Monthly Income Report – January 2018

Freaking January…

Oh boy what a month ! It seems like there’s not rest anymore.

The month of January started off nicely and although I quickly saw that my earnings are no where near where I want them to be, work is killing me and I barely find time to produce more content for my sites, I’m not giving up!

For those who are new here, these income reports show the struggle and successes of me making money online.

I started from nothing, learned everything online through this course, which is free to sign up and through talking to a lot of highly successful people.

The aim is for you to copy me and avoid my mistakes.

That way you could make the same amount as me (but probably a lot more) in a much shorter time period. All it takes from your side is to stay consistent.

So over the month there has been a lot of time spent in the office because it seems like my bosses prefer to get more clients without increasing the amount of staff in our team.

As I work shifts as well, I have the worst sleep pattern humanly possible and I was gaining quite a bit of body fat since I can barely move from my chair.

Because of that ridiculous lifestyle, I decided to get my butt back in to the gym but with a twist!

I try to attend either boxing, muay thai or mma classes, if I find the time.

Honestly it’s a small dream of mine to learn how to fight for quite some time now. So I’ve been going almost every day (excluding weekends) to either lift weights or attend classes.

It’s such an amazing feeling and I’ve never sweat as much as during a class compared to a normal gym sesh.

After only a few classes I ended up buying gloves, straps and a mouth guard so we’ll see how far I will take this. I want to attend a Muay Thai class in Thailand one day for a solid 3 months and just live life properly.

Sip coconut water from a fresh coconut by the beach and have skills to be a warrior!

When that time comes I will definitely set up a YouTube channel for you to follow my journey.

Comparing Statistics

More about the YouTube channel later… For now let’s take a look at the graph and the evolution of the lil Monster (my current affiliate marketing project and number one money earning site).

Of course there would be a decline after December, since people are less likely to shop until they drop after Xmas.

However, the graph is in a decline. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but the traffic isn’t near where I’d like it to be at all.

I have been fighting for ranking keywords but it seems that I have looked out for very low volume keywords at the beginning of the site which are currently at the top spots for Google.

As a result I am not getting the 2-3k/ month traffic I’m dying for.

january 2018 graph

So as a result the graph’s incline has stopped and is now consolidating or moving straight with a slight decline.

I have a slight suspicion that this will fall even more in the coming weeks because of the lack of time I currently have.

Also I aimed to get 100 posts out by Xmas (although I only reached 95 or something) so I’m not sure I can keep up the same volume at the moment.

Finally my funds are also running low so I can’t order that many posts from my writers. However I will continue posting around 3 posts a month hopefully.

Although the numbers don’t look shocking or worrying. It’s still very annoying to not reach what I want to reach.

Especially since I had such high hopes and put quite a bit of work into it. After 3 years of affiliate marketing I really thought I could finally hang up my coat and enjoy fat earnings!

I guess the struggle continues a little longer.

Overall this is the current change from January to February:


  • Sessions: -667
  • Users: -230
  • Pageviews: -787
  • Bounce rate: -0.42

It’s quite funny to see that every time my main stats go up the bounce rate falls and vice versa!

It makes no sense to me but as long as traffic is there I won’t complain (too much).

I think in order for me to get the traffic I desire, I need to roll up my sleeves and gather a bunch more of quality backlinks and continue grinding with producing more content.

As for backlinks, it’s the most tedious part of building a website but that is so because it works. If it were that easy, everyone would be making money online in no time.

traffic breakup january 2018

Ok so the main source of traffic is still organic which is cool. Meaning my keywords are still fighting for top positions.

I’m not going to bother calculating the difference between this month and the previous as it’s very similar and not that interesting.

I think I will implement Web2.0’s for the next month but cautiously. I don’t know why, but I have never used them and so many people have so many mixed opinions about them.

But all the big sites I followed and copied, to create the lil monster, have used them and it seems to have worked for them.

Maybe that is the missing link for proper keyword ranking!

Before I show you the amount earned for the site In January, be prepared for a decrease. Let’s not forget, seasonal traffic is very much an issue in my case and therefore the fall is painful.


So the damage is done… $437.97 is what the site managed to scrape! Not even half of last months earnings.

I was hoping for $500 but I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

February will be worse! I can sense it. Not only will I have even less time, but I fear that more keywords will drop in ranking too because of the slight neglect.

I will try not to worry or moan too much for what’s going to happen in that month but I can’t make any promises.

January Thoughts

My current job situation is really starting to affect me greatly, so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and considering to switch positions.

I do like working shifts for certain parts. For instance, I can go to the gym when no ones there and take my time.

I can take care of chores such as going to the post office of bank without having to rush and leave work early (banks and post offices have the most insane opening hours in Luxembourg).

And just generally I get to take care of things when I have more energy as I Can do them before work.

However, my sleep cycle is so messed up it’s ridiculous and I do believe I could wake up 2-3 hours earlier and start working on my projects before work and then go to the gym after if I had standard working hours.

Having said that, I think I will wait until march where I have my yearly review, and try to see if I can either get a salary increase or change positon (if not both).

I’ve also been going insane with trying to get a second flat to rent it out.

My girlfriend and I went to two different banks and both offers were a bit heavy regarding the down payment for what we were going for.

So the next option is to get a second mortgage on the flat I bought last year. I don’t really know how much exactly that will get me and what the conditions are but I will find out in February I guess.

Ideally we will own 3 flats by the end of 2019 and can rent all three out with a bit of a passive income from those alone.

Although I think they will mostly cover the mortgage, the first flat will be enough to live off in a foreign country for sure.

I will have to be very disciplined in the coming month with money in order to make my passive income dreams happen. This means less night outs, more saving and more working.

