Monthly Income Report January 2017

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Worst Month Emotionally

Welcome back to yet another income report of my online earnings! If you’re new here you probably wonder what this income report is all about.

To sum it all up in a few words, I like to show how much I manage to make online through a fairly passive way. I started with no knowledge at all and made tons of stupid decisions while testing out the affiliate marketing world.

But every day I tend to learn a bit more and use it in my business. I like to share all my mistakes and document it (mostly on these income reports) so that you can replicate it without all the annoying mistakes.

Technically you should be able to make your first few dollars very early on and much earlier than me.

Now you may have read the header saying “worst month emotionally” and wonder what I’m talking about.

I don’t want to get into it too much because quite frankly it hurts to even think about, but something unimaginable happened to my family in January and we’re still trying to cope with it.

Having said that, I’m not a big speaker and don’t usually share my feelings a lot, so the only way I felt like processing this loss was to keep myself busy with work.

You’ll find that for once my objectives are quite complete because of that.

Comparing Statistics

I can’t say I’ve ever been a true fan of the month January, mainly because of it’s cold and wet atmosphere. People are all a bit miserable and it’s just a real pain in the…. if you ask me.

But it’s even worse in terms of trying to make money online, when it comes to niche sites. Since everyone spent their money in December on festivities and gifts, there’s a bit of a global trend to purchase less in the new beginning of the year.

However, the stats for my blog have actually surprisingly increased:

Monthly stats traffic chart jan 2017

So I believe there’s several factors why this has gone up so much (yea I know it’s not actually much) this month.

For one, those of you who just spent all this Xmas money, probably had a small realization.

You’re probably sick of living on a budget and started looking for other opportunities to make a bit of extra cash.

My blog gives good advice on how to do that. Another reason may be that I’ve managed to complete one of my objectives (see below) to be mentioned or featured on another blog.

I’ve been approached to give my feedback and insight in this giant roundup I highly highly encourage everyone to read.

You can find the full roundup here: Where should we focus our SEO efforts in 2017?

Not only do roundups give you a little bit of an extra traffic boost, but you also gain a precious backlink.

Anyhoo, let’s take a closer look what this magnificent boost of traffic has led to.
traffic stats 2017As you can see the sessions are back in the 2k and bounce rate is also fairly decent.

Generally the more traffic I get the higher the bounce rate gets for some reason.

The complete breakdown compared to last month is as follows:

544 more sessions, 410 more users and 651 more pageviews. The bounce rate went up 3.28% !

Pretty good to be back up but honestly, it’s nothing amazing if you look at some other blogs which get 50k and upwards amounts of traffic.

One day I will fully dedicate myself to this blog again!

January Thoughts

As hinted in the introduction, I was keeping myself very busy to distract from other thoughts. I actually got quite a bit done. Most importantly I spend a lot of time with my family.

I always thought a lot about what my goals for this year are and I’m very highly considering to move to Sardinia into a nice villa.

This will all depends on how much I will earn from possibly selling the website of my side project. I’m aiming for 200-250k so that I can get at least 100k profit to myself.

The side project is a project I am currently doing with a friend of mine so we split everything 50/50.

The reason I’m so eager to move, is very simple. If I can make a living from my online earnings, it would be stupid to continue living in Luxembourg, where I’m literally shivering as I’m typing this sentence out.

Everything is overpriced and everyone seems to be in a rush for nothing.

In a Mediterranean country such as Italy, everything is so laid back. In all my holidays (except when I went to Iceland) I’ve never felt more at ease or relaxed, then when I went to Italy.

That’s why I would like to buy a nice house there. I also have Sardinian roots, therefore it would be cool to go back to where my ancestors come from.

The sun, the food, the people and the lifestyle just really corresponds to what I love. There’s never a rush, always quality and a lot of patience around you.

And by quality, I mean quality food! None of that processed meat in supermarkets where animals fed antibiotics to meet certain weight standards etc.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a quick look at the traffic sources for January:

traffic source jan 2017It doesn’t look like there’s much of a difference in the breakdown itself.

The split looks very similar to last months income report.

The only difference is the increase in volume.

That little ‘Other’ source is from Facebook so I’ll just include that with social.

