longer to get around to it.

    I am still after my elusive $1000/month target, but I am so close this month. Since I have been chasing it for 3 over 2 months now, I decided to finally launch 3 side projects. Yes 3 not 1! I liked your post on the importance of side projects. I am beginning to think that when one niche site hits $1000/mo, I need to move on to creating the next one.

    Hope you get the book launched soon!


    • Hey PiiGirl,

      You’re crushing it 😀 don’t worry too much about that target because I’m sure you’re pretty much on it already. Summer can be a bit tough for online businesses. Also congrats on starting some side projects, but watch out that you don’t have too much on your plate. I would personally advise to reach the 1k/month target first then you can have that off your mind and spread your focus on the 3 new projects!
      Unless of course you think you can handle it 🙂
      The thing is I got greedy when I made my first 1k month and instantly started 3 new projects and everything dropped since then!
      Hope you’re doing good 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing your stats and insights! I’m sure you’ll do very well because obviously, you’re in this for the long run and you have your eyes on the target.

    I have to ask, have you been having significant comment spam issues? Because the captcha isn’t very user-friendly.

    • Hey Anne,
      I’m definitely not giving up until I reach my goals 🙂 you’re completely right on that!
      As for the spam, yea I get a ton of spam comments which my plugin filters out luckily. Maybe I have to find a new one if it’s really not user friendly but for now it’s done quite a good job for me. Do you have any suggestions maybe?

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