If my weekend shifts would be quiet at least, I could do a lot of work whilst being at work but unfortunately the volumes are too intense right now, which is why you’re only reading this income report in mid-February…


Let’s take a look at the objectives set last month and their results:

  • Feed the little monster with 1-2 new posts. (Achieved)
  • Hit 500 sessions a day on average! (ultimate fail)
  • Make $800 month with site! (half of that)
  • Finish the book (done)!
  • Work out 5 times a week every week! (achieved)
  • Update little monsters old posts! (Went through around 20 updates)
  • Start new book to read (only read a few chapters)

I have to say, I’m quite satisfied with these results. I think I can push myself a tiny bit more but I don’t want to overdo it and have a burnout.

When I do a night shift for example, the next two days I’m pretty much worthless. I walk around like a zombie and I try my hardest to help around the flat.

So using my brain at that stage is just not going to happen.

Before we continue with February goals, let’s look at all the earnings made:



  • Recurring sales with WA – $31.50
  • Referral Credit at WA – $1.00
  • Google Ads – $0.30 (Rounded from Euros. Not exact figure!)
  • Little Monster – $437.97
  • Tim Sykes – Silver Subscription – $0
  • My Book – $0

Costs as usual remain:

Total Earnings Of December 2017 – $451.77!

Ok so I’ve dropped below 1k again but that’s ok. I’m tempted to close down my aweber subscription as I’m basically just wasting money on it.

I’m not building my list, neither am I writing emails to the existing list, so I don’t really see the point.

I need to focus on my site as much as I can and even my blog is just sucking a lot of time every month. People who want to guest post send me the most insane requests.

Clearly my blog is about financials and blogging. This means that If you’d like to guest post you would want to post something in that niche and most likely have a website within the same niche.

However, I’m getting people asking me to post their guest posts about furniture and food. Imagine I have to take the time to read the long emails and reply to them without sounding mean.

But then there’s the odd request for an Ok guest post, and the suggestion sounds good as well. But when I get the finished result, the post is basically a block of text of 500 words.

I don’t post anything under 1500 words to begin with and I always include images (which is also indicated the instructions for guest posters) yet I often waste hours trying to edit pieces.

Anyway long story short, I have to see what else this blog will have featuring in the future. I really want to get a YouTube channel going (as I hinted on in the intro) but I wouldn’t know how interesting it would be currently.

Objectives For February

What I want to achieve cannot be done without goals. So therefore I always set myself goals as you may or may not know.

Here are Februaries objectives:

  • Feed the little monster with 1-2 new posts.
  • Hit 200 sessions a day on average! (I have a very negative point of view for the month and Januaries neglect will only take effect in February so I doubt I will get anything above that if even 200)
  • Make $200 month with site! (Again highly doubtful)
  • Read half the book at least!
  • Keep up with workout and join classes!
  • Update little monsters old posts!
  • 5 web 2.0’s a week
  • Get more backlinks!
  • Potentially get a new flat (exciting)

Wow! That is a giant list of achievements to reach by the end of next month. But nothing’s impossible.

Maybe I should email Neil Patel again to see if I can work for him because I’m starting to get real fed up with my current job 😀 but I don’t think he gives out charity jobs to fed up people 😛

Anyway, that was it for January, hope you enjoyed it, hope you hustle hard and hope you get involved!


  1. Hey Esteban,

    Don’t get down on yourself about the blog. And don’t make any big decisions without seeing the bigger picture either!

    Content production is one of the most difficult things. Especially when other things are going on in life.

    I’ve had the same issue with my blog over the years. I wanted this year to be different. I started using toggl for time tracking, and trello for blog work, like coming up with content ideas, and moving them left to right based on the stage they’re in.

    It works for me, maybe it’ll work for you as well.

    Please don’t give up on the aweber list. You’ll need it when you have more content… the list is your key to growth my friend!

    Good luck buddy.

    • Hey Nathan,

      Thanks for your encouraging and motivating words! I’m not making any rash decisions anytime soon.
      I just don’t have a lot of time right now or strength to keep building my site, let alone update this blog!

      I will however try to get back on the horse once things calm down. There’s a lot of stuff going on and at the same time I’m trying to invest in another property because real estate is the number one goal after all 🙂

      I heard many people and many blogs say that the email list is the key to make a steady online income but I’ve had one for 3 years now and made about 1 sale. I honestly don’t think I will continue the list after this month but I will export the existing subscribers.

      Thanks again for your comment 🙂

    • Hey Steve,
      currently too busy with work and all. I will write an update soon once things pick back up. I’m currently struggling to make a decent income online so writing the monthly reports is quite a lot of effort for the return I get. Hopefully I’ll manage to sort it out soon 😉

      • Good Luck with you. I wanted to see how a fellow niche marketer is progressing 🙂
        One friendly suggestion, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. I guess you ‘little monster’ is all about that.

        • Thanks,
          I haven’t had time to focus on my websites lately sadly but I will come back stronger than ever soon. I don’t have all my eggs in the basket, besides online marketing I also have a few investments going on, real estate plans and other projects 🙂
          Thanks for your advice though!

  2. Hang in there! It is SO much work to run a successful blog. However, from your reports, it’s looks like you are definitely getting there. When you find the time, I’ve found that one thing that helps is posting more regularly. As in 2 to 3 times per week. But you are getting a lot of organic search engine traffic already. So that is great!

    • Hey, Thanks for the encouraging words. I’m not giving up that easily especially not after already getting a taste of success 😉 I post about 2-3 times on my main website. I just haven’t found the time to focus on this site as much lately.
      I think I have to get some fresh energy and boost this blog a little again!
      I’m all about organic traffic so yea quite happy about that 🙂

  3. An absolute epic Essi,
    I enjoyed reading your article about the income report and I find it insightful and a great read.

    Anyways, great blog.

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