Here’s the exact difference:

  • Organic search increased by 479
  • Referral increased by 21
  • Direct traffic increased by 46
  • Social decreased by 2

I haven’t really got much more to say to this than let the figures speak for itself.

Now to the side project which is my current favorite thing to talk about…

In December I was a little disappointed we didn’t hit the 10k benchmark and ‘only’ managed to make 6.7k.

I knew that in January the income would significantly drop, but surpisingly the traffic has still slightly increased!

side project traffic january 2017

It may not be as significantly drastic as in the previous months but it is still quite a few thousand more. And that in January! So overall I’m happy with that but the site still needs work (and my partner still needs to catch up quite a bit!)

Anyway, the earnings won’t be as amazing due to the month, so don’t be too disappointed when you see the screenshot below:

side project january earnings 2017

I’m glad to see that there are still some order pending, meaning we’ll make a few bucks beginning February already and therefore commission rate will go up.

However I’m really annoyed it’s  under 2k !!

Overall every thousand the website generates makes me happy because I know that the average monthly earnings will be above a few hundreds, making the website worth a lot more, thus bringing me closer to my goal of moving to a nice villa in Sardinia!


In terms of objectives, I think I did pretty well this month. I actually tried harder than most months and even looked back to see what my objectives were.

I generally forget what I set myself and just ride the wave of the month, but not this time.

Here are the objectives and results:

  • Figure out how to set up a company in Luxembourg to cash in side projects earnings (Not completely figured out yet but money is banking already)
  • Make at least $2,000 with side project (Just under $2,000)
  • At least one guest post or feature on another site (link above)
  • Clean up on unfinished projects. (Closed 2 sites that didn’t earn anything and finished writing my book finally!)

Yes! I finally finished the book and I highly encourage you to get a copy. If you think I want you to get a copy to make thousands of bucks, let me reassure you that the price is so tiny, I’d have to sell several thousands to even consider looking at those profits.

I’ve gotten some good feedback already but I have to say I’m a little disappointed at those who promised to leave a review in return for a free copy and didn’t do it yet 🙁

If you want to know more about this magical book take a look here as I go into a bit more detail.

And for the bit everyone probably scrolls down to, here are the earnings I made in January:

WA meaningJanuary 2017 WA earnings

My costs as usual remain:

All together this is obviously a lot less than last month but nevertheless:

Total Earnings Of January 2017 – $1,049.18!

Could be worse right?

Wouldn’t you like an additional grand to your wallet at the end of a heavy month? Thought so! I could probably live nicely with that salary near a nice beach… What am I still doing here?

Have a look at my book, read it and I’m pretty sure you’ll be halfway there earning more than this months income report!

Objectives For February

In order to progress and move forward, it’s imperative to write down objectives and try to complete these. I’m sure I’d be no where near where I am now without these.

Therefore I like to write these down every month. So for February I’d like to:

  • Set up a meeting to find out more information to open a company in Lux
  • Make at least $2,500 with side project.
  • Get my tax return sorted out.
  • Possibly get that mortgage now on the flat!
  • Clean up on more unfinished projects.
  • Save up to 3k on  one of my savings account (currently on 2.5k)

I might add some more objectives if I can come up with anything reasonable but as for now I think this is a good list.

I hope you truly and really get inspired by this because I don’t know any coding, my first language isn’t even English and honestly I worked about 3 hours total in January for the income I made here.

Most of the hours I put in, we’re on unfinished projects which will generate some cash in the short future hopefully!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Hi Esteban

    Another great month!

    I’m sorry to hear about the troubles in your family. I hope it was some comfort that your websites still made money, even if you didn’t spend a lot of time on them. That’s what the whole passive income thing is all about, right? Taking away money worries so we have more time to spend on the important things in life, like family! You are on your way to a lifestyle of freedom from work.

    It’s currently 2 degrees where I am (UK) so your Sardinia plans have got me dreaming haha.

    Hope you have a successful February!


    • Hey B,

      Thanks for your kind words. It does help if the money comes in passively and you can use your time wisely and see the ones you love! It’s absolutely what passive income is about and I can’t wait to make 10x what I’m currently earning.
      I swear this cold is driving me insane haha I try to use the anger as motivation however. The harder I focus the sooner I’ll achieve this goal.

      I hope your February will be just as or more successful 😉


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